The Beckham Family Touches Down

06/12/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Crossing the tarmac after landing at the Cannes Airport on Thursday, the Beckham family — David, Victoria, Brooklyn Joseph, 10, Romeo James, 6 ½ and Cruz David, 4 — all hold hands as they head off for some rest and relaxation in the French Riviera.

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Natasha on

Awwww I’m so happy they’re finally on summer vacation (I assume) so they can all be together! I watched an interview of David and he was saying how much it kills him to be away from his kids. I bet they’re all so happy to see him. That’s the huge downside to him going to Milan. He said a few times that his kids are very happy in California with their school and whatnot, so they’re planning to stay there for that reason.

Chelsea on

What a beautiful family! I hope Victoria and David get the little girl they’ve always said they wanted. She would make this family even more perfect!

didi on

betcha Posh wears heels on the beach, lol

Natasha on

Chelsea, I’d love to see them with a daughter too, but I don’t think they make it seem like anything’s missing in their lives. If someone asked if they’d like another son I’m sure the answer would be the same 🙂

Chelsea on

Natasha, I’m sure they’d be happy with another boy if that were the case, but I’ve defnitely read multiple articles where Posh and David both expressed how much they want a little girl to add to their family. 🙂 I think it’s a pretty normal feeling given how much of a fashionista Victoria is! I know I’d want a little girl to pass my clothes onto! Still, you’re totally right, I’m sure they’d be fine with another handsome boy.

martina on

Victoria always looks like such a loving mother. Awwww. Good for them.

Colleen on

They are the most gorgeous family. Hope they have a great and (relatively) paparazzi free vacation!

eternalcanadian on

oh gosh, haven’t seen a picture of this family for so long. what a nice picture and don’t the parents look spiffy while the kids look like, well, kids! if only i could look as elegant when traveling!

Jenna on

Never been a huge fan of Victoria or David. BUT they really seem to be great parents and that is very endearing. The boys seem totally down to earth, very normal boys; Mom and Dad are definitely doing something right especially with the fame-factor going on.

TV on

I always find it funny when the parents are all dressed up and the kids are wearing sporting attire. Never looks right to me especially with this family. You’d think that David and Victoria would wear normal vacation clothes instead of having to be ‘on’ all the time.

Moon on

Obviously both David and Victoria were at somewhere important which required a formal attire to be at before they flew out to France, otherwise I bet David and Victoria would have just wore jeans as they normally would. Wonder if they flew straight away after the Armani unveiling party. It looked like that as it seems like David and Victoria wore the same clothes they wore at the unveiling. Perhaps they picked their kids on the way out.

It HAS been a very long time since I’ve seen the whole family together like this. Hope there will be more soon, and some love from the parents. Hihihi..

Kat on

Could those boy’s be any more handsome!?! I have never really been a fan of Victoria, BUT she does come across as a very loving mother and you can always tell that she LOVES her boy’s SO much!! It’s really sweet! 🙂

julianna on

TV: david and victoria had come straight from his armani launch in london, thats why they are dressed like that. when they did this same trip last year, victoria wore a maxi dress and flip flops and david wore shorts and a t-shirt!

Tracy on

How on earth does she fit in those shoes? When I’m flying, my feet are all swollen and so I can only wear comfortable wide shoes.

Denise on

They are such a handsome family. It’s touching. And to see them all walk along holding hands it’s so cute. It’s obvious they don’t do it for the camera as the boys seem quite happy to do it. They are such handsome little men, and Victoria has always said she disciplines them, so not only are they handsome but they are well-behaved! I love it.

Sofie on

Stunning and classy looking couple, but I can’t believe they travel like that w/3 kids. I travel a lot internationally w/ my 3 and I could never get away with that outfit. It looks like they’ve just come from a GQ photo shoot, LOL!

Meream on

This is a cute photo. I love that the boys are dressed casually while the parents are all dressed up for power lunch.

Bella on

They don’t usually go on vacation THAT dressed up, but they left straight from the Armani promo appearance in London. They were wearing the same clothes there. Looks like they got away the minute their work commitment was over. Good for them.

Anon on

I read she changes in flight.

stedine on

I’d pay good money to see Victoria walk across a sandy beach with some stilettos on

poppy fields on

Actually, there’s no airport in Cannes…it’s in Mandelieu, all the same though…cute kids.

Lara on

Poppyfields, the airport is called Cannes Mandelieu and the article did say they landed at Cannes airport, close enough imo

Nice family, wonder why they were so dressed up if they’re on holiday?

Wendy on

All they need now is a little girl!! – what a beautiful happy family, they keep their cool when the press slate them and their every move.

Mommy Duty on

What a gorgeous family.

I have to disagree with the comments that they need a girl to complete their family. They seem pretty satisfied with the beautiful brood they currently have. And not everyone “keeps trying for a girl”… hahaha. Some people do, yes, but is it not a little presumptuous of us to assume their family is incomplete?

Such an amazingly beautiful family just the way they are.

Sarah M. on

Mommy Duty – Victoria has said in several interviews that whe would like a girl someday. I think David has, also. That’s probably where the baby girl comments are coming from. They seem quite content with their 3 boys, though, too. Maybe they are going back and forth on the issue. Who knows.

Natasha on

Well I think they are asked if they want a girl. If people don’t ask, they don’t just jump out and say it. (Not referring to you guys!) Some people seem to think that they are SO SO desperate to have a daughter and blah blah but like Mommy Duty said, they seem very content with their sons and I really don’t think there’s some “missing piece” in their lives.

mv on

I agree that this is a very endearing family. Imagine how much those boys must idolize their daddy! And they are all so good looking. I do however have a gripe with their fashion choices for the boys…We lived in Europe for many years and now live in the US. One of the things I gained from that experience was a sense of taste when dressing my children. My boys almost never wear “sports” clothing unless they are actually going to partake in an actual sport. I am not saying they are uptight and dressing like Alex P. Keaton or anything….just that there is a line between casual and sloppy. Jeans and cargos with a pair of flip flops is a much smarter look than these baggy synthetic ensembles!

L on

I always find it so cute how Victoria is like as womenly as it gets from head to toe & she has all boys!!

Gorgeous family :-]

brannon on

Hysterical MV – my fiance and I have that same discussion all the time as he is British and I am not.

babyboopie on

Aww I adore David Beckham and his family! His sons are beautiful as is Victoria! I am especially fond of Brooklyn as I saw him once as a baby when I was living in England.

julianna on

mv: the beckham boys are always dressed smartly at the appropriate times – when out for a meal they always dress them in shirts and smart trousers. but on this occasion i should imagine that they are in sport clothes because they are flying off on holiday! david and victoria are dressed smart because they came straight from his armani launch. when kids play sport or go to the park or travel abroad- which apart from the odd occasion we see the beckham boys out with their parents for dinner, is the only time we do see them these days – they should be wearing comfy clothes and trainers, not jeans and flip flops! and the beckham boys certainly dont look sloppy! you sound like a right snob!

Sammie on

mv – It looks to me like all the Beckham boys are wearing adidas (which David endorses), and they probably receive free of cost. So what’s the big deal if they wear this on a long flight? It’s not like they are going to meet the pope in those clothes.

stephanie on


Olesammie on

Boys in the UK do not all wear sports clothes. Its actually a very yesterday look. These days it considered, starts with P and ends with y. The British amongst you will understand what I mean.Lets just say, there’s a reason I can’t actually say it.Its funny really because my brother and his family lived in the US for over ten years ( they’re home now- a choice not because they had to!They gave back their green cards. Not everyone finds the US as appealing as Americans seem to think they do!) They were as sniffy about American fashion as MV is about British.She obviously lived somewhere a little… well I don’t want to be rude so won’t say it. The Beckham boys began to dress in all that basketball stuff after they went to the US because we don’t play basketball!!!!!As for the girl thing, as a mother of 3 boys ( none of whom would dream of wearing sportswear for anything other than sports) who is most definitely not having anymore! I am sick of people ( the vast majority woman) assuming that my family is in some way substandard. I’m sure the Beckhams feel the same which is why they have not made the girl comment for some time now. It was the same for me, you have to remember that it implies to the children you have, that they are in some way not good enough. For goodness sake, show some decency and respect that families come in all shapes and sizes. For the record there are more girls born in the world than boys so whose family is special exactly? By the way mv, I will give as good as I get. Don’t insult my country and I won’t feel provoked into returning the compliment.

Olesammie on

Oh and to brannon about your fiance, if a grown man is still dressing in sports clothes after it went out of fashion several years ago then you need to get him to Urban Outfitters as soon as possible!
Perhaps he hasn’t been home in a while and doesn’t realise how out of touch he is or if you’re in the UK then you need to move because you’re living in a time warp.