Kelis Likens Later Stages of Pregnancy to 'Purgatory'

06/05/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Taking to Twitter to voice her third trimester angst, Kelis is “so ready” to have her baby! Currently eight months and one week pregnant with her first child, a son, the 29-year-old singer writes that she has been “living in purgatory.”

“I feel like I have been pregnant forever…Okay, yeah the better part of a year! It’s an eternity.”

There are some staples of pregnancy that she hopes she’ll never see again — like leggings! “Good grief, a girl can only stand but so much Lycra in one lifetime,” she notes. “I have had enough…I want corsets and and tight jeans and platform stilettos and I want it now!”

The discomfort she describes is something most moms know all too well. “My rib cage is being attacked by my stomach which is annihilating my lungs,” she writes.

“I want this little martian now! I can’t wait — the suspense is crazy.”

Baby boy will be the second child for Kelis’ estranged husband, rapper Nas, who is already dad to a 15-year-old daughter named Destiny. Kelis’ due date is July 21st.

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aroundthewaygirl on

I know the feeling Kelis. My sciatica was so bad I wanted to chop off my leg. Hang in there. Soon come, as my grandmother says. Plus the suspense does get the best of you, especially when you’re so amped to meet the little person.

mama2be on

lol! We must have the same due date. I am SO over being pregnant, i’m sore, I’m achy, i’m tired and I’m done. I’ve been sitting at my desk all day trying to push my rib cage back together. Good Luck Kelis!

SouthernBelle on

I loved being pregnant until those last few weeks. I’m only 5 feet tall, so my babies had no where to go but straight out in front. I was in so much pain and couldn’t get relief, no matter what position I was in. Being shortwaisted, my babies would put their feet (I have three children…two girls and a boy, but not born at the same time) against my lowest ribs and push with all their might. I think even THEY were trying to make more room! That’s three times I wished I was taller so they had a bigger place to grow. I feel Kelis’ pain.

Stephanie on

In all honesty, it does seem like she’s been pregnant forever! LOL! Hang in there girl, you still have a month to go.

stedine on

Ohh. That’s my birthday. I love Kelis and Nas and it would be cool if their baby was born on my born day but it does not usually happen like that.

puh-leese! on

Think about this for 30 seconds – who do you really want to suffer? You or your baby? Anybody who whines about being pregnant for 9 months really should visit an NICU sometime. See what babies who don’t get their full nine months go through. After that, you’d be happy to be pregnant for as long as it took. My first baby was a preemie. My second baby was full term. After delivering early with my first baby, I was grateful for my sciatica during the second pregnancy. It meant I was sparing my baby. Anybody who has the good fortune to go 9 months should be thanking their lucky stars, not whine over some transitory state. If you’re whining about this now, Just how are you planning on handling what awaits you down the road after the kid gets here??

jordyn on

Really?! Why is it that when a celebrity complains, people say she should be counting her lucky stars,
but when they say everything is perfect, they get bashed for putting a sugar-topped on everything?!
I’m sorry about your unfortunate pregnancies, but give the woman a little slack!! She is nine months pregnant- not exactly the most comfortable stage for ANY woman!

eva on

I know that this isn’t everyone’s philosophy but I believe that despite personal tragedies and moments of stress, humour and a light heart comes in handy. My child had a couple of visits to the ER and though the idea of my baby in a hospital bed still sinks my soul to my feet I can still smile and see the humour in comments like Keli’s. I don’t think every mom who says “oh my kids drive me crazy! I wish I could send them to the moon” are wishing the kids were at the hospital or even worse, they’re just having a candid mommy moment. I’ve never been pregnant but from what I’ve seen its a mix of excitement and exhaustion, what Kelis said sounds like something many women say at some point or other of the 9 months. I don’t think anyone should jump and call them ungrateful or turn every little sentence into a life lesson. There’s time to be light hearted and share a quirky laugh and times to be reflexive and thankful.

hayley on

puh-leese! Says how rude are you……

ok so woman are to just shut up and put up are they…. you can’t be a woman because no self respecting woman who had ever been through pregnancy would ever say that to another woman who was having a hard time… i am a midwife i understand what happens to premi babies, but i also understand the some times traumatic changes i a woman body when she is pregnant and sciatica is one of the worst but there a varying degree and for your comment i can only imagine your was please get off your high horse..its o to moan it ok to cry about how fat you have gotten because its al new and scary and its how we cope, we moan and complain because deep down we are all nervous and scared and for some misguided individual to think its ok to make a pregnant woman feel guilty about having a 30 second rant abut how hard is it is just plain wrong.

Uneducated men i expect those types of comments from not women.

Ryo on

Wow, so nobody is EVER allowed to express anything even REMOTELY negative about being pregnant? It’s NOT all sunshine and puppies and people who jump down a woman’s throat are ridiculous. It’s sad that you had your own problems with pregnancy, but taking it out on women who DON’T have them is a bit much. Nowhere does she say “I’d be willing to let my baby deal with issues if it means giving birth so I’m not uncomfortable!”

LisaR on

Oh please, puh-leese. All she and the other moms here saying is that she’s feeling physically uncomfortable with what’s going on with her body. Not that they’d want to risk the lives of their babies. You REALLY think these moms here want their babies to suffer? Really? If you want to get smug and pretend that women should all suffer in silence that’s your issue. You’re clearly just looking for a reason to get offended and superiorly lecture someone from up there on your high horse. What a trifling comment.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

puh-leese: couldn’t agree more! Also mum of a premmie son born at 33 weeks due to my preeclampsia, high BP etc and emergency c-section for his sake and mine, thankfully only 3 weeks spent in Neonates etc (but felt like 3 mths at the time, being thrown into that when not ready and expecting it!). Made us more appreciative that things go wrong and not take things so much for granted in our experience – and for rest of family when my sis and cousin etc were also preg, more aware of things don’t always go to plan. Thankfully he’s fine now, was just a matter of getting bigger and stronger, feeding ok etc, but was scary at the time. 2nd pregnancy went to just over 38 weeks and all well with our daughter, natural birth, almost opposite in every thing!, more positive experience, and no preeclampsia as I thought might happen, but under high risk team in case. A healthy baby is what counts, although I guess don’t have that perspective if not inthat situation of course, harder to relate, but it does put things into perspective seeing 23 or 24-weekers in there, and some that haven’t been so fortunate, very sad and frightening as parents. To me it does sound a tad insensitive, Kelis’ comments, if someone was going thru problems conceiving in first place! As a mum of two, aged nearly 5 and 17mths now, I haven’t experienced that but can’t imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking it would be.

Alexa on

Just wondering how she can be 8 months and 1 week pregnant but not due till late July…either she is only 7 months pregnant or she is due later this month, June.

waffle on

your argument is redundant @ puh-leese because kelis is not wishing a preemie baby on herself. she’s merely stating the true fact that for her the latter stages of pregnancy have been uncomfortable, she and any other woman who has experienced similar discomfort shouldn’t face criticism for it.

you can’t take a few soundbites from twitter to mean she’ll struggle with her child when its born.

Kellan'sMom on

puh-leese: PUH-LEESE! reading your comment just irritated me soooo much! Anyone who complains about being pregnant should visit a NICU? Well, they’d be pretty damn busy down there in the NICU because I think it is every pregnant woman’s RIGHT to complain! Are you kidding me??? Seriously??? I don’t think she complained enough! The last month of pregnancy completely SUCKS and I think almost every mom out there would agree with me! I had PUPPS, debilitating heartburn and water retention, and the baby was so big I literally had to struggle to breathe. I had my son in late August so I know what it’s like to be hugely pregnant all summer, it’s not fun. So puh-lease Puh-leese! Go somewhere else, she wasn’t saying she wanted a preemie baby, she was only saying what every 9-months pregnant woman before her has already said. And Alexa, the whole world lies to you when they tell you you’re only pregnant for 9 months, it’s actually 10. 40 weeks is full term, if you figure there’s 4 weeks in a month that equals 10 months.

jessie on

so her saying i can’t wait the suspense is killing me means that she wants a pre-term baby? please give me a break. if you’ve been waiting for something for almost a year of course you’re excited and can’t wait to see your baby.

*AJ* on

I think its a free country and if the girl is uncomfortable at this part of her pregnancy she shouldn’t be ridiculed for it. Its her first baby, and she has had a few mis-carriages and a still born so for you to sit there and think she doesn’t appreciate the gift of carrying a baby full-term is rude and ignorant. Before you judge someone you better see the three fingers that are pointing at yourself. She is a pregnant woman and if she wants to complain a little let her. Be far for anyone to tell me I don’t have the right to complain about my uncomfortability during those last few weeks. And that I should feel “greatful” to be uncomfortable. Who are you to say anything about someone else’s pains and problems. You aren’t some kind of royaltiy or messiah. And maybe you need to take a step back and realize maybe the problem isn’t that you feel shes being ungreatful…maybe the problem is with you on a personal level.

stedine on

Puh-Leese! You’re comment reminds me so much of why I don’t choose to comment on this blog that often. People always take light hearted words and turn it into a big deal due to their own tragedy. Everyone is not you.

Like for instance, this comment would rile up posters on another post:

My period is due to come tomorrow. I wish it wouldn’t come at all this month since I am going on vacation. Now maybe some fertility issues people can complain about how their not regular, I should appreciate my 27 days on the dot flow and blah blah blah.

Joni on

Pregnancy in the latter months is hugely uncomfortable, so I think everyone who has been pregnant can relate to Kelis’s comments (I certainly can, I was the biggest whiner of all while preggers). But I can also see why a comments like these would affect Puh-leese. My heart goes out to anyone who has had a premie baby, it really is the most terrifying and heart-breaking time. AJ, I don’t think Puh-leese is trying to be royalty or a messiah at all, moreover her opinion reflects the trauma she has been through.

Peace on

I know it hurts and it is uncomfortable but I’m sure she is still full of joy and will be when the baby gets here. I don’t believe Kelis meant any foul by her remarks. However, the comments that puh-leese made came from a place some of us do not know and I empathize with her feelings.

Someone did state it was a free country so she is free to express her disgust with the comments. They offended her because of personal tragedy and I wouldn’t bash anyone coming from the place of pain she is coming from (watching your first child suffer because of early delivery). Anyone who has ever had an ill child should be able to relate.

I know people who cannot get pregnant and would give their limbs to experience the joys and pains of pregnancy. Those who can conceive don’t think about how those women might feel when we complain. It seems petty and irrelevant to most but to some – it angers them to know that they won’t ever have that opportunity.

People will respond based on their personal experiences and this is a personal experience that has taught puh-leese to appreciate even the pain of pregnancy and to do it without complaining.

Remember the bloggers’ request: “Feel free to agree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully, remembering that we all have our own experiences and perspectives.”

Philippians 2:14

Tippi on

You have Kellis confused with Tiny-T.I.’s girlfriend.

This is Kellis’s first baby.

Kat on

Whenever a celeb mom makes a totally normal complaint, or cops to an annoyance, or admits an imperfection of any kind, the Mommy Morality Police pop up right on cue.

Hol on

I think Peace said it best.

I’ve experienced a miscarriage and was supposed to be due right around the time that Kelis is. I would give anything to be experiencing those pains but I don’t think that she meant anything hurtful or spiteful by them and it doesn’t upset me that she feels this way. Someone probably simply asked her how she was feeling. Kelis’ comment is what it is – just a simple statment on how she feels.

Sometimes we as society tend to be very sensitive about something that has happened to us and forget to take things as they are meant to be. We get wrapped up in our own lives and forget that no one person experiences life the same way as another. Things that have had a profound affect on one person wouldn’t make another person think twice about doing/saying/feeling…etc.

I think we, as society, tend to forget at times that there are two (sometimes more! :] ) sides to every story.

SH on

I think people are being too hard on Puh-leese!, and I think Peace said it well. Puh-leese! has her opinion and she has a right to express it. Having a premature baby is very painful and that’s an understatement. Those of you scolding Puh-leese! for expressing her pain about a premature baby is the SAME thing as Puh-leese scolding Kelis for whining about being 9 months pregnant. I personally felt that while Kelis has the right to whine, yes being 9 months pregnant sucks, she was being a bit dramatic. She’s whining about things that EVERYONE who’s been pregnant at that stage has gone through. Those last few weeks are rough for EVERYONE! Yeah, whine to your mom or your girlfriends, but do you have to whine to the world? There’s no doubt that you’re gonna offend someone if you do that. Also, I did agree with Puh-leese on point that she made – once the baby is here – that’s when the REAL work starts!!

Diane on

Welcome to pregnancy.

Stephanie on

Girl I know how you feel. I am currently pregnate with my 3rd child I am due on July 7th and it feels like the last 2 or 3 months have gone by sooooooo slow. I can’t believe I didn’t learn my lesson the first or the second time. It’s just after you have the baby you kind of forget about all the bad stuff because you have this perfect little being that you can’t believe is finally here and your overwhelmed with all these emotions. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy your little blessing.

LisaR on

SH, nobody got down on Puh-leese for her situation. Who told her she couldn’t express her pain? What has irritated people here is the correlation she has drawn between simply expressing discomfort in the NINTH month of pregnancy to women preferring their babies being born early. That’s a disgusting comparison, and while Puh-lees’s story is indeed unfortunate, I think she is looking for an excuse to criticize someone who didn’t have her issue. Being nine months pregnant is no walk in the park and women have the RIGHT to complain. Why should they have to shut up and pretend everything is hunky dory to avoid offending people? What on earth does this have to do with preemie babies?

Josie on

So if we were to follow Puh-leese!’s logic, she thinks because her child was born premature, she can bash women who complain about late stage discomfort. Fair enough. So would it then be fair for women who have had their premature babies die in their arms to now bash Puh-leese! because her child lived? And would it then be fair for infertile women to now bash THESE women for even being able to conceive at all? And further to that, should women who have had hysterectomies due to cancer now bash THOSE women because they still have their uterus? Not one of these situations has anything to do with the other, but there are people out there who are always looking for those who they perceive as being ‘luckier’ than they are, and are very resentful of this. It is a terrible thing to go through any kind off loss or pain, but we cannot begrudge others who are seemingly better off. We don’t have the right.

brannon on

how could anyone miss that she was joking around? kind of like saying…:if i dont eat in the next ten minutes, i’m going to die!” no one really means that. they are just hungry. she is ready! maybe her twitters would be more interesting and sound ‘more like her’ if she had written “I am currently experiencing discomfort in my ninth month. I do not wish to harm or hurt the feelings of anyone who has not been nine months pregnant, or to make fun of those who are overdue; however, I am a bit sore and missing my high heels.” Of course then she would have to go on and apologize to people who can’t wear heels… best wishes for a happy, healthy baby.

aroundthewaygirl on

Sancti-moms are at again. Projecting their unhappiness onto other people and reading all sorts of nonsense into a soon-to-be mom’s post. Josie you made a terrific point.

SH on

Well, LisaR, If women have the RIGHT to complain about being 9 months pregnant then women also have the RIGHT to complain about having a premature baby! It goes both ways. We all just need to count our blessings before we complain. Josie hit the nail on the head.

Mary-Helen on

I felt the same way with my last trimester. I’m sure the current stresses in her life are also contributing to her discomfort. When a woman is stressed out, she feels the standard third trimester unpleasantness a bit more. I say, cut Kelis some slack.

T on

I think the poster took Kalis’ comments WAY out of context.

Mira on

When did Kelis and Nas separate?? I must have missed that part.

T on

About a month ago. She claims has cheated on her…which is sad because they seemed right for each other.

Courtney on

(((HUGS))) Puh-leese! I can only imagine what you have been thru. I know pain as well, I have miscarried 4 babies and I, while uncomfortable ( actually very uncomfortable, I was unable to walk more than a few steps at a time because of sciatica and was also on darvocet), I still would walk thru fire to stay pregnant as long as I could to protect my baby.

I also understand what its like to be on the losing side of an argument on this board. I actually found many on this board to be down right mean, and they forget there are real feelings on the other side of that screen.

You have as much right as anyone to post on this board..:)

Mrs. R. on

Kelis has had a rough pregnancy.
She’s been pretty vocal on Twitter recently about how Nas cheated on her and she’s kicked him to the curb.

That’s rough for someone who is a marriage… and just horrendous for someone who is pregnant.

If she wants to comment about the anticipation of the baby, and being a little over maternity clothes… I think she has definitely earned it.

aroundthewaygirl on

Courtney, that person can post, but she has no right to accuse Kelis or anyone other poster on not being grateful for a healthy baby or not being prepared to handle motherhood. She was out of line. That’s right, I whined and moaned to anyone within earshot about my sciatica with my third baby AND was absolutely thrilled I was able to carry my baby to 40 weeks to the day. You can have more than one feeling at the same time. And Kelis was clearly making jokes and even my husband thought it was funny when she said her rib cage was being attacked by her stomach.

As far as being able to handle motherhood. I have a 20 year old and 19 year old both who are fine young Black men. So that sanctimonious Puh-leeze person needs to fall back and not make assumptions about people.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Courtney, ITA, she has a right to express her feelings as much as they do, can’t believe how harsh the comments in response have been towardes puh-leese…I know Kelis may have been joking, but other people have diff experiences and would be grateful to keep a baby in belly for a bit longer, of course I guess only people who’ve been thru a stressful pregnancy can truly understand – and that’s not meant to sound condescending, its just the reality.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Courteney…I miscarried one baby between how too and that was painful enough, can’t imagine 4 times of that sadness. Sorry to hear what you’ve been thru too.

*AJ* on

People should learn not to analyze others comments especially jealousy sorry for the mix up on kellis. thanks for straightening it up. The way Puhleese commented was in appropriate. Never did Kellis say she was ungreatful, wanted a premature baby, or didn’t want to be a mom.
And I aggree with many others on the board up there that stated that if a woman wants to complain its her right, why should someone feel vindicated by saying, you shouldn’t complain, you should be greatful that your having your pains and aches. Did Kellis cause you your pregnancy issues? No, did she cause you the loss of children? No then don’t take your resentment out on a comment she makes simply because you didn’t get the same pleasures of not having complicated pregnancies.
And in that case do you resent every single women in this world that delivers healthy children and complainned they had pains at the end of their pregnancys? It seems more like a personal vendetta then it does someone just commenting on how she should be so greatful.
To comment is fine, but to sit there and ridicule her for not being “happy” about being in pain and having aches is just wrong. It sounded more like a pitty party than it did a comment. A “You should be so lucky” where did she say she wasn’t greatful for having a healthy baby make it this far?

Erin on

Puh-leese, I seriously can’t believe you’re serious! By your thinking nobody should complain about anything ever, because surely someone out there has it worse. I appreciate the grief and loss of others, but I can’t be expected to continually calculate how my words might offend someone with a different experience, view, etc. Most people in life try their level best to be sensitive toward others. It might say something that some of us tend to be on the lookout for any insult, any slight, any offense merely for the purpose of noting how much worse they might have it. In my mind, that’s perverted.

CelebBabyLover on

jordyn- The article says she is 8 months and 1 week pregnant. Other than that, though, I completely agree with you!

hayley on

to repost again i feel the point is being missed here……a friend of mine had her daughter bella at 24 and a half weeks….she weighed 1 pond 4 was very scary for her and the was and still is a real chance she won’t make it but so far she has put on a whole pound is out of ICU and is doing well so well, another friend of ours is due in 6 weeks, does my other friend tell her to shut up when she complains her back hurts..or she can’t sleep or that her ribs are sore…NO is the answer, in fact she teases her pointing out she never had to so any of the last hard months,

sam points out her lack of stretch marks and has such a wonderful positive energy that she never could judge a fellow mum or pregnant woman, so yeah sometime thing go wrong….really wrong, i myself after 22 hours of labour nearly died by bleeding to death and was put under thinking my son had already died ** he had not but i wasn’t told** so when i hear people say c section are easy it gets me so mad because they are not and i want to shake sense into woman who want them…but would i ever judge a woman who planned to have one with no medical reason complaints after about the pain NO…because woman she band together…men have no idea what we go through and for tiny minded women to take comments and twist them into wishing for of all things a sick early baby is so wrong!!!!

i am so mad at this post because of the way with out any real prompting Puh-leese just jumped on a few really light hearted comments and turned them into nasty, unkind wishes …how dare you….how dare you step on you high horse and think just because you had it rough you are the voice of woman who have had early babies…you should take a long hard look at yourselves and take a lesson from my friend……….she is just happy to have her baby, she was just meant to be here early as sam points out she always undercooks every thing….

Puh-leese your comments were nasty and uncalled for Express yourself by all means but try not to judge every pregnant woman who has ever made a small complaint about the mass of change going on in her very own body…its the least you can do.

CelebBabyLover on

I just hope that Kelis will let her baby spend time with daddy!🙂

asm1976 on

puh-lees, Please take your sermon somewhere else. Most of us who have ever been pregnant before know that those last one or two months are the hardest! I know exactly what Kelis is talking about with the rib cage. I have one son, born in the month of July, but I remember one time literally laying down on a convenience store floor because it hurt so bad and I felt like I was about to pass out because he had his knee in my rib cage. Couple that type of pain with hot July weather, and about 30 pounds of extra weight. Sure she wants a baby and I’m sure she planned to have the baby, but there are times when pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable and painful to say the least! She was just stating her opinion! Geez! This is a baby forum afterall!

asm1976 on

Mira, it was announced about a month ago that Kelis filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”. I’m sad about that. I’ve long been a fan of both Nas and Kelis. They are both extremely intelligent. That baby is going to be very bright!

Terri on

I’m sorry to hear about Nas and Kelis’s separation. It must be particularly stressful to split with your husband during the pregnancy of your first child, but she seems to keep her spirits up with humor.

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