Sound Off! What Did You Miss Most During Pregnancy?

06/09/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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Pregnancy, while wonderful, means we have to make a lot of sacrifices: Food items like caffeine, sushi, alcohol and more are limited or eliminated, and those little black dresses and super-high shoes become a thing of the past.

Kelis recently Tweeted that she was over the Lycra, sharing, “I have had enough…I want corsets and and tight jeans and platform stilettos and I want it now!”, while Annika Sörenstam shared in her birth announcement that she would be skipping out on sushi, bleu cheese, raw foods and more.

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us what you missed most during your pregnancy.


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Sandy on

I have always slept on my stomach since I was a child. It was torture to not be able to sleep on my stomach as I got bigger.

Morgan on

I learned I was pregnant just before I turned 21. So my husband took it upon himself to gleefully point out that even though I was now legal to drink, I would have to wait another year and a half (pregnancy & nursing) before I could indulge. So I missed that, but I also missed wearing pants. I got to a certain point in my 3rd trimester where I just couldn’t get them on without sending shooting pains through my lower back, forcing me to wear dresses/skirts for the end of my pregnancy. But I had a great time overall, and the trade off was well worth it! 🙂

Steph on

I had terrible Gestational Diabetes so I couldn’t eat ANY sweets and hardly any fruit! I craved brownies and grapefruits something awful the whole time. I made up for it once my beautiful son was born though and my husband had a lovely chocolate brownie waiting for me as soon as I was allowed to eat after my c-section!

Karin on

I missed Dr. Pepper!

Sara on

Diet Coke, White Wine and Motrin for my major headaches. The next day after giving birth…they were all back in my system. 🙂

lydia on

sushi and sleeping on my stomach

stan on

Sleeping on my stomach, beer and being able to exercise without pain (I had this pelvic muscle pain that made it difficult to walk more than a mile or so without some real pain).

Heather on

Fresh Mozzarella cheese…..and I was preggo with both my girls during the holidays when family gatherings and other parties were just chock full of it. I had my mom bring me some to the hospital after I delivered!

Oh, and for the last few weeks, I missed my feet 🙂

aroundthewaygirl on

SUSHI! I know I probably could have had a california roll, but I wanted the mercury-filled, so-raw-it-was-still-moving tuna. LOL. Oh, and a Jack & Ginger.

momto3 on

I missed sleeping on my stomach the most probably. I also missed my real Pepsi’s and the one thing I missed out that I had always wanted to do – go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon via mule. I was high risk and just found out I was pregnant, so I was talked out of it. But I had always wanted to do it since I was a little girl.
And to Steph – what a cute story with the brownie!

Kristy on

Well since I’m currently 9 months preggers, I could have a list a mile long, but mine isn’t so much materialistic things, it’s personal aspects. I miss being able to go from point A to point B without feeling as if I’m gonna pass out. I miss the days when my hands and feet looked normal and not these crazy puffer things. I especially miss the days when “uncomfortable” was just an emotional feeling. I’m sure my consolation prize will be well worth it all!

Karrina on

Sleeping on my belly!

Claudine on

I missed taking cold medication! I used to get a lot of TERRIBLE head colds and sore throats during both my pregnancies and it was torture not being able to take anything to help relieve some of the symptoms and to sleep at night. And I missed sweets (GD too!), sleeping on my stomach and really yummy peach bellinis!

martina on

Sushi. I was craving it the entire time. I was literally dreaming of tuna.

Lizz on

I, too, turned 21 when I was 6 months pregnant. Not fun. I really missed brie and sushi the most though

melissa on

I missed sleeping on my belly too!! And being able to move around comfortably towards the end.

Danielle on

I missed food like sushi, raw oysters and alcohol and sleeping on my stomach. I used to tell my husband that after I gave birth, I wanted him to bring amazing sushi takeout to the hospital. Alas, I ended up with a good salad and I got to sleep on my stomach that night.

Stacey on

I missed having as much coffee as I wanted in the mornings and afternoons. Keeping it to two cups per day was torture while pregnant and nursing, but thank goodness for decaf! I also missed sleeping on my tummy, but I couldn’t do it again, either, until I stopped nursing because of my mega milk mazoombas!

kristen on

honestly, what i miss the most (am current pregnant with twins) is sleeping in the same bed with my husband. i am on bed rest (and have been for a long time) and cannot do stairs and so i am relegated to a bed on the main floor not big enough for the both of us. i miss my our bedroom and i miss sharing it with him.

jessicad on

Sleeping on my stomach, feeling like my bladder was actually empty, breathing, hot baths, red wine, and good sex towards the’s hard to focus when you see baby arms and legs sticking out of your huge belly or you feel like you’re smothering your partner! Think I just talked myself out of that second baby I’ve been wanting:)

ErykaWynter on

Oh where do I begin? Sushi, alcohol, naughty meats and cheeses, ibuprofen, caffeine and having energy! But don’t get me wrong… totally worth it!

wanda on

Not being in terrible pain is what I missed. For some reason, I get horrible hip pain while pregnant. It is 8 months of agony. I can’t sleep more than two hours without waking and turning to the other side. Horrible!!

Ronnie on

Sleeping comfortably.

Dana on


I missed having my steaks cooked medium, having to limit the types of cheeses I ate, not being able to eat a sandwich with cold meat on it, certain fish (including sushi), caffeine!, eggs (made me sick), tomatoes (same as eggs), licorice (read when I was 3 months along with my second that black licorice could cause preterm labor, so of course I craved it every single day and had to have a whole bag in the hospital), foot massages (same as licorice, and my hubby gives me one every night), sleeping in any position, but especially the tummy, shaving my legs (turned into hubby’s job), being able to wear socks, being able to dye my hair, using acne face wash (break out during pregnancy), taking something for my allergies. But I wouldn’t have changed it for the world! And I can’t wait to go through it all again for my third.

Becky on

raw oysters and ibuprofen would have to top my list. i still had the occasional glass of wine and that kept off the alcohol urge, but nothing could be “almost” raw oysters.

Megan on

I have gestational diabetes this pregnancy, so I really miss the freedom to eat what I want. Now I have to count carbs and avoid a lot of foods. It’s all worth it for a healthy baby though.

Nicole K. on

I was also a stomach sleeper before I got pregnant, and with roughly a month to go before my daughter arrives, I find myself longing to sleep on my tummy again!

Not to mention, I miss caffeine!! Specifically soda and Dunkin’ Donuts Ice Caramel Lattes!!!

Jean on

currently pregnant with twins, I miss being able to breathe, get things done quickly and efficiently, eat what I want without regard to protein content, sleeping on anything but my left side (heartburn!), and REAL useable pockets in pants that stay up! I’m sure there’s more but that’s today’s annoyances.

babyboopie on

I missed my lovely dresses which were too small for me and riding my bicycle, which I couldn’t when I was 4 months and beginning to show. But most of all, I missed not having to worry, because before I got pregnant, I didn’t have much to stress about. I have never been a worrier but when I got pregnant, I freaked out so much about whether my baby was okay. I lived in constant fear of losing my baby or there would be something wrong with him. But after my son was born, I was a lot more chilled out, even though I still worried (what mother doesn’t?) and I was able to ride bikes and wear size 10 dresses again! All good.

mama2be on

Wine, being able to bend over, wine, sleeping comfortably, wine, not being achy all the time, wine, raw sushi and hmmm…wine I guess. 9 more weeks! woohoo!

Gabrielle on

Bladder control. My doctor lets me eat almost anything in moderation. I miss bladder control.

Jess on

I am 6 months pregnant with my first and the only two things I currently miss are sleeping on my stomach and non-swollen feet/ankles/calves! Other than that, I have no complaints and couldn’t be happier!!!

Julie on

Not trying to be peverted, but the sex was amazing when I was pregnant. Made it much more interesting but after the baby was born there hasn’t been much ”action”. My husband just really went there when I was pregnant, one night when I was around 6 months I came so loud that the neighbours asked us the next day if everything was alright because they could hear me screaming so loud. Apart from the sex I missed sushi and red bull sooooooooo much.

Christie on

mama2be – LOL!! I know how you feel! Wine is probably the one thing I miss the most. I really enjoyed my few glasses a week I indulged in.

I also miss raw sushi, have switched to california rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, and eel rolls since they are cooked but I SOOO miss the raw stuff!! Not much else I haven’t allowed myself periodically this time around food-wise so probaby the only other thing I miss is sleeping on my stomach. Only 5 1/2 weeks until my due date so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Mommyof3 on

The thing I missed the most was well….everything!!! With my 1st pregnancy I went into pre-term labor at 28 weeks and I spent the next 9 weeks on bed rest in the hospital during the SARS breakout (2003) I was not allowed to see anyone other then my husband, I could not have flowers delivered or outside food…no nothing!! Luckily I had good pregnancys with babies 2 & 3 so the only thing I missed then was sleeping on my stomach, coffee and holding/carrying my other children (safety percausion from the early labor)

Shantel on

I missed raw cookie dough and soda even though I don’t drink it often. Something about being told you shouldn’t have it just made me want it even more. I insisted my last few months of pregnancy that my husband have raw cookie dough at the hospital once the little guy was born but there was so much excitement and exhaustion that I didn’t get it until he was 5 days old. It was delish!

Christine on

Alcoholic drinks and rare steak. And my figure. I do love the pregnant shape, but by the end I feel like a blimp.

TamIAm on

I’m only at week 24, so I can tell what I’m still missing (no past tense yet!): red wine, sleeping on my back, pineapple juice and coconut rum and smoked salmon. I also miss the ability to form coherent sentences, both written and spoken…

Rebecca on

Wine, wine and more wine. Feeling strong and energized, excercising full out. Oh yea, and wine.

ML on

Sushi, medium rare porterhouse steak, raw oysters and not being able to sleep on my tummy.

Emily on

Cookie dough, brownie batter, and ibuprofen.

Oh yeah…and bladder control!!

courtney on

oh my gosh i miss wine, i miss you wine, kiss kiss.

Tara on

Gosh! I didn’t deprive myself of many of these things. The vast majority of soft cheeses in the US (and all sold at chain stores that I’m aware of) is pasteurized – I ate my fill! The risk with sushi is mercury (which is with all fish and I didn’t limit that beyond normal) and food poisoning (which isn’t any more a concern than normal – eat at reputable places!). I still wore my little black dresses and heels, too, just with an added party in my dress. I even had a glass of wine on occasion – to calm the prodromal labor I had from 33-37 weeks.

All I missed was the ability to go from point A to point B without having people accost me on my birthing plans (natural, at home) and then say “OMG HOW BRAVE!” as though I were fighting elephants! 😀

Brooke on

I love reading all of these comments. I’m not pregnant, nor will I be for a few more years…..but these are very interesting 🙂

Michelle on

In this order:
* Sushi
* Iced green tea from Starbucks
* Subway sandwiches

Lorena on

What I miss most during pregnancy: being able to sleep on my stomach and good sex. While pregnant, your sex life diminishes a lot and when you do have the chance to do it, it’s not the same, especially during the last trimester.

teacey on

I only really missed holding my son close and sleeping on my stomach while I was pregnant with #2.

I couldnt resist my sushi craving this time around but I made sure it was fresh and didn’t eat tuna rolls very often.

felicity on

The thing i miss the most is by far the fact that i can’t complete even the simplest of errands without huffing and puffing, and feeling exhausted. i wish i could spend a day, or even an afternoon, browsing round some shops or going for an excursion without feeling tired, achey, and as if i have run a marathon!

kasey on

nothing i loved being pregant it was the most wonderful thing in the world!!!!!!

Corinne on

Caffeine and sleeping on my stomach! I missed that so much! Also, in my third trimester I missed being able to eat without feeling terribly nauseous!

gaia's mommadukes on

Lets just say I had size 10 feet before pregnancy. 😦

robin m. on

Caffeine and artificial sweeteners!!! (ie diet Coke)

Suziq on

Sleeping on my stomach and bladder control. I did not deprive myself of any foods I liked. I drank real soda in moderation and ate cheese. No alchohol, but I only drink on ocassion so that was not anything I missed at all.