Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett Expecting First Child

06/10/2009 at 07:55 AM ET
Denise Truscello/WireImage

What a month for Kendra Wilkinson! The former Girl Next Door star’s new show, Kendra, premiered to record numbers on Sunday and she and fiancé Hank Baskett will tie the knot on the 27th, but not before sharing their biggest news — a baby is on the way!

“Hank and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child together,” Kendra, 23, tells E!’s Mark Malkin. “We are touched by the outpouring of support by our family, friends and fans.”

No word on a due date for the baby, but names are definitely in the works! “My first initial is K and my middle name is Leigh, so we were thinking of Kaleigh,” the reality star told PEOPLE in February. “And he’s Hank Baskett III, so of course I’m going to have a Hank Baskett IV!”

Kendra and Hank, 26, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, were engaged in November atop the Seattle Space Needle.

To read Kendra’s blog post about her pregnancy, click here.

Source: E!

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Laydacris on

Good luck to the both of them!!

Sadie on

Congrats to Kendra and Hank

Cate on

Wow, didn’t see that coming! Congratulations and best wishes for a happy, healthy baby!

Lis on

WHAT THE…???!!! That is pretty shocking! Not exactly sure if she’s ready for motherhood, but nonetheless it is happy news!


jessicad on

I really hope she documents this, just think it’s going to be hilarious! I love her by the way:)

teacey on

Awesome news!! Congrats to Kendra and Hank

Ailyss on

I’m only half surprised as they recently said they wanted to have children soon. I guess baby was already on the way

Congratulations to Kendra and Hank

jacky on

wow, i don’t mean to sound mean but i am not really sure this is the best news. i think she needed a little more time to mature before attempting motherhood, but oh well. i am sure she will do fine..i hope she will at least. the one thing i really hope for is that her diet will change. Otherwise that child will be eating all kinds of junk

Ana on

wow! im so happy for them..shes such a down to earth person! i didnt expect kendra to announce she was having a baby so soon but never the less, im happy for them…wishing for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Aya on

Congrats to her, but I find her highly irritating..

Kelli on

SO happy for them!!! Love Kendra and Hank seems really great for her!! I think she will be a fun mom. Good luck to them!!!!

Brittany on

Congrats to them! I think they are more than ready, she doesnt show alot of maturity on camera but you can tell in interviews she is. I was 21 when i got pregnant with my first(it was planned) and i know with me it helped me mature a lot, i was already pretty mature for my age though.

Tearra on

That is half surprising but still kind of expected🙂

Lol Kendra is not for everyone but she is a sweetheart and I love her personality. She is ALWAYS herself no matter what. Even if she looks silly, dim-witted, slutty she doesn’t care. I really look forward to seeing her pregnancy documented on E! I think this will help mature her a bit. She has a great mom whom I’m sure will help her thru this…oh and Hank is very muture so he’ll be the balance she needs. The only thing that worries me is that couples relationships don’t tend to do well when they do reality shows.

Shannon on

I’m not all that surprised by this one, since she said recently in an interview that they wanted kids really soon. Congrats to them!

Genise on

Didn’t see this coming..after a parenting class or two I’m hopefully she will be a good mom

Good Luck!

Lissette on

Congrats to them!! They will make great parents and I cant wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl! Kendra’s life has really changed the past couple of years! Wow.

Lorelei on

Who’s truly ready for motherhood!? Congrats. I wish them a happy pregnancy and a safe and healthy delivery!

JMO on

People can mature when they have kids. I know many who turned their lives around the day they had a baby (and for the better)! I love Hank and my Eagles! So best of luck to them!

L on

Oh gosh who are you people to judge her, yes shes silly and goofy and all that but obviously its what she truly wanted!

Im so happy for her, shes so sweet & this is great news, Congrats Kendra & Hank!!!

Beck on

Ok, so she didn’t know that she had to put a stamp on mail she was sending out.🙂
There is no doubt that baby will be loved though.

Irish on

I’m wondering if Holly is jealous about this. Holly made it no secret she wanted marriage and a baby. Now Kendra, the youngest and wildest, has what Holly wants. I know they didnt get along to begin with, so now Holly has to be red with envy.

Congrats to them tho, they will make such a cute lil family.

Stephany on

I’m not a big fan of hers but congrats to them! That’s exciting news. And, hey, hasn’t Nicole Richie surprised us with Harlow? She has turned her life around and become a great mother! I have faith that Kendra can do the same.

Tearra on

Irish good point! Poor Holly.

Jaynie on

I am so glad Kendra has found tru love! She will have a beautiful baby. Kendra,you are a fun girl, thank you for allowing us to share in a piece of your life.

Congratulations to you both!

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them!

Lola on



Sandy on

Im happy for Kendra and Hank. They make a cute couple and Im sure their baby will be gorgeous!

Lila on

I love Kendra, she seems like such a sweet girl- but let’s face it, she can barely take care of herself!

But I wish them the best, I know she will be a loving mom!

Jen on

They are such a cute couple! I can’t wait to see their baby. She’ll be a great mom–some people are just flightier than others.

Tia on

“People can mature when they have kids. I know many who turned their lives around the day they had a baby (and for the better)! I love Hank and my Eagles! So best of luck to them!”

I agree. Just look at many of the females that grace this website. The first that comes to mind is Nicole Ritchie. Who would have thought that party girl would calm down and be such a down to earth mother. It can happen. So congrats Kendra and Hank. I wish you nothing but the best!

sara on

i was really surprised to see this! they will be great parents and her craziness is probably just played up for the cameras…

Shan on

I am disheartened by some of the comments about Kendra Wilkinson.Like you people know her personally! OMG!! and who gave you the right to judge some one else??

Best wishes to the happy couple & family on the upcoming wedding & baby!

Amie on

Wow totally surprised. I’m so happy for these two. I don’t think Kendra is as clueless as she seems and probably plays it up when the camera is rolling. I saw her new show Sunday and this couple really seems to balance each other out.

Amy in Oregon on

Seeing this gave me the chills!!! I am absolutely thrilled for them! They really do seem sooooo wonderful together! He is the perfect amount of laid back to balance her out, and she is such a sweety!

Anon on

This is the least surprising thing ever, but i like kendra she’s funny. Congrats.

kara s. on

congrats to them both! i can’t wait to see this gorgeous baby!

i used to attend school/church/youth group/and ran track with hank! he and his family are amazing people, i am willing to bet that this bitty baby will be the apple of many eyes!

congrats guys!! praise be to God for your blessing!

anna on

congrats to the both of them

HeatherR on

Kendra is such a bubbly fun person, I’m sure she will be a fun mom. I’m sure her own mother will help her with the new baby and they also have enough money to hire help in the beginning….IF they need it. So much of motherhood is instinctive and Kendra strikes me as the type of person who loves with all her heart🙂

Amy on

Aww, I love Kendra. What exciting news! She’ll make a great mommy…there will be no shortage of love in that house!

Sammy-xx on

I think Kendra is hilarious, I cant wait for her show to start in the UK next week.

Congrats to Kendra and Hank

brook on

To all those who say she is immature or not ready for a baby- just look at Nicole Richie- she seems to have matured and settled into motherhood just fine-

kayde's mommy on

I don’t understand why so many people on this site feel they have the right to judge anybody. How do you know that she is not mature enough to be a mother? She is a grown woman and i think she is going to be a great mother. No one can say what kind of mom she will be.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them.
I’m actually not surprised about this news…I love their ideas for names though, especially Kaleigh!

Elle on

Wow this is kind of shocking news! I’ve been seeing the previews for their new show and the last thing I expected to hear was baby news. Congrats!

Please don’t name the baby Kaleigh!!! Ah! That name is EVERYWHERE and every variation of it! Kiley, Kallie…enough! LOL!

Sarah on

C’mon people give the girl a chance. When Nicole Richie announced she was pregnant with Harlow everyone flipped, and now look at her. Probably one of the best celebrity mom’s in a while. Lets give Kendra and Hank the chance to prove that they will be good parents, as I think they will be.

Congratulations to Kendra and Hank! I love the name Kaleigh =D

Danielle on

Geez…I’ve read through the comments and it seems as though there are a few people who think she’s not mature enough, but then they say that regardless this is “happy news”. Then there’s those who criticize them for saying this…

Everyone has a right to comment and I actually think they should be commended for leaving a positive remark after their criticism. This is a message board so everyone can comment as they see fit as long as it’s not in bad taste!

Everything about this relationship moved a little too fast for me, but I do think that Kendra will mature the same way Nicole did and she seems pretty content and happy with Hank. I wish them the best…


How do you know that she’s not ready for motherhood?Do you know her?Give that poor girl a possibility!
Congrats Kendra and Hank!

Lisa on

Does anyone think that maybe she just “acted” immature on the show. She seems like a fun-loving person. Congrats to Kendra and Hank. Such an exciting time and people can’t stop talking crap. Pathetic.

FC on

I’ve always thought Kendra’s a sweet girl who goes to the beat of her own drum, who loves all things sports.🙂

And to hear this is a surprise! I knew she talked of wanting kids, but…I didn’t think there’d be an announcement so soon. Not that you can time these things…lol. Anyway, seems she’ll have a few things to celebrate: her wedding/marriage and her pregnancy.

Best of luck to her and Hank! Looking forward to seeing this baby, and I like the name she came up with should they have a little girl.🙂

Lacey on

Congratulations Kendra and Hank!!
I think Kendra has grown-up A LOT from her Playboy days. She’s going to be a wonderful mother!

Mia on

Congrats to her! I think its exciting, and not really a surprise since they talked about wanting to have kids very soon, and they have been planning to get married for a while, its happening in about 2 weeks anyway. And I also wonder how Holly is feeling about this too? It reminds of Sex and the City episode when Charlotte was trying to get pregnant, and Miranda got pregnant “out of left field”. I hope she is supportive to Kendra with her new marriage/baby, but I hope she can find happiness too. Marriage-Supportive Relationship/Kids is what most people want, and everyone deserves that.

Annie on


Vanessa on

Don’t know how far along she is or when her first show was filmed, but I bet that keg stand she did on the show was great for a baby.

Sarah on

Kendra seems sweet and funny, but being 23 and unmarried (for now)seems a little rushed into. Also, the comment she made on her show about needing a stripper pole in the house she was buying. I hope that didn’t really happen; no children should be exposed to that. I wish them good luck, happiness and hopefully a lot of support from family and friends!

lilyrose on

Once again the “Perfect Parent Club” is out in full force… I think Kendra will make a great mother, some of you are way to judgemental.

Sydney on

It is interesting that Kendra has not got any of the comments Jenna Jameson got whilst pregnant, after all appearing naked in Playboy is pornography and her child and his/her peers will undoubtedly find out about Kendra’s past. Perhaps this is because Jenna’s pornography was hardcore and Kendra’s softcore. It just seems a bit of a double standard to me.

I agree with the posters who have mentioned Nicole Richie as an example of a parent who has surprised us. We should let Kendra prove us all wrong.

erin h on

Congrats! I like the name Kayleigh. It is true that motherhood turned Nicole Richie around but we really don’t know how much of what we see from Kendra is true. She’s on reality tv and they are actors, they get paid to do what they do, reality tv or not. So I am sure she will make a fine mother. And fun too!

Shay on

I’m surprised at the comments made regarding Holly. Instead of just assuming she’s jealous because “Kendra has what Holly wants”, maybe we should assume that Holly is simply happy for her friend. Why wouldn’t she be a supportive friend, since the birth of a new baby is cause for joy not just for parents, but friends too. Holly never struck me as a catty, jealous person, so why don’t we give her a little credit? Everyone finds their own happiness in their own way and time.

scherriea on

i’m so ecstatic! can’t wait to see the little bundle of joy!

Kelly on

Im so excited for them!

Paige Copeland on

Wow! Suprised? No stunned. I didn’t see this coming. LOL! My belief is that she needs to mature a little more, but hopefully as the months go on she will see that she needs to leave her playboy bunny days behind and grow up so she can raise this baby boy or girl to be a good young man or lady. Good luck to Hank and Kendra! I am wishing them and their bundle of joy the best of luck.

Mel (Toronto) on

Ready for motherhood? Who is really ever ready? A lot of people on this board said the same thing about Nicole Richie and look at the wonderfullll she is doing. I’m sure Kendra will be okay.

Michelle on

Kendra and Hank seem so excited about their relationship, their upcoming wedding and each other, that it’s hard not to be happy for them! I think enthusiasm for life is a key component for raising kids, and Kendra certainly has it in spades.

Bugs on

Sydney, Kendra is not an adult film star. And Playboy is in the mainstream media, unlike being an adult-films actress.

Tearra on

Many mother’s drink before they find out they are preganant…its just something that happens. My mom smoked until the day she found out about me then she quit.

Erica on

Ditto Bugs.

I think Kendra will make a great mom, she seems to have a big heart!

Blank on

To: kayde’s mommy

Even her own mom was worried about her ability to take care of herself and Kendra said so too on the Girls Next Door and her own show. She went from living with her mom to the Playboy mansion at 18. She has never really had to do certain things for herself. She’d never even been grocery shopping on her own🙂

Mama took care of her at home and then Hef took care of her for another 5 years. The mansion has maids, butlers, cooks, etc. Did you see her room at the mansion? LOL…so to some extend she is in need of some maturing, but this baby will hopefully do that for her. She has a lot of responsibility coming her way…totally different from the first half of her life. She like most mommies will step🙂

Can’t wait until her next season when she starts showing!

Shirelle on

Kendra has always been my favorite of the girls! I hope she has a girl!

fergette on

Wow! Congrats to them.

Mia on

What she does in her own house, with her husband (they’re going to be married very soon) is their own choice. There is nothing wrong them wanting to express their sexuality (i.e stripper pole) between the 2 of them as a couple. As long as they don’t show it around their child (and future children) in an inappropriate way.

shalay on

Sydney wrote: “It is interesting that Kendra has not got any of the comments Jenna Jameson got whilst pregnant, after all appearing naked in Playboy is pornography and her child and his/her peers will undoubtedly find out about Kendra’s past.”

While I have nothing against Jenna Jameson, being an actress in hardcore pornos and posing nude for Playboy are two completely different things. If you group them together, then you may as well do the same with Brooke Burke, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, and countless others. Also, Halle Berry appeared nude and simulated sex scenes in “Monster’s Ball”. Her daughter’s peers may see that someday. Would you compare her to a porn star? I don’t consider it a double standard at all, because it’s two completely different things.

And Vanessa, you have no idea when those scenes were filmed. I’m absolutely sure that Kendra wouldn’t have done a keg stand if she was far enough along to know she was pregnant, or even pregnant at all. She’s due on Christmas day, so assuming that those scenes were filmed just a couple of months ago, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about.

I really like Kendra. She’s a breath of fresh air in the Playboy world of phonies. She may be wild, but who cares? Her soon-to-be husband is a level-headed guy, and they balance each other out perfectly. I’m sure she’ll settle down now that she’s going to be a mom. And even if she’s still a little kooky, at least she’ll always keep life entertaining and exciting for her family.

Lorena on

Wow, she’s only 23?! I thought she was at least 27 or 28 yrs-old by now. So The Hef picked her up as a teen? Anyway, I agree with those who say Kendra needed to mature somewhat before taking on this big responsibility. I can’t speak for all 23 year olds, but in regards to HER, I find her really ditzy. I’m not saying she’s a bad girl, but from her interviews and the reality show, she is VERY young (in the mind!). I’m sure there are a lot of mature 20-something year-olds out there, but Kendra Wilkinson doesn’t strike me as being one of them. To each their own, but I’m sure glad I waited to have my baby. I can’t imagine being 23 and pregnant. I was well into my 30’s when I decided to have my first child and very happy I did. I wish her luck–lets hope motherhood brings out the best in Kendra.

sara on

I could be the only one who could never, ever withstand Kendras laugh. I too am concerned about her children seeing all that nude stuff she has done. But alot of moms do all kinds of stuff these days – they dont care. She might even do a nude pregnant shoot.

Sabrina on

Wow! I am so surprised and so excited for them!

Erin on

I’d rather have parents who really love each other and have fun than stuffy parents who aren’t open to different ideas. I’m glad my mother didn’t take nude pictures for magazines (or ever), but I wish them the best! People I went to high school with have 4, 5, and 6-year-olds and are married…I’m 24. At least Kendra’s stable…money-wise. While annoying, she’s always seemed like a very kind-hearted person.

ashley on

I find the negative things being said on here to be truly disgusting. Who the hell are any of you to judge who is or isn’t ready for motherhood? Until you are that person, you should NEVER make comments, period.

Dawn on

She needs to keep the stripper pole and her magazines that she posed in out of the house. Her very soon to be husband needs to be very patient with Kendra who is on her own for the first time of her life and very inexperienced.

deliciouslooking on

Congratulations to them both..Kendra is a cool person.

Cecilia on

Congrats to them. People magazine is quoting Kendra saying the baby is due on Christmas day! The best gift they’ll ever receive!

Angelia on

Lorena I was 23 when I had my son and he was planned. I cant imagine being in my 30s like you were and having a child for the first time.
Congrats to them



Angelia on

Lorena whats wrong with 23 year olds having babies? I was 21 I am doing a wonderful job with my son. Not everyone wants to be as old as you were….

dell on

hope their little athlete is a boy!

athlkh on

WOW!To each his/her own. I’m sure Kendra will be just fine. Stop being so judgmental. Whether she has the kid @ 23 or 33 is HER choice!

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