Kendra Wilkinson: Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

06/11/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Denise Truscello/WireImage

With six months to go until Christmas, both Kendra Wilkinson and her fiancé Hank Baskett are already looking forward to their present: a baby! Revealing that she is 12 weeks along in her pregnancy and due on Christmas Day, the expectant mama tells E! that the couple was delighted to discover — at the airport, nonetheless — that their wish for a June 2010 baby was to be granted early! “Hank was like, ‘Hey, why don’t we do a test to see, just real quick,” recalls Kendra.

“I did it and we found out and we just sat on the baggage claim as everything hit us at once.”

Once the pair got over the initial shock, the former Girls Next Door star was ready to break the news to former boyfriend Hugh Hefner. “I called Hef because I had to tell him right away,” she says. “He was like, ‘Oh my God!’ and then he cried.” While it’s obvious Hef holds a special place in Kendra’s heart — the couple will be tying the knot, after a few “changes in the bust” to the wedding dress, at the Playboy Mansion on June 27th — the future parents hope to make their appreciation of the 83-year-old quite clear. “Godfather!” Kendra laughs. “Hef will be, ‘The Godfather!'”

As she looks forward to finding out whether they will be welcoming Hank Randall Baskett IV or being forced to choose between Arianna and Kianna for a girl, the excited mama-to-be admits she would be thrilled with either. “Whatever comes out of me, we’ll love,” she notes. As for Hank, he says he’s more than willing to step up to the plate and surpass Kendra’s expectations.

“Being a loving husband and father is what I’ve always described as the definition of a successful man.”

Despite her busy schedule, until now, Kendra’s focus has been on keeping her limos clean! Battling severe morning sickness while craving fuit and noodles, she admits her drivers have had much better passengers. “God, they hate me right now,” she jokes. “I’ve thrown up in almost every limo that has taken me out in the last week.” Hopefully, if things all go according to plan, Kendra can at least anticipate a smooth delivery. “I’m getting an epidural, everything they can give me,” she reports.

“That’s the one thing I’m nervous about the most. Everything else is so fun, but I have visions of my vagina tearing, and that sucks.”

With months still to go until they welcome their first child, Kendra and Hank are already planning baby number two! “We definitely want another kid right away because we want the two kids to be close in age,” she says. “We want four, but you know, we are taking it one step at a time. We’re concentrating on our first child and seeing where things go from there.”

Although she is yet to sport a baby bump, Kendra, who turns 24 on Friday, can’t help but lovingly pat her belly.

“Right now you can’t see it, but it’s there.”

Source: E!

Thanks to CBB reader Monika.

— Anya

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Showing 34 comments

dcmom on

That’s really cute! I wish them all the best!

Angi on

I am surprised she said something so early in the pregnancy. Maybe I am just paranoid.

kayde's mommy on

They sound so excited. I hope she has a wonderful and smooth pregnancy. on

They seem so excited and really looking forward to every stage (except labor, and who could blame her!). I hope she has a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby that is sure to be happy with such loving parents! I wish them nothing but the best!

Tearra on

I just love her…why? I don’t know I just have a soft spot for her. She was always my favorite Girl Next Door. Look how excited she already is…

Such an exciting time for her…

Sarah on

I think this is God telling me “You’re done having kids, get off of this site”. Oh well, forced change is always for the best.

martyna on

I just saw her on polish Tv 2 weeks ago and she looked so slim …so when I read news about pregnancy I thought that she is mayby 4 weeks along but it’s already 12 – wow. good luck

sara on

i really dont understand what sarah (#6) meant by her comment but anyways, i love kendra, she has always been my favorite GND. i love how she makes this fun and not be sooo serious about everything.. and yes it will make her grow up quick but that is with anyone that has a child whether your 20 or 40. i cant wait to hear more updates about them!

Karen on

Where did the names Arianna and Kianna come from, I thought I just read they were think about Kaleigh for a girl since that is her first initial and her middle name?

FC on

Hmm, didn’t even know they were considering two other girls names, but Arianna and Kianna are nice, too. Maybe their family members suggested those names… It’s just adorable how excited they both are.

But, LOL, Hef being godfather just made me laugh. It’s cute, and I’m sure he’d spoil the baby.

Daisy on

Wow, that’s a little TMI there, isn’t it? Well, I guess she has to protect her “assets” for the future. I always hope these former “adult actresses” will change when they become mothers. There’s still hope…

Brandi on

Daisy, Kendra was never a porn star. She posed nude for Playboy. There’s a big difference.

They sound excited. I think Hank is a nice balance for her.

Maia on

Daisy, Kendra is not a “former adult actress.” She was one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends at the Playboy Mansion and was on the E! show “The Girls Next Door.” She has posed nude, but she is no adult film star. I wish her the best, and I will be looking forward to watching her pregnancy progress on her new show. I’m sure she’ll be a great mom, and she’ll adapt quickly.

Jazz on

Karen, I was thinking the same thing. I remember reading she was thinking Kaleigh for a girl after her.

Liliana on

The two of them seem so excited to welcome this baby and the little boy or girl will definitely be loved.

Daisy, Kendra isn’t an adult actress. Yes, she posed nude but that doesn’t put her in the same category as a porn star. Even so, her occupation has nothing to do with her ability to parent a child.

Alice on

I’m just wondering where they found a pg test while they were at the airport?! Were they just carrying them with them and decided, OK, let’s check now? Or did they find an airport that sells pg tests? Can’t say I’ve ever seen pg tests for sale in airports…… Hmmmmm, just strange IMO to do a pg test in an airport.

JMO on

I don’t think anyone really wants to think about their vagina tearing LOL – so ugh I don’t blame her…everyone should have smooth pregnancy’s and easy labor and deliveries but unfortuantely it’s not always the case. So I wish her the best!

hcecilia on

Maybe I’m a bit too conservative and chose to keep quiet about my pregnancy (well, until I felt like I was waking up to a bad hangover, aka morning sickness). I never really indulged on much until I had a full on belly and was a weeks away from finding out whether I was having a boy or a girl. And then I think having Hugh has a godfather is cool, but I never imagined she’d have him be so involved in her life. I think that’s where I just wonder about Kendra and if this relationship with Hank will sustain. I hope I don’t sound too critical because she deserves to have a child as much as any other person wanting to have a child.

Lola on

Alice I was wondering the same thing!

I have never seen a pregnancy test for sale in the airport.
Perhaps there is no limit to the requests you can ask for in First Class?

Meg on

I love her quote: “Being a loving husband and father is what I’ve always described as the definition of a successful man.”

That is something I really believe. And while she wasn’t my favorite GND – something about her personality rubbed me the wrong way – I hope it will be another “Nicole Richie” where I respect her a whole lot more when I see that she is really mature. She already sounds like she’s on her way.

April on

Meg, Hank said that.😉 I agree though, great quote!

Amanda on

She’s due around the same time as me! I don’t think it’s too early to tell, everyone that knows me already knows about my pregnancy. Though it being my third it is starting to get pretty obvious.
And I agree, Playboy is very well done. Comparing someone who has posed for Playboy to a porn star is like comparing a CNA to a doctor.

Bren on

I don’t think celebs have the privacy to keep it quiet about a pregnancy so good for her for getting to announce it before the tabloids! I like her, she is cute and sweet. She’s a little goofy and outragous sometimes but I saw her on Chelsea Lately and she was saying how she was done with the nudity and flashing now that she is getting married. She is growing up and she got all her wild ways out of the way. I think she will have a nice little life with her husband and baby. She might be famous but she has always seemed a bit humble to me.

Cortney on

I love Kendra and after reading an article about how life really is in the mansion I think she has a really good head on her shoulders even if she is loopy. She never had a romantic relationship with Hef only Holly did but she thinks of Hef as a father figure because she had stability and structure in the mansion. The girls cerfew was 10 PM for crying out loud!

Andrea_momof2 on

I was most scared about the tearing also. I don’t know what it was but the idea of my vagina tearing scared me more than the pain! Thankfully I didn’t tear with my daughter but did tear a bit with my son. I can’t blame her for not looking forward to that part😉

Emily on

I wish her well! I have a Christmas baby and I LOVE it!! Everyone acted like it was a huge burden but it is actually really neat and wonderful to have had my daughter around such a special time of year. All the family was already in town for her birth and first birthday.

Christina Bledsoe on

I really like Kendra. I think she’s going to make a great mom.

scherriea on


L on

I love Kendra….she is so funny & goofy, shes going to be a great mommy & their little one is going to be gorgeous!!!

gargoylegurl on

I’m excited for them! For some reason I’m thinking it’s a girl.

In response to the comments regarding airports and pregnancy tests – some larger airports (London-Gatwick for example) – have full on shopping areas with all kinds of stores, including pharmacies.

Doreen on

I’m excited for her!🙂 Yah!! I do know though and have seen on her show how immature she is. She is REALLY way immature!!! I’m hoping this baby will be just the thing she needs to get her life together and just settle as a Mom. I would love to see the same thing happen to her life and it be turned around just like what has happened with Nicole Richie!! Nicole’s a wonderful Mom!!!

Mia on

I think they are having a girl, and will name her either Arianna or Kianna as mentioned in the article. I guess we will see! I was never really into any of the shows that revolved around Kendra..etc. but I did watch her reality show, and she seems like a really sweet, and goofy girl, and Hank seems to love her a lot, and they seem like a great couple/very down to earth. I’m very happy for them!

I’m sure having a baby around the holidays is fun, but I have friends who have birthday right around X-mas and new years..etc, and they say they always get cheated out of presents, and its not as exciting as you would think hehe.

Lizzy on

I have a soft spot for her!!! God bless her and her little one. My maternal instinct is starting to kick in with this and making me want one. I am very excited for her. She and Hank are so cute together. She is so dorky and funny…I wish her much sucess in everything she does.

Patrice on

Congrats to these two! I really fely that they were rushing their relationship, but I had a feeling that there might be a good reason behind it : ) I must say however, making your new wife’s geriatric ex-boyfriend/sugardaddy your baby’s godfather isn’t exactly tasteful…But none of the “Girls Next Dorr” are exactly known for that! I wish Kendra, Hank and their new bundle of joy all the best!

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