Kelly Rutherford Welcomes Daughter Helena Grace

06/09/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Kelly Rutherford is a mom-of-two! The 40-year-old Gossip Girl star welcomed her second child, daughter Helena Grace Rutherford Giersch, on Monday evening in Los Angeles. Weighing in at 8 lbs., 12 oz, Helena arrived at 9:20 p.m and is “doing just fine,” says a rep.

She is the second child for Kelly’s estranged husband Daniel Giersch. A rep for Kelly says he was notified of the birth and invited to the hospital, while Daniel claims a verbal agreement with Kelly to text or call him when she went into labor and delivered was not honored, leaving him to discover the news of his daughter’s birth through internet reports.

Helena joins big brother Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 2 ½. Kelly was due to deliver this past Saturday, and she was spotted out and about as late as Wednesday, taking a walk in Beverly Hills.

The pregnancy was announced in December.

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camille on

love the namee! is beautiful! i love the way she matched hermes gustaf with helena grace… congrats!

Jess on

I LOVE the name! Congratulations to Kelly, Hermés, and Daniel!

Brooke on

Not a fan of Kelly Rutherford, but I absolutely love the name….

JMO on

Beautiful name for a baby girl! Goes well with Hermes too! Congrats to the family!

Erin on

Congrats to Kelly and Daniel!!!

Helena is a gorgeous name!!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to her, but I don’t like the name….Grace is okay but Helena is totally not my taste.

Laura on

Congrads to Kelly. I love the name. Its such a girly name.

Debbie on

Congrats.. Its funny when they say the father was invited to the hospital. That must be soo weird, they cant stand each other and have to be in each others company…
Congrats to the family..

Lila on

Our goddaughters name is Helena. It is such a pretty and classic name. Congrats to mom!

Nora on

Congratulations to Kelly, Hermés and Daniel, such a lovely name, same initials as her big brother, so cute!!!

Amy D on

Congrats to the family, very pretty name…xx

Lola on

She must love her Greek mythology!

t. on

I wonder if there is some significance to the initials HGR

Selena on

I have watched her belly grow all these months, and I just feel so bad that this little baby girl has to come into the world and her parents were estranged just after she was conceived. Too bad, and I hope for the child’s sake, everything can be worked out amongst the Mom and Dad to raise this child and their son on good terms!

Janine on

I was trying to figure out why Helena had Rutherford but Hermes didn’t…and then I thought about it. Hermes got his father’s name and helena got her mother’s.

dluxelist on

congrats to her! the name goes well with her son’s… I like it.

Hea on

Cool, Helena is my name. Congrats to them all. I hope this will make them wake up and behave like adults and parents.

Sarah Mac on

How is the first name pronounced: Hel-uh-na or Hel-EE-na?

Cute name either way!

Silvana on

Finally!! Congrats! Love the name!

Lis on

Wonder if Daniel had a say in the name?

Not a fan of this woman at all, but I do admit the name is beautiful.

Yes, they chose the name together.

— CBB Staff

Alice on

Very pretty name. I was wondering though if Kelly’s pronounces Helena like Helena, Montana or Hu-layna. Also, I read that Rutherford is Kelly’s middle name and her last name is Deane (according to

Sadie on

Congrats to Kelly, Daniel and Hermés.

Stella Bella on

Pretty name. Nice pick!

april on

Love the name…sounds very classy…very pretty

Elena on

I love the name Helena Grace
She will be my favorite baby name, along Eden and Savannah, Marcia Cross’s twins names

Ellen Smith on

“Notified of the birth and invited to the hospital” – I can’t imagine what transpired (infidelity, perhaps) in their marriage to bring it to this stage. At least she had the decency to let her estranged husband see his newborn daughter.

Q on

I have always been a fan of Kelly & i’m very happy for her that thing went so well!

liz on

I don’t like this woman at all, nor do have I respected the way she has handled her split from her husband. The name is gorgeous though, and my sincerest congratulations to the family.

Anon on

THATs a nice name.

Meredith on

t, why do you ask about the significance of her initials? I feel like I’m missing something. Also, congratulations to the family. Helena isn’t my cup of tea, but still a great choice.

babyboopie on

Congratulations to Kelly, Daniel and Hermes on the birth of Helena Grace! A beautiful name. Hope Kelly and Daniel work things out or maintain a friendship for the childrens sake.

Anne on

I love the name.

ljc on

I like how both kids have the same initials.

J on

Ooh congrats, that’s a cute name. 😀

brannon on

love love love the name

Julie on

Congrats. I read a lot CBB, but usually don’t post – this time I have to, even though I don’t like Kelly a lot.
Oh my God! That was totally MY babyname and MY baby birth sign. Serousily it’s funny, because ever since I was a little girl I wanted a daughter named Helena Grace born in June (cause a lot of people I love are Gemini). And little Helena has German roots, same would have my daughter. I can’t believe it!

Angie on

I really don’t like the first name, but I love the middle name.

Julia on

Actually, Daniel Giersch was neither notified of the birth nor invited to the hospital – that are the claims he himself has been making toward several German magazines and newspapers today.

He says, that the call he received from one of the magazines in question (BUNTE), was the first thing he heard about the arrival of his daughter.

How sad, whatever the truth is.

Ivey on

Well notified of the birth means she already gave birth, and invited to the hospital, means, she gave him the choice to come visit.

t. on

because both choldren have the same initials and I have a friend of the family that all of her children had the same initials to honor a family members nickname.

Lara on

I don’t know anything about this woman. Why do some people not seem to like her?

Brandi on

Congrats, love the name and it goes well with Hermes.

Jessica on

I love the name Helena. It’s so pretty but it’s a good name for all ages, infant to elder.

Lauren on

“Helena joins big brother Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 2 ½, and is also the second child for Kelly’s estranged husband Daniel Giersch, who was notified of the birth and invited to the hospital.”

Wow. A father being informed of the birth of his own flesh and blood and invited to see her after the fact. How sweet.

Pretty name, though.

Leni on

Very cute name, I am sure her brother will be so excited to meet his baby sister. Just read an interview the husband gave to the biggest German boulevard newspaper. As it turns out, he learned about the birth from the internet – and now they are negotiating on how often he will be allowed to go to the hospital to see the baby. Being a kid of separated parents myself I sure hope these two adults will refrain from indoctrinating their children against each other in the future.

dee on

Love the name Helena, but Grace has become so common and boring as a middle name that it may as well be Bob.

Laney McDonald on

Congrats Kelly! Love the name. Helena is one of my favorite names and Grace fits very well with it. It goes well with her brother’s name too.

Eliza on

Fabulous news, and wonderful name!

Lily on

Wow, her husband was ‘informed’ and ‘invited’ to visit. Kelly, you need to come down from whatever pedestal you think you’re on and realize that you have TWO BABIES that you need to worry about. Stop thinking about yourself! Excuse my language but does it seem that she is acting like a total bi-otch?? Congrats on the baby though, I LOVE the name. I hope Daniel had some say in it.

Alex on

Aw, I’ve been waiting for this announcement for ages! It’s a lovely name and I’m sure she will be gorgeous! Congrats to all involved! Also, I would personally take what Daniel says with a pinch of salt. This ‘couple’ have taken public potshots at each other, some of which have been denied from both sides. I’m not sure it would be wise to take Daniel at his word for this. I also don’t find this a particularly classy thing for him to announce to the press, even if it is the truth. It’s just a real shame he may have (if his comments were reported correctly) added to the litany of things those children will have to read about their parents when they reach a certain age.

And to those asking, the name ‘Helena’ has been in my family for many, many years, and the conventional pronounciation is Hell-en-er, basically like Helen is pronounced with the ‘er’ on the end. However, my cousin (the current Helena in the family) has suffered lifelong problems with people mispronouncing and mispelling her name so it seems there may be some different ways of saying it. The most common ones I remember her telling me were, firstly, one woman who insisted on saying it ‘Hell-ay-ner’ despite being repeatedly told otherwise (!) and secondly, an incident where it was pronounced to rhyme with Eleanor (and even spelt like that occasionally). Hope that helps anyone with questions!

aroundthewaygirl on

Congratulations Kelly. If this guy is going to the gossip rags to bad mouth Kelly while she is recovering from a major medical event, I’m inclined to think Kelly has a reason for divorcing this guy. Even if say Kelly decided not to have someone contact, lets say that’s true, which I certainly don’t think it is, why go to the news? This guy is real coward for airing his dirty laundry.

Angie on

Congrats to her!

For the people making comments about “inviting” the dad to the hospital have obviously never been in that situation. It is very tough to be pregnant and going through a divorce, especially a nasty divorce. I am 5 months pregnant and my husband abandoned me and our other 2 kids and wanted me to get an abortion because he didn’t want more kids with me. My ex got himself a new girlfriend and is completely uninvolved with the pregnancy and left me with all the household bills and no transportation because he stole our one car and does not let me use it. You will be sure he will not be invited into the labor and delivery room and I doubt I will even allow him in the hospital to meet her. He has made it clear he does not want this baby. I highly doubt he would even want visitation with the new baby until she is much older, since he rarely takes out our 1 year old, but will go out with our 5 yr old no problem. He doesn’t “do” babies and certainly does not do diapers.. that is just my personal situation, so I know how it is.

morgan on

Congrats and the name is ok…….i think. I don’t know I kind of like it, kind of don’t. Don’t like her sons name though. Congrats sure the baby is so beautiful!!

morgan on

I changed my mind.. I love the name! I still don’t like Hermes.

Jen DC on

YAY! I love the name: So classic and beautiful. That’s a pretty big girl!

Chris on

I love the name, it goes so well with Hermes. But Kelly needs to be more mature regarding her estranged husband. After all they obviously weren’t too estranged about 9 months ago. I’m sure it’s difficult to deal with him during this time but the baby deserves to be welcomed into the world by her father. Her behavior seems so spiteful.

Andy on

Whether they have split or not, not informing a father that it’s child is being born is just downright disgrace, I certainly hope that is nothing more than internet gossip..

Whether someone ‘does babies’ or not, they well and truly have the right to have the opportunity to see their child, whether they are having personal disagreement or not, that should not have any bearing at all on children.

I hope this is inane gossip.

Gingi on

A new baby is a gift, regardless.

That said, it takes two to tango. He may not be a saint, but I can’t imagine that she is either.

Corrie on

Lovely name, but it’s a shame that she didn’t honor her estranged husband’s wishes to call or text him when she was in labor. Sad that he missed the birth of his daughter because of her lack of respect for him.😦

mom*of*boys on

Yeah Congrats to the family! I feel bad that this baby’s birth isn’t the joyous occasion it was intended to be, hopefully things will get better for all of them!

Perigee on

It is totally healthy and normal for a woman in labor to not want people she feels negatively toward in the room while giving birth. As a doula, I have seen how tension between the mother and father can interfere with labor. If you want a mother to have a healthy birth that is easy on the infant, you want a calm, happy labor room. The father will have the opportunity to parent when Helena needs a father, and bluntly, she doesn’t need one to get born, get cleaned off, and start nursing. It will make no difference to Helena whether Dan was there was there at her birth.
Congratulations to Hermes on his new sister!

sara on

i have to agree with lily, i think she really needs to get off her high horse and grow up.. they are only hurting their children by doing this. and as for the whole potty training thing i read a while back, he is old enough to start training and he should be… usually around that age is when a little boy is ready and they are a lot harder to train than a little girl..

Mrs. R. on

What a beautiful name. GORGEOUS! I am sure the little one will be as pretty as her name. Best of luck to the whole family as they welcome their new little girl.

Moore on

Wow. The child should know from the start that there are two parents who are willing to put aside whatever issues and be civil for a moment. It’s sad that that didn’t happen. I honestly don’t believe he wouldn’t have shown up had he been given the message. That would be further proof against him as a capable father.

“It will make no difference to Helena whether Dan was there was there at her birth.” The reasons behind it could very well make a difference. If her parents are too busy being caught up with issues that they can’t come together at her birth even for just a little while, I’m sure it wont sit well later on. Besides, parenting starts at birth. These two need to grow up and be parents now that they have another one.

Paige on

The blaming on here is ridiculous. I don’t understand why everyone is assuming that Kelly is at fault here. No one really knows what the real story is and nearly all the comments are that she needs to grow up. Where’s his blame? It takes two to tango (as someone else stated) but it also takes two to have fight. Almost every post on CBB having to do with this family has posts that are very negative towards Kelly. NO ONE on here knows what has transpired in this relationship.

Congrats to this family on their new bundle of joy!

Crystal on

I do not like Kelly Rutherford at all but I love the name she gave her baby girl.
Perigee-I understand that tension can cause a disruption in labor and all of that but he is the FATHER!!! She did not make that baby all by herself and if she wanted to do the single mother she-rah thing she should have went to a sperm bank. What she is trying to do is dispicable and I hope he fights for his children. They deserve to have a mother AND a father in their lives!

JLS on

She seems really cold. I hope he gets a fair shake in court.

Perigee on

Helena will have both her mother and father in her life, I am sure. However, it is not in the baby’s best interest for the mother to be any more angry/stressed/scared during labor than is a part of the normal process. It would not have been a good thing for Helena if her father’s presence stressed her mother to point of failure to progress. It would not have been a good thing for Helena if tension between the parents kept Kelly’s milk from coming in. People here seem way more concerned with the father’s right to attend the birth than with the infant’s right to be born to a calm, focused, well-laboring mother. I have seen estranged fathers pressure laboring mothers, and I have seen less than favorable birth results from such situations. Laboring mothers should never be told to “suck it up,” regarding an estranged spouse (or anyone else they do not want present). As long as the father was informed and invited soon after, Kelly was most likely doing what she needed to do to have a healthy birth. I have attended over 100 births, and know with certainty that the atmosphere in the delivery room does matter.

brannon on

Do you guys seriously think he should have been in the delivery room? I personally feel this is HER choice whether they are together or not.

Jessica on

I don’t get all the Kelly hate either. He doesn’t need to be in the room when she’s born so if Kelly doesn’t want him there that’s her business. He got to visit the baby and they decided the name together so what’s the problem? Women are so quick to hate on other women it’s kind of sad.

Angie on

Andy – You don’t know their situation or mine. This is MY body, MY birth, and MY baby, even if my ex contributed half of the genetics. He doesn’t want it. I will inform him of the birth but no way in heck will I invite him to the hospital, and that is my right to do so.

Perigee – I agree. Stress of any kind in labor can stall things completely and why would someone want a person in the room who is not a positive person in her life?

Crystal – Who said she wants to do the “single mother she-rah thing”?! I HIGHLY doubt that is the case here. We don’t know the story and we don’t know what kind of parent either one of them is. Some “fathers” are terrible influences in their childrens lives and don’t deserve to be there. I certainly did not plan on being a single mother or to be abandoned by my husband of six years while pregnant with his child…. and in no way am I a bad person for wanting my labor experience to be a happy one, WITHOUT a negative worthless person who has done nothing but destroy my life.


aroundthewaygirl on

Perigee I totally agree with you. I’ve only attended one birth unless you count my own, lol. My friend was is in labor, the estranged boyfriend was called and he actually showed up in labor and delivery with his new girlfriend. Actually tried to bring her in the room with my friend. But I put a stop to that and put the smack down on him. It was amazing how much her labored had slowed down after he showed up. Ugh.

I hope Kelly had the labor and delivery experience she wanted even if that included not having her estranged husband in the room with her. I don’t give a darn about his feelings. Only how Kelly is feeling and she is in a good statement of mind to through an important task.

Moore on

It has nothing to do with him being in the room while she labors. Its about keeping with an agreement and him being able to see his child once she was born. If their agreement was not kept even though he has every intention of being a father to that child, then that’s a shame. Both parents should have the right to the first moments of their child’s life. It’s not about the relationship they have with each other, its about the relationship they form with their child.

Grace on

This is insane. Obviously the mother gets to choose whether or not anyone’s in the room with her, but to inform the father AFTER the birth? When he clearly, specifically wanted to be involved? That’s pretty cold.

I know people don’t like to think about it, but sometimes things go wrong with a delivery. Sometimes there are complications, sometimes there are medical decisions that have to be made, and horribly, sometimes there are only minutes or hours to be spent with a child before they pass on. Putting Kelly’s rep statement together with Daniel’s, it’s pretty clear he was kept not only out of the birthing room, but out of the hospital and in total ignorance of the event. If something had gone wrong, he’d never have seen his daughter. Even now, can you imagine the knowledge that you didn’t see your daughter when she was a newborn? That the child’s mother deliberately kept that information away from you?

That’s a line, for me. No matter how much I hated my ex, if he wanted to be a part of the child’s life and was vocal about it, then he gets to be present in the HOSPITAL while the baby’s being born. I don’t even care if it’s supposedly a verbal agreement, it’s a decency thing. If things unfolded the way the reports imply, then Kelly deliberately kept the child to herself and delayed the father’s arrival. This starts things off on a very selfish footing.

angelbaby33 on

Congratulations to her! As for the estranged husband, I just read a report where he wants to contact the judge since she was away from Hermes for over 3 hours which is against the rules. She was birthing a child for crying outloud, where was Hermes supposed to be, sitting next to her on the hospital bed? Whatever the situation may be, the bottom line is that she needs to spend the next day or two focusing on recovering from having a child, get released from the hospital,etc. Give the poor woman a break, the hubby does not sound all that wonderful and obviously something must have happened to make her want to leave him in the midst of a pregnancy!

New Shoes on

I won’t pretend to know if Daniel not even being at the hospital when Helena was born was the right decision or not. I think there are valid reasons for him being there and for him not being there. However, no matter which way you spin it, it IS sad that both parents couldn’t be there for Helena’s birth. It was not the best situation. The best situation would have been for Kelly and Daniel to have not let their relationship get to the point that such nastiness (on both their parts) is now a part of their and their children’s lives. But alas, it did. I don’t know what happened between them, and frankly, I really, really don’t wish to know. However, I do hope that they can quickly become civil with each other and perhaps eventually even amicable for the sake of Hermes and Helena.

Alysse on

I think Kelly should’ve told Daniel about the birth of their
daughter right after she had given birth. He should’ve
been told by Kelly before the media announced the birth. I don’t
know what their situation is but most likely Daniel deserved to
know that their child had been born from Kelly. He was going to
find out anyway that their child had been born. It is sad that
Daniel didn’t find out about the birth of his daughter from
Kelly but through internet reports.

Karm on

Loves the name! It goes so nicely with her brother’s name!

SY on

To me it doesn’t matter what these people name their children…what I’m really concerned about is the way they are treating each other. Is this how they want their children to learn about respect, honor and common decency towards others? Both of them just need to grow up and raise the children together, they are the adults, it’s not as if they are young parents who have growing to do! I can only wish the children a life free of parental stress, they are too young and innocent to be put in the middle of all of this.

Di on

For some reason I believe the ex-husband. Think about how much animosity there is between this couple. I really do not believe that she called him before the birth. I understand that she may not have wanted him to be there for the delivery but his rights as far kick in as soon as the child is born. He could have waited in the waiting room and soon as Helena was examined by the doctors, he should have been allowed to enter the room to spend time with the baby.

I think Daniel should go to court and ask for an emergency hearing to establish visitaition with the new child. I’m usually on the woman’s side but depriving Daniel of the right to visit with his newborn daughter is just wrong if she called him after the birth. He’ll never get the first few hours back.

tine on

Congratulations to the Giersch family, what a beautiful name!

The whole situation though, just appalling.
I really used to like Kelly Rutherford, I admired her fashion sense and found her parenting style very refreshing, but I’m not so sure about the latter anymore. It seems to me she saw her husband as a mere sperm donor, as if she wanted to have two children from the same man and the moment that was done she couldn’t get rid of him fast enough. And now it looks like she’s heading down Kim Basinger’s route, PAS and all.

And that is just very sad, especially for her children :o(

mp on

Mr. Giersch isn’t thinking of his chidren’s welfare when he makes statements about his daughter’s birth to the press. No matter whether he was there, behaving with tact & dignity would be far better for Helena and Hermes than tit-for-tatting with his estranged wife.

Crystal on

Angie-how do you know he’s a worthless negative person? He wanted to be informed when HIS CHILD. All he asked was for him to be notified when she went into labor so he could be present for the birth of THEIR CHILD! That is an experience he will never be able to duplicate or get back. When Helena asks about her birth and they tell her her father wasn’t there that could be tramatic for her. Especially if he was present for Hermes’s birth. I know they are going through an ugly divorce but that does not excuse her actions. The man learned about the birth of his daughter from the media. Can you imagine how he must feel? I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for all of them and I hope they can be civilized for the sake of their children because like it or not they are stuck together for the next 18+ years. Grow up, deal with it, and make a happy, healthy environment for your children! Ugh!

gaia's mommadukes on

It makes me sad how often women get labeled cold and the bad one. I don’t really like kelly rutherford I thin cbb posts way too much on her..however, if her relationship with him wasn’t good enough for him to support her during the pregnancy then he shouldn’t be there during the birth if she doesn’t want him to be there…and really who knows how long the labor could’ve lasted? Also this is the time of fast paced news. He very well could have read it on the internet..these things can be posted literally seconds after the fact and spread like wildfire. Im sure there was nastiness on both sides, but I don’t think kelly asked for this or preferred it. She did what was best for her and in turn her baby. For once, I don’t feel like judging another women for their choices. THEIR choices.

Sydney on

I really can’t believe that people here are judging Kelly and saying she’s wrong, cold, selfish, spiteful and many other terrible things without knowing anything about her life and relationship. No-one apart from her and Daniel know what has happened to cause the breakdown of this relationship. Surely the safe delivery of this child is more important than Daniel being at the hospital while she was born? Kelly’s rep says that he was notified, saw the baby when she was born and they chose the name together. Daniel claims he found out about the birth on the internet. Who are we to judge who is telling the truth? I can’t believe all dreadful things that everyone is saying about this woman on here, the last thing she needs is negativity. The assumptions posters are making, that she used him as a sperm donor, that she is to blame for the divorce, are unfounded and unfair. Give the poor woman a break, she just gave birth in difficult circumstances.

Grace on

“Mr. Giersch isn’t thinking of his chidren’s welfare when he makes statements about his daughter’s birth to the press. No matter whether he was there, behaving with tact & dignity would be far better for Helena and Hermes than tit-for-tatting with his estranged wife.”

Seriously? There were reports out there that he had deliberately not attended. That’s serious business, that’s stuff his kids could look up later. I understand why he did it.

Sydney, it doesn’t matter about the circumstances, it doesn’t matter how their relationship broke down. Daniel has been very vocal about wanting to be there (not necessarily in the room, but notified) when his daughter was being born. For ANY woman to deliberately not notify the FATHER of the child during a medical procedure when the child’s well-being is at stake? That’s hideous.

Again: sometimes births go wrong. Would anyone be on Kelly’s “side” if something had gone wrong here, and Daniel had been notified after the fact? Would anyone find that remotely acceptable?

Essi on

Love the baby’s name! Such happy news!

This quote about Daniel sounds like such gossip and people are making harsh judgements about a relationship and people we know nothing about! Just because ‘you’ read it somewhere doesn’t make it all true!

PJ on

I’d just like to know exactly what kind of articles here will keep some posters happy. How many more negative comments can people make especailly when they don’t know the entire truth. It’s depressing.

Tine that was a disgusting comment.

Sydney on

To Grace. Of course it matters about the circumstances, of course it matters how the relationship broke down if it is going to affect the birth of the child. The truth is we just don’t know and it is wrong to jump to conclusions. If Kelly didn’t want Daniel at the hospital that is her call to make.

You say that if the birth had gone wrong and Daniel had not been there that people would find that unacceptable. But what if Daniel had been there and the stress had caused complications in the delivery?

It is not about “sides”, but about a safe delivery. Helena Grace is here and healthy, that is what matters more than anything else.

Amy on

Wow! I am really disapointed in how many posters are judging people they don’t know personally! This is supposed to be a forum for info on celebs and their children. Not a forum for judgement!

Congrats to the family on another health child!

Tiffany on

What a beautiful name..I absolutely love it!

Congrats to Kelly, Hermes and welcome little Helena.

Nina on

Wow! All I will say is poor kids ;( We don’t know the situation, but it of course doesn’t sound like a good one….So sad that at such a young age they are thrown in the middle of these two selfish people.

Christine on

Congratulations to Kelly, Daniel and Hermes

DJE on

When I am in pain, I wouldn’t want someone in the same room as me that is so hateful and mean!! Congrats Kelly

Angie on

Crystal I did not call Daniel a worthless negative person, but was referring to MY ex as one. Read more carefully.

Just because one provides the sperm does NOT make him a good father. Or a father worthy of ANYTHING, including being at the birth of “his” child. (not specifically talking about the Giersch family.. just in general.)

As i said and everyone else said before, we do NOT know their specific situation, but everyone is jumping to all sorts of conclusions and being nasty, while telling THEM not to be nasty to each other for the “sake of the kids”. Makes tons of sense.

Grace on

Love the name, Grace is my name🙂
I think Helena is a pretty name too
I bet she’ll be beautiful when she’s older.
Congratulations to the family.

Grace on

I think this is hilarious

My name is Grace Ruterfurd.
the same, but spelt differently!

Grace on

* Rutherfurd, not ‘Ruterfurd’.

Andy on

Angie, personally I don’t care for your personal life story and frankly wasn’t asking to hear it.

I don’t need to know her story, or yours for that matter, to have my own opinion.

YOUR body, and your childrens father have nothing to do with what point most of the people here are trying to get across.
Not every life situation is the same as yours, stop trying to make it.

Point is, a father deserves a right to be informed of his childs birth. Whether he is physically there or not. It’s not fair on ANY father to find out his child was born from the media.

Geesh. Talk about drama.

Lauren on

Helena Grace is a beautiful name🙂

People can call Kelly a cold hearted _____ or anything else they want. In the end shes a human being, an adult, who sounds like she has a lot going on in her life, and hasnt quite figured it all out yet. Maybe shes learning how to cope with it all and all this negative media attention she has been getting is not helping her situation. We dont know why she didnt inform her ex-husband and hopefully there is a vaild reason. Come on, i read in the paper that the judge only allows Daniel to see his son 3 days a week, 1-hour visits each, so thats only 3 hours a week total. There has to be a reason for that.

But in the end its the kids who are truely affected, lets just hope they get it all figured out soon.

anna on

It’s absolutely clear that Daniel is telling the truth when he says that he didn’t find out about his daughter’s birth until after the fact. Kelly’s publicist confirmed it:

From the People article linked above:
“According to Rutherford’s publicist Jill Fritzo, “The doctors advised that no one be in the birthing room; [Daniel] was notified when [Helena] was born and was immediately invited to come see her.” ”

Now, whether by the time he was notified, he’d already read about it on the internet is something we don’t know.
I do think though that it’s his right to say he wasn’t notified in time, when there are sites out there claiming he deliberately chose not to attend the birth.

Niko on

I can’t believe some people here. Slamming Kelly’s ex husband for publicly speaking out about being denied witnessing the birth is HIS daughter? C’mon, he has a right to be mad. Some of these people are probably fans of Kelly so they aren’t looking at the whole situation objectively. Kelly Rutherford IS the one not looking so good here, IMO. Regardless of strains in her marriage, her ex hubby Daniel is STILL the father of Helena, period. She sure didn’t get pregnant by herself. Her ex still has to sign his signature as the father on the birth certificate. Or is she doing it for him too? Denying the father such a precious moment is cold and vicious. I know I’ll be pissed if my mom did something like that to my dad. Such a move is justified and understandable if the husband is a danger to his kids. If he geniunely LOVES his kids, then why shouldn’t he be notified that his child his being born? I mean, he doesn’t have to be in the delivery room with her for Christ’s sake!. I hope she at least lets her ex see the baby whenever he wants to. This feud between them is just unfortunate and it will affect the poor kids in the long run.

Sadie on

PJ, I actually agree with Tine…
Even if we say that Daniel had had an affair, it is still his child as well, and he deserves to be informed be the MOTHER, not the media.
And I also used to like Kelly, but the end of their marriage (do not know whose fault and really do not care) has been terrible… Cannot believe that they cannot even agree on him being there for the birth of THEIR second child (it is not just Kelly’s). And it seems like (what Tine said) that she just needed a sperm donor, and then he is out.

I know it is hard what I wrote, but come on!!!

Either way, congrats to the Giersch family.

eternalcanadian on

that really is too bad she was not able to put aside her bad feelings for her estranged husband and welcome him into the birth of their daughter. she will always be connected to him for the rest of her life and the sooner she accepts that the better for both their children.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

always two sides but i hope she doesn’t shut the dad out completely, don’t think she needed him to be at the birth if they’re no longer together, lot of mums would go it alone, sad situation but way it was, and also a sad way for this little girl to arrive in the world. Just hope their parents can sort things out more amicably in future for their kids’ sakes. Not sure on the name but at least it fits an older person as well as young, IMO, is ok, prefer it personally to her son’s name but they go well together, not incredibly ‘trendy’ different or way-out and its better than Peanut, Pilot or, in a girl’ case, Moxie Crimefighter, lol…Hope little Hermes enjoys having a little sis!

Alex on

I made a comment earlier, but I wanted to say something else. Given some of the allegations that have been made about conduct duting the marriage (such as the possibility of physical dominance and violence), there may well have been a genuine concern from Kelly that having Daniel at the hospital would have been horribly stressful for her to the point of actually dangerously disrupting the labour process. I have a friend whose estranged partner harrassed, bullied and threatened the staff on the labour and delivery ward (because they wouldn’t allow him into the room with the mother-to-be) to the point where the police were called after he manhandled two midwives and he ended up spending the majority of the 48 hours after his son’s birth in a cell. My friend was devastated by the experience, even traumatised, and still now (her son is five years old now) believes that the ruined birth experience was partially responsible for a period of post-natal depression.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Kelly and Daniel’s relationship is at all like my friends, but I wanted to point out that there are certainly circumstances under which it may be extremely important for a father not to be notified that the mother is in labour. Had my friend not done what most people consider “the right thing” in her situation, her son would’ve been born in very different circumstances. And for anyone who hasn’t given birth, let me tell you that there is a massive distinction between dealing with relationship rubbish at the time of the birth and being able to cope with it a day or so after the birth. At the point of delivery, there should be nothing on a mother’s mind apart from giving birth.

I really think people need to take this whole drama with a pinch of salt. Kelly and Daniel have a history of making conflicting statements about one another, and for all we know, neither of them could be telling the whole truth here. All I can tell you is that a mother has a right to choose the birth experience she wants, and if Daniel takes issue with that, I’m not sure he has fully considered the welfare of his daughter above the idea of getting at his wife. I sincerely hope that these two children can grow up in a drama-free household when they are with their mother or their father.

I also think, while people are entitled to whatever opinion they hold, that the hating on Kelly or Daniel is disturbing. No one knows the truth here, and either could be lying or embellishing. I don’t hate on either, I just feel that if Kelly did purposely exclude Daniel from the birth or the few hours after the birth, it would be wrong to assume this was cruel of her, because (as in my friends case, who sadly learnt the hard way) there are 100% valid reasons to do this.

Jennifer on

He is going to make a big deal over not being notified.. Wait a minute! This guy is ridiculous! Ok, “she left her young son at home to have the baby”. Well what the heck was she SUPPOSED to do? Drag her tiny toddler behind her while she mopped up amniotic fluid, leaned over to have a huge epidural needle inserted into her spine, and scream through agonizing pain as she pushes the new baby out? Wonder why she is getting divorced from this man!

Cate on

I feel it is the mothers decision who is allowed in the delivery room- her body, her decision. Kelly may have felt threatened in the past and was more comfortable with this decision. Regardless, it says alot about HIM that he chooses to announce this instead of just keeping his mouth shut. He appears to be a control freak.

jessicad on

We don’t know the situation, obviously she was the one who needed to be most comfortable because she was the one giving birth, it’s her body and her right to have him there or not. With the sound of how things have been with their divorce, I seriously doubt his presence would’be made it peaceful for either of them.

Gorgeous name though! Seemed like she was pregnant forver haha

Annabel on

No one is saying that Daniel had to be in the actual delivery room with Kelly and watch her push the baby out, but to not even inform him of the fact that his daughter is being born is pretty cold in my book. She could have easily called him up and said something along the lines of “Look, I’m going into labor. I’m not comfortable with you being here while I actually give birth, but it’s happening now and you are more than welcome to see her afterwards”. But the fact that he didn’t even know his daughter was born until after the fact is just sad to me. A baby’s birth should be a joyous occasion, but the circumstances and the immaturity shown on BOTH of the parent’s parts isn’t permitting that to happen.

Welcome to world, Helena Grace. Good luck. : )

Aya on

Wow, its amazing how many childish people that are out there. I have told my husband time and time again. If this were to happen to us, I would never ever use my child to take shots at him or try to hurt him. Honestly, that is all I think this really was, her saying “well look what I can do”. I find is disgusting that he wasn’t there at all. I understand the women who say that they might not want him in the delivery room, but they have a WAITING ROOM for that exact reason. So this excuse of “oh she didn’t want him their because he will throw the mood off or stress her” crap, is just that … crap.

I don’t understand why anyone would defend someone like this. Being a parent means that you yourself have to grow up and become and adult. The one thing you learn is with divorce, you have to be completely impartial to each other where your children are concerned. They may stop being your spouse, but they are still your child’s father.

I know of many people who have had estranged fathers in attendance at the birth. It was never awkward or inappropriate because that is why you have open communication with one another before this. You make your birth plan (no ex’s etc allowed in the birth room). God gives you 9 months to plan this stuff out, that you can’t once get together and figure these things out is so childish.

Honestly, do you know how many people have reconnected after being present for the birth of their child. They look at that perfect little person and they cry and they are filled with such emotion that everything else seemed so trivial that they decide to give things another try.Birth is a new chapter in your life, most people like to start things of fresh for the sake of their kids.

Angie, your situation is nothing like theirs. Your husband has chosen not to be a part of the situation and he even suggested abortion. From what I understand, all Daniel really wanted was his family to be together. He has wanted to be there for his kids,and not only that, from what I understand while Kelly is out and away, he is Hermes main caregiver. From his claims in their lawsuit, Kelly was working long hours and then when she would get home she would be short with everyone,including Hermes. That would piss me off too as the other parent. But fame and money change people. You would think that with all these public appearances and interviews she keeps doing, that she could have sit down once to talk with her husband about the birth plan.

Shannon on

While I agree wholeheartedly that he did not need to be in the room during her labor and birth, I think it is wrong that he was not notified when she went into labor. He could have been at the hospital in the waiting room, and been able to see his little girl right away. I can’t see any reason why that could not have happened. To inform a man after it’s all over and done with is just being mean, especially when he obviously wanted to be able to be there. I used to like Kelly Rutherford a lot for her stance on extended breastfeeding and attachment parenting, but now I have no more respect for her (or him, for that matter) because of the horrible situation they are putting their children through. If things were that bad in the marriage, you would think they would want to keep it under wraps and out of the media, in order to avoid having each other air the dirty laundry to everyone else. Here’s hoping they can realize sooner rather than later that this is not the way to handle a divorce with 2 small children, and put their differences aside to raise them in a loving, respectful, happy environment.

I do love the baby’s name though!

Mari on

I haven’t been able to read all the comments above, but no one knows the whole story here.
It is very sad that a marriage deteriorated quickly and publicly, not to forget there are two very young children in the middle. I hope they can somehow work it out and at least be civil in the future.
BTW – I love this baby’s name! Best wishes to the family.

t. on

I think that we all should stop speculating because none of us are in this situation nor do we know what actually happened or when he was informed.

jessica on

At the end of the day we don’t know their situation and it may of been best for him not to be there at the birth, considering Kelly and Helena’s needs are most important at that time. Saying that I truly believe that a father is just as important as a mother in a childs life (even with the different roles they provide) and I find it very sad he wasn’t there to see his daughter be born, I’m sure it would be one of the greatest moments in his life. I read he is allowed to see Helena for one hour a day a few days a week or something which I find also a bit sad, even though it may be justified, I just think it would be hard for any parent to miss out on such a joyous time which goes so quickly.
Beautiful name and all the best- im sure we can all agree it would be a very very difficult situation to be in thus noone can judge.

daniela on

Don’t care for the name at all, and don’t really know much about Kelly either. But she was one stunning pregnant chick tho! 🙂

Congrats to the entire family!

Moore on

Jennifer, when you are in a custody dispute I’m sure things like this are regularly reported. The court agreement states that if she is to be away from their son for more than three hours he is to be contacted so he can be the other person to take care of him. Both children are of importance and you would think in the months she’s had to prepare that she would have worked in compliance with the order and the verbal agreement. She has a rep and probably handlers of some kind who could have taken care of the work while she “mopped up amniotic fluid”. The order should have been followed. It’s not a suggestion and probably works on both sides.
To automatically turn it around like it’s his fault she didn’t follow orders is ridiculous.

L on

They are both so completely immature & no matter their feelings towards eachother their children should not have to suffer..thats just cruel. We may not know every detail but honestly I cant stand her, she is a 40 yr old women acting like a 12 yr old…

On a lighter note, I love how their childrens names match..thats cute…Congrats nonetheless!

Brandi on

I don’t have an issue with Daniel’s statement. He is being slammed in the press for not being there when his daughter was born and he is defending himself and explaining that he was not told. That’s his right. It’s too bad the agreement could not be honored but I’m sure this will all play out in court next month. Congrats to them on their new daughter.

Sandy on

wow, they really have alot of animosity towards each other. I hope they can put their differences aside and learn to get along for the sake of their children.

kris on

Someone mentioned a quote about the Dad saying “she left Hermes at home”. I think he mentions it because she was supposed to call the Dad to keep him. It’s mentioned in a few articles that if she has to be away for more than a certain amount of time she is to call Dad to take care of the little one (per the judges orders). Which would have taken care of notifying Dad and it would have taken care of any thoughts of Dad being in the delivery room. He would have had the toddler with him but still been able to see the new baby not long after being born.

Good luck to these 2 little children. They will certainly need it to survive their parents ups and downs.

Grace on

I agree with everyone else who’s been pointing out that “she left our son for more than 3 hours” isn’t a slam on giving birth, it’s a protest from a father who is supposed to be able to step in and care for his child in that instance.

She had 9 months to arrange for that, much like pretty much every other mother expecting a second child. I know my mother had the neighbour girls on call, and when her water broke those girls were over taking care of me within 15 minutes. No reason for Kelly or her rep or anyone else NOT to call the man they’re court-ordered to call in a situation like this.

It ends up looking like she didn’t call Daniel to take care of Hermes because she was focused on shutting him out of the birth entirely. As for stress having him IN THE HOSPITAL at all? Oh, whatever. There’s a certain amount of “get over yourself” in this situation.

Jax on

Angie, I agree with you so much its not even funny. HER BODY, HER BABY!!! Kelly obviously divorced her ex husband for a reason– and my concern is the welfare of the mother and her children. I think her ex hubby has no right being around those children at all. I don’t understand how a man can beat the crap out of his wife, but is still allowed to interact with his own children? That does NOT make any sense at all!!!!– This guy should suck it up and disappear, because God only knows what he’ll put that child through– and the kind of man Hermes will grow up to be, if he sees his father act this way.

Terri on

I don’t know why people automatically believe his side of the story. There are two very different conflicting stories and it may be a simple case of miscommunication. Whatever the case is, Kelly is constantly ridiculed for bringing the media into her divorce. It seems her husband has no problem bringing the media into this bickering over his daughter’s birth either. It’s very sad.

Moore on

HER BODY, HER BABY!!! – no. her body, their baby. She didn’t make her on her own so until he gives up all rights as the other parent it’s still his child. Having that kind of an attitude is quite selfish and I hope that’s not the way she sees it.

As fas as the claims that he beat her, I’d like to see those rather than settle for hearsay. Do you have a link to that? If the judge found him to be abusive I’m sure the rulings regarding the care of their son would have been different.

M on

these two are being very petty and childish, they should sort thier greivances in private and before they actually divorce they should think about their reasons genuinely and try to look at what brought them together in the first place…I think sometimes people lose the plot and divorce on petty issues. Love is a choice and not about feelings. Congrats on the baby though but I just thought I should share my 2 cents worth.

Grace on

I’ve seen a lot of random slander about Daniel either being abusive or gay, but it’s all been messageboard chatter. No police reports, no testimony in court, nothing. When you look at the sworn testimony given by both parties, a different picture emerges.

Working in social online media as I do, I find the inability to source the anti-Daniel claims and their origin highly suspicious.

Grace on

Also, “HER BODY, HER BABY”? Bull. That child has two parents, and the father has made it clear that he wants to be as involved as possible.

It makes me incredibly angry to hear people claiming the mother should get more rights due to physical possession. They both made the baby, they both want the baby, the mother is just as capable of being unfit as the father. Ugh.

Michelle on

Jax, when has Daniel been accused of “beating the crap” out of Kelly? The only alligations of abuse I’ve heard during their very public divorce were against Kelly.

A Edwards on

Sounds like the children will be raising these parents. Such maturity.

natalie on

Ohhh, the baby’s name is gorgeous! Helena Grace Rutherford [Giersch]. I don’t know if Rutherford is one of her middle names or a last name, but Helena Grace sounds so elegant and classy. I was never too crazy about Hermes but Kelly hit the jack pot this time around! And I’m sure baby Helena will be just as lovely as her older brother, he’s such a cutie! congrats to Kelly!

traxie on

Wonder if they’re Shakespeare fans – Hermes and Helena is a lot like Hermia and Helena in Midsummer Nights Dream, lol!!

Jenny on

So many gossips just fueling your own flames here. So far, the only place I have heard terrible accusations on this family are on messageboards. This reminds me of David Spade’s baby being born when so many were quick to judge what the families did or didn’t do when the baby was being born and quickly following the birth.

Pretty much everyone is quick to pretend to be perfect behind a computer screen regarding what they and others would/should do in various scenarious, especially on this website, but the truth is if you probably don’t know how you would handle the situation until it was happening to you. Those of you who don’t know the truth you really should be ashamed for fueling the gossip flames and spreading worst case scenarios while picking apart this family.

It says a lot when people who actually HAVE had some similar stories like this gave their two cents yet the gossips shoot them down and continue to pick apart Kelly and sometimes Daniel. It shows that some just take joy in gossiping and instigating instead of trying to give the benefit of the doubt in a situation they barely have the truth on. Very sad adults have to act like this toward others.

PJ on

That’s the point Sadie, if you think it was that hard to write then maybe it shouldn’t be written at all. Have some respect for these people on both sides and stop spreading gossip instead of making judgement on what are just made up accusation so far to a lot of people here.

Moore on

Jenny, thanks so much for trying to be the voice of reason but really you might need to start speaking for yourself here.

I do not go on gossip message boards because I don’t have to. The reports and statements from both sides can be found online in interviews if you care to search for them. Sad, yes, but when the media is involved then what do you expect.

Maybe you’re quick to pretend behind a computer screen cause you find it hard to put yourself in that place but the truth is I don’t have to. I’ve been in numerous situations of which you know nothing and can easily put myself in many others especially when it’s clear how a situation could have been handled on all ends to avoid a media mess.

There were simple agreements that may not have been kept. That is the main part, not their feelings toward each other. As the mother, in a advance, I would need to keep your feelings out of it for a moment and think straight enough to do what I need to do as a competent parent. There are people I would ask to do it for me, set it up, the end. I would have a much easier delivery. If I did my part and not him then I have evidence and no blame. How hard is that? I don’t like him and don’t want him in the delivery room, ok, but I would need to get over myself and whatever hurt feelings I have if I think purposely keeping a willing father from his child is a smart decision and is going to help me in any way especially when I could jeopardize custody matters.

Whatever reason she had if she didn’t contact him like he said is not good enough to me and if she did and he didn’t show up his excuse is not good enough either.

So like I said before, speak for yourself. If you have a hard time finding the facts not rumors and being able to say ‘this is not what I would do. I would handle it this way’ then maybe thats just your problem. I’m not going to speak for others but I know its not mine.

Also just a thought, had he abused her I’m sure potty training and the pool wouldn’t have been the top issues as of late. Neither party is innocent but has there been a reason presented in their case for why he shouldn’t see his children?I haven’t seen any.

Stella Bella on

I totally agree with the people who have said that perhaps Kelly didn’t want him there because it would slow down her labor. Most likely her doctors advised her to keep her birthing atmosphere calm… This man’s first priority should be whether Kelly got his daughter out healthy and in one piece, not whether he was personally there to witness it.
And to the people who think that he should have been notified whether he was there or not- there are some people who if they know, they’ll show up, whether they are invited or not. If you’ve never had to deal with such cretins- lucky you!!!!

Jenny on

Moore, I’m not talking about Kelly and her family, I’m talking about the comments regarding her family that are less than savory. Actually I was speaking for myself. Not sure what you were going on about though…

Moore on

Jenny, speaking for yourself would not include the following phrases:

“So many gossips just fueling your own flames here.”

“Very sad adults have to act like this toward others.”

and absolutely none of your second paragraph included first-person (singular) pronouns which are necessary when speaking of one’s self. But then again if you feel that way about yourself then nothing I said was wrong. You do hide behind a computer screen pretending to be perfect. You said so yourself.

The rest of my writing up there that was not in response to your writing and did not directly concern you, was not for you. I am fully capable of writing (and speaking) just for myself.

Moore on

Oh, Jenny I should add that speaking for yourself does not include pointing fingers. Thats a whole separate issue.

Jenny on

Moore, your being so defensive and snide means something struck a nerve. You didn’t undestand my first comment and that’s fine. Please don’t get defensive and jump down my throat because of it while trying to decipher every sentence I wrote. It wasn’t all that cryptic and your turning what I wrote into what you THINK I wrote is uncalled for. I don’t want to play your “I want to have the last word” game, so I’m done, go instigate someone else although I have a feeling you’ll have yet more complaints and confused comments to make. Goodbye and grow up.

HelenaGrace on

Hahahah, you may not believe me but my name is actually Helena Grace.

Honestly. My name is Helena Grace too. Haha.

Soph on

When I was in labour, it progressed so fast, I didn’t have time to phone my mother to tell her. My husband was with me, if he hadn’t been, I’m not sure whether he would have known during the labour.
Who knows the true circumstances of all this? Nobody apart from the mother and father…

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