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06/12/2009 at 11:30 AM ET
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Our interview with Mayim Bialik about natural parenting sparked a lively debate among CBB readers about vaccinating or not vaccinating. It’s obvious parents feel very strongly on both sides — we’re curious what decision you’ve reached for your family. Take our poll, and, if you care to share, leave a comment below about what played into your decision. We ask in advance for your respect of other readers’ decisions and stick to explaining your decision and not criticizing others’, whether or not you vax. If you cite a study or statistics, provide a reference that others can reference.

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Christine on

We spaced. I know its not the popular opinion, but while I left that vaccines were important, I was not comfortable with the amount that were given at each appointment on the traditional schedule. On our schedule the kids will be fully vaccinated by the time they start school, and fully within the law.

JD on

Anyone who does not vaccinate their child is not only putting their child at risk, but also mine.

Jenifer on

We vax’ed on schedule but I see the other side of it too. If we have a third, I might space out more. If I were to drop any vax it’d be the CP one.

sil on

well said JD!

Melissa on

Out of concern for my own child as well as other children, I vaccinate on schedule. I admit that there are occassions when I feel my daughter is receiving a lot of shots at once or in a short period of time; however, I just do not feel there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the current vaccination schedule poses any greater risk to her than contracting any of the illnesses might.

Kay on

I think any parent that doesn’t vaccinate is completely irresponsible and putting their child and mine at risk. It shouldn’t be an option.

Crystal on

We don’t have kids yet and I never even considered not vacinating when we do until recently. I am torn and just don’t know which way to go.

My fiance has said that is is pro vaccination and that we will be vaccinating our children when we have them. I told him I would like to do more research and since we aren’t getting married until May of next year we still have time to decide.

Until then we will keep researching.

Amber on

Vaxing on schedule was never a question for me. I grew up with a grandfather who had contracted polio at the age of 11. I watched him struggle day in and day out with the most simple of tasks. I saw the pain in his eyes everyday. He eventually passed away at only 67 years old from polio complications. Seeing this horrible disease ‘up close’ for so long made me realize that I would do everything I could to keep my own children from facing any disease that could be prevented by vaxing. I would never forgive myself if I chose not to vax, and one of my children had to live with such a debilitating disease.

stacey on

I try very hard to keep my children safe and healthy and to have someone not vaccinate their children makes me very angry.It shouldn’t be a choice.

mary on

I vaccinated our first 2 on schedule. Our last 2 I spaced further apart. Our 3 child was born w/ pre cancer ‘moles’ that had to be removed at 6 months old. And has since had 4 surgeries,he is now 8.I felt that he had gone through so much that waiting a few months between shots would be ok. Our 4th and last child had her 1st set and second set done on schedule all at the same time however she would developed super huge lymph nodes soon after her first and then second set of shots. Our doctor was very concerned, we had to see him once a week for one whole month until he could see that the ‘nodes’ were shrinking. It was our pediatrician who suggested that we space the shots. I am a firm believer in vaccination. I come from a family of doctors. My father, brother, and sister n law. They are always exposed to diseases we see them often. I would not want them to pass something on to my children that I could have prevented. My husband is a lieutenant for the fire Dept he too is surrounded by disease I believe that if my children were to get something even after I did everything in the first place to protect them, car seats,vaccinations etc. Than it was meant to be. But only after I have done everything to protect them in the first place.
About the ‘back to school’ stuff summer just started! I cannot think about buying now! I wait till the last minute anyway. I love my children home. I get very depressed about two weeks before school and I am still depressed for about one month after school has started. My children think I’m crazy, but I actually cry when they start school. They just roll their eyes when I start acting up!
I hope reading my post makes since I am writing this from my blackberry while sitting on a beach in the sun. I can’t see a thing! Happy summer!

lil on

I just want to say this about the whole ‘don’t vaccinate because it causes autism’ theory.
My neighbors little boy is autistic and she goes to a support group for moms of autistic children. There are 12 moms that attend. There are 15 autistic children within that group (some moms have 2 autistic kids). Out of those 15 autistic children, ONLY 9 of them HAVE been vaccinated. And the 6 kids who are autistic but NOT vaccinted, weren’t vaccinated because the parents were afraid to do it because they were told it caused autism!
I see this as a serious flaw, not to mention an incredibly dangerous flaw, in the ‘vaccinations cause autism’ theory.

Shawna on

We do not vaccinate at all. I have an 8 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old. We feel that there are too many dangerous toxins in the vaccines to risk injecting them into our children’s bodies. We also feel that their bodies are strong enough to fight natural infection and that we can treat any infection that comes along. I have to be honest and also admit that I believe a huge part of the vaccine industry is about making money, money, money.

Shawna on

To those who are so upset about people who don’t vaccinate and think that it is putting your child at risk – how is it putting your child at risk if the vaccines work? If you are so sure they work wouldn’t your child be protected. And for those who say we shouldn’t even have the choice not to vaccinate, well I find that disgusting. Thank God we don’t live in a police state where the government is able to mandate what we can and cannot do with our own bodies.

Terra on

I don’t vaccinate anymore. After my daughter had a bad reaction to the MMR, I started researching. My older children are partially vaccinated, my youngest is not vaccinated at all. I have done tons of research now, and made the decision that is right for my family. I feel like I have chosen the lesser of the two evils. I don’t take this decision lightly, it was a really hard choice to make.

After looking through the VAERS database extensively, my decision was made. If you haven’t searched through this database, you have not done enough research about vaccines, in my opinion. Adverse reactions from vaccines do happen, reactions are drastically under reported. I would bet most of you who are “pro-vaccine” have never even heard of VAERS. (It’s a vaccine reaction database maintained by the government and CDC. They estimate this represents approximately 10% of actual reactions.)

Your children are going to school with many, many unvaccinated children. It is very easy to enroll a child in school without vaccinations (in my state, it’s harder in some other states)… There are so many people out there who aren’t vaccinating, we just don’t advertise it in real life…

Please do your research and make the decision that’s right for your family…

I appreciate that you don’t want your children to get these diseases that the government has told you are deadly… (Really CP is deadly??) People do suffer complications from CP, Measles, heck even the common cold. But they are rare complications. The rate of complications from vaccines for measles,CP, and others is equal to (or greater than) the risk of complications from these diseases.

Read “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations” by Stephanie Cave.

Jessica on

I applaud those who are doing their research before deciding to not vaccinate their children instead of blindly following celebrities like Jenny McMarthy. I gave a speech to a group of parents explaining why she’s not credible and completely wrong. It is argued that it is the MMR vaccine that causes autism, this is thought because it used to contain a preservative called Thimerosal(which contained Mercury). Jenny argues that this vaccine causes autism because of the Thimerosal, however the MMR vaccine has not contained Thimerosal in years. Remember vaccines save millions of children from horrible diseases, choosing not to vaccinate not only puts your child in danger but also all the other children they come into contact with.

stedine on

I don’t have any kids but when I do. I am just going to get them vaccinated at the same schedule I was put on. I was born in 1986 and I have never even had the flu. My child is definitely not getting that damn chickenpox vaccine. That one I know. I believe kids need vaccines just not ALL of them. I also think another reason more children are being born with autism is the air quality that their mom breathes while pregnant and then they do as babies. When I decide to have a child, I will hopefully be settled out somewhere with fresh air and not ingesting chemical fumes and highly polluted air

Beverley on

As the mother of a child with autism, I can guarantee you that if I ever have another child, her or she will be immunized. Having a child with autism sure beats having a child die from something as simple to prevent as measles.

stedine on

Also people should watch what they eat and feed their children. If you are worried about mercury poisoning then don’t eat fish while pregnant

michelle on

No one should be forced to to inject anything into their own bodies or the bodies of their children. Parent’s have the right to choose if/when their children are vax’d. But along the same line, schools and organizations should also have the right to refuse admittance to any child that is not current on vax.

@Shawna, vax protect children from diseases and prevent the spread of disease. I am not worried that non-vax kids will infect my children, I am worried that non-vax kids will spread childhood diseases in larger numbers which puts everyone at risk.

At 3 days old, I contracted a deadly case of measles because my mother was exposed while pregnant. She had been vax’d but some of the children she was around had not. And not everyone displays symptons. You can just be a carrier and never get sick. Obviously I lived, but it was very scary for my parents.

Even having had meseales and been vax’d as a child, I will still be having an updated MMR before I get pregnant next year because of my age. I am 36 and no longer carry antibodies in my system.

I will definitely vax my children, but I will discuss the timing with my pediatrician to develop a course of action that will be best for my child.

Organicmommy on

To JD and Kay- I’d like to hear you say those same sentiments after you lose a child or have a child injured by a vaccine.

Vaccines should not be one shot fits all. Check the Vaers database and you’ll see what happens.

Beverley on

Pregnant women really need to be careful around unvax’d kids. Their unborn babies can be extremely damaged. My mother was exposed to unvax’d kids as an elementary teacher and there was a kid who got measles in her class. When my little sister was born, she was extremely disabled and has never walked a step in life. She has had health and brain problems since. In her first 2 ultrasounds, at 10 and 25 weeks, the baby was normal and then at 38 weeks they found these problems and the doctors traced them back to her exposure to measles.

Anon on

Millions of children died before these vaccines came to be. Thousands of children who don’t have access to these vaccines die every year. To say this is about money, or autism to ME(emphasize one me) is very shortsighted. These vaccines were made to save lives, these aren’t pills for eyelash growth or rest leg syndrome. The risk of injury from vaccines are minuscule and yes it does suck when it happens to you, but for me the risk are outweighed by the other risks.

While the number of unvax’d kids is small it won’t pose that big of a problem, but if more and more people refuse to vaccinate their children then that population if going to be at serious risk.

Gingi on

Vaccines work because when diseases are passed from person-to-person, it is more difficult to maintain a chain of infection when large numbers of a population are immune. The more immune individuals present in a population, the lower the likelihood that a susceptible person will come into contact with an infected individual. If everyone is vaccinated, everyone has immunity and it is LESS likely that they will contract a disease like measles.

There was a measles outbreak last year in my state (AZ) where a number of children died. These were not poor kids without resources (who get vax’ed for free). These where middle class families who opted not to vax. Almost all of the people who contracted the disease had not be vaccined. We’ve forgotten how deadly and serious these disease are because people don’t get them anymore. . .because of vaccines.

I have no problem if people vax on a delayed schedule. So long as their children eventually become current. I have three children, including infant twins that were preemie’s. My kids go to daycare and I KNOW there are families that refuse to vax and it bothers me because I DO believe that it puts my kids at risk unecessarily.

Jamie on

I plan on selectively vaccinating on a delayed schedule (i.e., no chicken pox). Ideally, I wish the US would follow along on Europe’s lead and start researching/providing healthier, green-er vaccines for our kids.

Camilla on

Well, I guess I’m one of those parents who’s “irresponsible” and “putting other children at risk” because I chose not to vaccinate my children. I myself was not vaccinated as a child because it made my siblings sick after they received them and so I chose to do the same with my own. so much for the blog request: ” We ask in advance for your respectful of other readers’ decisions and stick to explaining your decision and not criticizing others’, whether or not you vax” Some of you such as JD and Kay went right into blasting others for their decisions.

liza on

vaccines are toxins and i would NEVER NEVER choose (because it is a choice) to vaccinate my children.
there is no proof that vaccines do what the drug companies claim they do. there is proof however that the drug companies are profiting by the billions of dollars they make off the sale of vaccines.

Rach on

Anon, you took the words right out of my mouth ! I am so glad that vaccines are not optional here.

And to OrganicMommy, I understand what you mean BUT we went through the same situation, but it was from an unvaccinated child. When my brother was a baby he caught chicken pox from a child in his daycare. It is usually mild in most kids, but with him, he was hospitalized and it almost killed him.He had it outside and in his mouth and ears etc.Not only that but many of the kids in the daycare also contracted it and so did some of the workers.Apparentely the mother thought it was a great idea to go to something called a “pox party” with the hopes of infecting her child.It was such an ugly situation and children’s aid got involved and she had to move after so many of the other parents were confronting her when their kids were having problems and litigation etc.

Diseases mutate. When you don’t vaccinate your child, the disease might mutate with your child making it easy for the vaccinated kids to get it.Its funny, I hear things like measles and that that we practically squashed back in the day is now making a huge comeback because of so many of these unvaccinated children.The thought of all these unvaccinated children running around with my child is frightening to me.Especially since I have memories of all those parents sitting there with us and the crying and fear.

I think nowadays people look for anything to blame on their kids being sick or dying etc. Yes I understand,the reaction is different for all kids, but I know many unvaccinated children that were autistic etc. For us here, money is not and issue because it is something that is free. I think your past and your present also is very important with the outcome of your child esp during pregnancy. You can’t just expect to smoke your ciggaweed and take all your prescriptions etc and have a completely healthy child.

kris on

We vaccinated both of our children. There is wiggle room for parents who prefer to space them out. Most vaccinations have a between this age and this age time line. I can understand the parents who choose not to do all the vaccinations but for the more serious diseases I just don’t understand.

melissa on

I don’t have children yet, but when i do i plan to vaccinate. I don’t want to put my child or someone else’s child at risk.

Beth on

We vaccinated our first son until the age of 3 per the CDC schedule; He was diagnosed with autism at that point, and we — out of an abundance of caution — have had him vax’d on a delayed schedule ever since. He starts kindergarten in the fall and has only one shot remaining (DTaP) to be current, which he’ll receive in July. Our second son has been on a delayed schedule since birth, and will also be current by the time he begins kindergarten. This was actually suggested to us by our pediatricians — both our standard, everyday pediatricians as well as our developmental pediatrician, a nationally-recognized expert in the field of autism research.

I wish there was some way for the pro-vax’ers to end the scare tactics, especially with regard to people who vaccinate on a delayed schedule. We are still being responsible; We’re just not following the CDC-recommended regimen. Which, by the way, is set up in such a way NOT because it has anything to do with vaccine efficacy, but entirely because it frontloads in order to ensure that babies in lower income families will get the shots they need the most before they turn into toddlers and their families are less likely to keep well-check visits.

I’m not low income. I am educated. There’s absolutely no way I skip my well check visits. By the time my kid is in a classroom setting, he’ll be EVERY BIT as safe as your kid. So why should I be forced to adhere to a potentially dangerous schedule that isn’t designed with me or my kids in mind?

Anon on


The proof is in the pudding’! Polio put my uncle in a wheelchair. They came up with the vaccine, vaccinated billions of people and polio has been eradicated in the west(and parts of the east)! The same thing can be said with MMR. I won’t pretend to be a researcher but I do know a bit on vaccines. They’re a small amount of the ‘dead’ disease or virus know? How is that a toxin.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but main vaccines Mumps, Measles, Rubella and Polio were created by scientists that were trying to improve the human condition. Yes, drug companies make huge profits but lets not pretend like they’re pumping placebos. These vaccines do what they’re supposed to.

I can only imagine what would happen if un vaccinated people traveled to parts of Africa India or South America and brought these illnesses back to the unvaccinated populations!

Tracy on

Two of our four kids have Autism. We most definitely space the shots out. Whether you believe Autism is being caused by the current vaccines or not, it’s just basic knowledge that …. If you give a kid 4 shots in one day and he has an adverse reaction, HOW would you ever know which one he was reacting to?!

Jessica on

Camilla, I think you’re being a bit oversensitive, what JD and Kay said is their opinion and you should respect that whether you like what they said or not. I wonder if all the women who are choosing to not vaccinate their kids because they don’t want these chemicals in their children’s bodies, give their children antibiotics or tylenol when they’re ill. Everything has side effects and a small rash or slight fever from a vaccine is much less painful not to mention much less critcal than getting the measles. Liza there is proof that vaccines do what the drug companies say. Vaccines are not some big conspiracy theory-they save lives and prevent the spread of childhood disease! As a healthcare provider, it frightens me a bit to hear the logic behind why some of you aren’t vaccinating your children. People seem to have jumped on the “organic” or “green” bandwagon. Are aware that some organic products you are using like soaps and sunscreens are worse than the regular non-organic version? I hope your children do not contract the measles or polio, because it is horrible. Maybe you’d think differently if you had to see these children suffering from a disease that was easily preventable.

Aya on

4 shots in a day ? Where we are in Canada, they only do one (two at most) shots at a time.

Rach on

Jessica says “I wonder if all the women who are choosing to not vaccinate their kids because they don’t want these chemicals in their children’s bodies, give their children antibiotics or tylenol when they’re ill.”

I agree. I do wonder though about that also.I would love to know the answer.

JKE on

I am just curious of those who choose not to vaccinate… are you against antibiotics as well?

Would that not be a toxin too?

I totally understand the appeal of the natural route and am not trying to be rude, but children can die from these preventable diseases if not vaccinated! And any infection, such as an ear infection, can be fatal without antibiotics! Would you let your child’s immune system fight this type of infection off alone?

liza on

please show me the proof that vaccines do what they are supposed to do.
i have done so much research on this subject, and i have yet to see any proof that vaccines work.
on that note, there is NO proof that i have seen that polio was ‘cured’ by vaccines, in fact, polio was erradicated BEFORE the vaccine was introduced. there is MUCH evidence to support this.
in my opinion, this will always be a hot topic and it is each parents choice to make for their own children.
it makes no sense to me to inject your children with heavy metals (yes, vaccines no longer contain themosil (or so we are being told) but they do contain animal dna, aluminum, toxins and the list goes on and on….)

Kate on

For those citing VAERS, please do your research. VAERS is set up in such a way that anyone can report any reaction to any vaccine (which is a good thing). The problem, however, is that even after these complaints are investigated and proven unsubstantiated or not related to the vaccine (which the vast majority of them are), they remain on the list. The vast majority of the supposed “adverse reactions” to vaccines listed by VAERS are actually complaints that have been proven unsubstantiated.

Jesse on

My daughter is 2 and has not had any vaccinations up to this point. I wouldn’t say I would never give her a vaccine, but at this point it seems fairly unlikely. She has never been sick, and I work hard to help her body build a strong immune system. She is still breastfeed, and we eat healthy, whole foods including cultured foods which are good for the gut.
I definitely understand the fear of having your child get a serious disease. But I know I am doing my best to raise a healthy child who could most likely fight a disease she caught-and then have lifelong immunity, unlike the immunity that is received by vaccines.
I’m aware this sounds crazy to some people, but I have done my research, and I feel comfortable with not vaccinating her.

Beth on

Well, as someone who follows a delayed schedule, I can answer (at least for us), no, we absolutely do not and would not treat every ear infection with antibiotics. Most clear on their own within 2-3 days; Surprising to me that your own pediatrician hasn’t told you as much?!?!?!

I remember with my firstborn feeling dejected when I would leave the doctors office without a script in my hand for an antibiotic. Like I had failed somehow. Five years, two kids, and one autism diagnosis later, I see things much differently. So do our pediatricians! Now when we have a child with an ear infection, we (gasp) wait. We go back in 48 hours to see if there is improvement. 99% of the time there is. We don’t treat it, it goes away.

Amazing what the human body can do if you just leave it alone to do its job.

Anon on


REALLY? What research have you been doing? ‘Dontvaccinateyourkids.org’? Because I’m pretty sure you didn’t read CDCs website or clinics website. You do seem to be very wary of the gov’t as a whole so there isn’t really any point of me trying to change your mind.

If you child gets sick are you going to trust the antibiotics the M.D gives him or her? Or are you just going to stick it out. When it comes to medicine especially medication and vaccines you can’t choose to believe info on one and not the other. They’re coming from the same place.

JKE on

Regarding Infectious Disease immunity… yes a strong immune system is important to fighting off these diseases, yet the only way true immunity to any disease is ever achieved is if you have had it and survived it, or been immunized. Yes immunization is not perfect and is not always life-long… but you or your child most definitely remain in the “susceptibles” group if not vaccinated. Don’t fool yourself.

Beth on

VAERS or no VAERS, the U.S. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $1 billion to families of children who were injured by vaccines. And trust me, the federal government isn’t in the business of forking over that kind of cash unless it absolutely has to. I’d hardly expect $1 billion to be paid for ‘unsubstantiated’ claims.

Kate on

Not vaccinating does not put kids who are vaccinated at risk!

Kate on

Also, polio is contracted fecal-oral! My child has no chance of contracting it.

Amber on

To Shawna:
You claim that a vaxed child should not be affected by unvaxed kids. What happens to a 6 month old baby (who is too young for the MMR vaccine) when it is exposed to an unvaxed child with measles? Even though this baby’s parents chose to vax him/her, this baby still ends up with measles because another parent decides that not vaxing won’t hurt anyone.

Anon on

A billion isn’t really that much. Considering how long people have been receiving vaccinations, how many vaccinations people get, and how many people receive these vaccinations. There are 304,059,724 in this country(not counting illegal immigrants *i think*). So depending on the amount people get a billion dollars isn’t a lot of money. Also how does one qualify for this compensation? Does a mild rash qualify? Does a severe retardation qualify? I dunno it just raises a lot of questions.

Anon on

Kate, you kid could easily get polio if wasn’t eradicated by vaccines already. Don’t fool yourself. Its not putting feces in your mouth. Unless you grow your own veggies and filter your own water and never go to public places.

liza on

i have never heard of ‘dontvaccinateyourkids.org’.
i have read government statistics from 5 new england states that show polio cases increased in one year after the polio vaccine by an average of 430%. and in 1985 the CDC acknowledged that 87% of the cases of polio in the US between 1973 and 1983 had been caused by the polio vaccine. the CDC then acknowledged that most of the imported cases had also occured in fully-immunized individuals, which translates to, that even these imported cases of polio were likely to have been caused by the vaccine.
in 1992 the government identified 80 additional cases of polio caused by the live vaccine since 1980 and federal regulators acknowledged that since 1979, the live vaccine for polio had been the ONLY cause of new polio cases in the US!
i have done my research.
on a side note, i am a canadian living in the US and yes, i am appalled at the ‘for profit’ healthcare system the US incorporates. check out the research from other countries perhaps.

Jacquie on

Since this has been brought up again, I am interested in everybody’s opinion on the HPV vaccine that they want to give to preteen/teen girls. What do you think about this vaccine? I believe it was Texas that was mandating or trying to mandate that all girls get it. I have to admit, I have two girls- one who is almost 13 years old and one who is 6.5 yo – and htey have had all their vaccines with no problems. But I am not getting this vaccine for them because I am concerned they haven’t done enough research on it before putting it out there. I don’t want them to come back in 20 years when my children are trying to conceive or something and say oops! we made a mistake. What is everybody else’s opinion on this vaccine?

Jessica on

Liza, I’m pretty sure Anon was being sarcastic when she said “dontvaccinateyourkids.org”

Shannon on

My question for parents who don’t vaccinate b/c they don’t want to put the toxins into thier child’s body- what are you going to do if your child were to contract one of these deadly diseases? Just let them try to fight it off? Or would you go ahead with a vaccine and medications to try to cure it? So your child not only winds up with “toxins” in thier system anyway, but has to suffer through a disease first. Wake up people. There’s a reason these vaccines were created, and they work. This is why people don’t come down with polio like they used to. This is why we rarely hear of measles and mumps outbreaks. If you want to put your child at risk for these disease, then good luck to you. I will personally take the safer route so my kids don’t have to suffer.

Beth on

really? a billion isn’t that much? i cover civil litigation for a living…trust me, a billion is nothing to sneeze at.

in any event, it’s actually now $2 billion paid (www.nvic.org/injury-compensation.aspx). what’s more, according to that site, 2 out of 3 plaintiffs are denied compensation…so it’s not like they’re handing money out on the courthouse steps all willy nilly, either. you have to be INJURED, and there has to be causation between that injury and a vaccine, to be paid. period.

Shannon on


As far as that ones goes, my girls will not eb old enough for it for several more years. By that time, I hope there will be enough information for me to feel comfortable having them recieve it. I very much plan to teach my girls that abstinence is the only way to go, but I am a realist, and I know that may not happen. If that is the case, I want to know they are better protected from HPV.

Jamie on

Jacquie — I’m a 20-yr-old girl, and both my regular physician and my gynecologist pushed HARD for me to have the HPV shot. But I’m with you, there’s just not enough long-term research done on it for me to feel comfortable receiving it. Additionally, I get regular pap smears, am single (and currently not sexually active), and take good care of myself. I’m not too worried about cervical cancer at this point. Plus the HPV shot only helps prevent a few strains of the cancer.

Lately I’ve been hearing about bad reactions to the shot, including paralyzation, infertility, and even death. While I recognize that the chances of those reactions are SMALL, at this point in my life I can’t justify taking those risks.

Gingi on

To the person who wanted to know where the proof is that vaccines work I offer this. Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Polio were at one time serious (and common) childhood diseases. Today, contracting these diseases in the developed world is a rarity. Believe what you want to believe. But these diseases didn’t just disappear on their own.

kayleesmom on

100% pro-vaccination here. always have done it, always will! I want my daughter safe and because others don’t vaccinate their children, I feel more of a need to vaccinate mine. I’m not having sicknesses spread to her.

kmf on

After much research, we opted to vaccinate our daughter on schedule. I debated with the delayed schedule (she would have still gotten all of her required shots by age 1, just would have had them spaced out differently), but since she had little to no reaction to her first round, we proceeded on schedule.

For those new moms, or wanting to become moms, I HIGHLY recommend “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Robert Sears. It’s a very easy to understand breakdown of all the shots your child will receive, and pros and cons to each vaccine. It is presented is a non-judgemental, unbiased way, and was a great resource for us.

My daughter is now 14 months old, we skipped the Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine at her 1 year check because I wasn’t sold on it, and I didn’t want her getting that many shots in one visit it. When she goes in for her 15 month check I may have her get it then, or maybe 18 months, but I opted to skip it at that check up.


My daughter got all her vaccines on schedule, but there is so much debate now with vaccines that I am so confused, if I decide to have another child, I dont know if I should vaccine or not. I really want to since we travel so much to different countries, but different theories confuse me…

I will research further to be prepared…but to be honest all these different researchs confuse me! lol

Anon on

I’m 20 going on 21. The HPV vaccine is too new. I am really afraid of cervical cancer, but I haven’t had many sexual partners and the partners I’ve had haven’t had many either. Plus, most people get HPV but it usually passes through the body with no problem. Only a few end up with cervical cancer as I understand it. I have until age 26 to get it so, maybe I will? I’m just not sure.

JMO on

Spacing out I think is fine but to completely not vaccinate is mind boggling to me.

Let me ask for the parents who decided against it, I’m sure you all were vaccinated as well as were your peers growing up. Did any of you suffer from any long term ailments as a result?? Just curious because if it’s so toxic I’d assume you’d all have some health problems right now. To me it’s just not researched enough to prove any vaccine causes anything serious and until the day it’s said that vaccines are causing certain types of diseases and/or disabilities then I don’t see why it should be such a threat. I fear an outbreak of many diseases in the near future with all this unproven research that’s causing panic among parents. JMO

MissMissy on

The choice to not vaccinate is a flat-out luxury of the modern age. No one, in the heyday of measles, smallpox, mumps, polio, etc., would have chosen *not* to vaccinate if it had been available.

It’s so ridiculous that, now that we have these vaccines available–and so those diseases have effectively vanished from the non-third-world population–some are choosing to revert back to a non-action that could potentially open the door for those diseases to come *back*.

We wouldn’t go back to not washing our hands and bathing regularly now that it’s been shown that good hygiene prevents the spread of disease, would we?

I’m pro-vaccination all the way, though I think that spacing is sometimes a great option for kids as well.

Holly R. on

I am one of those mothers that do not, and will not vaccinate my child. I do so for a myriad of reasons, and I do so fully informed about the choices I’ve made and the possible implications of those decisions.

For those saying that I am endangering my child or that my decision should be considered abusive, I’d like to flip the coin. I think any parent that makes potentially life-altering decisions for their children without doing the full research themselves should be considered neglectful. Because for the most part, the pro-vaccination parents I’ve met have not done even a fraction of the research that I have done on this issue.

Most of the non-vaccinating or spaced-schedule vaccinating parents that I know, however, have done months of intensive research. Not just utilizing propaganda-filled websites with no substantial information to back them, but also looking at CDC statistics, US and European studies on vaccines, vaccine “preventable” diseases, etc. It’s a lot of work and time to research this issue. And there are no clear-cut right answers. It’s about educating yourself and then following your mother instinct.

That all said, I did not vaccinate my daughter, who is now three, because of more reasons that just autism-caused-by-mercury. I didn’t vaccinate her because of the large amount of auto-immune diseases in this country, such as RA, that weren’t so wide-spread 100 years ago. I didn’t vaccinate because the outbreaks of vax-preventable diseases were 50/50 split between vaccinated children and non-vaccinated children. I don’t vaccinate because I believe in a person’s immune system being able to fend off a virus if it has been properly supported. I don’t vaccinate because there is not enough evidence in ANY study done to show there are no long-term effects. I also don’t vaccinate because Europe, where vaccination is not as widepsread as the US, has the same levels of these diseases.

To those asking if, as a non-vaxer, I use tylenol or antibiotics for my child, or if I would utilize medical knowledge should she contract a vaxed disease: Yes, I would. I am not one of those off-shoot religions that do not believe in using medicine. I just do not feel that vaccinations have been proven effective, without side-effects. Tylenol, in small doses, has been proven safe and effective. And in her three years of living, my child has yet to have need of antibiotics. She has had chicken pox, which she contracted from a vaccinated child. If she were to get a more serious vax-preventable disease, I would utilize whatever medical science could offer me as a proven, safe treatment. And after she recovered, she would have full, life-long immunity to that disease and most of it’s possible mutations.

Another point that I feel should be brought up: Vaccination protects against certain strains of these viruses. But if that virus should mutate, as some have done, you would not be protected, which then requires more, and more vaccinations. I consider vaccination to be a possible detriment to a micro-ecosystem. Everything down to viruses and bacteria try to balance within their ecosystems and outside stimuli, such as a vaccination, can only cause unnatural mutations, and unexpected results. An example would be the current levels of shingles in the under-35 population. People who had chicken pox as a child, then were exposed to chicken pox as an adult build up sufficient immunity to keep from getting shingles in most cases. Because of the chicken pox vaccine, more and more younger adults are getting shingles.

Am I afraid that my daughter will contract a vax-preventable disease? Yes and no. I know that sometimes people can have suppressed immune systems, or a disease mutates in a way that leaves their bodies unprepared to deal with it (such a child getting a life-threatening form of chicken pox). My husband’s aunt is parapalegic, as a result of polio. I have seen the ugliness that can be caused by these diseases. However, I do not come into this unprepared. My daughter eats a largely whole food diet, with little sugar outside of what she gets in a piece of fruit. She drinks nothing but water. She gets sufficient sleep. If she goes through a period where she refuses to eat, she gets vitamin supplements. If there is even the slightest hint of a disease outbreak near us (down to a simple cold, or cough), she receives immuno-boosters and we become more vigilent as far as hand-washing and cup-sharing. I am confident that should my daughter develop, say, measles, it would be nothing more than a simple childhood disease that is annoying and uncomfortable, but overcome in short order.

I do not see myself as neglectful, or uneducated. I do not think that my decisions will effect the vaccinating community. As far as infants, any person I hang around with knows of my decision and if they decided that they did not want us around their newborns until they were vaccinated, I would respect their decisions. It is about individual choice.


JMO on

To answer the HPV question I’m in agreement it’s a new vaccine with not enough research just yet….I’m at the tail end of the age bracket and think I’m opting out of it. It’s not a vaccine that prevents against ALL types just 4 so your chances of still getting cervical cancer are high. And HPV is an STD caused by a virus that you get from being sexually active. All I can do is practice safe sex and hope for the best!!

Raven on

I think it’s very important to vaccinate, but I also believe that the schedule is dangerously compressed. I simply cannot understand why it is necessary to give four or five shots at a time during the first year of life. What is the rush? I realize that infants are particularly vulnerable to some diseases, but Hep A and B? How likely is a baby to get those? I firmly believe the schedule needs to be revamped and that the delayed schedule should become the standard.

Terra on

Holly R. ~ Very well said!!

babyboopie on

I respect those who decide not to vaccinate, that’s their problem if their child gets a disease even though they may not have had any diseases so far. Those children are far more suspectible to diseases than those who have been vaccinated. This is a scientific fact. One poster above says our bodies’s immune systems are capable of fending off diseases but why let it come to that when you can have a vaccination to prevent this? I strongly believe in vaccinating to be on the safe side. I always make sure my son is vaccinated because I think I’d be a bad mother if I didn’t. My son’s health is so important and as a mother, if I can make sure he is as healthy as possible, then I’m going to do just that. Those mothers who do not vaccinate their kids say they have done a lot of research, why? The side effects of vaccinations are quite low and very few people fall ill from having it done! People need to think more about why vaccinations were invented in the first place and the good it’s done for people!

N.S on

I absolutely DO NOT vaccinate my child. Never will.

It’s funny how the non vaxers are so comfortable with their decision and don’t feel the need to bash moms who do –

yet the vaccinating mothers freak out and get worried by non vexers because they feel at risk for their child – the child who is supposedly “safe” because they are vaccinated.

If the vacccinating mothers were truly happy and felt sure of their decision – they would not care a small bit if other moms don’t vaccinate.


Sara on

We had done our research and decided to space the vaccines 1 or 2 at a time. Then our son had reactions to the first 2 vaccines we gave him so now we decided not to vaccinate (at least until he is 2, then we will reevaluate and maybe get some of the more important ones in our view).

Gingi on

A difference of opinion doesn’t mean that one side is “bashing” the other.

Pippa on

It’s quite interesting how in the U.S. you have a choice of whether or not you want to vaccinate your child.

I am from Portugal, and around here children HAVE to be vaccinated. We are given a vaccination card when we leave hospital with the baby, and it has all the vaccination types and dates and you should keep up with the schedule. This vaccionation card has to be presented when you register your child in school/kindergarden, in order for them to be able to attend. If it is the case that the card is on schedule with all the vaccination your child should have had up to their current age, they will not be allowed in any school.

Because the vaccionation that is set in the card is free and mandatory, this is a way of making parents be on schedule with all their kids’ vaccionation and therefore contribute to herd immunity.

Even though I had to vaccinate my kids because it’s just how it is around here, I wouldn’t have chosen it any other way, especially because I am a bit of disease-freak, and even though some may call it a false sense of security, I still feel as if my children are a lot safer when they go to school, at least as far as their health is concerned.

mary on

About the HPV shot it does not matter if you, as a female have just one partner. It is also suppose to protect you if your partner has had more then one partner and carries some of the known viruses too. We can talk to our daughters about why it is important to NOT have a lot of sexual partners. But what about the male. If he has two partners or more he can still pass it onto to your daughter. I’m torn on this vaccine. My daughter is 16. Ideally she should NOT have sex until she is married! But she could still be a virgin at 25 or until she gets married and what if her partner has had a few sexual partners he just put her at risk and it wasn’t even her fault. Such hard decisions to make. Sometimes it sucks to be a parent and have to make those decisions that could eventually change your childs life forever!

Amy on

I think it is the best to vax. We do it on schedule here and never skip.

N.S on

Pippa, that makes me very sad. I feel for the mothers there who are more educated on vaccinations.😦

JMO on

a medical study quote:

“Many studies on the other side of pro-vaccinating show conclusively that more people die when they are NOT given the vaccines than are affected adversely when given vaccines. “

Holly R. on

JMO: Don’t just quote blindly. Where is this study? Who facilitated it? Who funded it?

As a side note: Anything that is funded by a pharmaceutical company shouldn’t be trusted, IMO. Of course they want their own products to look good on paper! Independent studies, while smaller, show decidely different results.🙂

Mary-Helen on

I don’t have a choice, in Canada our children cannot attend school unless they are vaccinated.

Not to mention I can’t understand why parents wouldn’t. No offense to any parents who choose not to, it’s your child and your call but for my family I would rather be safe than sorry. I’ve heard the pros and cons but I still think it’s better than opting out and risking your child’s health.

Kerri on

I plan to vaccinate, but on a delayed schedule. I’m uncomfortable with how many vaccines are given at once and in such a short time, currently.

Paula on

Holly R: How do you believe the amount of sugar in a child’s diet affects their ability to fight a serious infectious disease? And what evidence supports the use of “immuno-boosters”?

jessie on

no kids yet but i’ll vaccinate mine on a schedule. also i wouldn’t want my kid to get some other kids sickness if their parents didn’t vaccinate them, which happened to a friend of mine

Blackrose on

okay i dont want to sound stupid but there is something that i dont get.Now how can vaccinated kids catch a disease from kids who are not? isn’t the vaccines job to protect these kids from getting sicknesses?? HELP!

Daniella on

I am a veterinary student & have very extensively studied many vaccinations in both class & the laboratory. Most people do not realize that veterinarians are often the first ones to study & work on the development of vaccines. Most people of the West in this day & age have not witnessed the horror that diseases such as MMR & polio can wreak on the body. I have seen these diseases both in the physical form of third-world human beings & under the microscope in the laboratory. A ‘strong’ immune system does *not* in any way guarantee that a child will not contract these very deadly & communicable diseases. I have *witnessed* first-hand unvaccinated people dying from these diseases in Africa during a research expedition. I have seen children & adults who were unvaccinated die from measles or polio (which has thankfully almost been completely eradicated) while their vaccinated siblings & cousins lived without ever contracting the disease.

I don’t need numbers or statistics from online sites to know how much horror & pain vaccines are saving us from here in the developed world. I have seen the difference between those who are vaccinated & those who are not first-hand. And so have many other doctors, veterinarians & research students who have traveled to these other parts of the world where they are not blessed enough to be given such live-saving modern medicine.

I will fully vaccinate my child, without a doubt. If my child has a moderate to severe reaction to a vaccine, I will request that they do not be given more than one or two at the next visit or be spaced out accordingly. However, my child *will* receive all of their vaccinations.

Julie on

I have received 2 of the 3 HPV shots and will get my third in a few months. @Jamie, where have you “heard” of these cases of paralyzation, infertility, and death? I don’t know about infertility as I’m not trying to get pregnant, but so far, I’m not paralyzed or dead. Here’s hoping shot #3 doesn’t kill me! Show me some empirical studies and maybe I’ll believe it, but even then, as you point out, the risks would be extraordinarily low. (Seriously, I have absolutely no fear of the HPV series causing me any kind of harm.)

Christine on

No kids yet but I think I will definately vaccinate them. I’m not sure whether to space them out maybe at most 2 at a time or do it all on schedule but I think kids should definately be vaccinated with at least most of the suggested vaccinations.

mamabear on


Just as some parents choose to circumcise or not circumcise their newborn sons, so too should parents have the right to choose to vaccinate or not. PLENTY of non-Jewish families in America choose this painful option, yet when asked why they did it, most parents said for no other reason other than because the father too was circumcised. THIS IS THEIR CHOICE.

I vaccinated both my children and I can completely understand parents who choose not to. With various reports saying that the rapid increase of autism in children is possibly linked to vaccinations, I would definitely be worried too.

I say it should be the choice of the parents. Period. The parents who have made comments, like HOLLY, sound so well informed! They are NOT being irresponsible!

Irresponsible are the self-righteous parents who INSIST on ALL ORGANIC FOODS, no fast food, pop or candy for their children… yet SMOKE in front of their children or fail to put them in a car seat (yes I know parents like this). This kind of hypocrisy kills me…I think this behavior is negligent and endangering your child.

What happens to the children when the reach school age?

In my state, children who are not fully vaccinated cannot attend public, private or parochial schools.

If faced with this problem in your state, are you planning on home schooling your children?

nosoupforyou on

I agree with Kay. It is neglect not to vaccinate your child. It puts both your child and others at risk.

There is no evidence of harm from vaccines, only hysteria. I’m too educated to buy into that.

eternalcanadian on

it is interesting to see how today’s parents are all in an uproar over the very diseases like mumps, measles, and chickenpox that our parents and grandparents had when they were kids and they are still alive today (well, mine are).

i said this before in another post, was it mayim’s post, that i wasn’t vaccinated against any of those until i was much older, and they were spaced out. obviously vaccinations weren’t scheduled between 1976 and 1986 like they are today (I was born in 1976) because my relatives and some neighbour kids did get the mumps and chickenpox and i had been exposed to them but didn’t get anything (just lucky i guess or a very strong immune system), and they are fine and healthy today–no cancer, no allergies, no nothing.

my school didn’t say i had to be vaccinated before attending. although when i started grade 7 even though i had yet to get my first period i was given the mumps/rubella vaccine so i wouldn’t get it while pregnant.

so i guess what i’m trying to say here is, this generation of parents are all hepped up on vaccines. the schedule is crazy. bam, bam, bam month after month all before the kid is 3 years old. i mean newborn babies are given the hep b vaccine, something i didn’t get (along with the hep a) until i was almost 20 and only because i was working in a hospital being exposed to bodily fluids.

now 11 year old girls are getting the hpv vaccine which is a sex-related vaccine, not a disease-related vaccine that can be airborne or on contact, but only by having unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person.

it’s mind-boggling, ya know, and kids today are definitely not any healthier than they were a generation ago with less vaccines despite all these vaccines. even today i have never gotten a flu shot, and i have never gotten the flu, go figure.

gaia's mommadukes on

I vaccinate my daughter, and her pediatrician had never ever given her more than 2 shots at a time. I remember that actress, I think her name is amanda peet calling parents who don’t vaccinate parasites. While I think that’s really rather harsh, I can see what she means. If everyone chose not to vaccinate, then rubella, measles mumps and polio would return. Then we’d possibly see a lot of deaths. The only reason that I can gather that unvax’d are getting away with not protecting themselves; is because the majority of the population is vaccinated. I’m wondering where people are doing their research because they’re still teaching the greatness of vaccines in med school and research scientists and the harvard med journal still approves.

Also, the quality of food was better 50 yrs ago and people were still dying of these diseases. So I don’t really see how vitamins and pro-biotic yogurt is going to help you.

Also, your child could be endanger vaccinated children, pregnant women, elderly who may have weakend immune systems.

Sophy on

Most of the non-vaccinating or spaced-schedule vaccinating parents that I know, however, have done months of intensive research. Not just utilizing propaganda-filled websites with no substantial information to back them, but also looking at CDC statistics, US and European studies on vaccines, vaccine “preventable” diseases, etc.

That’s great and commendable, but you should keep in mind that the majority of statistics you look at will be biased by the age we live in (where vaccination has been common, therefore the risks of preventable disease will be vastly underrepresented, and the anecdotal evidence of those who claim vaccines are responsible for damage to their child will be vastly overrepresented.) The risk of preventable disease returning is hard to gauge with any accuracy because today’s generation of modern day parents don’t necessarily have any experience of what it’s like for polio, measles, etc to be common.

Kat on

I don’t get the whole not vaccinating thing. Its bad enough to put you own child at risk, but do you know what a case of measels can do to a pregnant woman’s unborn child? How do you justify your decision causing another family to deal with birth defects or the death of their own baby/

Sarah on

I just wanted to say that with all the back-and-forth going on in this discussion, it’s helped me come to my own solid conclusion about vaccinating. I appreciate you all taking the time to express and defend your own opinions!🙂

Monie on

My doc was very good about suggesting spacing. Even 14 years ago he didn’t like to give the mmr until babies were 18 months old. Common sense says that you shouldn’t give a small baby more than two shots at a time! I did hold out for my kids to get the chicken pox so they would have natural immunity. I’m on the fence about Guardacil and the meningitis vacs. We never get flu shots because its for the last years flu. Go with your gut and informed decsion.

Mommyof3 on

We live in Ontario Canada so I assume our vaccine schedual is somewhat differnet then the USA. Anyways we have had our 3 children vaccinated against the normal diseases as well as the Varcillia vaccine. Our daughters had no problems at all with them but our son on the other hand didn’t take to them as well. Sadly he has Immunological Damage caused by his 15 month vaccines. The vaccines worked against him rather for him so he has fevers weekly that reach 104, he gets a facial rash when he eats, along many other problems (none of which are nurological or physical) The Dr’s said it is very rare that this happens but it happened to my son. Regardless I am still for vaccines…..I believe they can do more good then harm….to each their own correct!!?!?!

momofmany on

To the poster who said in Canada you have to vaccinate for your child to go to school – that’s not true of British Columbia. Perhaps it’s different in each of the provinces? In Victoria, it’s not even asked about on the school registration forms. Also, there are many preschools that either don’t ask or if they do, and you don’t vaccinate, you can state that you don’t and it’s not a problem. There are many families in our school district that don’t vaccinate.

michelle on

Just one warning and it’s not really pro or con on vax, but NEVER assume that once you have had a disease you are no longer able to contract it. Most vaccines are no longer active in adults anyway. They are not lifetime vaccines, they are to protect children. This is why some women, especially over 35 are suggested to get another MMR vax because the ones we received as children are no longer part of our systems.

I am not sure how it is now, but I definitely remember getting my MMR vaccination. I must have been about 10. I was born in 1973, so I am not sure when it came out. But I received my MMR after having had measeles as an infant and mumps at age 9. I don’t even know what Rubella is, but I guess the docs weren’t taking chances though.

BUT, even after measles, mumps and an MMR vaccination, the tests run during my fertility screening still show I am suceptible to both diseases, so my doc recommends another MMR and then waiting 3 months before trying to conceive.

However, I am the girl that got mono twice so maybe it’s just me. : )

Regarding the HPV vaccination. I am not sure I buy into the hype. Both my sister and I had cerivcal cancer at age 22 without having HPV. It’s fairly common and when caught early enough is easily curabale. We both were treated with minor outpatient surgery, no meds or long-term treatments required. My sister had no fertility issues whatsoever, and my fertility issues stem from not having a husband (lol). She delivered her children vaginally but I will require a c-section due to scar tissue, but that it the only problem I face now.

Wow, reading that post sounds like I was sick a lot when I was younger, but I really wasn’t. I’m healthy, I promise!

Linda on

Mamabear is right, you took the words out of my mouth! Parents do have a choice now in the 21st century but years ago it was different here in the US. I was “told” to vaccinate so I did like I was “told” to circumise my son too, now I would do what I want after reading and searching all the info, I can tell you my son would NOT be circumised today if he was born, not enough info for me to go forward with this, and for vaccinations I would do it but only when I felt it was right! So you younger parents are very lucky to have the right to decide whats good for your kids. I hope that when I have grandkids (soon) my kids will make the right, sensiable decision of today)

Erica on

To answer your question-
1)Non Vaccinated children can put infants who are too young for a vaccination at risk. They can get very ill from a disease that may not be as bad for a toddler.
2)Some children who are very sick, I believe can not get vaccinations. It puts them at risk. I knew a girl who was allergic to something in vaccines. Her parents and siblings were vaccinated, but she could not be.
3)Diseases can mutate. People are vaccinated against a disease but it may not work once the disease mutates. The more often people get the actual disease, the more likely and more quickly it is to mutate, putting vaccinated kids at risk for a new strand of the disease.

I am not a parent, but I just took a biology-type course involving this🙂

CeCe on

Jacquie, I’m like you on the HPV vaccine. I have three kids who’ve had all their routine vaccinations, they’ve also been vaccinated against chicken pox and get their flu shots every year. My 13 year old will have the option of getting the HPV vaccine next year in grade 9. My doctor has been pushing it for years (and also touts the benefits of the vaccine for boys), but I am just not sure on this one.

jay on

My mom had polio as a child… it lead her to an early death at 45 as it weakened her heart. She missed out on seeing me get married, and have children. Until you are affected by how terrible these diseases are, its hard to think how bad things were before their was a treatment to prevent them. We live in Canada, so our shots are done differently, but I happy with the placement and timing.

Annie on

To the poster who said that immunization is mandatory in Canada–this is not true, they cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian constitution (notably freedom of conscience and religion, and the right to life, liberty and security of the person).

Each province is different; some require exemption forms to attend school. Check out http://www.vran.org

Mommyof3 on

In Ontario Canada it IS mandatory to have all vaccines up to date if you wish for your child to attend a public or catholic school, daycares or a camp. There are certain exceptions to it when it comes to a specific religion or a medical reason (like my son who had a reaction against them…however I have choosen to proceed with the final vaccine)BUT have fun filing all the paper work out and trying to fight the school board. They don’t stand for it….atleast my childrens board doesn’t…and IMO that is a GOOD THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose C. on

I had a case of CP which causes complications bad enough to have me hospitalized. It also left scarring bad enough to make me embarrassed today, 25 years later. My uncle had two children, contracted Mumps, and became infertile, ending his and his wife’s dream of having a large family. My father remembers summers where polio outbreaks in the neighborhood meant no child was allowed outdoors to play so they would not contract the disease. I have two girlfriends who staunchly refused to vaccinate their children and both have children who ended up with Autism. I am grateful beyond words to live in this day and age where we have a way to prevent the heartache, pain, and loss caused by disease. Of course I vaccinate my children, on schedule.

Silvermouse on

I hope this “new greening of vaccines” does not prevent doctors from giving out the regular vaccines to people who want to be vaccinated.
That would be awful.
My views on vaccination are obvious. I don’t like to take risks with my health and cannot afford to while I’m in college and am required to attend my classes.

Silvermouse on

To Anon and lil
Thank goodness for people like you! As someone who has asperger’s syndrome and is POSITIVE she didn’t get it from a vaccine, I find the idea ridiculous as well. To me it sounds like these people who say that autism is caused by vaccines either refuse to acknowledge that their child has a psychological disorder that will require years of pyshcological therapy, or have never experienced a mental disorder or disability themselves.

Jamie on

Silvermouse–“greening of vaccines” doesn’t mean doctors won’t give out vaccines to those who want them. It just means the vaccines would be healthier, containing fewer heavy metals, etc.

Silvermouse on

That’s good news🙂

Erin on

I think there’s so much scientific data showing the efficacy of vaccinations that it’s really mind-boggling to me that so many people are against them. I love the arguement that drug companies are making money off of vaccinations – duh! The makers of Abreava, Prilosec and condoms tout their product’s usefulness and make tons of money off them. Why? They work! People, you should worry more about the water, food, air, second hand smoke, foul language, uneducated masses, etc. your kids are exposed to. Unless you think the vast majority of the scientific community around the world is trying to intentionally ruin your kid’s life, I suggest you do some serious research. There are a heck of alot of kids in the world whose parents would LOVE the chance to use the vaccines you’ve turned down.

Lauren on

I was diagnosed with Lupus a couple years ago and then I found out that it’s really Lyme disease that I’ve had for most, if not all, of my life. Now that I know this and looking back at my health growing up in hindsight, I can pinpoint specific immune system response flares that I had immediately following vaccinations. I’ve seen friends with Lyme have babies and seen those babies have encephalitis (swelling of the brain) within hours of having a MMR vac. I myself have had mini-strokes and seizures directly following the administration of vacs.

What happens is that the causative agent in Lyme disease, a spirochetal (think: cork screw) bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi, happens to be the “smart” cousin of syphilis (and we what syphilis is capable of), well this bacteria exists without a cell wall so once it’s inside your body, it creates its own cell using your cells, producing an auto-immune response flare. This is what causes the body to start attacking its own cells.

If someone has Lyme and then gets a vac, it basically freaks out your body and causes major auto-immune flares (Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS, Chron’s, Autism, Diabetes I, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ALS, etc.). The last vac I had a few years ago was the HPV vac and within several hours of having it, my body went haywire and started showing symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease which causes blood coagulation problems, vascular problems, numbness, and your fingers and toes to turn white and drain of blood. This was directly related to the HPV vac and I don’t think it’s that these vaccinations are bad per say, just bad for people with immune problems.

My children are very likely to inherit immune problems from me and I don’t know if I will choose to have them vaccinated or not. I believe vaccinations are important and have been incredibly beneficial to mankind but the dangers to those with immune problems are too great. We’ll see what I choose to do when the time comes…

Lauren on

Just a note, I’m not saying Autism is caused by vaccines, I’m saying that individuals who have been exposed to tick-borne diseases, are at a higher risk of having an immune system response flare following vaccination that can present itself as Autism, or Lupus.

Robin on

We vax on a delayed schedule. My husband and I are both EMTS/firefighters and never know what we will be exposed to or bring home to our 4 children. We do not do the CP vax until age 8. Also the new cervical ca vax we will not do. If our daughters want it they must pay for it on their own. We will not even allow them to get it and have the insurance pay for it. We also do not do the flu vax because that has a small amount of mercury in it.

Kay on

@ OrganicMommy: I think that you need to do your research as well. We had a friend that lost a child due to not being vaccinated. I’m not willing to take that chance on my child. I refuse to put my child’s life in danger by not vaccinating. I want to give them the best chance at a healthy life as possible.

sara on

Robin. “Also the new cervical ca vax we will not do. If our daughters want it they must pay for it on their own.”. So it is not about their health then… but about money?

Robin on

Also the new cervical ca vax we will not do. If our daughters want it they must pay for it on their own.”. So it is not about their health then… but about money?

No, it is about the fact that from the research I have done the only cervical cancer it prevents is the ones caused by sex. We teach abstance until marriage so we feel that giving our daughters this shot is saying it is ok to have sex. Like I said if they want it they can pay for it just like they would have to pay for any birth control they would want.

Char on

It actually angers me when people say I will not have my children vaccinated because it may cause autism.

I would rather have an autistic child than no children at all because that’s what could happen if they are not vaccinated against some of these diseases and contract them….

jfirneno on

Our 2 1/2 year old son has had vaccinations, but we have chosen to delay the varicella and MMR until he’s over the age of 4. These are live virus vaccines that contain many toxic ingrediants that simply aren’t healthy for our children. Waiting till he’s older allows the shots to be reduced or completely eliminated. Don’t follow the recommended schedule just because thats what the doctors and the government say. It’s YOUR child and you have the RIGHT to choose what is best for them.

Zack on

Well, we’ll see when some of these special celebrity kids start coming down with tetanus, polio, whooping cough, etc. how their parents feel. The sad thing is, by then they’ll have misled and misinformed a large following public into endangering their children.

Izzi on

Amber said on June 12th, 2009 at 2:43 pm To Shawna:
“… What happens to a 6 month old baby (who is too young for the MMR vaccine) when it is exposed to an unvaxed child with measles? Even though this baby’s parents chose to vax him/her, this baby still ends up with measles because another parent decides that not vaxing won’t hurt anyone.”
WRONG: infants whose mothers contracted measles naturally themselves as children have natural antibodies from the placenta which protect them for at least a year or more. Infants whose mothers were vaccinated have much lower antibody titers, for a much shorter time. THEREFORE: it is the vaccination programme itself that puts these children at risk by denying them the antibodies they would normally have at the age when they need them most!

alan on

2 of my brothers & my sister have not vaccinated thier children (8 in total) none have ever been afflicted with any sort of life threatening disease. My brother’s bro-in-law vaccinated all three children, ALL THREE ARE AUTISTIC! I’ve got another 42 year old brother that is also autistic, let me tell you when they’re children at least you can over-power them in a rage. But when they are full grown men throwing a temper tantrum it’s a whole other story. We’re expecting our first grandchild and are very against newborn shots, and silver nitrate in their eyes. Shots can come later if really needed, however I have my doubts.

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