Fantasia Barrino: 'If I Could Have Waited, I Would Have'

06/08/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

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Although Fantasia Barrino and her 7 ½-year-old daughter Zion Quari offer a shining example of how a teenage pregnancy can have a happy ending, she nonetheless says that it’s a path to be avoided. “There were a lot of things that my mother and my grandmother tried to tell me, but I felt like I really didn’t want to listen because they didn’t know the new school stuff,” the 24-year-old American Idol winner and Broadway star recently said at the ‘Saving Our Sisters’ summit in Biloxi, Miss. “They didn’t know it like I know it, and they didn’t understand what I was going through.”

In hindsight, however, Fantasia says she realizes that their warnings were rooted in experience. “They knew what I was going through because they had done everything that I was trying to do,” Fantasia explains, adding,

“But I didn’t listen, so I ended up dropping out of school and having a child at a young age. And I thank God for my daughter, but if I could have waited, I would have.”

Her motivation in telling her story to the approximately 3,000 girls in attendance? To help them make a different choice. “I could be a testimony to some of these young people and say to them, ‘Yes, I’ve overcome a lot of things, but it was tough. It was hard,'” Fantasia says.

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Ava on

“If I could of waited I would have” Obviously she could have waited, she didn’t have to have sex and get pregnant in her teens..

jannet on

my thoughts exactly – if you’re having sex, you should at least realize the possibility of pregnancy. if you wanted to wait, then wait to have sex. its as simple as that.

Lucy on

To the first 2 posters – wow, way to miss the point. She’s not saying that she didn’t have the ability to not have sex, she’s saying that, in retrospect, she wishes she’d made a different choice.

Rita on

Thank you for saying it Lucy because I read the first comment and went back to read the article again to see if I missed something.

I think it is pretty obvious that Fantasia was saying that if she had it to do over again she would choose a different road.

And seeing as Mississippi has the highest teen pregnange rate in the counrty and is steadly increasing, I hope she convinced some of those 3,000 young ladies in attendence to choose a different road.

noam on

her comments seem to contradict themselves. at first, she says her mother and grandmother (and her) didn’t know what it was like, or about sex,or what she was going through etc…but then she says they knew from experience what it was like…perhaps she was trying to say that she didn’t listen to what they were saying, but you have to read it a few times to get that…and clearly, she could have waited. again, i think she is trying to say one thing (i’m interpreting it as she felt pressured to have sex and felt like she had to to be cool or whatever) but it came out wrong…

Ava on

She had the ability to make the choice then not to have sex and possibly get pregnant at 15..

Ava on

Why couldn’t she have waited??? I don’t get that at all!!!! She was 15 for crying out loud…WTF

Brandi on

Ava you’re completely missing the point of what she’s trying to say.

mimi on

For those who are saying that Fantasia could have chosen not to have sex when she was a teenager…You are wrong. I read that she was raped as a teen, so she did not have a choice. Granted, I don’t think the father of her child was the man who raped her, but it is very common for children who are sexually abused to act promiscuous because they have a low self-esteem.

I’m so glad Fantasia has manged to get her life in order. Hopefully, she can be a role model to other young women who have faced similar obstacles and help prevent girls from being harm3d the way she was.

Ava on

I understand what she is trying to say, but her quote “If I could of waited I would have” My question is why couldn’t she have waited??? If someone wants to explain that then I will stop with the posts.

mimi on

*managed, *harmed

As I said, Fantasia was raped when she was a teen, but even if she chose to have sex, I think she is trying to say that she regrets some of the choices she made; so, i don’t get why some people are complaining.

Anon on

The reading comprehension skills of some people are weak.

She’s saying “If I could [go back] and have waited, I would have”. I don’t know if she that means waited to have SEX or waited to have a child meaning terminating her pregnancy. She doesn’t seem to clarify on that. Also, she’s saying that at the time she thought her elders didn’t know what they were talking about because she was somehow going through something soo much different from them. However, she realizes now that tho the time period had changed she was struggling with issues that they had struggled with in the past.

My only qualm with Fantasia is that I wish she would have said ‘If I wasn’t an amazing singer, and had this special talent my life would’ve been a lot harder. In fact who knows where I’d be now’ I feel like that would have been even more important to say.

ag on

Ava, I think she simply misworded her sentence.

Ava on

Mimi, Thak you I didn’t know any of that. Now it makes sense.

dearling on

Ava – She’s saying that basically, if she knew now what she didn’t know then, she would have waited; basically, she’s learned from her experience.

Lily B. on

I totally agree with Rita… Ava, when she says that, I guess she’s just trying to say that NOW she knows that what she did during her teen years was not the ideal, but back then she didn’t felt like that was wrong… and if she had to do it all again, she’d go through a different path.

mimi, I didn’t know that she was raped as a teen… since it has happened to me too, I agree, but about “having no choice”, that was a bit hard… it depends a lot on the maturity…

lizzielui on

Mimi I think you hit the nail on the head. Not only was Fantasia sexually abused but Zion’s father was physically abusive to her for a long period of time as well. I think that is what Fantasia meant when she said that her mother and grandmother didn’t know what she was going through so she couldn’t relate to their advice. And let’s face it, teens DO NOT always listen to their parents. In fact, it is usually the opposite, maybe not with issues such as sex and pregnancy but we all know that teens often want to do the complete opposite of what their parents tell them. Furthermore, it is unrealistic to always expect a naive, immature, 15 year old to rationalize situations the way an adult would and make the wise choice. All of us have things in our past that in hindsight we would have done differently. I think what Fantasia is trying to say is that like most teens her age, she would not listen to her elders (for whatever reason) and she suffered the consequences. If she had to do all over again she would have done things differently, which could include picking better choices in a mate, valuing herself more, and waiting to have sex.

JMO on

Most teenagers have this theory that getting pregnant won’t happen to them. I think it’s much better to teach sex education in schools. When I was 13 are 8th grade class had to take home these think it over babies for the weekend. It really made MANY of us realize that babies are not fun (and this was only a doll). It’s ashame sex education isn’t funded in a lot of schools because if it was every school could provide these dolls or other methods of making kids realize that it isn’t all fun and games and yes sex can have consequences!
Most teens who have had children young will most likely say they regret that they were so young and wish they had waited which is essentially what Ms. Fantasia seems to be saying.

Mia on

She was saying she would have waited to have a child than have one at a young age. And frankly, teenagers have sex, not all of them, but many of them and its not realistic to say “she shouldn’t be having sex” but she should have been educated enough to protect herself to avoid pregnancy, and any kind of transmitted diseases or viruses.

Chris on

What do you want her to say? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to say she should have never had her daughter!

aroundthewaygirl on

I’m glad Fantasia is getting this good message out. I had two children as a teenager and I would have certainly made different choices in mate, would have waited to have sex, and would have used some form of birth control. I managed to put myself through NYU and Princeton with two small children and made a good life for myself and my children. But it was a tough road. I think it’s great Fantasia didn’t mention much about being a talented singer as talent takes many forms. You don’t have to be a singer to make it out of the “badlands”. I sound like a goat being strangled when I sing, but I have a great head for business.

I hate when a person’s comments are taken out of context from the original delivery. It just gives self-righteous people something to snark about.

Kelli on

I wasn’t a teen when I had my son but I had just graduated from college. He’s 3 now and if I could go back I would have made different choices as well. I hate when people try to use people’s words against them. Women (or men) who have gone through the experience of having a child when you are not married understand exactly what she means. I love my son and he has made me a better person than I would have been had he not been in my life. But I if I could, I would have waited and had this same child at a better time in my life.

For those people who haven’t experienced this, good for you. But don’t try to act like you are above this experience because anyone who is sexually active can get pregnant whether you want to or not.

Jas on

Reading is fundamental. Like all of us who’ve made poor choices in our past…there comes a time when we think back on it and wish we would’ve had the knowledge we have now…we wish we would’ve had it back then. But you live and you learn and more importantly you try to each other people and hopefully you will get through to someone and prevent them from making the same mistakes you made. In Fantasia’s case, she’s talking about having a child early in life.

Courtney on

I think its fairly obvious that she is saying that she would have taken a different road than she has.

I honestly think this is no different than Bristol Palin. I think whats sad is that one girl is lauded for talking to young women and one is called a hypocrate.

Annabel on

“If I could have waited, I would have.”

I know what’s she trying to say, but I think she could have worded it better. I understand why some people are confused. What she means is “If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have waited to have a child”, but the way she says it makes it seems as if she had no choice in becoming pregnant (her rapist is not her daughter’s father, by the way). Birth control be damned, if you’re having sex, pregnancy is ALWAYS a possibility, even if only a slight one, it’s still there.

That said, I commend her for giving this issue the attention that it needs. If I’m not mistaken, Mississippi has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country, so I hope she was able to get through to some of those girls.

Kim on

Hi Ava,

What she meant with,’If I could I would have waited’, is that she got pregnant during sex at a young age and if she had the choice to go back in time, she would have done things differently. Made different choices such as have protected sex. When people say on this board, ‘Why didn’t she do that back then!, it’s because she didn’t had the same knowledge or sense of responsibility on what it really means to raise a child.
My friend became a very young mother herself. She was pretty wild growing up and decided not to have protected sex with her then-boyfriend fully aware that she could get pregnant, which did indeed happen. She had an incredibly unhappy childhood, quite abusive and no one taught her what the real consequenses are when you become a mom that young. She didn’t care for advice she did get from other because that was the state of mind she was in back then.
People change, and my friend said to me the other day (I travelled through Australia and New Zealand) that if she had the choice she would have done things differently and joined me on my trip, and waited a bit longer with becoming a mom.
I hope this explanation makes sense that sometimes in certain situations a 15 year old isn’t always making the ‘right’ choice but that they are now in a more mature state where they would advice other young girls to wait. They think that having a baby at such a young age will take their problems away from their own upbringing. And it doesn’t always happen.

Mel on

I think most people with common sense know exactly what she meant. Others just like to nit-pick everything!

Ava on

Thank you kim, It definately makes sense. The way Annabel worded it was exactly what I was thinking….”like she had no choice in becoming pregnant…

Annabel on

@ Courtney

I think the reason people have a problem with Bristol Palin is because her efforts don’t come across as sincere. It’s seems as if she’s just trying to save face. She went on national television saying “abstinence is completely unrealistic” only to become an advocate of it just a few months later, claiming that her comment was “taken out of context”. Not only that, but she comes from a very wealthy family with a long list of extended relatives willing to help her out. She will never have to struggle the way most teen parents do, which is why people aren’t buying what she’s trying to sell.

N on

Lizzielui and JMO – I completely agree with the two of you. My parents “took the fun” out of everything considered bad for me. They sat me down and told me what they did, why they did it, the impact and why it was or wasn’t a bad decision. Everything from sex to drugs to shopping. Everyone has always said that I rebelled against them because I really was a great kid. And in high school we had to take a course called Abstinence by Choice, and while I don’t completely agree with the forceful view on being abstinant, it with a doubt got some of us teenagers thinking. We had to look at HUGE projector sized photos of all sorts of STDs and childbirth and had to carry around those stupid dolls, but we had to do it for an entire week. It was horrifying to a 14 year old girl. And I have to say that not 1 person in my entire high school class was ever pregnant, which is a lot to say for living in the south. I guess they did something right. I actually think the youngest of us to have a child was 20, and she was married!

aroundthewaygirl on

Fantasia’s experience with teen pregnancy and Bristol’s experience are polar opposites. I cannot relate to Bristol when I look at my own experience. I don’t laud Bristol because her message is coming from a political agenda that I personally don’t agree with. However, someone else may think she’s great. Also, she sends a very mixed message regarding teen pregnancy and teens get enough mixed messages on a very serious subject. When Black women are being diagnosed with HIV at an alarming rate, I don’t think it’s enough to say….ohh just don’t have sex. I have no problem with teaching abstinence but that cannot be the only lesson being taught during sex education.

Tearra on

I get what she meant. I think her comments are being overanalyzed. In the grand scheme of things we all know what she means. IF she could do it all over knowing what she now knows she probably would’ve made better choices. Not everything comes out correctly in paper interviews.

JMO on

N –

I would like to say that in my graduating class of about 250 students only one (and she was 18) was pregnant the day we graduated. Granted a few (maybe less then 5) ended up pregnant with a child by age 20 but considering the amount of teen pregnancy’s I’d say our graduating class def. took valuable lessons in our sex education programs that our schools provided! I do not agree with teaching abstinence because it’s just going to go in one ear and out the other. Teens WILL have sex and what people need to do as parents and educator’s is to help teens realize what kinds of consequences can occur when you have unprotected sex (i.e. pregnancy, STD’s, etc). I will never forget the videos we watched on diseases and birth and the babies we had to suffer with over a LONG weekend!! And now as a nanny who LOVES and ADORES children I am much more aware of how much work children really are (and not to mention how much money too)!

Amanda on

I think a very realistic solution to the “abstinence doesn’t work” issue is to teach kids what I was taught: sex education and the reality that abstinence truly is the only way not to contract an STD or get pregnant. My parents and schools taught me what I needed to know, and I made the personal decision to wait until marriage. They did not force me to put a promise ring on my finger — I chose to make that vow myself and asked my mom to take me to pick out a ring. It was MY decision, not theirs. Did they influence my decision? Yes, because they provided me with a broad range of information so I could make the most informed decision possible for myself.

Is every person going to choose abstinence? For corn’s sake, no, but throwing abstinence under the bus with a sweeping statement that it doesn’t work is foolish. Abstinence is a fantastic lifestyle that I wholeheartedly support, but I also am in no way naive enough to think that abstinence-only education is acceptable. Seriously, teaching a teenager nothing other than, “Don’t do it!” is the essence of stupidity.

Assuming that every single person is going to have sex before marriage is just as naive as assuming we all will wait. I know plenty of people who have waited until marriage as well as plenty of people who haven’t.

Bottom line: provide ALL of the information so that the teenager is as well-equipped as possible with the knowledge they need and then leave it up to them. After all, unless the teen is raped, it’s ultimately his or her choice whether or not to have sex.

Liliana on

As someone who became pregnant at 16 and gave birth the day after her 17th birthday, I can relate. I do think Fantasia’s way of wording her statement is confusing but, in retrospect, I think she means that if she could go back in time, she would’ve waited to have a child instead of being a mother at 15.

Personally, I made some wrong choices and became a mother long before I was ready but I wouldn’t change my life for the world. I finished high school and put myself through college and am lucky enough to currently have a great job. More importantly, my son is a happy and healthy seven year old.

Anon on

So for the ladies saying If I could have, I would have waited are you saying you would have waited to have sex? You would have terminated your pregnancy? I feel like saying “i would have waited” is a little ambiguous.As well as saying “i would have done things differently”.

babyboopie on

I was 19 when I had my son, and I don’t regret having him, not ever, he is my little saviour, he made me grow up and put my life into perspective. I was very young and if I could turn the clock back, I don’t think I would have done it any differently, because I simply cannot imagine life without my little boy. I think it’s pointless dwelling on the past or dwelling on how not getting pregnant very young would make a difference because the baby is already here. My son is here, and the day my baby was born, my life changed for the better, I got my act together, and became an adult. I think Fantasia should tell the young girls in that state about how difficult it is being a teenage mum and all the difficulties that come with it and as she says, it IS a path to be avoided, but other than that, I don’t like what she says, because if you’re already pregnant (and planning on keeping the baby) or a mum, that’s not a nice thing to say really. Just my opinion. I love my son, and I could never turn the clock back and not have him, because if I did, he would not be here, and he wouldn’t be who he is and it makes me want to cry when I even begin to think about it.

Tearra on

We had sex Ed in school and I saw all the gross pictures of what happens when you contract an STD and what happens when you don’t get it treated. My classmates and I thought it all was gross and we moaned and groaned while watching the video but in general it didn’t dissuade me in the least. I was 18 my first time and let me tell you I wasn’t thinking about any of the things we were taught in high school OR what my mom and daddy had told me previously. All that mattered is I wanted to have sex and I did (and like most young girls I did wish had waited until I met the true love of my life). For some teenagers the message does get across but I think that more often then not it is in one ear and out the other. I can’t count how many of my classmates were mothers before 20. Teenagers are going to do what they want whether is engage in sex or not…the best we can do is make them aware of their actions and the consequences and hope and pray they make the right choices. I don’t think its very realistic to say don’t have sex and expect them all to comply and I think Bristol is a prime example. Her mom was staunchly in support of abstinence and it didn’t work in her own home.

Tearra on

But I still applaud Bristol for the decisions she made after she got pregnant and after her baby was born. She stepped up and she is taking care of her child…no one else.

crimpe on

Anon, Fantasia and the other former teen mothers agreeing with her on this site mean this, plain and simple: They love their children. They wish that these children were born at a later period in their lives, when they were older, more mature, more stable. “Doing things differently back then” does not necessarily mean terminating their pregnancies, just that perhaps they could have used birth control or even put off having sex and having these wonderful children until they were older. I think it is rather clear, honestly.

New Shoes on

Upthread, Kelli said this: “I love my son and he has made me a better person than I would have been had he not been in my life. But I if I could, I would have waited and had this same child at a better time in my life.”

I don’t think there is anything not nice about what she said. Of course she realizes that if she had waited, she wouldn’t have the Zion that she has now. But if it were possible to have the same child later in life, she would have opted for that. What is not nice about that?

aroundthewaygirl on

Anon, I think you are deliberately being obtuse and trying to stir up trouble.

Anon on


You say it as if some women don’t wish they would’ve terminated their pregnancies and as if that COULDN’T have been an option when interpreting it the statement. One of my former friends said to me once “I love my son, with all my heart and I do everything for him but if I could go back to my 19 year old self I wouldn’t have had him..I would’ve had an abortion”. It one of the most candid conversations I’ve ever had.

My point was and it seems lost on you, that “If I could have waited, I would have” can mean quite a few different things and curiousity made me ask the women here. And unless you know every single one of these teen moms then I don’t see how you could speak for them and what they meant in terms of ‘waiting’.

Very few women are brave enough or have the perspective to admit they would have terminated their pregnancies(if that’s what they meant). Especially considering the fact their children are here now. I personally understand that its a complex situation and do not blame women that feel that way(and i know a few).

aroundthewaygirl on

Now I have to say WTF! Very few women are brave enough or have the perspective enough to admit they would have terminated their pregnancies. So now you’re a mind reader and can deem who has perspective but you can’t figure out when someone says, they would have waited…. Your explanation is even more obtuse than your original statement.

Anon on

Around the way girl–

I don’t think I’m being obtuse. In hindsight my question was sort of inappropriate, but I’d received a response and felt compelled to answer it. I just feel like blanket statements like “i would have waited” or “i would have done things differently” are very soft and don’t really mean anything. Its like saying had I known driving drunk would get me into a car accident, I wouldn’t have driven drunk. Yes, of course if you knew you’d get pregnant you wouldn’t have had sex. You would’ve gotten on the pill, but didn’t you this was a consequence?

When I was in high school(I’m a junior in college now) they had people come and speak about having babies. Young women all under 25 came into out class and spoke of how they would have “done things differently” or sought “alternatives”.. they just sound very frufru to me and I feel that speaking frankly would have been a lot more beneficial.

crimpe on

Anon, you crack me up.

Anon on

No I’m not a mind reader, but I interned at a PPNYC where we counsel abortion survivors and women with PPD. I’m not the therapist, but I sit in on these sessions/groups and I see a lot of regret and depression. We try to make the ABs understand how brave they are.

meghan on

Abortion, adoption, abstinence, leave the baby in a basket on a doorstep, It’s really no ones business what Fantasia or any of the posters would have done about their pregnancies in retrospect. They made the right choices for themselves, the children are here and they have every right to say “as much as I love my child…if I could have done it differently…” Are you obtuse or trying to stir up trouble?

gaia's mommadukes on

I feel a need to stand up for Anon lol. I definitely see what she is saying. I’m 24 and have a 2 year old daughter named Gaia. A few of my girlfriends had kids right after h.s or senior year. They look at my childless friends in grad school with envy. None of them have said I wish I would have waited but it doesn’t need to be said, its expressed other ways. however, To say I wish I would have waited almost ignores the fact that you got pregnant. Its easy to skip over that part and say ” I wish this never happened” or I wish it happed later, but it did. So, if you could go back to that moment when you realized you were preggo would you make the same decision? Because that’s what counts. I think Anon was just bringing in too many subjects at once. By the way, I don’t regret my child or when I had her. I’m married, I’m getting my phd in the fall. We live a good good life. But had somethings in my life been different, who knows? Maybe I would have that regret.

Anon on

“In hindsight my question was sort of inappropriate, but I’d received a response and felt compelled to answer it.”

crimpe on

Meghan says it best. And Anon, no one has claimed to be a mind-reader. Nor would I dare speak for all former teen mothers when I referred to the comments made by Fantasia and others on this blog. Many of us are not only mothers with various experiences and hindsight, but also women with advanced degrees and careers working with women in crisis.

Nina on

I have so much respect for her, she sounds like a very dedicated young mom who is not only making a difference in others lives but working so hard to make her and her daughters’ life better.
I wish her continued success and happiness with her daughter! 🙂

Anon on

Is obtuse the word of the day? It was a very very insightful question asked in the wrong forum. Which she/he has admitted to. He clearly listens to what people say and questions it. As a teacher I care for that a lot :-P. None of you had to address her at all if her question was SO lacking thought or offensive. It was an open question for anyone who wanted to answer it(or maybe it wasn’t I’ll only read back so far). Anon— ‘doing things differently’ is always used to gloss things over when none of the options were favorable. I agree with you in that those types of statements are not clear, but decisively so.

I really wanted to comment on Ms. Barrino and advocates like her. Telling girls to wait, is so impractical!! Depending on the age of her audience that waiting game….didn’t last so long! I personally agree with Tearra, girls and boys are gonna do what they like. The most we can get them to do is “wrap it up” so to speak.

gaia's mommadukes on

Lots of anons on this site. May as well use you name its still anonymous.

Anon on

When I first came on here, I thought Anon was a name. I was like ‘this anon sure does comment a lot’.

Kim on

Haha, as my first language isn’t English I also thought that Anon was a name. Anyway, as I don’t know if all the Anons in this thread are the same:
“So for the ladies saying If I could have, I would have waited are you saying you would have waited to have sex? You would have terminated your pregnancy? I feel like saying “i would have waited” is a little ambiguous.As well as saying “i would have done things differently”.”

A lot of problem teenagers actually make the decision at such a young age to become a mother, like my friend did. She knew that unprotected sex would make her pregnant. So what most young mothers mean with ‘if I could have, I would have waited’, is that they would have waited to become a mom until maybe in their 20’s or 30’s. They wouldn’t have terminated the pregnancy, but with the knowledge they would have now as a mother, they can’t deny that if they only knew better they wouldn’t deliberately try to be a mom at such a young age. We shouldn’t forget that besides ‘accidental’ teenage pregnancies (sorry, I know that didn’t sound very politically correct), a lot of young girls choose to become pregnant as they are craving for that unconditional love. And then realize that raising a baby takes a lot more hard work then they thought it would be, hence the: ‘If I could have (gone back in time), I would have waited”.

laurie on

That is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen of her.

melania on

OMG! She just means she would have thought twice about her choice knowing what she knows now. Hasn’t anyone ever learned something the hard way on this site?! Haven’t you ever said, “If I had it to do again…”. You can’t reverse that past, it’s just a more mature person reflecting on a her younger self.

french gigi on

so…yeah….ok, ummmmm… it me or did she get her teeth fixed? she has a beautiful smile!
(way to change to topic, huh?) lol

T on

I’ve always rooted for Fantasia! From the 1st time she auditioned in ATL to her big win. This young woman has really seriously turned her life around. She used her god given talent to make a much brighter future for her, her daughter and her extended family. Its so hard to break family cycles and she did that and much more. Go Fantasia!

Laurie she does look really good in this pic.

sinclair on

“so…yeah….ok, ummmmm… it me or did she get her teeth fixed? she has a beautiful smile!”

yep, she had braces–for years.

L on

Shes actually from North Carolina…Not Mississippi..

Her daughter is so cute, to bad there is no picture of little Zion!

Ms. V on

What she was trying to say was that she didn’t feel as if her mother and grandmother understood what it was like to be a teen these days. Although, after she had grown up, she realized that they understood exactly what she was going through and she wish she had listened. Ever one does not walk in the same shoes; do not pass judgement on anyone… Too many haters for me

Rita on

To L,
We know she is from North Carolina but she was speaking to the young ladies at the “Saving Our Sisters” summit in Biloxi, Mississippi

Chi Chi on

Also, for those of you who criticized how Fantasia worded what she was trying to say, you either didn’t know or forgot that she was practically illiterate. When she wrote her memoirs, she admitted that she was functionally illiterate. So she probably doesn’t have the best grasp of the language and she doesn’t always word things correctly.

Me on

It’s funny how everyone has something negative to say!!!!! The important thing is that she used her situation as motivation!She is a mother to her child!!!! Don’t be a hater!!!!! God is the only one that can judge her, not anyone else!!!!!

This is what is wrong with the world today!!!! Everyone is so quick to judge someone else. Half of you her that are being judgemental were having sex at a young age,or before marriage, the only thing was that you did’t preg.

It’s nice when you can tell someone else what to do, but remember you don’t want your dirt to surface…

Fantasia Barrino,

You go girl, and keep doing what your doing!!!!

Keep God first, and you will be good!!!!