Travis and Landon Barker Prepare to Rock!

06/10/2009 at 11:30 AM ET
Splash News Online

Travis Barker took his 5 ½-year-old son Landon Asher — perhaps a budding dummer himself? — along to tape a Blink-182 appearance for the Jimmy Kimmel show on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles.

The drummer was glad to have Landon and little sister Alabama Luella, 3, in his company, tweeting that “my babies mama [Shanna Moakler] has decided [to] let me have my babies for Jimmy Kimmel tonight, very very happy man right now.”

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L on

Wow Landon has gotten SO big…Travis is such a good daddy!

Sammy-xx on

I cant get over how big Landon is, I remember watching him on Meet The Barkers taking his first steps.
He’s so handsome and he and Alabama are all Travis.

Just one thing, I canot stand the phrase ‘Baby Mama’. It just irks me, cant you just say her name.

Duralee on

Awwww!! I love Travis, & little Landon is SOOOOO cute! He looks just like his daddy!:) I can’t wait to see how he turns out in the future. How great would that be, a little drummer. Like father like son, so adorable!

Kait on

Sammy-xx, I agree about the “babies mama” thing, it just seems super disrespectful and immature. I know so many teenagers unfortunately from high school that use that phrase or “baby daddy” and I mean… I guess if they don’t want people to know who that parent is or if that person doesn’t deserve to have their respect they call them that. I don’t feel it’s necessary even when a couple is estranged but I guess Travis is showing that he still acknowledges her somehow.

Anyhow, the kids are adorable! Not to mention I love that Blink-182 is back from their hiatus and I can’t wait to hear their new stuff🙂

Anon on

LOL baby mama. I dunno, I never looked at it as being disrespect. Usually, I’ve heard it used if the couple(or ex couple) weren’t married.

Ashley on

No Travis has been very disrespectful on his Twitter accout. He posted this a couple of days ago!!!

Giving birth 2 a child doesn’t make u a good mom. Taking care of them, loving them,waking up with them, spending time with them does.
1:22 PM Jun 8th from web

It’s awful when seperated or divorced celebrity couples say these things publically. There children will always have on record that their parent’s don’t like eachother!

Jess from Ohio on

Awww! I can’t believe Landon is 5 1/2! He is so adorable.

Alex on

Ashley, I don’t find that Twitter comments disrespectful at all, I find it very, very true. Giving birth, while a spectacular thing, does not make a mother, just like sperm does not make a father.

Mary-Helen on

I find his comments to be VERY disrespectful, especially considering the number of times he has used and abused Shanna. He cheated on her with Paris Hilton, walked out and served her with divorce papers while she was sitting with their marriage counsellor (their first appointment) then came back, cheated again, left again, then she was there for him after his plane crash and then he cheated on her, humiliated her and left her again. Considering the kids are with Shanna most of the time, I don’t think he is in any position to judge her parenting, unless he plans on suing for full custody, which he won’t because then he can’t go out and party all of the time with random women. I am a huge Blink 182 fan, but I have lost alot of respect for Travis with the way he treats Shanna, and how he is spotted @ clubs all of the time, but if she leaves the house one time, he goes on twitter and tries to humiliate her. He comes off as a very controlling ex husband who doesn’t want her, but doesn’t want her to have a life outside of her either. Sad thing is, history has shown she will take him back again when he gets bored.

Andrea_momof2 on

Shanna cheated on Travis too. It’s not a one way street with that. You can’t just blame HIM, she’s at fault too.

Hea on

Mary-Helen – For someone who probably knows just about, well, not a damn thing about their relationship, you sure do pretend to know much about them. Used and abused Shanna? Pray tell, how and when..?

Cortney on

It drives me nuts that just because a mom is a mom that people assume that they are a better parent…Something needs to be done so that all kids are with the best parent for them. Trust me there are a lot of moms who get full custody that don’t deserve it but just because they are the mother they get the kids…Its lunacy!

Lorena on

To be honest, the way these two have played out their ENTIRE relationship in the public eye with the reality show, the fights, the My Space comments towards each other and what not…I think they’re BOTH ghetto. The fact that Travis refers to Shanna as his ‘Babies Mama’ doesn’t surprise me. The fact that Shanna keeps jumping from man to man (Oscar De La Hoya, Dennis Quaid, Billy Idol, Travis Barker, Gerard Butler, etc…) and can’t find a non-dysfunctional relationship does. You’d think she’d try and get it together for her kids’ sake and not be so co-dependent on this tattooed rocker. I feel for the kids because they’re beautiful.

Mary-Helen on

I would call someone serving someone divorce papers @ their marriage counsellor, taking her back, cheating on her numerous times and going back when he is bored abuse. Maybe not physically, but emotionally. Everything I mentioned has been confirmed by numerous media outlets, the only person who ever claimed Shanna cheated was Travis and only when once again, a report comes out that he has made some humiliating post on Twitter or Myspace about her. Shanna has always come off as a sweet woman who would do anything for Travis and is taking the high road this time and not stooping to his level, while he seems to bask in his immaturity and then goes back to Shanna when he’s bored of his random women. It’s really sad that he can’t just keep his mouth shut about her, because some day the kids are going to be old enough to understand the stories about him badmouthing their mom and it will create an ugly situation for them.

Kaley on

Where did my comment go? I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything innappropriate. All I said was that Landon was adorable, and that Travis probably referred to Shanna as his babymama because they are currently estranged and he doesn’t want to mention her by name.

None of us knows what is happening in their relationship, but based on what they have said to the media, Travis first filed divorce papers because he believed that Shanna was cheating on him (because he found condoms in the house, which they don’t normally use). THEN he started going out with Paris Hilton, but their relationship only lasted a couple weeks and then he was back with Shanna. Then they were on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, etc. No one is a perfect parent, but from what I saw on Meet the Barkers, Travis seemed to spend a lot more time with the kids (even Atiana, who isn’t his biological daughter) than Shanna did and she wasn’t even the one had a steady job!

Anon on

But Lorena he didn’t even use it right lol. Even with multiple children the term stays singular. I actually had a whole convo about that today.

essi on

How does Mary-Helen know so much about this couple?! This is how rabid rumours get started….by people who love to pretend they know about everyone elses’ lives! I thought it was rather sweet that he refers to Shanna as ‘my babies mama’…she is actually their mama!

Hea on

I am not american so could someone please explain what’s so bad about “baby mama” or “baby daddy”?

Terri on

Calling Shanna his babies mama did not come off as sweet to me. Reading his Twitter comments just confirms it. Travis feels the need to constantly tell us what a horrible mother Shanna is, so why did he marry and have kids with her? I doubt she changed overnight. Parenting classes and family counseling would probably be a far more beneficial use of his time that Twittering insults about his ex-wife.

Tammy on

Woo! Im going to see Blink 182 in Calgary! I love the Barkers and the kids are soooo sweet!

Tammy on

also travis used to call shanna “momma” all the time on the barkers, its was very endeering and sweet! and she was always whining about something or not wanting to get out of bed.

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