Exergen TemporalScanner Thermometer: The Truly Uninvasive Thermometer

06/08/2009 at 03:30 PM ET

The Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer ($30 at Wal-mart, $50 at Babies R Us) took seconds to use and yielded accurate results. Our kids are fascinated by it and we like having an alternative to the traditional methods, most especially rectal readings!

When our kids are sick and desperately need sleep it’s comforting to get a reading without waking them. With a little practice, we got the technique down quickly – remove the clear cap (an easy oversight), press and hold the button, lightly sweep it across the forehead, release the button and read the temperature.

After repeated use we learned a few tips to pass on: avoid use directly after baths and if your child is sweating take the temperature on the neck behind the earlobe instead.

The only thing we didn’t like was that the display screen isn’t back-lit so we needed a flashlight when using it in the night. That said, we still found this Made in the USA thermometer highly useful for making decisions and recommend it to other parents.

— Bonnie

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Laura on

This thermometer wakes up my kids when I use it! It’s also much, much harder to use on a squirmy toddler than a more traditional ear thermometer. Don’t buy it!

crimpe on

Totally agree with Laura. My pediatrician advises against these as well. They tend to be difficult to use and highly unreliable. I was so excited about it when we bought it too : (

Megan on

I found that these are not very accurate and and the results vary each time you use it.

Meredith on

I just bought this from babies r us on friday! But it totally sucks!!!! I read the included instructions and did what it said hold the button and sweep across…..and it said she was 100.1 then 99.7 then 99.6 so we went to the doctor and she was really 103!!

Its a good idea but poorly done! Its readings vary and its loud beeping and no back light make it impossible to do at night when ur child is asleep. As much as i hate to admit it a rectal temp is a better way to go till they are older!

Christina on

I hate this thermometer! It is wrong all of the time. It once said my newborn was 105 degrees. He was actually 99. Save your money.

Tearra on


MomE on

I have this thermometer and I’ve had no problems with it. I love it! It’s been accurate every time I use it. With in thermometer there can be SLIGHT variences. I take the temp three times to make sure it’s not way off each time. Sometimes I’m off by .2 degrees, but I not off by 4 or 5 degrees!

Rachel on

I received one as a gift when my son was born. Everytime I use it I get dramatically different results. One minute I have 103.2 temperature, and the next second I have 92.4. I have tried several different ways of scanning including the behind the ear it recommended. Nothing made it any more accurate.

Kasey on

We have one & we LOVE it. It is so easy to use & accurate, and I love that I can take it on my boys during the night & they don’t wake up. Best $30 we’ve spent!

kai on

we have one too! and we love ittttt!!
everyone should get one!

Kate on

Very bad product! I had one and like some people said it never gave accurate results, and since I’d have to take the temp several times it would wake my kid, the beeping was so loud.

steph on

This definitely takes some practicing, but I have finally gotten it down, and think it is great. I take the temp twice and make sure they are within a tiny bit of each other. If my kid was on a brink of really really high, and I needed to know exactly, this probably would not do. But in my house of 4 kids, I really appreciate it. But it took A LOT of practice to get it.

UggaMugga.com on

I have this thermometer and it’s also very unreliable! The ear thermometers are the best and most accurate…along with the most comfortable for kids that I’ve tried. That would be my recommendation for someone in the market for a new thermometer.

Anon on

I just wanna say that kid is BEAUUUTIFULL!

melania on

I don’t know about the thermometer; we just use a digital under the armpit. The baby is in the pic is gorgeous.

deanna on

I just got this at target about a week ago works great

MZ on

We have a similar one, also $30, and it’s no good either. I got readings from 96 to 100.5. Our pediatrician advised against using them and said it’s better to just take the temperature rectally for awhile. I would recommend against buying this.

stedine on

I don’t know anything about thermometers but that baby model is GORGEOUS. I love his eyes.

Rosalie on

Using this thermometer is as effective as touching your child with a Magic 8 ball.

Amber on

I won’t be buying this thing any time soon. I don’t see the point in wasting money on a thermometer where you have to learn a “technique” in order to use it. Using a standard thermometer doesn’t require a technique. When my daughter is sick, it’s hard enough, but to have to deal with a thermometer that requires practice is just ridiculous.

Kasey on

There’s no technique needed w/ this thermometer! Hold the button down & swipe it across their forehead until it beeps….not the most difficult thing in the world! The beep isn’t that loud either.

Megan on

This thing is a piece of crap. Like everyone else has said, it is entirely inaccurate. The readings can go from 97.9 to 102.3. I wish I hadn’t bought it.

kb on

don’t waste your money this thing is a piece of junk! Readings were never correct and didn’t even last a year. Just quit working. What a waste.

Exergen on

While most of our customers are very pleased with the TemporalScanner, some encounter difficulties like those expressed in several posts. We want to ensure our product performs as well in homes as it does in the hundreds of hospitals and pediatric offices nationwide where the TemporalScanner is used. Many of the issues raised are answered in “Frequently Asked Questions” available at http://www.exergen.com/medical/TAT/tatfaq.html. Additionally, our customer support team is available at 800-422-3006 or medical@exergen.com. We appreciate your interest in the TemporalScanner and want to assure you that we’re listening.

Nicola on

We’ve had this for a year. It looks fancy and seemed like such a great and easy way to take our son’s temperature, but as with others here, we do not get anything close to a reliable or accurate reading with it. Take your temperature a few times in a row, I dare you. See how accurate your results are.

Earlier this year, my son was registering at over 105 on it. Multiple times. So we rushed him off to the doctor. Where they took his temperature (in the ear) and discovered that it was a whopping 100.9. BIG difference! We’ve gone back to the ear thermometer. It may not be 100% accurate, but it will get you A LOT closer than this forehead deal.

PS — I LOVE the comment above: “Using this thermometer is as effective as touching your child with a Magic 8 ball”. Indeed.

Rebecca on

We do the behind the ear method with this thermometer and it works great. Both of my kids like having their temp taken (in fact if one gets it done the other cocks her head to the side and says, “ME TOO!”)

Anonymous on

The family I babysit for has this thermometer and I love it! I have never had a problem with it. The kids don’t fight me to take their temperature and it has always seemed accurate to me. Only time it seems inaccurate was when I swipe too fast.

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