Gwyneth Paltrow on 'Aggro, Crazy' Moses

06/08/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Boys will be boys! During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Gwyneth Paltrow agreed with show host Conan O’Brien that parents aren’t always the explanation behind girly girls and rough and tumble boys. After asking Conan if  his 3-year-old son Beckett is “aggro and crazy,” Gwyneth shared that her own son Moses, 3, is “in this phase right now…[where] he’s just, like, bashing everything all over the house.” To be fair, however, Gwyneth pointed out that Moses is also in touch with his softer side.

“We actually call him our sensitive thug. It’s a line from a Jay-Z song, because that sort of characterizes him perfectly. He’s so out of his mind and then he has these moments that are very poetic.”

Case in point? According to Gwyneth, Moses recently picked up a paperclip and exclaimed, “My splendid thing, I will hook you up.” When Conan pointed out that Moses sounds as though he is wise beyond his years, Gwyneth agreed. “He does talk like he’s from another century,” the 36-year-old actress said. “He’ll say, ‘Is it not raining?'” Gwyneth went on to reveal that she’s “not sure” what Moses and his 5-year-old big sister Apple Blythe Alison think she does for a living, but they’re definitely keyed into dad Chris Martin‘s music career — as well as the career of their very famous rapper friend.

“[Moses watches] his videos all the time. ‘I want to see Uncle Jay-Z.’ So I put on the 99 Problems video, because he’s obsessed. Which is actually quite not appropriate by the way…He loves it. He sits there like this [bobs head].”

Calling her kids “amazing,” Gwyneth was quick to deflect the credit. “It’s got nothing to do with me; I don’t know how they turned out that way,” she said. “They’re brilliant and they’re funny.”

Source: The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

— Missy

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kai on

LOL@”he thinks that any white man is daddy.” okay.

I swear I heard that “sensitive thug”-thing before, though.

Anon on

She goes on quite a bit about her relationship with Jay-Z. I wonder if its because she gets asked or if she brings it up herself because its so cool. I wonder if shes friends with Beyonce?? I love Chris Martin.

Heath on

I like Gwyneth and I think her kids are cute, but I must admit I’m getting tired of hearing about the whole Jay-Z connection. It seems like she talks about that in almost every interview, and I’ve definitely heard the “sensitive thug” reference to Moses before. We get it, you’re friends with Jay-Z! You’re very cool. Now move on!

Anon on

She’s so likable in interviews! Then I read her GOOP news and its like…Blehk.

Andrea_momof2 on

Moses sounds like a hilarious kid. My daughter is very much what Conan says his daughter is. She hates fighting and roughing, she’d much rather play house LOL. My son is too young for me to guess what he’ll act like in 2 years. So far though, he’s into running/crawling away from my husband and I as fast as possible😉

T on

Moses is as cute as can be!

I just love how Gwen and Chris Martin have cultivated a relationship with someone from such a diverse background as Jay-Z! Its just such a neat friendship🙂

How cute is it that Moses has a taste for Hip-Hop? It just shows how far people have come race wise🙂

Momta2 on


Something about ur comment rubs me the wrong way…I can’t actually put my finger on it but I feel some kinda way for some reason…

Weird since on the face of it, you are expressing what I assume to be a positive observation.

Don’t mind me. But now that I think about it, I feel like you said, “I saw a white guy wearing his hat backwards, we really have overcome huh?” Again, I am sure that’s not what you meant but…

Andrea_momof2 on

Momta2, I know what you mean, but I didn’t want to comment as I couldn’t put my finger on it either.

eva on

Moses is so adorable!Is that a recent picture? because he looks so babyish I want to eat him up.

And yeah, I also don’t see why this or any family deserves a medal for having a friend from a different background.It would weird me out if my friends saw me or my child as the “different background” family.

just me on

Give T a break… I know what she means; I grew up in NYC (and lived abroad as a child) and now live in the North Carolina… I’ve never encountered as much racism as I do here in the South! I’m still apalled by comments I overhear (never made to my face); so when I hear a comment from anybody in this area that is not tinged with a touch of racism I feel exactly like T does. Some areas have a lot of catching up to do in terms of understanding and acceptance.

christina on

Being friends with an insanely wealthy and famous musician/mogul is hardly a big departure from Gwennie and Chris’s lifestyle and comfort zone. Bizarre comment, T.

Crystal on

Gwyneth Paltrow has said several times what a close relationship she and Jay-Z have. She calls him her best friend and vis-versa. It is an odd paring but they love each other and clearly their families are very close. In fact, she was one of the few celebrities at his and Beyonce’s uber-private wedding. I ♥ hearing stories about Uncle Jay!!!🙂

T on

Hi u all… Thank u justme for getting what I meant🙂

Christina u have to remember Jay-z wasn’t always super rich. He was a drug dealer from the projecrs in Brooklyn their friendship is a miracle as far as I’m concerned.

My comment was meant as this…Jay-Z like myself grew up in the projects, Gwen grew up in a wealthy family that vacationed in the Hamptons. There probably were not a whole lot of black people living next door. Don’t know as much about Chris but I’m sure he had a simple upbringing as well. For three totally different people to come 2gether and be able to form a friendship with such different upbringings and from different counrties was really cool to me. Very enduring…

T on

Excuse the misspellings sending this from a cellphone😀

aroundthewaygirl on

I see what you’re saying T. But people want to delude themselves that we live in a “post-racial” America and that some how it’s the norm to see a Black hard core rapper be BFF with White Hollywood starlet. I find their friendship interesting too but certainly not bizarre as I think about her father. Bruce Paltrow co-created the show White Shadow which was very much ahead of it’s of time in tackling the various racial themes.

ma74 on

Moses is hilarious!!He seems a bit like his dad.Crazy and energetic but with poetic moments😀

Katy on

I love that they disputed theories about the difference in boys and girls being cultivated by parents! Little boys and little girls are born with different instincts and temperaments that set the sexes apart. That being said, some little boys ARE more calm or affectionate or what-have-you, and some little girls are more rough-and-tumble. But even in boy/girl twins the differences in tendencies are evident.

Simply Bohemian on

Maybe it’s because I have a life, I don’t know? It’s only the second time I have heard her talk about Jay Z being a family friend. And really, who cares lol what a cool friend to have and a very cool way to expose your kids to all kinds of music, sans the bad words of course lol!😉

allison on

T-I think that it is sad that you have to explain your comment and how the other posters clearly didn’t understand where you were going with your original post. I totally agree with you. Seeing as how not to long ago restrooms and water fountains were segregated-how wonderful that 2 people-famous or not-from such different monetary and ethnic backgrounds can have such an amazing relationship!!

Morgan on

@Heath; Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t hear people complaining when Christina Aguilera or Nicole Richie mention being friends. Given that we don’t know whether or not she was asked the question or asked to clarify what she said in the previous interview, it seems a bit much to jump on her for making a reference *gasp* TWICE!!
Then again, comments are becoming quite judgemental in general here, full-stop. I highly doubt some of what’s said on this blog would be repeated to that person’s face.
Anyway, I’ll try something different: I like Gwyneth, and enjoyed the interview.

Amber on

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is tired of hearing her referencing Jay-Z. It seems that every interview she’s given recently she has to mention him and how he’s like their “uncle”. She comes across as though she has something to prove. Very annoying.

Tearra on

Morgan I agree I don’t see what is wrong with mentioning her friendship with Jay-Z on seperate occasions. If she’d mentioned how close she and Madonna are I don’t think the poster would’ve minded so much. Probably wouldn’t have even made reference to it🙂

I also agree thatthe posts have gotten quite testy these last few months but I guess every point of view should be offered?

L on

Beyonce & Jay are BFF’s with Chris & Gwenyth they are the only celebs that were invited to their wedding.

Thats SO adorable though, “Uncle Jay-Z” lol cuuuute!!!

Electra on

Its a little ridiculous that her having one black friend produces a ‘look how far we’ve come comment’ and I’ve always gotten the impression that Jay Z and Chris Martin were friends not Gwen and Jay with the bosom buddy connection. On top of that she’s been telling the same story about the 99 problems video since like early 08. Im sorry i just think she tells the story because it makes he sound cool and relate able.

Electra on

and i’ve read that their were other celebs at the wedding aside of Gweneth and Chris Martin. I dont know where you guys got that from.

SweetDiva on

It does seem odd that she continues to mention her friendship with Jay-Z. It’s like she doesn’t have any other friends.

Terri on

I’ve never heard her mention her friendship with Jay-Z before now, but I don’t really keep up with her so maybe that’s why. I also know that every Gwyneth post seems to invite criticism so I’m not surprised about the criticism either.

Tearra on

Terri honestly I have never heard her mention him, but I tend to stick to just a few celeb sites. I’ve seen them in each others company. I’m partial to her though…totally biased!It must be the Libra in me🙂

Wow those legs are shiny Gwen!

Tearra on

Well Mr or Ms. Electra I think it does…people tend to segregate themselves and stick with friends that are within their comfort zone. So with that in mind I think they have come so far…

Electra on


jay-z has been out of the hood life for almost 20 years now. So I dont see how a multi-millionaire, rather articulate musician is out of her comfort zone. Aside from the fact that he is black. If his blackness negates the fact that he and gweneth are of the same class then excuse me. I didn’t know. Having one black friend doesn’t make someone integrated. Having a diverse group of friends by color, but they all are of the same economic and education standing isn’t integration either. I think measuring how far we come would’ve been his race being a nonissue i.e no one having point out just how far we’ve come. Thats just IMO.

Tearra on

Hi Electra…Jay-Z’s mainstream debut was 1996, he has been in this lifestyle for 13 out of the 40 years that he has been alive…and he the majority of his wealth as been within the last eight years (which is off the topic I know)🙂

You interpreted a lot from my two-sentence post🙂

For myself…I am looking at this in terms of their upbringings. There are hundreds of multimillionaire articulate musicians black, white, Asian, Hispanic who you never see with anyone outside of their particular race, group, entourage whatever you want to call it. I am saying how far they’ve come as individuals not as a people. Most people form and base relationships off of who and what they were exposed to in their younger years. We know how Gwen was raised and we know how Shawn was raised…aside from the obvious that they are both rich they really do not seem to have much in common…yet they and their families have formed a friendship that you wouldn’t have seen 10/20 years ago. Good for them…

Kari on

I never post comments on here, but I read everyone’s and can see both sides of the argument! As a mom to biological white children and adopted black children, we get the stares and the race comments alot more than people think. I live in an area that is supposed to be the “New South” and yet there is rampant racism and school segregation (because of the way the neighborhoods are zoned- it’s not a law or anything anymore!) and we tend to find a lot of people still gravitate towards others who look like them. In our diverse neighborhood, we get stares from both white AND black families because our family does not look like the “norm” and we have actually lost friends because of our decision to adopt- which proves how narrow-minded and prejudiced some people still are.

I think Gwyneth and Jay-Z’s relationship is a really good thing, especially to show in public so we can try and move past these segregated stereotypes. For those of you who think that racism is gone, you are so wrong! We need more inter-racial friendships in the media to represent women like myself who are friends with a whole variety of people. More movies, more print ads, more t.v. commercials- each little step may seem so inconsequential to many of you, but it means alot to families like mine. Kids like Moses and Apple will benefit from having a diverse community of adults to lean on as they get older, just like mine do. If they are inately surrounded by different races growing up and have parents who embrace everyone, they are more apt to grow up as well-adjusted, accepting kids who see people as people, and who don’t classify others by the color of their skin (like many adults do).

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon always (especially early on) used to reference each other in interviews and no one blinked an eye. Gwyneth is merely doing the same- her good friend just happens to be the opposite sex and another race!

JMO on

hmm well I’m one of the one’s that has never heard her reference Jay Z either so I guess I either don’t pay attention or it simply phases me to not care! And I have heard many celebrities repeat their stories on different talk shows depending on what’s ask. They probably don’t even recall what they say and not everyone watches the same interviews.
I find the relationship odd only because it’s two different backgrounds MUSICALLY. I had to clarify that with caps LOL – I wonder has Jay Z produced music for Coldplay?? If not they should def. collab on something cause both are very talented and would work well together.

Anon on

Blacks and Whites were not friends in 1999? 1989? Really? I’ll let sammy davis jr. and the rest of the rat pack know. Dorothy Dandridge and Marilyn Monroe? Paul Newman and Ossie Davis?

Anon on

Chris Martin and Jay have worked together before. I think they’ve worked together a few times but a lot of Chris non-coldplay stuff isn’t used for whatever reason, I read his record company doesn’t usually like the stuff he does (hes worked with nelly furtado too). His song with Jay-Z is called beach chair. When I’ve heard Jay-Z talk its always been about Martin separately or the Martins as a whole. Never about gweneth, but then I haven’t looked all that hard.

April on

JMO there is actually a song on the latest Coldplay EP called Lost+ that Jay-Z raps on. They also performed it on the Grammys this year.

Anon on

Tearra on

Very well put Kari and I applaud your decision.

Anon all those people count but my posts are in reference to Jay, Gwen and Chris. Why is there a back and forth when I’m obviously commenting on a positive aspect of their friendship? People will argue even when u say something encouraging🙂

Why are u disputing that their friendship is a good thing?

Anon on

Why am I disputing that their friendship is good for RACE RELATIONS? Because blacks and whites and interracial friendships have always existed. More modernly, they’ve existed in the media for a long time. Eminem and 50 cent and Dr. Dre, Will Smith and Tom Cruise… quite a few that I could list. Its an oversimplification of racism to say that blacks and whites were not friends before a certain point. They have existed in the U.S for hundreds of years.

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