Lance Armstrong Welcomes Son Maxwell Edward

06/05/2009 at 11:55 AM ET

Update: Lance has uploaded a second photo.

Originally posted 12:05 a.m.: It’s a boy for Lance Armstrong! Girlfriend Anna Hansen delivered the cyclist’s fourth child, son Maxwell Edward Armstrong, on Thursday evening at 8:56 p.m. Baby boy weighed in at 7 lbs., 5 oz and is 20 inches long.

Breaking the news via Twitter, Max — apparently already schooled in how to Tweet! — writes, “Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived. My Mommy is healthy and so am I!” The newborn then shared a photo of himself!

Lance, 37, and Anna announced the pregnancy in December. Max joins siblings Luke, 9 ½, and twins Isabelle and Grace, 7 ½, from the Tour de France winner’s previous marriage to Kristin Armstrong.

Source: Lance’s Twitter

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Cortney on

He’s a cutie! Max is becoming such a popular name!

Brooklyn on

Max totally fits with his other children’s names! Luke, Isabelle, Grace & Max =)

That picture of Max is adorable, made me laugh!

katie on

How exciting! Congrats to Lance and Anna! Welcome to the world, baby Max. =)

Thrifty Sisters Coupons on

Awww he is sooo cute!! I had to laugh at him sticking his toungue out. Totally cracked me up. *lol*

g!na on

he’s making a silly face! lol. very alert baby!

Sarah on

I am not a fan of Lance at all, but I have to admit that is one cute baby boy. I like the name Max =D

alexia kaelyn on

Max/Maxwell/Maximillian is such a popular name in Hollywood
Christina Trista Charlie Jennifer Kerry John Scott. Now lance there are 8 baby boys with the name max.

babyboopie on

Aww that picture of Max is so cute! Love his name too! Congratulations to Lance and Anna!

Julia on


My friend also yesterday gave birth to a baby boy named Max, it sure is a popular name. Her Max was 9 lbs 2 oz.

eternalcanadian on

No matter the little “scandal” how quickly Anna gor pregnant after dating Lance for just a couple months and Lance dumping Sheryl coz she wanted kids and he didn’t, that picture of Max is adorable with his wide eyes and sticking his tongue out. Congrats to Lance and Anna.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Like all his kids’ names, we have a Max in family, my sister’s eldest son, so am a bit partial to it, but also liked it before then anyhow, even if it is popular, least it’s not cruel! Congrats to the new parents. Hope his older kids are excited/not put out by their baby brother, I’m sure he got them prepared for the new baby coming into their lives. I’m sorry, but I think the pic screams newborn boy, not cute at all, apart from the tongue poking out, is amusing, but will be more intersting to see what he looks like as he gets older and over that ‘newborn’ look, lol..

Sam & Freya's Mum on

is funny how some people like quite similar names, my sis was going to call her 2nd baby Grace (one of Lance’s other kids) if a girl, but she had a 2nd son, Jake, which I think is also kinda similar to ‘Luke’ to in some ways?!

Katrina on

Max is a very cute twitter baby. What a cool way to annouce his arrival 🙂

HeatherR on

Is Lance still with Anna? I don’t think there have been any pictures of them together in a long time. I was just wondering. I also think Sheryl Crow’s son Wyatt look amazingly like Lance. I have always wondered about that too….

momto3 on

hilarious picture of a newborn.

brook on

HeatherR…I’m not sure what you were implying, but Sheryl Crows son is adopted….

HeatherR on

I know Sheryl Crow’s son is adopted (so she says) but I have always wondered about it. I love a good conspiracy theory 😉 She adopted Wyatt not too long after ending her engagement to Lance so I always kinda wondered if maybe they’d planned to have a baby together and used a surogate before they broke up. Probably just my imagination getting carried away with me…Lol

Amy D on

Congrats to Lance & Anna. Max is an awesome name(I have a son Max) I also loves your other childrens names (I have a daughter Isabelle)…Hope the family is well. xx

Jane on

He and Sheryl Crow were the perfect couple… They should have a baby together…

Anna on

What a cute miracle baby!

Sammy-xx on

That is such a cute picture, what a beautiful baby.

I love the name Max, infact our dog’s middle name is Maximillion.

FC on

Ha, that baby is smart! He knew he was getting his picture taken in that first one, and he’s all like, “I’ll keep my eyes shut and make a face! That’s what you get for trying to intrude on my time!” LOL.

fuzibuni on

in the twitter photo max looks very aware for a newborn.
i don’t want to read into it too much, because it’s just one photo, but he looks very relaxed and alert for having just been born.

ZBP on

i used to love the name max, but then it became too popular. Max fits perfectly with the other kids though.

christina on

Interesting…I am sure the paternity test is being done as I type this! Not trying to be overly crass/rude — but my bf (an oncologist) was extemely surprised Lance could father a child considering the horrendous cancer treatments he underwent. Is it possible? Probably. Likely to happen spontaneously — not really.

Haikucat on

How could some of you people write such cruel things such as a paternity test and that the baby is “not cute at all.” What rude people! ALL babies are beautiful, especially to their parents, and you should never say such things! Where are your manners?

shellbelle on

I believe Lance had sperm frozen before he underwent treatment for his cancer. This would allow future spouse/gf to become pregnant and he still be the biological father.

Andrea_momof2 on

Christina, Lance froze his sperm before treatments.

christina on

He’s on the record all over the place talking about this ‘surprise’ pregnancy and explaining that althought extremely rare, his sperm regenerated and the baby was conceived au natural.

CelebBabyLover on

christina- Exactly! Let’s just see this for what it is: A miracle! 🙂

Christopher Starcarter on

Well, from this cancer survivor (me) to another (Lance)
You rock!
But, I just have one question for you Lance.


Tracy on

Christina, my brother’s best friend had the same type of cancer as Lance. He too froze sperm for when the time came to start a family. But totally unexpected, his wife got pregnant naturally. They were over the moon at this unexpected surprise. It’s very reassuring for a man who’s had testicular cancer that everything’s back to normal down there. And there was absolutely not doubt that the baby was his. They now have three children, all conceived naturally.

Diane on

Well, I’ve read good things and bad things about this announcement. I read that Lance and Sheryl’s relationship broke up, because her “biological clock” was ticking. Now he’s fathered a child with another woman. Not sure what to say about this. The baby is really cute.

CelebBabyLover on

Diane- Well, clearly this pregnancy wasn’t planned, as Lance didn’t think he could concieve children naturally. Therefore, it’s not like he was trying to have a baby! Oh, and aren’t people allowed to change their minds?

gianna on

Another max wow. Congrats to him.

alesha on

Congrats on beautiful & precious miracle son!!!! Enjoy!!!!