M.I.A. and Ikhyd Hit the Streets

06/09/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Tom Meinelt /Splash News Online

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple, 4-month-old Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman joined mom M.I.A. for a little shopping on Saturday afternoon.

The pair, along with dad Benjamin Bronfman, perused Adorama for camera equipment before returning home to Brooklyn.

M.I.A., 33, delivered Ikhyd in February, just days after performing at the Grammys!

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melissa on

WOW! look @ all that hair! cuteness

Lis on

Holy cow! That is a TON of hair! How adorable😀
But is it just me, or does that baby look extremely uncomfortable in that carrier/sling?

momof3 on

Oh what a darling! I LOVE seeing babies with loads of hair ( such a novelty as mine were all completely bald until 2 1/2! ).

Tearra on

Aw I never read what she named him. Just from his profile I bet he is just gorgeous and look at all that beautiful thick black hair!

His hair looks like my aunts baby when he was first born😀

Brandi on

Lis that is called a mei tai and it is one of the most comfortable carriers to wear in my opinion. Ikhyd looks so cute and I can’t believe how much hair he has!!

alice jane on

He is so cute!! Look at all that hair! She looks really good too.

Eleanor on

That is a mai tai, a carrier I LOVE, but she’s wearing it wrong, at least from this angle… It should tie around her waist like an apron, then the panel should be pulled up between his legs (or his legs should be frogged up inside)…In addition to keeping him from sliding out, it would hold his knees higher than his little bum, which is the ergonomic position. If she is wearing it wrongly as it seems, it’s actually pretty dangerous.

But wow, what a great head of hair!

purplemama on

Yes, that is a mei tai, and I agree with Brandi, it is an extremely comfy carrier; however, she is wearing it too low, IMO. Plus, her baby’s legs are not spread out correctly (she’s wearing it more like a bjorn). Her baby’s bum should be lower than his knees, legs should be spread out. But I do applaud her efforts on using a mei tai carrier!

carrie on

He’s a cutie. I love my mei tai carrier, however, I do agree with the other posters, that she is not wearing it properly. They take a bit of practice to get use to , but are so versatile, I am sure she’ll get the hang of it soon.

Shawna on

Ugh, I can’t stand when I see stars misusing their carriers! The stars always seems to have the child hanging really low on the body. In that carrier the baby should be up at her chest level.

mama2be on

That carrier looks so uncomfy…for mom! It looks like the weight of the baby is hanging from her neck. How is his name pronounced? ICK-head? ICK-heed? IKE-hid?

Brandi on

It doesn’t go on your neck. It has four straps, two that tie around your waist and two that go over your shoulder and under your arms, then you tie it under the baby’s bum or their back. The weight rests on your hips. She is just wearing it completely incorrectly. This is how it should look: http://kozycarrier.homestead.com/instructions.html

french gigi on

actually it is pronounced eek-heed.
i love her quirky smile and i bet she is lovin’ being a mum!

eva on

M.I.A. is one of my favorite singers.Sadly I’ve never seen her live.

Love the little guy’s hair! I’m sure he is a total cutie.

Erin on

My husband used to have hair like that. Opperative words “used to”! It still looks great, but Ikhyd is rocking his original version!

Christine on

her pants match her grammy outfit! lol!
what a cutie pie. and as previous posters have said – WOW! Look at all that hair!!!!

scherriea on

he is 2 cute!!!

Stephany on

That baby has a whole lot of hair! WOW!

Anon on

Has anyone seen her baby daddy? He definitely got his hair from him! It doesn’t look that uncomfortable to me, and if they aren’t risking injury…I’m just of the belief that theres more than one way to do something..especially when it comes to cloth carriers.

Anne on

He is so cute! Ikhyd looks bigger than a 4-month-old.

chris on

His thick black hair reminds me of Christopher Noth’s son Orion. Ikhyd looks like mom from head to toe.

Crystal on

That baby looks so BEAUTIFUL!!! He has such beautiful hair!!! MIA looks great! The baby’s head doesn’t look supported. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

MtMomma on

The way the carrier is being used, if she were to lean too far forward, or the little guy were to flex his stomach forward, he could fall straight out the bottom. The lower straps are supposed to go under his legs, not over the sides. Looking at this picture makes me really nervous…I want to tell her how to use it properly!

It is interesting how many celebrities misuse baby carriers. I don’t think I have ever seen your average mother grossly misuse carriers the way celebrities commonly do. I wonder why? Maybe the originality and independence that makes them famous and interesting also increases their propensity to not read directions!

fergette on

What a cutie!!

Holly on

Re tie that carrier!!!!!!

aroundthewaygirl on

I love all these sanctimommy/baby wearing experts.

M.I.A. looks beautiful and so does her son who both look very comfortable in this picture.

Bugs on

You gotta be kidding me. All this time i thought M.I.A was like 19 years old the most.

Shawna on

#19 and #26 – Nobody is being sanctimonious and it is not about there being different ways to use carriers – the way she is using the carrier is unsafe. The instructions are there for a reason and the bottom ties are supposed to be under the baby’s legs.

Amie on

Holly Says:
June 9th, 2009 at 9:50 pm
Re tie that carrier!!!!!!


April on

It looks like she’s nursing him in the carrier. I wear mine low like that when I am. I love it!

Jess on

And here I thought my two had a lot of hair as babies. They had nothing on this little guy though! lol What a cutie!

gaia's mommadukes on

Lol sanctimommy! I think they include instructions because some people are clueless. I used a traditional african style sling and its common sense really. If the baby could slip through I’m sure m.I.a would realize that.

Angie on

I don’t think anyone is being sanctimonious.. it is about safety. The way she is using this Mei Tai is unsafe and incorrect.. no way around it. She might *think* he feels secure in it, but he could easily fall out.

Eloise on

How do you say his name??

lauralee on

I agree that it looks fairly obvious that she is nursing him. Could be wrong, of course, but that’s instantly what I saw as someone who is pretty familiar with nursing in carriers. It would also explain why he is, in fact, positioned so awkwardly, as well as why he is hanging so low and why the ties aren’t right – she adjusted the carrier to be able to nurse in it temporarily (I know you don’t have to do this, but, for whatever reason, that’s how she decided to do it). I know I have gotten into some pretty funky carrier positions trying to bring a babe to the breast🙂

purplemama on

You’re right, April, it does look like she could be nursing in the MT. That didn’t even occur to me, even though I’ve done it!

Sadie on

I thought she said that his name wouldn’t be Ickitt. I know it is not spelt that way, but I would still pronounce it that way. I do hope it is pronounced diffently.

Wow, he’s got lots of hair.

Shannon on

I nurse my baby in my mei tai carrier too, but the straps still go under her legs! I just tie it lower on my body. I would be terrified of my baby falling out of it the way she has it tied!

I had hair like that as a baby too-still do as a matter of fact! Soooo cute!

Dickie on

I am confused. Didnt she get insulted when the press stated her child was named Ickitt? In terms of pronunciation, there is only one letter difference. Why didnt she just correct it then?

Lucky baby, he’s a Bronfman!

Alice on

I think the baby’s name is pronounced Ick-Heed.
Not Ick-IT, like the press first announced. But why does it matter to so many of you what she named her child?

Anon on

ICK-HEED amd I personally love that name.

Leila on

I’m sorry to say this, and i know most of you here will bash me for this, but that name has got to the worst name in the history of names. Zuma & Pilot Inspektor beat it by a mile. How it looks, sounds, and the way it rolls off of your tounge is horrible! I feel extremely bad for this child. I mean a name is a big deal in someone’s life, that’s what you’re called, shows who you are, and the type of parents you have. If she got mad by the way people pronounce the name maybe she should have chose an easier one?

Anon on

Its a Muslim based name, I can’t tell if its a really rare Muslim name or if they just kept a Muslim ending. I personally think it rolls off the tongue pretty well, compared to like Zuma or Pilot..which I quite like the name pilot but spelled the biblical way Pilate. To me, Ikhyd sounds like a name with cultural ties whether its partially made up or not.The spelling is weirder than how the name sounds lol

leigh on

I love the carrier, where is it from?

FC on

Ikhyd is a beautiful little boy, and damn, he most definitely has a head full of tons of hair. Can I have him? He’s such a cute little thing.

I think I’m jealous of M.I.A.😉

Lindsay on

I love Mei Tais! I wore my daughter in one from birth until around 6-7 months, when we switched to an Onbu back carrier. =)

Peter on

Wow Leila. Geez…

Shirelle on

He is so cute! He has a lot of hair!

Nolene on

@ Leila, who wrote, ” I feel extremely bad for this child. I mean a name is a big deal in someone’s life, that’s what you’re called, shows who you are, and the type of parents you have.”

Leila you should spend your energy feeling “extremely bad” for children who would benefit more from your motherly concerns – children who don’t have loving caring parents, who are growing up with violence and drug abuse etc., not a child like Ikhyd who has two well-to-do parents and will grow up with all the advantages that money can buy.

Renee on

Cute name for a cute kid!

mia fan on

If the baby was uncomfortable, he would be crying and kicking! Come on people!

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