Jennifer Lopez Loves Working With Her Twins in Tow

06/05/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Pacific Coast News

Set to make her return to the big screen in The Back-Up Plan following a three year hiatus, Jennifer Lopez first had to conquer the basics: nerves! Admitting that her initial jitters were once a force to be reckoned with — “I was like, ‘What if I forgot how to act?'” — the star has once again found her comfort zone. “It’s great to be back, actually,” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

That said, much has changed since her last movie; Not only did Jennifer show up the first day on location, but so did her 15-month-old twins Maximilian ‘Max’ David and Emme Maribel! “I bring the babies to work with me,” she shares.

“Honestly one of the best days of my life was the first day back working on this film — I wanted to do this film really badly — and bringing my babies with me that morning. I was like, ‘Oh my God, they’re with me, I’m making a movie, they’re here!’ It was the best.”

While she may be thrilled with her place in life, the road leading her back in front of a camera was not easily traveled! After gaining a total of 50 lbs. during the pregnancy, Jennifer admits she once envisioned the extra weight melting off with little effort; Unfortunately, once she hit a plateau, her assumptions were far from the reality. “The first 30 [lbs] dropped off like that and I was like, ‘Ha! This is going to be so easy!'” she recalls. “And then those last 20 … Whew! That took awhile.”

For the 39-year-old, stepping into her role as Zoe in her new film, a woman desperate to start her own family, was no stretch of the imagination. “It’s great that I get to do the whole pregnant thing because it is so fresh in my mind,” she says. To that end, her journey thus far of motherhood has given her a new edge, Jennifer explains, one that allows her to bring her own experiences to the table. “Just being a mom and thinking about being a mom … the emotional part of it, kind of the sentimental feelings that go along with the romance of it and somebody standing by you.”

“I get to bring all of that into this movie … my perspective has changed for the better, I think.”

Max and Emme are Jennifer’s first children with husband Marc Anthony.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

— Anya

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Lis on

She is obviously just so elated with being a mother. How sweet.

Sarah on

Today is her and Marc’s 5 year anniversary! Congrats to them and their family!

Elizabeth on

I’m sure she has an army of nannies in tow. I just don’t admire celebs who employ nannies. It’s like pawning your kid off.

Marcie on


While I respect your right to your opinion, let me ask you? Do you expect her to work with her babies under her arm? I think it’s great that she has an occupation that allows her the flexibility to have her children at work. I would love to have that….and because I’m a mother that also works outside of the home full time, I have had to employ day cares.Do you also feel I am pawning my children off? If I had the luxury of having a nanny that could care for my children in my home and have a more personal relationship with them while I work, i would certainly take advantage.

JMO on

“what if I forget how to act”

hmmm I’m going to let that one slide – LOL

Nonetheless she seems so very happy as a mommy and I’m so happy for her to have this moment in her life.

aroundthewaygirl on

JMO just put this person on ignore. Lots of WOHMs have nannies and daycare. Some SAHMs even have some form of babysitting. My friend who is a television producer brings her baby and nanny to work. I don’t want to hear that the celebrity has enough money to stay home. So what. They worked before the had kids, why shouldn’t they work once they have them. You can say that about any non-celeb mom who has a lucrative career. If Jennifer is happy and her babies are happy, I say good for her and have fun on the set. it’s funny how you never see this I hate nannies critique directed at a male celebrity.

Stephany on

Marcie, I totally agree with you. I work at a preschool and don’t think any less of parents who bring their children to my center so they can work (well, maybe the ones who leave their children for 10 hours!). What is wrong with nannies? Why do they get such a bad rap? There is nothing wrong with J.Lo having nannies so she can work. I’m not her biggest fan or anything but that comment was a little ridiculous.

SouthernBelle on

Emme (and Max, when I last saw a picture) look SO much like Marc. I don’t see any resemblance at all to JLo, although it’s hard to completely tell with the pacifier in Emme’s mouth. JMO, I think I’m catching what you’re saying about the acting comment and it made me LOL!

It’s great if you have the option of staying at home to raise your children…and it’s great if you want a career or have to support a family to be able to get good quality care for your children. If I had had to work when I was raising small children (mine are older,) I would love to have had the option of having my children close by under the care of a good nanny instead of daycare (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with good quality daycare.) I’m sure all mothers who work would love to have the option of having their children closer as they work. I just think we need to be careful about judgments when it comes to the whole work vs stay-at-home thing because we don’t all have the same options. I would hate for anyone to make a working mother feel bad for working when she would give anything to be able to stay at home with her children. As for JLo, I think working and having the kids close by with a nanny is a reasonable option and doesn’t seem at all to be a selfish choice. I say this and I’m really a big JLo fan. But, she does have that right.

eva on

I agree with Southern Belle and I’m not even a jlo fan =).I’m a working single mom and my mother and siblings help out with my child’s care when I’m at work, I don’t want a medal so it’s okay if other women don’t admire me but I don’t want a lecture either. I’m just a mom,working mom or stay at home mom, the most important part of those titles is mom.

KiKi on

I am surprised her daughter has such light hair. Jennifer and Mark are dark-haired. Genetics is a funny thing, huh?

Marie Snyard on

Don’t forget that Violet Affleck is blonde and both Jen and Ben
are brunettes

nicole on

she is so beautiful, just like her mommy

CelebBabyLover on

Marie Snyard- If you look at photos of Ben when he was a kid, you can see that he had blonde hair as a child. Also, Violet’s hair may darken when she gets older (just as Ben’s apparently did). That happened to my mother. She was white-blonde for most of her childhood, and now her hair is such a dark brown that it could almost pass for black!

fuschia on

Why the preference for nannies? I would much rather a really high quality daycare….I am a SAHM that does use daycare so I can do fun things with my older kids like swim classes and bike rides for a few hours two days a week. I love it. Best of both worlds. I get access to passionate professionals (and a short 3 hr break from my darling 18 mth old) and get to do all the stuff I couldn’t if I was always with my baby. I am not a fan of long daycare (8-6) for children under one and not afraid to say so but done moderately I see no problem with support for mothers to do other things whether that be sleep or work or play!

jenna084 on

Emme’s hair is light but as she gets older it will probably get darker. As a baby Jennifer Lopez had very light hair as well. Thats where Emme gets it from.

CelebBabyLover on

fuschia- What about families where both parents have to work from 8-6? If they choose daycare, they HAVE to leave their kid there for that long.

As for nannies…I think daycare isn’t a feasible option for most celebs because of the nature of their jobs. A lot of celebs need someone who can watch their child at the drop of a hat. Also, a lot of actors and actresses often film late into the evening, and most daycares close by 6:00 or 7:00. Also, a lot of celebs either like to or have to travel a lot due to the nature of their jobs. Those celebs probably prefer to have their child be watched by someone familar to them rather than being placed in new daycare centers all the time.

Also, for some A-Listers, daycare probably isn’t option due to security concerns.

gianna on

Emme has light hair, because jen had the same color as a child. She has something of marc, but actually more of jennifer in her looks

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