Madonna Wins Adoption Appeal in Malawi

06/12/2009 at 06:10 AM ET
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Madonna‘s family has just gotten bigger, now that the pop star has legally won the right to adopt a daughter from Malawi.

“I am extremely grateful for the Supreme Court’s ruling on my application to adopt Mercy James. I am ecstatic … My family and I look forward to sharing our lives with her,” Madonna said in a statement through her spokesperson Friday.

Preparations are already underway to bring Chifundo ‘Mercy’ James, 3, from the African country to America private jet, after the singer stayed up throughout the night hoping for a courtroom victory.

“It’s the early hours in New York now but my client has been awake all night waiting for this,” Madonna’s Malawi lawyer, Alan Chinula, tells PEOPLE. The attorney spoke to his client as soon as the ruling was made official, at around 2 a.m. her time Friday. “She was ecstatic when I broke the news to her. She said, ‘Thank heavens.’ ”

Chinula says he is “now awaiting instructions from New York to start preparing travel arrangements for Mercy. I have to be there for her passports and everything.”

It is likely to take three to five days before the paperwork is ready and the child is able to leave and join fellow adoptee David, also 3. He was formally adopted in 2008 after some controversy and legal challenges.

Madonna, 50, is not expected to fly out to Africa from New York, but Philippe Van Der Bossche, director of her Raising Malawi charity, has been asked to arrange a private jet as soon as possible.

It is believed that Mercy may, in the short term, be moved to the Kumbali lodge where Madonna stays when she is Malawi.

The ruling – by Malawi’s highest court – was made after a lower court had turned down Madonna’s first bid to adopt Mercy in April. That court had said the singer had not spent enough time in Malawi.

Source: PEOPLE

— Raphael Tenthani

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Originally posted June 10th: Madonna will win her right to adopt an orphaned girl from Malawi after all, the pop star has been told, according to a British newspaper report on Tuesday.

Two appeal judge have said they would allow her appeal, while a third is set to agree, reports the Sun.

Madonna first met the child — Mercy James — at the Kondanani Children’s Village in the town of Bvumbwe during a first visit to Malawi in October 2006. It was at that time that she also met her first adopted child, David, now 3 ½. Mercy has a father who is alive but was living at the village following the death of her teenaged mother.

On Wednesday it was said the singer, 50, is “ecstatic — over the moon” at the prospect of a Malawian sister for David, whom Madonna adopted (not without controversy) in May 2008. The singer also has a son, Rocco, 8 ½, with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, and a daughter Lourdes, 12.

Reps for Madonna say there has been “no decision yet” on the case. She is likely to find out the official result early next week.

Local officials in Malawi don’t believe that Madonna will fly out to pick up Mercy James if she is granted the adoption as expected. It is believed that, instead, a private plane will be sent to pick up the child.

Source: PEOPLE

— Simon Perry


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Blackrose on

thats great news! now baby Mercy will have a loving home:)

Becky on

Why on earth would she not go there to pick her up?? It’ll be her first time on an airplane, away from anyone she knows and probably scared to death. She knows Madonna….you would think she would be there with her to bring her home and comfort her!

Di on

As long as you have enough money and influence I guess you can get anything you want. Just because Madonna’s has money does not mean that she will make a good mother for Mercy given her lifestyle. She oftens spends weeks on tour and she currently has 25 year old boyfriend.

I feel sorry for that little girl being ripped away from her homeland and a biological father who stepped forward to claim her only to be rebuffed by the biological mother’s family who feel that money and fame equal a good home. I read that Madonna has at least two nannies because she is so busy with her career.

Amie on

I’m not sure how to feel about this. It makes me wonder what changed so drastically from the time they denied it to now when it’s going to be approved. I hope it wasn’t about money and that they truly care about the best interest of this baby girl.

meghan on

Yet another celebrity getting away with doing whatever they want regardless of the law because they opened their checkbook. Lovely.

Anon on

This really really disappoints me. Not because I think Madonna would be a bad parent, but because I think a country should be forced to abide by their own rules while they’re in place. Is the Sun a reliable source?

Mo Simpson on

How good an idea can this really be? Why was Madonna allowed to adopt this child and bypass the country’s laws? When you have money you have clout, that’s how!

Lola on

“while a third (judge) is set to agree, reports the Sun”
How do they know that the third judge is set to agree? They denied her request last time, but what has changed? How did the Sun find out that the judge is set to agree? Did the judge say, I won’t go on record just yet, but I think I’m set to agree with the others.

Originally weren’t they denying her request to adopt because she wasn’t living in the country for 48 months or however long, but they will grant her adoption, and she doesn’t even have to pick her up in person? What does that say about the way this poor child will be raised? I imagine that leaving everything you know and getting on an airplane would be terrifying.

Tracey on

I wonder about all the other children in America that are without homes? Why can’t Angelina and Madonna open their hearts to one of “our” children? Maybe the process is too long for them and the checkbooks can’t speed it up? There are suffering children all over this World, I know, but what about the ones in theri own backyards? sad.

MZ on

I’m really disappointed. Whether or not anyone agrees with the rule the country has about residency, it is the current law of the country and I don’t think it should be bent for a celebrity. Having the ability to provide a lavish lifestyle does not = a good parent, and adoption should not be about saving children from poverty. I have friends going through the adoption process right now who have waited years for a baby and twice had the process fall through at the last possible minute. True, they are adopting domestically and not internationally, but I feel like all parents should be given the same treatment through the process and have to abide by all the rules, as ridiculous as they may seem sometimes.

Sandra on

Just because she has money she thinks she can do whatever she wants. It’s not fair, why can’t she have found a child who has no family to speak of instead of a child with family. Does that really make sense? Also, why can’t she have found a child to adopt in the US?

sil on

“Local officials in Malawi don’t believe that Madonna will fly out to pick up Mercy James if she is granted the adoption as expected. It is believed that, instead, a private plane will be sent to pick up the child”

why?????? she HAS to pick up her daughter! this is unbelievable…

meghan, totally agree with your comment.

Ryo on

Tracey the kids in our own backyards aren’t living with 100 or 200 other children in an orphanage where more than half will die of some completely preventable disease before they’re age 5. Kids here get to go to school, have medical care, etc. You ever think of that before deciding a “checkbook” had anything to do with it?

And of course Madonna can adopt Mercy – she’s a celebrity, what did anybody ever expect?

Alysse on

I don’t think Madonna nor any other celebrities should be allowed to raise children that have parents and relatives that can take care of them. Mercy’s father is willing to raise her in this case and the grandmother was willing to care for her as well. Madonna would be taking away Mercy from her country and family. Madonna is very busy with her life and she has three children to take care of as it is. The child’s family is more important for the sake of the child than the money and material things that Madonna can offer the child. I don’t think Madonna can offer the child the stable environment she needs.

Elle on

This is awful. Chifundo (Mercy’s actual name) has family who love her and do not want her to be taken away, and if Madonna cared about this little girl at all, she would help out her family so they could afford to bring her home. There are plenty of actual orphans around the world that Madonna could have adopted.

Anon on

I don’t understand why Madonna keeps picking kids with families. I mean that to me just seems so wrong. Its been said over and over that orphanages in a lot of places around the world are more like schools and in Malawi specifically a lot these kids have family that regularly come and see them. When they’re older, they leave the orphanages and return to their families. Madonna, to me as broken countless promises. Little david doesn’t know his culture, or his native tongue like she said he would. So I don’t see why they would give her another child if their culture is so important to them and she clearly doesn’t care that much for it.

Alex on

Anon – while The Sun is a tabloid newspaper (relatively speaking), it is generally quite reliable. I had a tutor at university who worked for The Sun before he worked for my uni (in London) and he always spoke very highly of the ethical practices employed there. I don’t know the truth of this situation, but I would certainly be inclined to believe The Sun above some other tabloids.

Daniella on

Just because someone has money & fame does not mean that can provide a loving & stable home. One of my close friends in high school came from an extremely wealthy family who gave him pretty much whatever he wanted, when he wanted it. However, he often told me that he would have given it all up to just spend some time with his parents, who were either constantly working or away on extravagent business trips. I always found it sad & upsetting how my friend thought it odd to sit down at the dinner table to eat or to playfully bicker with mom about how to do this or that. The thought of him always being alone in that big house or out somewhere late at night without an adult’s knowledge always did not sit well with me.

Money & an extravagent environment does not equal love & my friend had both but was deprived of emotional attachments with his parents his entire life. In a way, emotionally, he was often no better off than a child in an orphanage. I hope the same thing does not befall these children or this little girl.

Tia on

So this child had a family that wants her, but just can’t get to her? I don’t understand why Madonna is so hell bent on getting her. If she is so taken by this child, why not just provide her family with some mends to make sure they are ok. I respect the want to adopt a child but there are ways to go about it that arent completely selfish.

Amanda on

Nobody can tell me that an orphan in Africa is somehow less deserving of a home just because of where they were born. I absolutely abhor the argument that sets out to promote domestic adoption over foreign adoption. Nia Vardalos has been doing it recently as well and it makes my skin crawl. An orphan is an orphan. It doesn’t matter where they come from, or what nationality they hold. Every child in this world is deserving of a safe, loving home to grow up in.

I don’t doubt Madonna’s motives as much as I doubt her methods. She went into this resembling a bull in a chinashop. Regardless, she has the ability to offer Mercy a family, love, health, education and opportunities to succeed in life. If Mercy is adopted by Madonna, I wonder what her life would be like at the age of 48? Because if she’s left in Malawi, chances are, she would be dead.

Michelle on

I’m sorry but why is she so busy running around adopting children – instead of at home caring for and being there for her 8 and 12 year old children? GO HOME… give the children you already have a good life – a life with a mother in it. What kind of damage will her two biological children have to endure because their mother was too busy trying to over throw the Malawi laws then be there to help them with a science project or take them to their first dance, etc. SICK. it makes me sick!

GiannaG on

Ok, so Madonna’s rich and got what she wanted. So what? Why does that matter?

As far as I know, she didn’t go into someone’s home and pluck their happy child from their arms. She went to an orphanage.

That child is better off now. Even if this child were to be raised by nannies and sees Madonna once a month (which is not the case), she would still be better off than living in squalor in an orphanage in that place. She will have access to proper health care and education. She will be able to decide what she wants to do with her life and not become someone’s wife and babymaking machine at 14. Does anyone have any idea what kind of hell exists in these places?

And these relatives suddenly coming out of the woodwork to claim her, why are they only NOW deciding they can take care of her? Why was she in an orphanage then? Somebody wants to give her a better life and NOW they’re ready to take care of her? Yeah right. How convenient that they see the bright lights of the international media and come running now. I bet you if Madonna were to pay them enough they’d shut up and return to the woodwork they came from.

I doubt anybody lobbying for this child to remain in that place has really grasped what this baby girl would be escaping from. I’m sure most of those children in an orphanage would prefer to be ‘ignored and raised by nannies’ than wonder if they’ll survive their next bout of malaria.

JMO on

I still have mixed feelings about all of it. I mean in one respect the child is getting a very nice life and in another she’s leaving the only life she has known and her now adopted mommy can’t even go to pick her up?? hmmm.

Of course Madonna has power. Those with money do. Doesn’t make it right but it is what it is. But I don’t see why she can’t just seek out another child from the orphanage who doesn’t have other family? Why Mercy? I can understand fallen in love w/ a child but she’s not the only one there. I also think it’s great she wants to give David a sister but she should be made to follow the same rules. And where does this leave Mercy when it comes to having a father figure. David has Guy but will he play the same part in Mery’s life?…probably not. IDK just a lot to take in.

Q on

Gianna-getting what you want by paying for it is a big deal. You shouldn’t be able to buy kids.

The Sun ethical?? They are a sleazy dirt rag who reguarly print outright lies.

Ryo-there are plenty American kids living in Foster Care under horrible conditions, all dont have proper medical care & schooling. It’s amazing to me that slot of Americans are mis informed about the system in their own country. They assume because we don’t have orphanages anymore that the kids are ok & getting what they need. Funny how these rich celebs get the urge to save a kids, it’s rarely ever an American one. Plenty here need saving too.

This entire situation stinks of a rich white person collecting a black African baby as a trophy. The fact that Madonna could careless about teaching David his culture is horrible. I’m sure she’ll do the same with Mercy.

Sarah on

I think people are letting their jealousy of celebrities get the better of them. The whole idea that people could stamp their feet and yell ‘no fair, why can SHE get to do it and I can’t’ pretty much means we’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. We should be concerned with the child’s welfare, not with the fact that Madonna has money and was able to do things the average person cannot. What’s really more important? If people cared more about Mercy and less about jumping at the chance to bash another wealthy celebrity for having the luxuries we don’t, things would be different.

The bottom line is, Mercy is better off being raised in a home and not in an institution.

Sandra on

GiannaG Says:
June 10th, 2009 at 1:13 pm
Ok, so Madonna’s rich and got what she wanted. So what? Why does that matter?

As far as I know, she didn’t go into someone’s home and pluck their happy child from their arms. She went to an orphanage.

Just because she has money doesn’t mean she should do whatever she wants and get away with it. And yes this child does have family, granted they don’t have a lot of money but she still has family. There are more kids out there that don’t have 1 relative, why couldn’t she adopt a child who doesn’t know or doesn’t have a family.

Anon on

Gianna, you don’t seem to know what kind of hell exists in ‘there places’ you’re just making blanket statements about developing countries being someone who is from a 3rd world nation its insulting.

Mercy isn’t living in “squalor” she was receiving an education in a orphanage funded by Madonna. She was visited by her family regularly. From reports I read, her father was run off by her mothers parents for getting her pregnant. The marrying age in Malawi is 16, not that much lower than in the states.

No one is saying that Malawi and other nations don’t have problems. The point is Malawi has laws and everyone should abide by them. Having money doesn’t dictate what kind of life she’s going to have. Oh and it matters because if Madonna wasn’t Madonna she WOULDN’T have gotten what she wanted.

Following your train of thought, there are children in our country(US, i’m assuming) who don’t have access to health care or education, who live in ‘group homes'(which are more or less orphanages) should I, a person who makes a good living and has a job with benefits be able to just swoop up and take a child? Even if the family is working on getting the kid out of that situation? I mean really. Replace the name Madonna or take out the celebrity variable and the case is sickening. Its really distressing. Adoption, is not about saving a life. Its about wanting to a parent a child, that seems lost on a lot of people.

* rant over*

Di on

I just want to say that I can’t believe some of the people who have left comments here some of which I would consider racist. How does anyone know what little Mercy’s life would be life is she was left in Malawi.

How do you know the orphanage is in squalor? How do you know she would be dead of some disease by 48 or forced to be some “baby making machine at 14”? My parents are from Nigeria so I know a little about Africa and newsflash people not everyone in Africa has AIDS or HIV or has a child at a young age. My mom had my sister when she was 22. In any African country just like America there are some people who live better or have more money than others; there are places that are quite modern and other areas that are less developed.

I would not be surprised if the place Mercy is from is a rural environment where the men who work the land and the women maintain the home and care for the child. There is nothing wrong with that kind of environment. People seem to think everything in the West is better than Africa. At least in Africa, you do not see millions of woman inserting foreign objects into their breast or injecting chemicals into their face so that they do not look old a la Madonna. I find that behavior bizarre.

The people in Malawi may not have a lot of money but there is likely a big sense of community. As a black woman living in the US, I recognize that it is not easy living in a majority white society as Mercy will soon experience. Being the only black student in your liberal arts college or law school is a constant reminder that you are different from everyone else.

I really wish people would beyond the money aspect and focus on other factors that bear on Mercy having a good life.

Anon on

Its not jealousy. I wouldn’t do what madonna’s doing even if I could and money apparently buys everything so maybe I could.

Alex on

Q – I’m sorry, but I can tell you that you are slightly incorrect. All newspapers sometimes get things wrong, but without betraying some of the things I was told by my tutor, I can promise you that they (The Sun) often are extremely correct and very restrained in the things that they print. I can think of two specific examples (which I can not repeat) of things my tutor told me they refused to print despite having rock solid evidence that it would’ve been true. I have zero reason to doubt his word and in one of the cases, I have been told the same story completely independantly by another journalist friend of mine.

A lot of people have incorrect perceptions of the tabloids, so I don’t blame you for feeling the way you do, but I have very good reason to believe what I was told and as such your “a sleazy dirt rag who reguarly print outright lies” line is an opinion certainly, but not fact.

I still don’t know how I feel about Madonna and Chifundo….but it does smack of a woman thinking she can do whatever she wants just because she has money and power.

Charmy on

Di, well said! I couldn’t agree more.

Kate on

Adopting domestically is very difficult. Read Nia Vardalos’ story.Like someone else here said, an orphan is an orphan. What difference does the nationality make?

Regardless of whether this child has biological relatives, she did not have a family. She did not have a home. She was in an orphanage. Now she finally has someone to give her the care she needs.

Di on

Also, does not anyone think it is odd that Madonna is reportedly sending a private jet to pick up Mercy instead of flying out there herself, I mean how impersonal.

I know that her presence would likely cause a media frenzy and she may not want to leave her older children alone but I would think that since the little girl would be leaving everything that is familiar, the least her new mother could do is greet her personally so the bonding can commence as soon as possible.

I guess Mercy will have a lot of adjusting to do in regards to her mother’s lifestyle. First the private and then the nannies and summer world tour.

Anais on

I think it’s really crummy that this woman thinks she can do whatever she wants and take whomever’s child she wants. I really hope this isn’t true.

SweetDiva on

@Kate – Mercy did have family. Orphanages aren’t just for orphans. Her family could not support her so she was given to the custody of the orphanage. Her family was in support of the adoption.

It’s not jealousy I feel for Madonna. I feel outrage that she would expect to circumvent the laws of a sovereign nation just because she can. They made a simple request of her – to live in Malawi for 18 months. Are you seriously believing that a person of her means could not buy a home to establish residency? Madonna wasn’t willing to move mountains for Mercy if they were too inconvenient. Apparently she isn’t even willing to pick the child up.

MZ on

@GiannaG and @Kate: from what I understand, orphanages in some of these countries operate where parents who can’t afford to keep the children and educate them send them to orphanages to be educated, but some and visit frequently. So, they function a little like a boarding school but the families can consent for their children to be adopted out. I don’t think it’s fair to assume they are just speaking out now for attention.

melania on

Di- you cannot compare Malawi and Nigeria. Nigeria has lots of natural resources like oil, while Malawi doesn’t. Plus the hiv rate in Nigeria is one of the lowest in Africa while Malawi’s is very high. The life expectancy rate is only 37 years old in Malawi. Mercy actually would most likely not live the kind of long life that we expect in the U.S.
She will have a better life now. There is no doubt in my mind. If you could choose your life, would you rather live in an orphange in Malawi or with Madonna? Please.

aroundthewaygirl on

Look at these sanctimommies go! I believe the adoption is in the appeals process so I don’t think this is a case of Madonna trying to get around a country’s law being that they are allowing the appeal. There is no guarantee she will win the appeal only some hope. I don’t believe this so-called quote about the private jet.

I hope this all works out for the best interest in of Mercy, whatever that may be. I find it sad and dismissive that anyone would equate living in an orphanage with living in a boarding school.

citymama on

I agree with Di. We shouldn’t automatically assume everything in the West is better than in Africa; at least accord some respect to the country this little girl is coming from. Culture might be more important to a little girl with family still surviving than material things like a life of luxury with Madonna.

Erica on

Wow, having your brand new daughter uprooted and flown in like shipping an exotic souvenir to your house after vacation…

I’m actually hoping that report isn’t true, because as many problems I had with the way Madonna’s gone about this adoption, I don’t want to believe that she really wouldn’t go back to Malawi to pick up Mercy. Especially when she initially lost the bid to adopt her at all.

I’m all for adoption regardless of nationality, ethnicity, etc., but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when celebrities are so easily able to circumvent laws that the average person has to follow to a T. It just feeds into the perception that moneyed people are more important than everyone else regardless of their ability to be a good parent.

Nina on

I feel so bad for Mercy’s family who knows if they’ll ever see her again and if they do I am sure Madonna will parade the paps there to witness it😦
I recently met a little boy who was homeless with his mother and 3 brothers living off of the freeway in LA for 2 years and now has really bad skin problems, among other things, due to being in the sun all day every day. He is with a foster family and waiting for a loving family. The foster family said due to the fact that he’s older (5 years) and been in foster care for so long he probably will never be adopted😦
I think it is so sad, there are kids who need homes all over the world, every child deserves a family no matter what country they are from!

eva on

Di said a great truth.Thank you for those words Di, I’ve been to Africa many times and while poverty is a heartbreaking reality there is also much potential for happiness, dingity and wisdom.

I’m an adoptive mom and I would like to say that adoption is not a charity to save the children of the world.I did not “rescue” my daughter from the foster care system,it’s not heroism or pity, it’s love,pure and undying love for my child.And love knows no frontiers and does not measure poverty or illness.If you love a child in Africa or China, or if you love a child in your next door orphanage it has nothing to do with poverty and hunger,it is what we feel and dream for our children.It is usually people who have not adopted a child who want to start a discussion of local adoption vs. international adoption.A genuine and loving adoptive parent will not stop to judge others and compete to see who did the greater good and who rescued the best orphan. I adopted locally and feel connected to other AP regardless of where they babies came from.

As for Madonna and her family all I can say is that I wish the four kids much happiness and generosity.I do not agree with Madonna’s approach to international adoption.If one adopts a child,locally or abroad,AP are forever tied to the culture and ethnicity of our children.I think all AP should show the outmost respect for the country and the culture that gave us our babies and in my opinion Madonna isn’t showing much of it for Malawi,for the family or the people who gave life to 2 of her kids.Look at Ewan McGregor (sp?)and his family, they tried to adopt a little one in Mongolia but their petition was rejected and instead of forcing an entire culture to bend to his money he continued to love that child from far away and paid for her education eventhough he couldn’t have her with him.That to me says love all over the place.Out of my undying love for my child I welcomed her first mother into our lives and though it is hard for many of us we sacrifice for our children.Madonna could have shown greater love for Mercy by allowing her to continue to live with her father,who loved her first, and supervise her health and education than by pushing a country into a corner.Mothers sacrifice out of love.I hope everyone’s conscience is clean here for Mercy’s sake and for the reputation of all families who hope to find their baby abroad.

KiKi on

This just sickens me! In essence, she is buying this child. She should be made to follow the rules and laws of the country. I will honestly pray that this isn’t true. This precious child deserves better!

sage on

*Michelle* “I’m sorry but why is she so busy running around adopting children – instead of at home caring for and being there for her 8 and 12 year old children? GO HOME… give the children you already have a good life – a life with a mother in it”. SIMPLY DISGUSTING of you to say.

First of all she has another child named DAVID which you over looked. I mean you should being saying the same thing about and Joley Fisher and especially Angelina Why are they busy running around adopting children instead of taking care of their older children. I mean what terrible mother’s they are.

It just makes me sick that so many of you sit there and judge. Whining and complaining about how there are so many children out there with out a home, who are orphans, all over the world.While Madonna has found a place in her heart and is doing something about this. But yet the same people sitting there pointing the finger, saying how sick what she is doing is, calling her parenting skills into question, do nothing about it.You judge this women and yet you do Nothing. It is so laughable that I can’t take you all seriously at all.
I say if what is being report is true congrats to Madonna and her family.

Nina on

Eva, what an amazing person you are! I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world! XOXO

Lilly on

This was published in a tabloid and Madonna’s rep disputed the report and said they don’t know the outcome.

It’s unfortunate that people comment on things they clearly know nothing of and make up things- Madonna takes care of all THREE of her kids and always takes them with her whenever she tours. She never leaves them “weeks at a time.” In fact, she has NEVER toured without her children.

How is adopting a fourth neglecting the other three she has? I’m sure there are plenty of families of posters or other celebrities that consist of four or more children (biological or adopted), but nobody is complaining about them. Heidi Klum is having a fourth child, I did not read a single comment that said “why don’t you take care of the children you have before having more?!!”

If the Malawi Supreme Court rules in Madonna’s favor, how is SHE the one breaking the rules? It is the court that decides what is legal and what is not, not Madonna. All she did was file an appeal which is allowed within the legal framework.

****Eva— continue to live with her father? Mercy has never met her ‘father’, he denied paternity when her 14 y/o mother got pregnant and he left. He didn’t even bother to show up when he found out that the mother had died. The child was in an orphanage since she was a newborn. It wasn’t until after the adoption was rejected that a tabloid found him and he claimed an undying love for Mercy when he never sought her out. The FAMILY has said they never want him near Mercy and they think he is just seeking fame and fortune and to take advantage of Mercy (in their own words). The family is in favor of the adoption and signed off on it. If Madonna doesn’t get Mercy, I hope the family gets to keep her and I don’t doubt Madonna will sponsor her, but as far as the so-called father, I believe he is only seeking to take advantage of the situation rather the child’s best interests.

aroundthewaygirl on

That was an absolutely terrible comment for Michelle to make. I can see not liking Madonna, thinking the adoption was handled poorly, but that comment was indeed disgusting. And then to leave David out, when his adoption is a done deal and he is now very much Madonna’s son is gross.

I don’t have a problem with Madonna using her influence and money to add a child she very much wants to love and care for to her family. I have money and yes my money can afford me certain opportunities that maybe someone with less money will not get and I will not apologize for using my money to great benefit. I worked very hard for it just like Madonna worked very hard for hers.

sara on

I am pretty sure Madonna greased the hands of those judges. This world is corrupt. A no becomes a yes when money is involved. Because why else would the decision change? Madonna will never take a no, she wants to prove to everyone that she can indeed get whatever she wants. She complains about the world being materialistic yet she is all materialism herself. I agree with some of the other posters that she should focus on the kids she already has. Kids are not accesories to be handed off to nannies.

NLT on

Why does Angelina always have to be brought into Madonna’s mess? She AND Brad haven’t adopted a child in over 2 years! Maddox was 3.5 years old when Zahara was adopted, and it was just the two of them until Shiloh was born! Pax was adopted a year after Shiloh’s birth. How is that neglecting your kids and running off getting new ones?

Sam on

“Becky Says: Why on earth would she not go there to pick her up?? It’ll be her first time on an airplane, away from anyone she knows and probably scared to death. She knows Madonna….you would think she would be there with her to bring her home and comfort her!”

I agree

True on

It is usually people who have not adopted a child who want to start a discussion of local adoption vs. international adoption. A genuine and loving adoptive parent will not stop to judge others and compete to see who did the greater good and who rescued the best orphan. I adopted locally and feel connected to other AP regardless of where they babies came from.
eva Says:
June 10th, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Eva, thank you for your thoughtful comment, especially the part above. I will never understand the domestic vs. international debate. A child is a child is a child and each and every one of them deserves a loving home.

Anon on

I think that Eva was confusing parts of davids story with Mercys.

Aroundthewaygirl, using your money or influence to override the law is called corruption. No matter if its to gain a child, political position, or get a pass on a speeding ticket.It’s unethical,immoral and disgusting. I’ve never heard anyone actually say something like that before. Interesting.

Tiffany on

It’s amazing what money can buy. You know that it wouldn’t be that easy for any of us.

Sara- You took the words right out of my mouth. Well said.

eternalcanadian on

i think it is fantastic when people have the opportunity to adopt, but for some reason i’m looking at madonna’s latest adoption with a disapproving eye. it just doesn’t sit right, and it reads like she’s managed to find a way around the rules like she did with david. at least with angelina she followed the rules and went through the proper channels and didn’t use her money or influence and she definitely did not “send a private plane to pick up the kid” like it was an errand for her many staff to do.

Anne on

“If the Malawi Supreme Court rules in Madonna’s favor, how is SHE the one breaking the rules? It is the court that decides what is legal and what is not, not Madonna. All she did was file an appeal which is allowed within the legal framework.”

And of course, the Malawi Supreme Court’s decision isn’t at all influenced and effected by Madonna’s money and power.

The court already said no once- Madonna appealing is nothing more than a spoiled child throwing a public temper tantrum so the parents will cave under the pressure and give her what she wants.

aroundthewaygirl on

Who said anything about corruption. Don’t be obtuse in reading something in my comment that is not there. What money can do is allow yourself to hire the best attorneys and be able to afford a protracted appeal which she still may not win but she is trying. Another potential adopted parent may not be able to do these things however that is not Madonna’s fault. The unfounded accusations of buying off corrupt officials or corrupt judges is astounding and definitely smacks of bigotry.

Anon on

“I don’t have a problem with Madonna using her influence and money to add a child she very much wants to love and care for to her family. I have money and yes my money can afford me certain opportunities that maybe someone with less money will not get and I will not apologize for using my money to great benefit.”

IF Madonna is using her money and influence to get the Malawi Gov’t to do things that they would not do sans her money and influence that is corruption. It isn’t an unfounded statement because she did it in the case of David Banda’s adoption. If you see nothing wrong with that and partake in that kind of activity, then that’s what it is. Its dense to think that she wouldn’t get the best attorneys she can afford. I doubt that anyone who was referencing her influence and money was talking about that.

Maybe you were unaware of how that adoption went down, but the set of circumstances then were very very shady.

dbrechad on

Angelina DID NOT follow any rules. She adopted from Cambodia under very shady circumstances:

I’m glad that you people can just sit here and judge something you know nothing about. I think Madonna is great for going after what she wants and it’s a shame there are so many jealous, bitter people.

Jenny on

you are right – the child will in reality most likely die if left in Malawi, especially by the time she is 48 – aslmost zero chance of surviving. It is very naive to think life would be so wondeful if she was not adopted by Madonna. I read the comments and there are many that are so negative. This child will live!!!

Ever hear about what happened to the children in Romania who were not allowed to be adopted – left in orphanages, crawling in cots and head-banging from lack of attention etc etc. Not much publicised on that recently!

From what I read the family did not show that much interest in the child until Madonna showed an interest in adopting her – I believe the father has never had contact with her.

You do not need to be a celebrity to have your child escorted by plane when adopting. It is quite common. certainly it is better to pick up the child your self, but jumping to conclusions and prejudging why Madonna may not be flying is a little premature as we do not know the details. There are many reasons why families have their children escorted home.

JMO on

Well it’s happening whether people like it or not so now we just have to wish them well. And hope that Madonna will continue to bring both David and Mercy back to their villages to see their families over the years.

Mommyof3 on

My goodness, after all this fighting Madonna went thru to get Mercy you would FIGURE she herself would go pick her up and welcome her home……but NO, I suppose she is “busy” being a superstar!!!

I’m sorry but it really irks me the wrong way when people with money can bend rules and get whatever their hearts desier…..what about the people on waiting lists here for adoption?

Sophy on

I’m glad that you people can just sit here and judge something you know nothing about.

It’s quite amusing that you wrote this in the same comment as you accuse Angelina’s adoption of being “very shady”, and saying that she did not follow “any rules”. LOL! She followed no rules at all?

The link you posted is to a (poorly written) tabloid article with no official sources. The journalist’s bias is clear (Angelina’s adoption apparently constituted a “nasty deed”) and he insinuates that she purposely bribed officials to buy her baby. Oh, and her status as a “homewrecker” is thrown in for good measure. I hardly think an article like that constitues objective evidence for your cause.

Maybe you should take your own advice, and stop judging something we know very little about.

Alex on

I hate to say this, but Madonna has lost a massive amount of public support over the handling of this whole debacle and for a woman who seemingly feeds off of her fans and her fame, that may be a bitter pill to swallow. I have no problem with her adopting from abroad or adopting in general, but the way it seems that she has steamed in with an ‘I want so I’ll have’ attitude is disturbing. Best wishes to Chifundo and everyone involved, it’s just a crying shame how this whole thing has gone down.

Me on

if it is true that she isnt going there to get mercy,i am absolutely horrified.

i am actually in tears thinking of how that poor child has been pulled from pillar to post and treated as a posession by madonna-the way she handled the adoption of david was horrendous; leaving for a 3hr gym session the day he arrived?? and parading him infront of the press when seeing his dad for the 1st time, its absolutely shameful.

Denise on

Why did it have to be THIS child? There were no others in that orphanage that were available? The perception is that she wanted THAT child and darn it, she was going to win this battle. She should have put that much effort into her marriage. I really don’t think she is a prime example of motherhood, she cheated on her husband and her performances are almost X rated in nature (at least what I’ve seen on TV). Ok, bring it on, all you Madonna worshippers will say how great she is, how she is saving this child from certain death, blah, blah, blah. If there is a rule about living in that country for a certain period of time, then that is the rule. Obviously, money was involved.

sara on

must be nice to be rich enough not to have to follow the rules. with that said, i hope mrcy has a great life.

Amie on

*sarcasm* I’m shocked that someone with so much money and power can buy anything they want. *sarcasm over* This just sickens me. I wonder if this was all a big show as far as them denying the adoption in the first place to appear like they care and to have it seem that it wasn’t her money (that Malawi so desperately needs) that helped her buy this little girl. I’m appalled by their decision to go ahead with the adoption.
This little girl may not have had much as far as material belongings but I’m sure she has had much love around her while in the orphanage. Now she’s going to be ripped from the only home she’s known and will be raised in a country that doesn’t speak her language by a bunch of nannies. If Madonna played by the rules and made a gradual transition for Mercy that showed she had her best interest at heart then I wouldn’t have such a problem with it.

KiKi on

All we can do now is pray for happiness for Mercy. Madonna has lost the tiny bit of respect I had for her. People adopting from Ethiopia are in limbo right now b/c unethical practices are being investigated and here she gets to go to Malawi and purchase a child b/c of her money and celebrity. SICK!!

LisaR on

**Alex says:I hate to say this, but Madonna has lost a massive amount of public support over the handling of this whole debacle and for a woman who seemingly feeds off of her fans and her fame, that may be a bitter pill to swallow.**

Alex I’m not sure where you got your info or if this is wishful thinking on your part, but this ‘debacle’ has been going on for months now, and Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour is still sold out and she’s even being forced to add more shows because of public demand. People are not going to abandon Madonna because of this. There are celebrities who have done MUCH worse and who still have fans who adore and support them (I can think of a certain young man accused of assaulting his girlfriend who STILL has girls falling over themselves to greet him in the street) The average Madonna diehard does NOT care about this and is not going to stay away because of this. The thought that this incident will somehow cause people to shun this woman is laughable. All it does is get more people talking about her, which, as you know by now, she LOVES.

aroundthewaygirl on

Where is your proof that Madonna paid someone off? None of you can produce it. On top of that you make accusations of government officials in Malawi with once again no proof smacks of racism. I don’t know what happened with David’s adoption or Mercy’s adoption and I don’t make accusations based on gossip found by googling. If you think it’s shady fine, I don’t. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

And to say Madonna had to have Mercy. Yes you she did. Most parents who adopt immediately have a bond with the child they meet either in person or afar and want to adopt. It’s devastating when an adoption falls through when the potential parent has loved the child from afar and even worse when the child is taken from them after being raised by them for a bit of time. When adoptions fall through it’s not, oh lets run to another country and get a child. Most people don’t try again because it’s too heartbreaking.

Ellen on

Let’s see…Option 1- spend my life in an orphanage in Malawi with no loving family around and not even a room to call my own, sharing space with scores of other children. A dubious father who denied me at birth only to reappear and ‘see the light’ when an American celebrity showed up. Sounds promising.

Option 2- live with Madonna (and those horrible nannies of course). Running water. Health care. Education. Endless employment opportunities. A hideous life indeed.

Hmm. I wonder which one I would choose.

Emma on

To everyone who has said: she has a loving father who is willing to take care of her
She has been living in an orphanage her whole life for heavens sake and now that Madonna is trying to give the little girl a home, he steps ip to the plate? Doesn’t that seem a little off to anyone else. Also, there is no proof that he is the girl’s biological father. Although I don’t know that Madonna is or will be a good mother, I think it is better for her to have siblings who love her and a good house and education so that she does not end up dying in an orphanage or growing up with no way to support her self and having to struggle her whole life. Be happy that she now has the chance to do so. And as to the people who say “Why can’t she adopt a child from the US”: while that would be nice, there are children in greater need around the world: children in India living on dumps, little girls all over being sold into sex slavery: we need to keep that in perspective

PJ on

I love how some can scold others for being judgemental, yet these same people are also piping up in other articles giving their judgemental comments (ex: Suri Cruise hair, Kelly Rutherford, etc).

J. D. on

To all those saying that she didn’t ‘buy’ Mercy, let’s look at the facts. Her adoption was denied at first because she did not meet the residency requirements. What’s changed since then? She’s lavished money on the country. I’m not saying that anyone was directly paid off but believe me, money played a factor.

If this was some regular couple that just went and tried to adopt a child from Malawi without ever living in the country, they would be denied. Why? Because they wouldn’t meet the requirements. Because of who Madonna is and the money she has, she was able to bypass that and that’s just not right.

Brandy on

Congratulations Madonna, Lourdes, Rocco and David!! Enjoy the newest edition.

Jamie on

This is absolutely disgusting!

I know a family who have been following all the rules to adopt a baby from Malawi and this INCLUDES the very difficult law of residency. They applied BEFORE Madonna applied for David and they are STILL waiting for their residency time to be legally finished!

This means that Madonna has now adopted TWO children from the same country in LESS time then it has taken my friends to LEGALLY, I repeat LEGALLY, adopt ONE!

Absolutely disgusting!!!

The Malawian high courts should be ashamed!
Madonna should be ashamed!

Why does EVERYONE else have to follow the insanely strict adoption rules of that country yet not Madonna?!?

What on earth makes Madonna a better parent by breaking the law’s of a country (AGAIN), over my friends who have been waiting years because the have to follow the laws?!?

This is absolutely sickening!

My heart goes out to all those families who are trying to LEGALLY adopt and will today feel another knife go through their hearts when they hear that, once again, fame and fortune makes you a more acceptable parent, who is above all laws and regulations, in the eyes of the adoption courts!

I can’t believe we live in a world that allows this to happen.
Absolutely disgusting!!!

Alex on

LisaR – yes, I’m sure there are diehard fans (possibly you, I’m not sure) who will stick by her no matter what she did….look at Michael Jackson for instance. But as far as general estimation amongst the public goes, she’s not going to be popular and I don’t think this will go down well. Not so laughable me thinks lol.

Liliana on

I won’t comment on the entire situation since my thoughts are similar to the majority of those already stated but I will say, I find it unbelievable that Madonna does not have to abide by the law of residency and will not be accompanying Mercy on her journey to the states.

The law of residency, although extremely long for the given country, is put into place so that both parent/s and child can bond in a setting that is familiar to the child. This allows the transition from one country to the next to be less traumatic.

How Madonna justifies not being with her daughter in such a crucial time is beyond my understanding.

NLT on

dbrechad: Did you really just quote a gossip column? Truth is, the ADOPTION AGENCY Angelina used as accused of corruption, NOT Angelina herself. Tabs just always want to put the problem all on her shoulders. She was a 26 year old adopting by herself for the first time. How is the agency’s corruption her fault?

Anon on

“To all those saying that she didn’t ‘buy’ Mercy, let’s look at the facts. Her adoption was denied at first because she did not meet the residency requirements. What’s changed since then? She’s lavished money on the country. I’m not saying that anyone was directly paid off but believe me, money played a factor.”


Aitch CS on

One Question please: What is going to happen to Jesus??!

I hate peas on

Everyone has pretty much stated my personal opinions on the subject already (having money put the world at your feet and rules, well what rules? just go by the wasteside).

I have to add that I have lost what little smidge of respect that i had left for her. She has been getting strange over the years and I thought David’s adoption was inappropriate enough on its own but to add Mercy’s adoption it, it gets to be mind-boggling.

And WTF, after all the drama she caused, she cant go pick the poor kid up? I hope that is not an indication of where Mercy will fall in Madonna’s “priority list”.

I really do feel for the couples who have to play by the rules and see this soap opera play out on the news knowing there will be no quick solution for their own situation. I know they say “Life isn’t fair” but damn…

Rach on

I will never ever understand why she didn’t choose another country with clearer adoption rules. Why did it have to be this one ? Esp after all the problems she had adopting David. I think that she should take Angelina’s advice and stick with the countries that have clearer adoption rules, otherwise it really does look like she is using money and status to get what she wants.

Something tells me they would not be so lenient were it you or me adopting a child from there.

Angel on

Once again, money and fame can get you anything. I feel sorry for poor little Mercy. Sure, she will live in the lap of luxury the rest of her life but will she really have a sense of family? I’m thinking the Malawian government denied it at first for show and that Madonna knew all along she would get what she wanted, just as she always does. Can you imagine the amount of children that would benefit from her money if she would have chosen to put it in that country to help several children rather than taking one of their children out? I’m disappointed.

Anon on

Aitch CS-

Madonna withdrew her papers to adopt him from Brazil. Poor baby Jesus.

Lilly on

I find the Jesus jokes in bad taste. I am pretty sure he is an adult and as such can date whomever he pleases, just like Madonna can.

Congratulations to Mercy and her new family! David looks to be doing quite well and is described as being happy, even by his own biological father. I’m sure Mercy will be as well.

Lilly on

“Can you imagine the amount of children that would benefit from her money”


She already supports thousands of children (and adults!) in Malawi. She has also set up orphan care centers, schools, and health centers, and employs many locals, among other things. She has also raised millions for Malawi’s more than 1 million orphans (half of which are AIDS orphans).

So much judgment without knowledge to back it. Perhaps people should try seeing “I Am Because We Are” and reading up on Raising Malawi. Reading the full quotes given from the case also helps and it clarifies how they defined her ‘residency.’ We also don’t know what other requirements she has to meet. David’s adoption wasn’t finalized until more than 18 months after she took custody of him. She had to undergo many tests, paperwork, and meet certain requirements.

Daisy on

Am currently studying health&social care. We recentley covered The Principal/Presumption of No-Order which states that if possible a child who is not in danger should always be cared for at or near their home and if not by their parents then by a relative. This law obviuosly doesn’t allpy in Malawi. Or maybe it just doesn’t apply if Madonna’s doing the adopting.

paula on

I don’t even want to read all the comments…already have an idea of what most of them say. Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Madonna, her family and her new little girl! Blessings to all!

Shannon on

I find it completely appalling that after all this, Miss Superstar can’t be bothered to take time out from her busy schedule to go pick up her new daughter. She can fly all over the world for her next tour date, but she can’t go there directly and get Mercy herself? WTh is wrong with this woman? I gotta tell you, if her goal is to show the world she really, really loves this little girl, this is not the way to do it. She needs to get her butt of the pedastal, onto a plane, and go pick the baby up herself. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but was much more a fan of the over-sexed, cone-boobed Madonna of old than I am of Madonna the “mother”.

Lilly on


No official statement has been given from her or her rep stating what travel arrangements have been decided upon, only assumptions.

I think at this point no matter what she does or says, she will be bashed for it and accused of being a deplorable human being and an appalling mother.

We should all just get off our high horses and let this family be.

TV on

I think thebone thing people forget is that Mercy’s father was told by her mother’s family that the child had also died while her mother was giving birth to her. It wasn’t until all this fuss about Madonna wanting to adopt Mercy did he find out the real truth about what happened to her. Also, Mercy’s grandparents ran him out of town for knocking up their daughter and refusing to marry her. Does that really sound like a family who was willing to tell the truth when it comes to their grandchild?

As far as the adoption most likely being overturned it literally makes me sick to my stomach to think that Madonna will once again be able to override the rules and regulations the country of Malawi has specifically set up for international adoptions. Madonna has yet to live up to any of the promises she made to David’s father when she adopted him. They went back to Malawi with him once and Madonna waited until two days before they were to leave to inform David’s father that his son was in the country. The poor child barely recognized his father when he came by their hotel for a ‘supervised’ visit.

Just because Madonna has the financial means to take care of another child does not necessarily mean she should be adopting another one. Somebody made a comment about Madonna brings her children with her while she’s on tour. Having your children on tour with you does not necessarily mean you are taking care of them though. From what a couple of stage hands and security personnel were able to witness the two nannies she brought along were more nurturing towards those kids than Madonna was for the two days they were there. Also, just because a show is sold out doesn’t mean that all the seats get filled.

NLT on

Well, the thing about parenting is this: You can’t tell that the woman down the street is really a good mother just because she’s at home with her kids all day; and, you can’t tell that a celebrity is a bad mother because she has a nanny and has to travel occasionally. It’s not really up to US how they raise their children.

jamie on

If Mercy’s father wants her back, then shouldn’t Madonna do everything in her power to help this child reunite with her father? If Mercy’s mother gave her up because she didn’t have money, then shouldn’t Madonna financially assist that family? I know lots of people who sponsor children through World Vision or another organization like that, which allows families to stay together. I think the best thing for a child is to keep them in their surroundings and improve those surroundings in a way that will benefit the child. It seems that Madonna is on a mission to have Mercy and will do whatever it takes to get her. There are lots of children in other countries who do not have surviving parents and Madonna should consider those alternatives. I haven’t followed this controversy too closely so this is just my humble opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Mary-Helen on

Good for her. Madonna can provide her a stable, loving home with siblings and food and a real shot @ a future. Considering the amount of time and money Madonna spends helping the people of Malawi, perhaps she bonded with this little girl and wanted to welcome her into her home.

As for Angelina, her adoptions are just as shady, especially Pax’s where she out and out lied by saying she was a single mom (regardless of the fact that Brad was the elephant in the room) and her adoptions of Zahara (where it was reported she filed @ the start of the month and then received custody of her @ the end) and how Angelina got preferential treatment for Maddox as well. Most celeb adoptions are shady, let’s be honest, but @ the end of the day, for the most part the kids are well cared for and loved. Madonna doesn’t give her kids designer new names and parade them around in magazines and such, she seems to have a nice homelife and she and her former husband have a good, cordial relationship and from the outside, it seems things will be fine for this child who is getting an amazing oppurtunity to be in a family.

I do however, feel badly for those “average” parents who are desperate to adopt a child and see Jolie, Madonna, et al bypass the system and basically buy a child. It has to be frustrating. I have a friend who started the adoption process for an Ethiopian orphan and it took over 2 years, and Jolie had adopted two children in the process and it used to burn her that she would bypass everything and be handed a child while she had to go through hoops and more hoops. But there is nothing we can do but sit back and hope that everything works out for this child.

L on

I may not agree with Madonna’s lifestyle & beliefs and how she raises her children, but that is besides the point…this little girl is going to have an amazing life and is truly blessed…

Kerri on

Why on earth would she not fly out there to pick the child up? That just seems wrong.

Kenya on

According to the Chief Justice, they didn’t consider Madonna a sojourner but rather a ‘resident’ in the broader sense of the term and, as he stated, you can be a resident of more than one country. I assume her long-term commitments of the past three years to various organizations in the country (including her own) and to thousands of children, her ownership of property there, and the plans to build a family home next to the girl’s school she is building helped factor into that.

If the family of the girl want her to have nothing to do with the man who claims to be the father (a person she has never met), then that must be very telling. They also claim he is not the father and that both parents are deceased, according to the adoption documents. The uncles called him a charlatan looking for fame.

If he really is the father, I really doubt he never knew of her existence given that word of mouth travels like wildfire in little towns like the one in which they lived. He has also changed his own story at least three times since the first story broke out of his existence. So where was he for the past more than 4 years? Had Madonna not stepped in the child would still be living in an orphanage.

As long as those who are her real family members are in favor and all is legal, then I see no problem with the adoption. Madonna’s other three children look quite content and close to her, so she must be doing something right. Children, especially young ones, can’t feign love or attachment.

Molly on

This is good news. Regardless whether or not she bent the rules, this is one less child growing up in poverty. If her bio family wanted her, why was she in the orphanage? And if she was there becuase they couldnt take care of her, well then again, she will be better off with Madonna. Madonna is a great caring and loving person that takes good care of her children and she loves them. And she doesnt need to place them to the orphanage.

The only thing I wish is that she would besides supporting Malawi nation and their children, organize some kind of charity that would help average paretns adopt children as well. That would go far !

melania on

can’t wait to see the baby! congratulations!

zeezee on

jamie: mercy’s mother died in childbirth, and the father ran off when he found out she was pregnant. Those are valid questions you ask….but, not valid to this story.

christina on

I am happy for Madonna and Mercy! Yeah!🙂

gaia's mommadukes on

She doesn’t “support” them. Raising malawi works with organizations that were already doing work in malawi from before 2006 when r.m started such as world camp. Im not saying that madonna isn’t helping malawi she is. Some linked malawi adoption law once and it was defined as 18months of living in the country at a residence. Not just owning land. So there isn’t any reason her appeal should have been approved.

essi on

There are plenty of children in North America that need adoptive families, but many family situations in either the US or Canada can’t really be compared to the poverty and illness and lawlessness in parts of Africa. Any child that is adopted anywhere in the world will hopefully be given a better life, but those who live in the poorest parts of the world need help too….not just those who live close by.

Kenya on

Madonna is ‘supporting’ thousands of children and adults with her organization and unison with other organizations. The founding comes out of her pocket and from donations.

Look at each section on the left under what we have accomplished so you can get an idea of what they do.

I am only explaining what the Chief Justice said the law was and why Madonna was approved. She’s been involved in Malawi since around 2005 and in 2006 her Raising Malawi foundation was launched. She owns land (several parcels) and has been there a couple times, plus she is said to build a home there- all those things were considered to define her “residency” or rather long-term commitment to Malawi (of 3-4 years so far). In other words, she has roots set there. Instead of defining residency in the strict sense of living in one single place 24/7. That’s why he said you can be a resident of multiple places (she is also a resident of NYC, LA, and London).

The main purpose of the residency was to ensure that a 18 month assessment of the parent and child occurred and to ensure the parent was, this already happened when she adopted David, though it happened in England via multiple procedures others listed above. I am not sure if another 18-month assessment will also take place for Mercy’s adoption, like it did with David.

Kenya on

Sorry for the typos-

*and in unison

*the funding

*”what we have accomplished”

*the parent was fit

DJ on

It amazes me how everyone is so judgemental about how these celebrities (Madonna, Brad & Angie, Joely Fisher, etc) donate money to these 3rd world countries and try to raise awareness to better their causes. Then they go a step further and actually adopt children from these areas….but no one has anything positive to say. It’s always never enough or why don’t they adopt from here in the U.S. An orphan is an orphan no matter what race/country. Why does everyone think that the U.S is the only acceptable place to adopt? In the long run, these children will be given a home, a family, and a chance for a better life. Why does everyone think this is a bad thing? These children aren’t being abused or sold into slavery by these celebrities! So, these celebrities end up bonding with a particular child at an orphanage they visit & are chastised by the public for that as well. It’s pathetic. If this little girl’s family was supposedly (SIC)taking care of her, why has she been in an orphanage since birth? Same with little David? Madonna is not ripping these kids away from their families! You people can hate on these celebrities all you want but at the end of the day, but for me, I’m glad that there is one less orphan in the world. Instead of trash talking these celebrities, people should put their money where their mouth is & donate $$ to help the millions & millions of orphans out there or adopt. I know I’m doing my part.

Sarah M. on

Rach – She wanted to adopt another child from Malawi because she has a vested interest in that country. He 3 year old son is from there. She wanted him to have someone from his birthplace to connect with. Not a bad reason, in my opinion.

Mary-Helen – I read from multiple sources that Angelina stated that she was going to be a single parent because if she had listed that she and her live-in boyfriend were wanting to adopt, it wouldn’t have gone through. So she adopted Pax and Z as a single parent and Brad adopted them after the fact.

Emma – The same type of things happen in the U.S. that happen in other countries, though not to the same extent and we don’t hear near as much about it. Even if children in the here have a roof over their head, food in their bellies and schooling, they don’t get near as much love and emotional support as they would in a family environment. No matter what country a child is being adopted from or what their current situation is, hopefully they are going to a better environment after the adoption!

Congratulations to Madonna and the whole family! I hope everything works out for them from here on out!!

Sarah M. on

correction “here is the U.S.” and children living in a group home/foster home versus a real family environment.

gargoylegurl on

Wow! Well said DJ!!! I couldn’t agree more!

Dianna on

It’s sad that we as Americans devalue lives of children in other countries. I have read several comments questioning why one of “our” children who are of need of an adoptive family in the U.S. isn’t given the same chance. I find it wonderful that people, who are in the position such as Madonna, use their wealth to support whole towns in underdeveloped countries as well as adopt orphans from them who would never have a life otherwise. Who are we to question? We are all brothers and sisters living together on this beautiful planet. We should all be considered equal and help each other no matter where we live or what material means we have.

Dianna on

Yes, very well said DJ! I read your comment after posting- great minds think alike!🙂

snoo on

Madonna has the means and drive to provide for many children. Who is anyone to say she shouldn’t adopt a few children who otgherwise would grow up in abject poverty?

Egos and a desire to bring madonna down a peg or two from her incredible life, I refuse to get muddled up in all that – I just think of the life that child will have. It will be a better one.

Tracey on

many posters took my comment way too personal…IT WAS A QUESTION NOT A OUTCRY FOR US ADOPTION… I find it amazing that someone can open their hearts and bring any child, from any country, into their family…

Tracey on

by the way…thanks Q…a lot of people are mis informed

Patterson on

All I have to say is..WHAT??!!?

Vanessa on

I’ve just read in our local paper that 3 weeks after Mercy is picked up ‘by minders’, Madonna will be recommencing her tour.

Lovely, isn’t it?

jjj on

Sickening how money can get you anything you want. Even someone else’s child.

mazzie on

hmmm… i’ve tried to see the positive, but for me madonna is too much of a ‘persona’ to be relatable anymore… welcoming in a child to your life should never be about wealth beyond the basic necessities…
this is all so bizarre…

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