Kelly Rutherford: Turkey's Done!

06/06/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
GSI Media

Due to deliver her second child today, Kelly Rutherford looks like she may be trying to walk baby girl out on Wednesday in Beverly Hills! We hope to hear the good news soon.

The new baby will join big brother Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 2 ½, the Gossip Girl star’s son with estranged husband Daniel Giersch.

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Meg on

Hopefully Kelly has her baby girl soon! I was due with a little girl yesterday and still nothing. These babies can be stubborn. It’s nice to see though that she didn’t go the scheduled csection route like alot of hollywood mommies do for convience.

cassie on

i have been searching your site all day looking for news on Kelly.

Alex on

Ooh, can’t wait for this baby news! And Meg, best of luck with your little one, hope she arrives soon!

Gabi on

I hope she has the baby too!! Meg good luck!!! you will be so excited when she comes!!

babyboopie on

Awww I wish kelly all the best in having her baby girl! She looks like she’s in labour! Can’t wait to hear all about her little girl!

aroundthewaygirl on

Boy she looks terrific! I’d really like for someone to name 10 celebrities who have had scheduled c-sections. Who are these so many celebrities having c-sections for convenience? If Kelly had scheduled a c-section, should I get up her face and feel so superior I had a 2 day labor? It’s funny how someone always manages to make a sideways dig at someone who had a scheduled C-section.

Jessica on

I don’t think it’s necessarily that so many celebs are having scheduled c-sections, it’s just that some of them speak out about it and sound so lazy, it sticks with you. As for ten, I could only think of about 5 off the top of my head so I searched CBB:

Tori Spelling
Christina Aguilera
Denise Richards
Gwen Stefani
Trista Sutter
Jamie Lynn Spears
Victoria Beckham
Dayna Devon
Zoe Lucker
Matthew Settle (and his wife Naama Nativ)

Some of those were c-sections scheduled for legitimate reasons, ie Gwen Stefani and Jamie Lynn Spears having breech babies and Trista Sutter having HELLP syndrome. I think it’s the other ones that really make it stand out, like Denise Richards scheduling a c-section for a day that she thought was “convenient” and when she went into labor the day before, STILL opting to have a c-section instead of continuing labor, and Christina Aguilera not wanting vaginal tearing and wanting to be “done early”. There’s also cases of c-sections for “big” babies who are probably not too big at all, like Matthew and Naama’s 8lb11oz baby. Women are made to birth babies, even big ones, and I think it’s sad doctors scare women to thinking they can’t.

Back to the original post, Kelly looks great and I can’t wait to hear about her little girl!

Just a note – Jamie Lynn had a vaginal birth. Britney did schedule both her c-sections though.

– CBB Staff

Lisa on

She looks great for being “done”! Hopefully she will have her this weekend!

stedine on

Jessica you can add

Angelina Jolie
Kate Hudson
Kate Winslet
Elizabeth Hurley
Claudia Schiffer
Brooke Shields
Toni Braxton

to your list… Not that I care how people choose to deliver their babies, it’s not really my business, my body or my child

aroundthewaygirl on

Well I think that’s a problem. A few celebrities have scheduled C-sections for convenience and that’s cause to take a swipe at other women. And then for people to assume an 8 pound baby is not too big for another woman and make calls about what size baby she should be able to deliver vaginally is ridiculous. I’m not privy to celebrities medical information and would never assume I know who should be able to deliver vaginally.

So, again. Who are all these many celebrities having scheduled C-sections for convenience and what does that have to do with Kelly? It just another sancti-mom taking a swipe at people.

Jessica on

I thought it was a compliment towards Kelly, nothing more, nothing less. Celebreties put themselves in the public and we eat it up.

stedine on

FYI: I have no children at the current moment. I don’t judge people for how they choose to live their lives as I am too selfish to care but self righteous folks irk me. I’m just obsessed with all things celebrity. I’m 22, I’m going to try for kids sometime around the year my age round to 30. LOL. I don’t want to have a c-section because anesthesia scares the hell out of me and my mom had all four of us without any meds and I want to be just like her

Nikko on

Also, Victoria Beckham scheduled her C-Sections that’s where the term “too posh to push” came from!
So silly. I fought not to have a c-section and am soo glad I didn’t! If it’s not necessary I don’t see the point in doing it!
Kelly looks good!

Nancy on

Awww,i love her so much.Can’t wait for this baby news.Blessing kelly and baby

Daniella on

Maybe Kelly’ll be like my mum was with me & be two weeks overdue. I was due in late August but born in mid-September. And then my poor mum had me on her 15th day overdue after just three hours of labor & I was a whopping 10 lbs. 9 ozs. I haven’t seen any celebrity baby on this site who can join me in the ‘over 10 lbs’ club yet. Have there been any?

Mia on

Hope the babies arrive healthy and safe, and soon (Kelly and to the poster Meg).
And a side note *Angelina Jolie had C-sections with Shiloh and twins, Knox and Viv because all of the babies were breach! Plus Dr’s usually want to deliver twins via C-section rather than a vaginal birth, especially when the woman has had a C-section prior with another delivery.

I swear it seems like Kelly has been pregnant for 2 years, its one of those crazy long pregnancies!!

Gemini on

daniella, i can’t think of any celebrity baby being over 10 lbs, but my oldest cousin was 11 lbs. 11 oz when he was born…and he was not born by c-section and wasn’t even overdue his due date..

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Shiloh was breech, but nothing has been said about whether or not Knox and Viv were (except maybe by tabloids, but we know how unreliable they are!). Most likely the C-section with Knox and Viv was due to the fact that Angie’s doctor felt that a VBAC with twins was too risky.

babyboopie on

To daniella, eric mabius had a 10lb 3oz baby! I can’t really think of anymore!

manon on

Nikko: “too posh to push” does not refer to Victoria Beckham specificially, it started (at least in UK) as a reaction to so many well heeled women going to Portland Hospital and having c sections.

How do we know why V Beckham had c sections? They may have been entirely necessary plus she is brave enough to have had 3 children.

manon on

Jessica: that’s quite judgemental about Denise Richards and Christina Aguilera! Do you know they medical files intimately or this just something you read in the press?

Lauren on

Ah, oh wells.. C-section, vaginal birth, epidurals.. Which ever you choose, it doesnt make you any less of a woman or human being.

Vicci on

It’s ridiculous that a post about a woman who is due to deliver naturally has to turn into another excuse to have a dig at women who have C-sections. I think it’s really sad that as women we are insulting each other over the way we deliver our babies. As Mia said, Angeline Jolie had a C-section for medical reasons, and so did Victoria Beckham – Brooklyn was breach and for her other babies drs were reluctant to allow a VBAC. A C-section is hardly a walk in the park, so I don’t think it’s fair that people are commenting that celebs who have had them sound lazy. As someone whose mother and grandmother were left with serious injuries after vaginal births (my grandmother is still suffering the consequences of those injuries 50 years on and my mother nearly died from blood loss during labour), I know that you hardly leave hospital after a vaginal birth with a medal for delivering naturally and having a C-section doesn’t make you less of a woman.

April on

Manon, both Christina and Denise are on the record about the reason for their c-sections. Christina’s quote was in the interview that went along with Max’s first photos in People, and Denise discussed scheduling her c-section with Sam so that Charlie would be able to be there and have time with her because of his filming schedule with Two and a Half Men.

Sad a post has turned and gone completely off topic again. Kelly looks wonderful and I wish her the best with her delivery.

danielle on

Don’t really know why this thread has turned the way it has, but just wanted to add –

Daniella, Kirstie Allsop from the UK had a boy, 11lb 11oz, the old fashioned way.

manon on

Well actually Vicci or Vicky Denise Richards’ reasons seem pretty legit. to me if that is the case. Especially as she was no doubt trying to hold together a quite difficult marriage and was eager for her husband to bond with the baby… as for Christina I am sure she knows what is best for her and her family.

Anyway, I think Lauren’s comment says it all! It’s crazy all this judgement.

Kelly looks really good and I hope it all goes swimmingly for her.

manon on

Apologies, Vicci! I meant to reply to April’s post.

I just read yours and I totally agree with you and the way you articulate your feelings is exactly how I feel.

June on

I lived in England for over 12 years and still spend half my time there a year and “too posh to push” was directly related to V. Beckham and those following comments she made about C-sections, I don’t know why she had the c-section but others wanted to follow.
But what is funny is if your doing a c section just so you can plan your babies birth or something silly like that your recovery time is much more. And your chances of PPD are even greater.
If you need it then that’s great because C sections have saved so many moms and babies lives, but if your just doing it for planning purposes I say that’s rather silly, IMO!

madison on

It amazes me how people say “oh, well that celeb’s C-section was legit b/c her baby was breech” or whatever the reason. No one needs to justify why their birthing plan went the way it did. It’s a private matter. Not to mention none of us know the truth. Those celebs people think had “legit” C’s may be making the reasons up, and the ones who stay quiet may have had a medical issue that they don’t want the whole world knowing about! None of us know, and its none of our business…..

Caitie on

Tori Spelling had a csection with Liam because his heart rate plummeted. She didn’t want one and she didn’t schedule one with him. She was in labor for hours and then his heart rate dropped and they did a csection. With Stella, she went back and forth between wanting a VBAC (it was on their last season of the show, she was actually in tears a couple of different times trying to decide what she should do)and scheduling a repeat csection and in the end, because of what happened with Liam, felt it was safer to go ahead and schedule than run this risk of the same thing happening with Stella.

IIRC, Victoria Beckham’s first was either breach or transverse and that’s why she had a csection with him.

Mia on

Yes, Shiloh was breach, and I also said in my post that Jolie’s Dr probably was more urging on her having a c-section with the twins, dr’s prefer to deliver twins in a c-section, and it was a safety precaution since the twins were born early. Most women have another c-section after the first because there is worry about the scar tissue erupting during delivery.

CelebBabyLover on

June- I agree (except for the part about Victoria Beckham, since I really don’t know if that phrase is directly related to her or not. There has been debate about that, but I’m unsure whether or not it’s actually been confirmed that the phrase is directly related to her).

What I don’t get is…When someone wants to plan their baby’s birth so, for example, daddy can be there, why does it always seem to be a C-section that is chosen? Why not just schedule an induction? I’m not trying to judge here at all. This is just something I’ve been curious about for awhile.

gianna on

she looks good for being due anyway, good luck to her.

Tracie on

My almost 3-year old daughter was 8lb 8oz at birth. I would not change the experience of giving birth to her naturally for anything on this earth. It does seem to be a hollywood thing, as someone I know wanted an elective c-section and she was turned down by her OBGYN so she delivered naturally. Turns out she’s glad they did!

April on

Manon, I didn’t state any opinion either way, I was answering your question. I actually have had a scheduled c-section due to a health issue.

Jennifer on

Wow she looks great! Wish I looked that good when I was at the end of my pregnancy. haha🙂

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