Seinfeld Family Strikes a Pose!

06/05/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Gary Gershoff/Getty

Four out of five isn’t bad! It was smiles almost all the way around on Tuesday evening at Wollman Rink in Central Park, as Jessica Seinfeld hosted her charity Baby Buggy‘s Bedtime Bash.

The Deceptively Delicious author poses here with her husband, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, and their three little ones — Shepherd Kellen, 3 ½, Julian Kal, 6, and Sascha, 8 ½.

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Lissette on

Cute kids! The older two look a lot alike.

RibbonInTheSky on

Cute Bunch!

Jacquie on

If I had to venture a guess I would say the one on Jerry’s lap is the comedian in training in the family!!! Is he in his pj’s?! lol

Sanne on

I think it’s very strange if parents don’t follow through with giving all their kids middle names… Jerry & Jessica couuld have named Sascha, Sascha Katherine for instance. The boys both have middle names with a K.


She more than likely has one, they probably just chose not to release it when she was born. Celebrity babies weren’t such a hot topic until around the time Julian was born.

— CBB Staff

Sanne on

Oh she’s the first ofcourse! Sorry… But my comment stil stands, I think it’s a bit strange.

Liv on

Such a nice picture! I have never seen a photo of all of them. Their kids are super cute. And I love jerry seinfeld.

Forever Moore on

What a beautiful family!

I LOVE Jessica’s shoes too…wonder who they are made by?

Cortney on

Cute Kids, We dont see them much. Shep looks out of place in the group with his blonde hair..

ang on

they’re certainly not kids you would pick walking down the street if jerry wasn’t with them. i have never seen them all together either.gorgeous kids!

Kate on

I love them! And Jessica’s charity is amazing! She has helped a lot of families! 🙂
Also, her cookbook has really helped our family! 🙂

eva on

The 3 children are very cute but Julian will be handsome youngone. Beautiful features like his mom.

Mimi on

The way these two hooked up still leaves me with a bad taste, but there’s no denying how cute their kids are.

Sarah M. on

Jacquie – Shep is in his pj’s. The event is called ‘Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash’. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many children other children there in their pj’s, also.

Cute family!

JMO on

Aww those kids are adorable. Funny they remind me of the Ripa/Consuelos kids. Two look exactly like the parents and the last one comes out a blonde!!

christina on

gorgeous kids! i keep waiting for #4 because she used to talk about wanting a huge family…maybe one day!

eternalcanadian on

cute family. i always thought jerry would marry shoshanna, he was with her forever, ya know. oh well, men…

Sage on

To Sanne: Oh please my parents never gave me a middle name and I was their first but all my 3 brothers got one. It’s not really a big deal, I don’t feel like my parents loved me less, or they are horrible parents because they didn’t follow through with it.But the kids are cute.

Valerie on

The youngest one, Shepherd, looks just his mom- features are so much the same, just the hair is blonde.

Alex on

The older 2 look so alike! Cute kids.

gianna on

the boys are so cute

Valerie on

Gianna, you left out Sascha from your comments- so I wanted to add that she is so cute too.

Ann de Lourdes on

I like that they (Jerry and Mrs. Jerry) help other people through their charity work.

Jacqueline on

I agree with Sage, that not having a middle name is not detrimental to her upbringing. I am the oldest of three; my youngest brother and I have middle names my sister does not. She has never once made a huge deal about not having one.

Still Life in South America on

What a beautiful family! I didn’t realize the kids were so old. (Gawd I am getting old!)

The youngest is too cute. He must have insisted on wearing PJs that day. 😉

Joy on

What a wonderful picture. How absolutely lovely to see kids dressed as ‘normal’ kids; not rich kids in fancy clothing. My hat’s off to both of you, Jerry and Jessica! You both rock~~!!

Jennifer Young on

Sometimes parents don’t give girl’s middle names because they assume when/if she takes her husbands name when she is married, she will use her maiden name as her middle name…

anounomys on

Jerry says that sascha (the oldest one) picked up the comedian gene. For she is always reading big joke books. LOL!
Adorable family.