Stella McDermott Celebrates Her First Birthday!

06/08/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott were joined by over 100 friends and family – including Melissa Joan Hart, Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Scott Baio and Larry Birkhead – on Saturday to celebrate daughter Stella Doreen‘s first birthday.

Albert Michael/Startraks

The ladybug-themed luncheon, designed by event planner Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels, rivaled the famous birthday parties of Tori’s own childhood.

Held at a private estate in Encino, Calif., the event featured a tented tennis court with chandeliers, a gardening station where guests and their children could create their own potted plants, a cookie-decorating station, ladybug sprinklers, a ladybug insect zoo, face paintings and pony rides.

To top it off, Stella and her 2-year-old brother Liam Aaron‘s favorite group, The Jumpitz, performed a selection of songs for the delighted guest of honor.

“Stella was clapping her hands and enjoying the music,” says a guest of the birthday girl, who wore a white silk dress decorated with ladybugs and red patent-leather shoes by Sweet Shoes. “And Tori and Liam were singing along to the songs.”

When it was time to cut the giant ladybug-shaped cake, Stella first carefully dipped a finger in the red frosting before rolling over and laying down in the middle of the cake, covering herself in frosting from top to toe.

“Tori had to wash her off with one of the sprinklers!” says a guest.

Stella (whose actual birthday is Tuesday) was not the only one to leave with presents. At the end of the party, guests received a gift bag with goodies worth about $2,500, including gift certificates to Billion Dollar Babes and Mabel’s Labels, Philips Avent insulated cups, Ming Ming dolls, Name Your Tune CDs, T-shirts from Market and Robeez Mini Shoez Butterfly mary janes.

The party will be featured in a future episode of the Oxygen reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

Source: PEOPLE

— Ulrica Wihlborg

Click below for many more photos, including Melissa Joan Hart and Brady, Larry and Dannielynn Birkhead, and Stella after rolling in her cake plus discounts on the goodies Stella and her guests received.

Albert Michael/Startraks

Larry Birkhead cuddles with daughter Dannielynn Hope, 2 ½, during a performance by The Jumpitz.

Albert Michael/Startraks

Melissa Joan Hart brought son Braydon, 15 months, to the party.

Yum! Brady shares a cookie with mom.

Albert Michael/Startraks

Albert Michael/Startraks

Tori helps Stella stay steady on her feet. She’ll be walking soon!

Albert Michael/Startraks

Check out the view! Dean shows off his pretty princess.

Albert Michael/Startraks

What a mess! Stella got up close and personal with her ladybug cake.

Stella wears Sweet Shoes Sweet Janes Metallic in Red.

Tori served Rice Krispies Picture Treats from Edible Gifts Plus, personalized with Stella’s photo, at the party (save 20% with code CBB20 (expires 7/31/09).

Stella was gifted Mabel’s Labels Sticky Labels to go with the ladybug theme, save 10% with code CBB2009, expires 6/30/09); her guests received gift certificates so they could order their own custom labels.

Stella and her guests received Kula Klips ($8 each) in a ladybug theme (save 20% with code ladybug, expires 6/30/09) and Name Your Tune CDs (save $5 with code CBB, expires 7/1/09).

Guests were treated to non-toxic manicures and pedicures from Piggy Paint (save 15% with code Stella, plus free shipping over $25, expires 7/10/09).

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Maaike on

Dannielynn is just the prettiest princess, and I love seeing her dad being so sweet and loving with her.

Erin on

Stella looks so cute! Dannielynn is a mini-Anna!! Tori and Dean seem like such great parents!

N on

Just a thought… but do you think all these celebs are actually friends and hang out with each other outside of charity events and birthday parties? I totally want to know if they have play dates and such. hmmm… ill keep thinking on that one.

Back to the topic at hand – absolutely adorable! I can’t get over how adorable Brady is!

Anna on

$2,5000 gift bags??? Is it just me or is that a little much?

Angi on

A: Love it! Stella looks like she is having a blast! I love the family picture.
B: It’s a Hollywood party, so none of it surprises me.

rachel on

Yeah, $2500 gift bags are way over the top, even if they are donated by the various companies which I am assuming is the case. I wonder if Tori assumed any of the costs associated with the party or if the whole thing was a “freebie” ….

kai on

I need to ask my mother how she celebratd my first birthday. This is pretty bizarre… but all of the kids are very cute.

michelle on

Probably all freebies for advertising purposes since it was filmed for the show, but it looks ilke everyone had fun so why not? If I was offered the opportunity to host a 1st birthday party for my child like that, I would say “yes” in a heartbeat.

aubrey lillian on

Dannielynn is a beautiful little girl

Di on

Tori Spelling never ceases to amaze me. Why does every birthday party for her children have to be turned into a photo op. I hate seeing a special day for a child be so commercialized. Why does she have to sell photos of every special moment of her life and her children’s lives? Why does she continually exploit her children for personal gain?

For someone who is born into a Hollywood family, Tori seems desperate to maintain and hold onto any shred of fame and notoriety that she has. There are all these celebrities there but no mention of her mother or brother being present. I will never be a fan of this woman.

Lacey on

Dannielynn is soo beautiful!
*Imo, Dannielynn stole this post from Stella!*

Tess on

Such excess for a party the kid won’t even remember.

Andrea_momof2 on

Well obviously celebrities that one isn’t “a fan of” are the ones who are exploiting their children.

If I were a millionaire I’d probably live a bigger life too. I’m sure it’s just pocket change to celebrities.

FC on

Stella is so cute in her little dress, and sporting that big smile and her little party guests are looking cute, as well. 🙂

Julia on

Oh my gosh, could Stella look any more like dean, and Dannilynn is a spitting image of Anna, theyre both gorgeous 🙂

Lis on

Over the top party but beautiful kids. OMG what is happening to Tori she is scary scary thin? I loved her pregnant She looked so healthy this is just toooooo much.
Dannilyn is soooo pretty she is going to be one beautiful lady.

cristie robles on

There was an article on People that Tori invited her mom but she did not show up. They did not mention if her brother was there or not.

Erin on

I thought it was quite gracious that Tori invited her mother after her mom Candy accused her of killing her father last week….

kris on

Adorable little ones, all of them!

As for the party…It’s Hollywood land. And, it’s also called “I have a reality show that revolves around my family and our life”. I would assume it was paid for by the production company. As for inviting her Mom…meh, it’s image. They are pretty public with their issues but I think having Grandma’s first meet and greet with the Granddaughter at something where cameras and a large audience are present is not really the best idea.

Oh, and I don’t dislike Tori. She just lives in a very different world than most of us and she’s doing her best to keep herself in that world. Can’t say it’s better or worse than a lot of celebs.

Kate on

I read that Candy was suppose to be there but cancelled like an hour before the event. Huge party but then Tori likes it like that, and that’s Hollywood, I don’t count anyones’s money. Gift bags usually donated for the advertisement I guess…Very cute dress on Stella!

Lorus on

Third time in four months they’ve “hired” the Jumpitz. I’ve never heard of them before.
I doubt many of these celebs hang out together outside of these functions. In order to get freebies from companies I think you need to be able to draw in other celebs to give the items to. I doubt people would be donating $2500 worth of items to go to an Average Joe.

Angie on

“Well obviously celebrities that one isn’t “a fan of” are the ones who are exploiting their children.”

No, just the ones who are putting their kids on a reality show, writing books about them, and selling pictures of every important moment in their lives to the press.

I think this puts to rest the whole “Is Tori teling the truth about not being able to afford being a SAHM” argument that keeps coming up on this site. Maybe if she wouldn’t throw her child over-the-top, totally excessive parties that cost thousands of dollars she would be able to afford to be a SAHM.

Angie on

“If I was offered the opportunity to host a 1st birthday party for my child like that, I would say “yes” in a heartbeat.”

I wouldn’t. I would rather teach my children that a small, meaningful celebration with the people who matter most to us is more important than having some huge, excessive bash.

aroundthewaygirl on

The party looks fun and I don’t have a problem with big parties for small children. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves, doesn’t bother me a bit. What is excessive to you is meaningful to someone else.

Stella is very cute. As for Tori’s mom, if my mom said I killed my father or implied my actions killed my father, I would never, ever speak to her again. Our relationship would be done. That is a horrible accusation to say about your child and then in the same breath say you want a relationship with your daughter and grandkids.

Stephany on

Whoa. That looks more like an event than a first birthday party! There seemed to be so much going on (obviously, I can only tell from pictures but it seemed overwhelming to me!). Tori will be Tori and I guess I didn’t expect anything less from her.

Anyway, Stella is indeed a cutie and Dannielynn is gorgeous! She is the spitting image of Anna Nicole.

jenny on

I totally agree, Angie. Wasn’t Tori always saying that everything was for show when she was growing up and here she is, doing the same things with her kids. I think she is probably much more connected with her kids than perhaps her mother was with her, but seriously, dial it back. I am not bashing Tori at all. I just think that the focus is more for her reality show than for her kids.

JMO on

aww to be a celebrity and shell out $2,500 for goody bags *dreams*

Stella and Liam are super adorable and her outfit is precious!! Dannielynn got very big and she’s so cute!! So is Brady!!

I think it’s great Tori was the bigger person to invite her mother but quite honestly if it was me I would of given up on the relationship cause the stuff they each say about one another is far from healthy and they have a lot of talking and making up to do which should be done in private. Why would you want your mom who has never met your child show up at her bday party. I say Candy’s loss and Tori should just move on and be happy with her husband and children. I know…easier said then done but it’s JMO.

Joni on

Well said Angie. If celebs want to raise children who grow into healthy, well adjusted adults, they shouldn’t be dolling out $2500 goodie bags at a 1st birthday party. How is Stella ever going to get any perspective in life when she is surrounded by this kind of excess? I can see in 20 years the next generation of Sean Stewarts and Redmond O’Neals.
And no, I don’t have a problem with Tori. She seems like a loving mother and a nice girl. I actually feel sorry for her. It’s like she’s replicating her own childhood, so she obviously doesn’t know any better.
I compare this to my son’s small 1st birthday bash last year… a beautiful sunny day, both sides of his loving family present, him and his cousins splashing around in their inflatable pool and munching on cupcakes. All the guests were asked to bring their favourite childhood book as a present (if they were going to buy a present).
I know there will be some posters who think I am jealous, but seriously, you couldn’t pay ME to hold a party like this for my children!

Jennifer on

Awe, Liam looks a lot like Grandpa Aaron! So cute!

Di on

I know celebrities are different from the average person but even among celebrities I find Tori’s behavior bizarre. I really do not agree with celebrities selling pictures of their kids but the ones who do, do it once when the kid is just born and after that there are no more official photos but Tori is different. She has repeatedly invited the media into her home and family to make a buck and acts like that is completely normal. I thought this woman was an actress.

I find the guest list interesting too- such a random mix of people. It is funny that Larry Birkhead was there since he has done nothing but parade his daughter in front of the cameras since he managed to gain custody of her. He and Tori have a lot in common. I do not know when it became okay for parents to making a living off their children.

Gigohead on

Looks to me that the recession missed Hollywood — mainly Tori’s home. I thought California was in trouble. I think it would have been good to see Tori being “sensible” and run a nice party without breaking the bank.

Moore on

Her inviting her mother does make me wonder if it was just to be spiteful, for show or if she really meant it. I only know what I hear in the press which is a jumble at best but I don’t know if I should be so quick to blame her mother for not showing when there could have been so much behind the scenes mess that wont even make it on her ‘reality’ show.

As far as the gifts and the party, I don’t know. It seems like its always a bid to out do the others. Bigger and better and all Hollywood is excessive to me. I wonder if these people are friends or are obligated for one reason or another.

Mary-Helen on

I really find it uncomfortable that she filmed her daughter’s birthday for her reality show. Can’t her kids have one day to themselves?

I mean, celebs going nuts for their kids parties is pretty much par for the course, but to make sure EVERYONE sees her daughter’s party and every major milestone for some reality show is pretty ooky to me.

eva on

I don’t have a particular opinion on Tori or her family.Going by the children seem healthy and happy. However, she’s only famous because of her kids.Her family life is the only thing she can offer to the public and I don’t get why someone is famous for having two kids and being rich. Oh well.

eva on

I meant to say that judging by the pictures the children look healthy and happy. My apologies.

Debra on

Everytime I click on this website I see pics of Tori and Dean at some kind of function practically pushing their kids in front of a camera to make sure their kids are photographed by paparazzi. I have seen their reality show and they complain constantly about the paps following them and not respecting their privacy but how do you have sympathy for them when every week there are multiple pics of the kids in full photo session especially at their 1yr olds bday party.

Andy on

2500 dollar gift bags? Talk about tacky.

My son’s birthday will involve friends and family, not people I had to bribe to be their.

How about they stop treating their kids’ birthdays like a hollywood movie event.

Lau on

That picture of Larry and Dannielynn is beautiful, as others have said above.

stedine on

I doubt any of the children know how much the gift bag is worth or that when their parents use the coupons to buy them gifts where it is coming from. The play time, cake and activities are for the kids and the gift bags were more for the parents and promotional purposes.

I don’t get all the fuss over Dannielynn, she is no cuter than the avg toddler imho.

Brady I just want to hug and cuddle

That big red bow on Stella’s head is too cute, I want one for myself in purple

jo'smama on

Di-Well said I agree!
This really irritates me for some reason, I think it’s Tori and Dean’s track record for pimping out their kids at every chance they get. Lets face it, if they didn’t have kids and a reality show people would have very little interest in them and their “acting” work.
I prefer down to earth celebs like Marcia Cross! 🙂

SH on

This is such materialism it’s really nauseating. And does Tori eat? Again, nauseating. She looks like a skeleton.

Mariia on

I think it’s kinda sad that there’s no mention of Dean’s oldest son. I wonder if he was there?

bubbs on

poor tori.

you can’t be that emaciated and be having fun… she must be so tired and sick under all that make-up and hair.


tori you look so thin!!!

michelle on

Come on people, this party is obviously for the show. I am sure Tori and Dean had a private party at home for Stella with just the four of them. You can have a big hollywood party and still be a good parent and teach your child values.

It amazes me that so many women will criticize every celebrity about their choices…on a celebrity baby gossip blog. If it bothers you, why are you here? If there weren’t people interested in seeing pictures from these events, no one would sponsor them.

Jennifer on

Stella is adorable, and her dress is so cute.

Brady is a handsome little guy, and that second photo with Melissa is precious.

Dannielynn certainly is a beautiful little girl. What a great Daddy/Daughter photo.

lilly on

im guessing the $2500 for gift bags probably has to do with the network oxygen. Same thing for commercials used for tv shows. I dont think celebrities would have those kind of gift bags other then that stores usually donate to get there names put out in the public for advertising. Stella looks so cute in that dress, and dani-lynn is just like momma, beautiful girl.

Cece on

I guess growing up in L.A. this isn’t so shocking to me. She’s a celebrity and I think this is the norm in many celebrity families. Especially with their children. If they have money and want to spend them on lavish parties so be it. I guess with all her books, QVC and TV show she’s doing well financially, and so she’s able to throw a party and give gifts that people would view as excessive.

Bugs on

I also find it sad that she parades her kids so much for the media. I mean, she’s the daughter of a mega tv producer, i can’t believe all she does is feeding the media with her personal life to keep herself relevant. She better stop complaining that she has no privacy.

stedine on

One more thing. Tori, you look like a bobblehead. A person like you should not be that skinny as it further exaggerates the size of your head. I have the same problem and therefore can’t get skinnier than a 6

Alice on

Angie what does SAHM mean?

Stella looks like a very sweet litle girl. But that is a lot to do for a party she isn’t going to remember. I hope stays grounded and doesn’t grow up too spoiled.

I wonder if they all ate the cake after she rolled in it lol.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Andy, ITA, so tacky and over the top, even if they can afford it, very sad lady underneath it all I think. Feel for her children with the falling out with Candy and them not seeing their grandmother, although if it’s really toxic may be best not being around to see them at each other’s throats, kids shouldn’t be affected or miss out due to the adults in their lives but it sadly happens sometimes.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

…forgot to say, Happy Birthday Stella of course! Love the pic of her having fun with her cake. Sure she won’t be far off walking. Our daughter took her first few steps about 2 days after turning 1, about 3 mths earlier than her big brother, and hasn’t stopped since – an incentive I guess with siblings to keep up with!

Kelly on

SAHM = stay at home mom.

jessicad on

Wow, Dannielynn is so gorgeous!

Angi on

For all the people who complain about how $$S a celebrity spends on their kids or every person who HAS to make a snide comment about Tori whenever there is a post about her I have to ask. Why do you come here?

L on

Stella is such a little cutie, it’s to bad her grandma didnt end up showing up…sad situation.

Maybe her and brady have play-dates…how cute would that be!!

Carolyn on

A lot of people have been concerned lately with the exploitation of the Gosselin kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8. I hate to say it but it looks like Tori is starting to do the same thing with her kids. I never thought it until I saw this post about the first birthday party. I wonder how these kids (like the Gosselin kids) will feel when they get older, wondering if these parties were thrown for them or actually done for “the show.” So sad. 😦

Carolyn on

p.s. I read that Candy decided not to attend when she learned it was being filmed for the reality show. I don’t blame her. Good for her, not participating in the exploitation of her grandchildren.

Angi on

Carolyn, but exploiting her dead husband is ok? Spare me! Also, you have to sign a waver if a television wants to show your face. So if she didn’t sign one, problem solved. Sorry, I do not even feel .01% sympathy for Candy. She said Tori killed her father. What kind of mother says that about her own child? Not one who really wants to see her grandchildren that is for d@mn sure!

rach on

$2500 for a lolly bag is insane!
Just an idea of what $2500 can buy:
educate 43 girls in Africa for a year ($58 a year)
provide immunisations for 83 children for there first 12 years ($30 per child)
Build a well for a community to provide safe drinking water ($2500)
Build 3 pre schools in Africa/Asia ($800 a school)

Tori: you should consider what is really important. Gifts to 100 children who come from priveliged backgrounds or saving and improving so many more children’s lives.
Next year give a few sweets and a card with a gift made to charity in that child’s name.

SH on

thank you rach.

Anna on

Well said Rach! I totally agree with you!

Kate on

Wow, you people are sooo bitter!

Erin on

Candy knew the show was going to be there, and thats not an excuse, she has never even met the little girl, Candy is not shy about the cameras or whatnot when she is exploiting Tori, her child, and insinuating her child killed her father, its pretty unforgivable, there is nothing that would stop me from seeing my grandchild for the first time if invited, Candy is as cold as ice and its nice to see that Tori rose above that and tried.

Tess on

“For all the people who complain about how $$S a celebrity spends on their kids or every person who HAS to make a snide comment about Tori whenever there is a post about her I have to ask. Why do you come here?”

I come here hoping to once-in-a-while see pics of celebrity kids that we rarely see and celebs who interest me, not to see pics of the same five or six who are regularly featured on here. Hope springs eternal.

Kate on

Wow…Stella looks just like Dean.

Kate on

rach Says:
June 9th, 2009 at 10:24 am
$2500 for a lolly bag is insane!
Just an idea of what $2500 can buy:
educate 43 girls in Africa for a year ($58 a year)
provide immunisations for 83 children for there first 12 years ($30 per child)
Build a well for a community to provide safe drinking water ($2500)
Build 3 pre schools in Africa/Asia ($800 a school)

Tori: you should consider what is really important. Gifts to 100 children who come from priveliged backgrounds or saving and improving so many more children’s lives.
Next year give a few sweets and a card with a gift made to charity in that child’s name.

I completely agree…Look up the music video titled “World on Fire” by Sarah McLachlan. That’ll settle this big debate about over indulging over privileged children.

Terri on

I see more of Anna in Dannielynn, I used to only see Larry in her.

Stella is a cute little girl. Looks like a fun party! I remember Tori describing Stella at birth, how surprised she was by how dark Stella was. But now Stella’s almost as fair as her brother. Babies do change a lot, especially in the first year.

Jen DC on

Oh, look at the beautiful color of Liam’s hair! I think Tori should tone down the platinum and choose *his* color. It’s warmer and much, much more natural…

LB on

Man, some of you are so judgemental! Or should I say jealous? If you don’t have anything nice to say or don’t like Tori then why are you here commenting wasting your time? Kinda silly if you ask me. Some people like big parties and some like small. They have the money so why not? If you were at the party and given the goodie bag you wouldn’t be complaining. Cute family and looks like a great first birthday party!

babyboopie on

It makes me feel ill to see those overindulged spoilt wealthy children whose parents live on another planet and clearly have no idea of hardship. What about those starving poor African children or the other disavantaged children? They deserve $2500 so much more than those celebrities. And I bet Melissa and those other celebs aren’t really good friends of Tori and Dean’s, they just have ‘mutual friends/contacts’ and float around in the same social inner circle- they just came for the goody bag and for extra publicity as well as entertaining their children.

Jane on

Carolyn: Well said. I agree completely.

Angie on

“Man, some of you are so judgemental! Or should I say jealous?”

I find that kind of response totally ridiculous. Whenever there is a post about Tori people give very clear reasons for why they have a problem with Tori exploiting her children – and someone always responds “You’re just jealous.” Really? You really think that every time someone has a problem with a person exploiting a child that we’re jealous? Tori has money and fame – something that every celebrity on this site has – so if we are all so jealous of her money and fame then why aren’t we in other posts accusing every celebrity of exploiting their children? The answer is because not every celebrity treats their children like commodities. And if I was going to pick a celebrity to be jealous of, there are a lot of celebrities who have more money, fame, more enviable relationships, more talent etc. than Tori does – I don’t see anything that remarkable about her life that would make so many people jealous.

Brooklyn on

Haha! Aww, Stella got so much cake on her! She’s really adorable as is Braydon feeding his mom a cookie =)

fuzibuni on

Ok people. The level of bitterness on Tori posts lately just snapped me.
I just don’t understand the high levels of animosity and think it must come from someplace deeper.

Most of you love to judge her, and say all the things she is doing wrong, but when it comes down to it, i think you are just jealous of her money. You don’t like to see her spend what she has, or use her celebrity connections to get freebies.

Every time the issue of money comes up on this site there is a whole team of haters that jump on to tear that particular mother apart.

I think Tori paid a big price by ‘growing up hollywood’ and she can do whatever she wants with her money and time. Her kids look happy and well adjusted to me. Who cares if they went to a big party for stella… it looks like she enjoyed herself and it’s not going to ruin her for life or anything. And I bet they also had a small party at home just for family.

I would also wager to bet that she is a more hands-on and involved mother than many of you who are sitting on this site bashing her.

JMO on

Debra I know what your saying, I was watching an epi last week (probably a rerun) but Tori and Dean took the kids to the park and lake and she got up and stormed off cause the paparazzi were taking pictures. It’s like what do you expect?? Sorry I have no sympathy for you if your attract it all the time!!

Secondly she could of just donated the money to charity from the bags instead of wasting the money but like someone said they probably were all sponsored by the network. So I really don’t see so much harm in it. And they are millionaires so they do live a differet lifestyle. If I was rich would I spend taht much on an elaborate party for my baby? perhaps. But would I invite the mass media? Definately not!!

Kirsten on

To all who call out the “bitter”… it’s not about bitterness or jealousy or even judging, it’s about overt in-your-face excess that can only cause damage to a young child’s sense of self and ability to realistically measure one’s value in a whole society. This over-indulgent show of flash and cash replaces the true meaning of the day — that is, to celebrate the happiness and joy of a child’s day of birth. It is precisely these types of swag-fests that created the entire generation of narcissists that our country is trying desperately to deal with now — those college kids who graduate and expect a corner office, bitching over working their way up in the world. A little realism is healthy, a lot of reality TV is not.

Mary-Helen on

I am definitely not jealous of Tori Spelling.

However, I do see the paralells of her complaining about the media wanting to showcase her kids, but her doing it all of the time. Her complaining that her parents thrust her into the limelight, but then her doing it to her kids. Her complete lack of regard for her kids and stepson’s feelings by bragging about how she broke up his marriage 8 hours after meeting him! (we all know about Brangelina, but @ least there’s a little bit of tact there).

Anyway, I don’t think it’s right that every major milestone in Stella and liam’s life is showcased to help Tori regain something. Every celeb talks about their kids and it’s part of being a mom, but to basically use them to reclaim your popularity is sad.

Angi on

fuzibuni, I think you hit the nail on the head!

Di on

I just want to echo some of the other comments and say that I in no way am jealous of Tori Spelling. For all of her name recognition, Tori is not on the A-list. I do not want Tori’s life. I do not want to be the kind of woman who sells every aspect of her personal life to generate income.

I admire and respect actresses like Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman- Oscar winners who are the top of their industry. Why would I be jealous of a woman who has resorted to doing a reality show in order to maintain her affluent lifestyle since her father left all of his money to his wife.

I feel sorry for the children because they will grow up thinking that having cameras all the time in their home and at birthday parties is normal. My issue with Tori is she an actress. She presumably has some acting ability so why can’t she making a living as an actress and keep her children out of the spotlight.

rachel on

Very well said, Di!

SarahGrace on

“I would also wager to bet that she is a more hands-on and involved mother than many of you who are sitting on this site bashing her.”

Lecturing other people about being too judgemental while being judgemental of other people – it’s interesting how some people can’t even see their own hypocrisy.

Angi on

My mother always said people say snide and mean thing because they are jealous. I see that a lot here in this post. Also, don’t worry about Tori’s kids. They have food in their bellies and a roof over their head. They are fine. If you want to worry about some kids, maybe start by look at all the kids dying of hunger in this country.

Annabelle on

Wow, it’s going to be a little harder for Tori and Dean to put on the “we’re so poor” routine for their TV show after this. I have been losing interesting in the show a bit lately because their “we’re struggling financially and I would love to be a stay at home mom but I can’t afford it” thing was starting to wear thin – but after this I don’t think I can watch anymore and have them continue to insult my intelligence by pretending like they’re struggling when they’re buying huge houses and throwing lavish parties. If they would just be honest about things I wouldn’t care, but the lying is really starting to get to me.

Angie on

“My mother always said people say snide and mean thing because they are jealous. I see that a lot here in this post.”

I don’t see being concerned about Tori’s weight loss or being concerned that the children are being exploited as being mean. I think it would be wrong of people to not be concerned about those poor children. I think if you see a child being harmed and you turn the other way and pretend to not see it then you are just as guilty of harming that child as their parents are.

“They have food in their bellies and a roof over their head. They are fine.”

I think it’s so incredibly sad that you equate being fed and having a roof over their heads as proof that they are being well cared for. Are you aware of the fact that tons of children are exploiting, abused, and emotionally harmed every day WHILE living in a house and being fed. How sad that you have set the bar for good parenting so incredibly low – because children need and deserve so much more than just food and a house to live in.

“If you want to worry about some kids, maybe start by look at all the kids dying of hunger in this country.”

I’m perfectly capable of being concerned about starving children at the same time that I’m concerned about exploited children. It doesn’t have to be an either or thing.

kim on

Jealousy is a big ugly green monster.

Looks like it was a fun party.

Delaina on

My problem with the idea of super-lavish parties and $2500 gift bags is strictly the trickle-down effect. We all know at least one parent who will get ideas from Stella’s birthday party and try to duplicate some or all of it within their own budget, elaborate gift bags included. A friend of mine lives in a semi-small community and every year it seems like the moms are trying to one-up each other in regards to kids’ parties. When did it become the norm for guests to go home with presents too? Certainly not when I was growing up! A small bag of candy is one thing, but not actual “gifts”!! I have absolutely NO intention of having to finance a birthday party for my child, and believe me, that’s where my friend and all the moms in her community are headed. Yes, it’s easy to raise your child with better values. But answer me this, how do you deal with your child’s friends (and their parents) thinking you are “poor” because your child’s party isn’t as elaborate and their child didn’t leave your child’s party with a gift at least equal to the one they might have brought your child? Little children won’t care about that, but older children might. Yes, yes, I should be above worrying about what people think of me, but seriously, who WANTS to be talked about behind their back?

Angi on

Angie, if you honestly think that those children are being abused, you have NO IDEA what child abuse is. I see healthy,happy and loved children. I WAS abused by my mother. Those children do know act as if their parents are harming them. So, I suggest you think before you speak.

Mary-Helen on

My daughter just turned eight and her birthday party was Hawaiian themed and all the kids got a grass skirt and lei to wear that I got @ the dollar store and played games and each got a little prize for winning a game. I spent a grand total of $55 on the party (decorations, cake, prizes and all) and the kids had a great time! Isn’t that the most important thing, that the kids have a good time instead of flaunting what you’ve got? I mean, even Jennifer Lopez had a low-key party for her twins that consisted of friends, cake, and Elmo balloons. Why does Tori have to go all out? Who is she impressing?

Nina on

We live in LA and for my son’s 2nd birthday we had everyone bring a new unwrapped gift to donate to a shelter. We had guests from all walks of life and probably could have gotten some pricey gifts but at the end of the day who needs all those toys! We bought him a nice gift and felt good knowing we had given so many toys to kids who really need them.
It’s just shocking to me to hear how much those gift bags were worth, there are lots of kids who don’t have any toys, let alone have a birthday party 😦

Angi on


Those children DO NOT act like their parents are harming them.

alisoncrown on

We were happy with pin the tail on the donkey

Angie on

“Angie, if you honestly think that those children are being abused, you have NO IDEA what child abuse is.”

Yes actually I do know what abused looks like. I used to work as a nanny for people who emotionally abused and severely neglected their children to the point where their lives were in danger. And because the family had money and the children appeared on the outside to be okay everyone assumed they were fine. Everywhere we went people would make comments about how lucky the children were to be able to grow up in such a good home. Abuse – whether it be physical, emotional, or in the form of exploitation – can happen to children who appear to be fine. So please, spare me the lectures on how I don’t understand abuse. I have seen the way Tori has thrust her children in the spotlight since the minute they were born, and I think it’s dangerous and disturbing. And while exploiting them may be a more subtle (and possibly less damaging) form of abuse, I still consider it abuse. Just because a child isn’t locked in a closet and beaten with hangers does not mean they are okay and being well cared for.

Moore on

“My mother always said people say snide and mean thing because they are jealous.”
Not true as is other bloggers here saying the same thing. I’ve mentioned the same thing in another over-the-top celeb baby’s first shindig. It’s ridiculous to be wasteful in any area in life. If I had the money, as I stated before, I still wouldn’t do it. So, really, where’s the jealousy come in? Some of us just don’t agree with that.

“They have food in their bellies and a roof over their head. They are fine.”
I don’t find that to be true in any case, celeb children or not. Abuse takes many forms and is not always written clearly on a child’s face. I don’t know Tori’s family at all but to say they have food and a house, (don’t look abused) they’re fine just seems wrong to me. I’m sure you didn’t mean it to be taken literally (I guess) but I’ve been around too many abused little ones for that statement to sit well with me in any form.

Angi on

Actually I worked in the day-care field for a long time and also cared for many children as a private sitter. I went to many programs, lectures and got certified to understand how to catch the signs if there is trouble or abuse. Yea, Tori has issues, but she seems to be working threw them as best she can,considering the stuff her mother says and does. Her kids are obvious loved very much by both parents. That is more then a lot of kids can say.


what has this world come to?

these comments are shameless and nothing short of people with nothing else to do.

get a life, stop focusing on others and enjoy yours.

Wow, you people are sad.

Kate on

People can say they’re not jealous and just ‘concerned’ but, please, who are you kidding? I see it everyday, everywhere, be it in the mall when people give me stares because of my ‘expensive’ stroller, or at the park because my kids don’t wear Old Navy. But my family works hard, I spend my money how I want to, and don’t need anybody’s approval. I’m sure Tori feels the same:)
Oh, and I still don’t see how kids being in ‘reality’ show is so much worth then kids starring in movies/shows. Olsen twins should sue their parents then:)

Annabelle on

“and don’t need anybody’s approval. I’m sure Tori feels the same:)”

I doubt that she does feel the same way or she wouldn’t spend to much time on her show pretending to be so poor.

“People can say they’re not jealous and just ‘concerned’ but, please, who are you kidding?”

I’m beginning to the think that the people who defend Tori do it because they’re just like her. How sad that there are so many people on here trying to justify bad parenting.

Annabelle on

“Wow, you people are sad”

What’s sad is that you’re lecturing us about having too much time on their hands while you’re on the same site we’re on. I think it’s shameless and disgusting that there are so many people who are so quick to heap praise on someone just because they’re a celebrity, and that there are so many people who want to turn a blind eye to someone else exploiting their children. How sad to see people with such screwed up priorities.

gargoylegurl on

“Come on people, this party is obviously for the show. I am sure Tori and Dean had a private party at home for Stella with just the four of them. You can have a big hollywood party and still be a good parent and teach your child values.

It amazes me that so many women will criticize every celebrity about their choices…on a celebrity baby gossip blog. If it bothers you, why are you here? If there weren’t people interested in seeing pictures from these events, no one would sponsor them.”

Well said, Michelle. I totally agree!

TinaO on

Wow Kate, so happy you have an expensive stroller and think people care about it and your proud your kids don’t wear Old Navy?? I see why you relate to Tori…
I think in general the whole Tori thing is so over-rated! I am, in no way shape or form, jealous of them, if anything I am happy I don’t have to deal with all that crap and can enjoy my family! ( And my son loves Old Navy and I don’t care his pants cost $5!) 🙂

actualsize on

Oh, and I still don’t see how kids being in ‘reality’ show is so much worth then kids starring in movies/shows. Olsen twins should sue their parents then:)

The main difference is, I think, that children who are actors usually choose to do so (obviously not when they’re babies/toddlers as the Olsen twins were, but once they reach an age that they understand what’s happening, they can stop, go home, and resume their lives). However, if there are cameras in the home, then the children can’t choose to stop unless they leave home (which is pretty difficult for a little kid to do!) When your home is a set, there’s nowhere else to go.

Also, there are protections in place for child actors (how many hours they can work, having their income protected, having a tutor/nurse, and someone on set looking out for them at all times) whereas reality tv children don’t have many or any of those protections in place, depending on the state.

Also, a child portraying a character is pretending to be someone else, but a reality tv child is effectively playing themselves. A boundary between audience and character is removed and the child loses privacy in that way.

I guess those are the main reasons that a being an actor is different from being a reality tv personality, and why people might feel it’s wrong for children.

JMO on

I have to just reference something to Kate’s comments.

People to me who by “expensive” things do it for show anyways cause at the end of the day those expensive things are truly not that important. I’m very capable of lavishing myself in expensive things if I wanted…but for what? To just throw my money away on something so somebody walking by can look at me and go, “omg she can afford to carry a Coach bag I’m super jealous!” For me I’d rather have 10 purses I can switch out with each outfit that cost me very little then to have one bag that cost $300.000!! So in your situation did you buy your kids expensive strollers and clothes because you wanted people to know you could afford to buy them “better” things or did you TRULY love these products so much they were the must have’s? Not that I care either way cause it’s your life and your money but I bet if you could afford these things it also means that you have your kids college education squared away as well – which if so then I say kudos to you cause then I know many of us including myself would say – lavish away!!! 🙂

All I know is from my end my kids will probably care less about the clothes I put them in or the stroller they ride in because kids really only care about the little things in life. And I’m not saying if it’s not in your budget to not do it but at the end of the day one must realize they are doing these things for themselves and not really thier kids. JMO

kris on

actualsize – Well said! I do wonder how payment works with these reality shows. Does the family get one check and basically it goes to the Mom’s and Dad’s?

I shy away from reality shows in general. I have caught episodes of some of them but I end up turing before I’ve watched a whole episode. Seeing Tori and Dean talk about intimate things or Kate belittle Jon on Jon and Kate just makes me uncomfortable. But, there is a huge market for these shows and it seems to get the non A-lister actors back into the spotlight. Which is what they want.

Sarah on

OK, I confess. I am soooo jealous of Tori Spelling. I want to meet a married man and woo him away from his wife. I want to be estranged from my mother. I want to be underweight. I want a nose job. I want to be an actress who can’t land parts anymore. I want my primary income to be from selling my private life, and that of my husband, our relationship and our children.
And most of all… I want to hold a ridiculously, embarrassingly lavish first birthday “carnival” complete with fellow Z-list guests, cameras and goody bags that are worth the equivalent of sponsoring five third world children in a year.
You’ve hit the nail on the head. We’re all soooo jealous of Tori Spelling.

Sarah on

Oh and Kate, don’t flatter yourself. Do you honestly believe people are staring at you because you push an expensive stroller? I’m sorry, but that assumption is based on YOUR obsession with money and brands, because 99% of people just don’t give a toss.

Moore on

A+ comment JMO and Sarah but Sarah you forgot the boob job. We all want the boob job. So jealous of her life it hurts. Right.

Kate, your whole comment cracks me up. So ridiculous. Do you really think people care about your stroller and the clothes your kid’s wear? I don’t. No one is looking at the tags on your stuff but you and that because you’re the one who has to pay for them.

MM on

I hear a lot of people saying things like ‘I would never throw my child a birthday party like this’ or ‘I think a party like this is ridiculous’. Well, those are your opinions, and that is your life. All of our lives are different, and who are we to say that something is right or wrong? This is their life. These are Tori’s children. If Stella and Liam have an issue with it sometime in the future, maybe they will make that clear, but pointing out Tori’s flaws, and most of you are, will likely not help anything. I completely understand where people like Di and Angie are coming from, but we must remember that this is not our family. I also notice many comments like ‘a child’s birthday party should be about having fun, not exploitation’. What kid wouldn’t have fun at a party like that? I’m sure there are some, but the ones that I’ve met would have a blast! Personally, if companies offered me free gift bags, I would not turn them down, and I am not sure if any of you would. I challenge people to look at their own lives, and the lives of others. Do all parents have the same way of parenting? I certainly don’t think so. People are always going to be there to tell you what you’re doing wrong, but what is the ‘right’ way to parent? It SEEMS like those kids are surrounded by a lot of love, but, it is not my family, and none of us have any idea about what goes on behind closed doors.
I am not bashing nor defending Tori, just stating my opinions.

And that’s my two cents.

jenny on

I think jealous takes the cake!!! OMG Tori likes to throw parties and what a special occasion to do it for…HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA!!! As far as giving the money to charity or african children, they do their part for charity..people need to get jobs or move to hollywood so you can stop bashing Tori for what we can’t afford!!!! Their show is the funniest show on TV right now!! Why not do it their way instead of paps and strangers telling stories for them.. Oh and the abuse comments: are you kidding me, if they are abused then I wish to god I was abused as a child. Don’t listen to them Tori, you just take care of your kids and life.

Anon on

Why do people have to be JEALOUS? Why can’t they just see something genuinely wrong with a situation? Anyway, I think that however a parent wants to celebrate their childs birthday they can do it that way. I just think that, its wrong to turn every moment into a photo op. I’m sure a lot of celebs have these big parties, but the photos don’t usually end up on CBB and I think that says something. Dannielynn is gorgeous btw. Also its a little presumptuous to assume that some posters on cbb can’t afford extravagant parties. This site probably gets millions of people a day? So I’m sure not everyone is coming from a jealous place.

Angie on

“..people need to get jobs or move to hollywood so you can stop bashing Tori for what we can’t afford!!!!”

Speak for yourself Jenny. Just because you can’t afford Tori’s lifestyle doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t. There are plenty of people who can afford to do what Tori is doing but choose not to because it’s not good for our children.

Angie on

Sarah: Your post is officially my favorite post of all time. Well said.

paula on

Sarah, you just made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the best post of the day!

jenny on


Moore on

ARE WE A LITTLE DEFENSIVE?- yes Jenny you are a little defensive.

“people need to get jobs or move to hollywood so you can stop bashing Tori for what we can’t afford!!!!” I too was going to say speak for yourself since you used the word we but since you addressed that so well…

jenny on


Jess on

Aw Danielynn is gorgeous! She stole the show for me.

Anon on

Sarah, that was really funny.

Angie on

Jenny: I think the fact that you are screaming at people in all caps shows that you are defensive. Just because some people happen to disagree with you is no reason to scream at them and get totally hysterical in the comments section.

Nina on

Sarah you rock!
Jenny take the caps of darling
I am curious if Kate who bragged about people looking at her expensive stroller lives in a big city? Because I live in LA and really could give a f**k what stroller people use, and generally I don’t think people care as much as you hope they do!

Kate on

Nina, if you and people like you don’t give a f**k about how much people spend (stroller was an example) then stop b*tching about $2500 gift bags and Tori’s ‘overspending’. Stop counting other’s money.

SH on

“Jenny take the caps of darling”


(it was close though)

Moore on

Kate, you’ve missed the point completely.No one cares that you’re walking around with an expensive stroller or that she’s wasteful with expensive gift bags. We don’t want it. We just think its dumb to spend on items of no real value. Do something lasting with your wealth and people will take note which is the attention you sound like you want anyway. Thats all that needs to be said in response to your dumb comment.

Jenny, caps are like screaming which make you look very defensive still. I didn’t get whatever point you had in that ramble and it would only hurt my head to go back and search for it. Feel free to defend Tori and whine about people “ragging on her parenting and lifestyle skills” but just know that you should follow your own rule once in a while. If you don’t like it don’t read it. They are after all just comments on a site and nothing to get all up in arms about.

LB on

You people are so defensive over a half joking and half serious comment…lol! Just relax and get over it

jenny on

“Jenny take the caps of darling” learn to spell then comment!! When did CBB make a caps rule? If I want to use caps I will. Gets the point across much better..

Nina on

Jenny- Learned to spell, so you can stop using caps now!
So I’ll repeat- Jenny, take the caps off darling!
Wow I feel so much better now!! HAHA

Moore on

“Gets the point across much better.”
Where is this mysterious point you keep talking about? lol!
Don’t bother about it though, I’m just picking.

gianna on

Stella is beautiful, I love her dress and liam is such a cutie too. I love tori, she seems nice and sweet, and is super friendly with fans. Candy spelling is terrible to accuse her of aaron’s death, and it’s even worse not only hasn’t she met her granddaughter, she doesn’t even go to her birthday party. She seems like a cold mom and grandmother. Dannielynn is gorgeous, looks exactly like anna to me, and larry seems like a doting dad and dresses her so nice. He always seems to be with her too, glad he got his daughter. Melissa joan hart I just said in another thread, makes some gorgeous boys, they look so much like their dad.

gianna on

Forget to add, i’m sure this party was super expensiver, but tori works hard for her money, and if throwing her daughter a big birthday bash is what she wants to do, good for her. People with money have different lives than your average person, and a lot of celebrities throw big birthday parties, just like so many of them have expensive cars, homes, buy their kids expensive clothes, vacation a lot, etc, they have a certain lifestyle that is different than say a mom who stays home with 3 kids and her husband works. Tori is a spelling in every which way, and that’s how her kids will be raised

pelin on

oh, melissa and braydon! they’re so sweet!

Marissa on

All of these Little Angels are absolutely ADORABLE! All of them!

emily on

stella is beautiful she looks so much like dean.

karlee on

stella and braydon are both adorable. they would have really cute kids together. i cant get over how much Stella looks like her dad.

ab on

Why do rich people always get and give out gift bags full of ridiculously expensive stuff they don’t need?!

Rebecca on

How does she work hard for her money? I’m sorry? I don’t understand… she has cameras in her house (basically ignores them or “acts” for them), “writes” books, and does signings. It doesn’t seem that hard to me.

Summer on

I think Tori Spellings kids are cute.Liam looks like her and Stella looks like her daddy!What a great family!

Mojo on

The nicknames are what gets to me. The children are Stella and Liam – this whole ladybug and monkey thing seems so contrived and annoying.

gianna on

REBECCA she does work hard for her money, she is always either on her reality show, now 90210, does commericals for soapnet, wrote 2 books in 2yrs, is desiging kids clothing, dean and her are producing new shows for oxygen and has two small babies. It might sound all easy and fun to you, but anyway you slice it, it’s work and she isn’t just sitting home all day. It’s not like she is just living off her family’s money or she has the right to spend her hard earned money on anything she feels like it, including a huge party for her daughter.

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