Holly Marie Combs Welcomes Son Kelley James

06/05/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Stephen Lovekin/WireImage

It’s a third son for Holly Marie Combs! The former Charmed actress stayed mum about the pregnancy, as it was high-risk, but is now pleased to announce the arrival of Kelley James Donoho on Tuesday, May 26th.

Delivered by emergency c-section at 35 weeks, “we didn’t feel comfortable making any announcements until everyone was home healthy,” Holly, 35, tells CBB. “We are and now it is time to celebrate. I, now a mother of three boys, will be going to take a nap!”

Kelley joins big brothers Riley Edward, 2 ยฝ, and Finley Arthur, 5, Holly’s children with husband David Donoho.

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Brooklyn on

Congrats to her! The name Kelley certainly goes well with Finley & Riley!

Sarah on

I love the name Kelley for a boy.

HeatherR on

Goodness, that was a surprise announcement. I completely understand her delay in telling everyone. I’m so pleased to hear that Mom and baby are okay. Love the Irish names ๐Ÿ™‚

Bb on

I’m so happy for her! Congratulations!

vicky24c on

Congrats to her! I loved her on Charmed! God I didnt even know she was expecting again.

Not too fussed on the name but each to their own.

Love you Holly and Congrats again!!!!!

Elle on

Congrats to Holly and David! Awe but her poor hubby…he is the only one without a name that fits. Holly, Riley, Finley, Kelley and David…lol.

Laura on

WOW!!! I understand her not wanting to tell people about the pregnancy but I was VERY shocked to read the headline lol. I’m glad everything went Ok with the pregnancy and birth.

I’m not a huge fan of the name Kelley but it isn’t too bad.

Mallory on

Not really a fan of Kelley for a boy, but I’m glad that everything turned out okay with the baby.

And on a side note, I find it crazy and cool that all her boys were born on the 26th of a month. Finley – April, Riley – October, and then Kelley in May. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheyane on

I am sooo happy for Holly and her family!!! I am a huge fan of hers. CONGRATS!!!

Cheryl on

Congrats to all! Great surprise and now it’s time to be at ease and enjoy the boys.

Marilyn on

It’s always a big surprise when you don’t know someone is expecting and all of the sudden the birth is announced. Wow, that was a surprise.

Stella Bella on

So glad their little boy arrived safely!

Martha on

Congratulations, Holly, I wish you and yours the best!!

Annie on

Congratulations to the family, glad mother and baby are doing well

Skipsie on

Haven’t heard of Kelley for a boy, but I absolutely love it, it goes so well with Finley and Riley!
Bet little Kelley will be just as beautiful as his brothers.

CAM on

I adore her..congrats on your lovely family. Glad everyone is healthy and happy

Kristin on

Congratulations Holly…….yeahhhhhh for another healthy boy! I just had my second daughter on May 3rd. Don’t you just love babies! I am so glad you are all healthy! God bless……

Shannon on

I loved her on Charmed, and I didn’t even know she was expecting again. Although I can certainly see why she didn’t make a big fuss about it. Such wonderful news that baby is home and everyone is heathly! I absolutely adore those names!!!!

kris on

Congrats to the family. Glad to hear everyone is home and doing well. Also, glad that they were able to keep it private until all was well.

amy on

Wow that was a nice surprise, they kept that quiet.
I loved her on charmed.
Congrats to her and hubby for welcoming their third boy and i love all their names.

Katie on

@ Mallory

My sister and brother and I were all born on the 11th of a month (August, September, and January), so 11 is the family lucky number. I’ve never heard of any other family that had that kind of phenomenon, though! How neat for her boys!

robinepowell on

WOW!! HOLY COW!!!! Talk about a shocker, keep quiet like that. Still congratualations to Holly and family. She’s like that TV show “My Three Sons”. Everyone had hoped that if she had another kid, it would be a girl like on her TV show. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ann on

Kelley is really a boys name! Just like Ashley once was as well! It was just taken over by the girls.

Lis on

I think Kelley is too feminine a name for a boy…but I’ll definitely take it over “Peanut” LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

Congrats to the family!

Sadie on

What a surprise!

Congrats to the Donoho family. 3 boys! Wow! ๐Ÿ˜€

didi on

wow, how’d she keep that under wraps??

Jenna on

Congrats to Holly and her family! That’s great news:)

Lynn on

Congratulations to them! I was not expecting this announcement. I’m so happy for Holly and her husband.

I loved her on Charmed, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Philippa on

Oh wow, that is a huge surprise! Great that she was able to keep her pregnancy a secret. I’m not a fan of the name Kelley, but it goes well with Finley and Riley.
I used to love Holly on Charmed, and I’m so happy she’s got 3 healthy boys now. And so cool that they’re all born on the 26th of the month! ๐Ÿ˜€

robinepowell on

I just realized all of her C-sections were done on the 26th of the month. October, April and May.

k on

Congrats to her! I’m glad she was able to keep it private, I remember her mentioning being hurt about some of the comments she’d read (elsewhere, of course!) when she was interviewed here. And now she has her new baby boy, yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

alex on

How sweet. I can’t believe she was pregnant again! Who knew? I figured it was too risky, because of her previous condition.

KellyB95 on

awwh cute,

my names kelly, but im a girl lol & it spelt different ๐Ÿ™‚

FC on

Whoa, she definitely knows how to fly under the radar! And I understand why she needed to, but I am so happy for her, David and Riley and Finley. I’m glad she and the new baby boy, Kelley, are all well and spoken for.:)

And I love her wit, with the “going to take a nap” line at the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

lax on


Crystal on

I was so surprised! I’m glad she was able to keep it under wraps for her and the baby’s safety! CONGRATULATIONS!!! โค the boy's names!!!

CTBmom on

Congrats to her! I am sure that Kelley (I like the name) is a cutie just like his big brothers.

crystal on

congrats to Holly I’ve heard rumors that she was expecting but didn’t believe them. Glad they are both doing great.

Denise on

Holy crap! That’s NEWS! Congratulations, Holly! Another boy! WOW! That’s amazing. =] Interesting name choice though. But I LOVE that she’s kept the 26th of each month for her sons birthdays AND the “ey” endings. So adorable.

Daisy on

I love Holly. Glad all is well. The name goes well with those of his brothers.

For those who aren’t sure about the name I have 2 words….Kelly Jones. Welsh singer of the Stereophonics; super-manly, super-hot and oh such a voice!

Em on

What an interesting name! I’m not too fond of those types of names for a boy…I just don’t think they are very masculine at all. :/

Glad she had a safe delivery.

Denise on

I just noticed that Kelley is an Irish name…as are Finley and Riley. I love that she also kept that tradition. Aww, she’s too cute.

Katie on

I heard rumors about it but never believed them to be true because all other rumors have turned out to be false. I’m so happy for Holly and her family of 5 now ๐Ÿ™‚

Ailyss on

Oh my gosh, I had no idea she was expecting! Congratulations to all the family and welcome to baby Kelley!

J on

I didn’t know she was expecting again, congrats Holly!

SouthernBelle on

I love how the new baby’s name goes with the other boys’ Irish first names…and they all end in “ey” with a strong, traditional middle name! I have a “Kelly” but she’s a girl. All three names, Kelley, Finley and Riley are unisex, as I know both boys and girls with these names. Congrats on a healthy baby boy.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Wow, what a surprise! As someone who experienced a high risk pregnancy (preeclampsia, delivered by emergency c-section at 33 weeks) with 1st child then a miscarriage I can understand being low key til everything’s ok. Congrats on the safe arrival of their 3rd son, maybe part of her would’ve liked a little girl, who knows?, but probably just relieved and pleased Kelley’s ok, as you love your child whatever once they’re on the way and just crossing fingers and toes all goes well. Not a fan of the name but like her other two boys’ names. Don’t really like Kelley on a boy or girl, probably even less on a boy, but their choice of course! We know a couple Kim and Stacey, Kim’s the hubby and it reminds me of that, real unisex name but usually think of Kelly more on females, Tracy’s another one I guess. Her and hubby are able to now say ‘my 3 sons’!, lol

Stรฉph on

Wow, that is the most surprising announcement!
I am still in shock.

Congrats to Holly, David, Finley and Riley on the little son and brother, Kelley.
I love how their names all end in ”ley” and it is also a great coincidence that their birthdays are all on a 26th.

I like the name also and it fits perfectly her other sons names. I hope we will get to see little Kelley and his brothers soon.

Congrats again,


wow, congrats to the family! and its pretty cool all the kids have the same birth date, lol… our birthdays have all fives… me and my first son are on the 5th and my husband and 2nd son are on the 23 and 2+3=5 lol. well actually there are a lot more 5’s then that.. but thats the easy breakdown of it lol.

MZ on

sooo excited and surprised to hear this! i’m really happy for them, and glad kelley is doing better now!

Bex on

I love her boy’s names. It’s nice to see that some people know that Riley, Finley and Kelly are male names.

Heather on

I absolutely love Kelly on a boy. I love the name Riley to and Finley fits as well. Very cute boys sibset.

Sarah M. on

That’s such great news! I’m so happy for them. Glad everyone is home and doing well! (I had heard that she had a medical condition that made pregnancy difficult, but does anyone remember what it is? Just curious.)

Best wishes to the whole family!

Ana on

Wow i didnt expect that when i came on here!!
Im so happy for them especially as holly is my fave ever actress! It must have been a very worrying time but im glad both mum and baby turned out healthy! It shows miracles do happen.
wishing them all lots of health and happiness ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats!

JMO on

Well I’m not a fan of Kelley for a boy since I have a cousin named Kelly however I think it fits right in with Finley and Riley. All really good unisex names!! Indeed a surprise pregnancy! Glad everyone is doing well!

ZBP on

I love her. Charmed is my fave show. This wasn’t a suprise. They are private.
I love their name theme. Also, the boys’ birthdays were probably planned. Since they had a c-section for all 3.

Sarah M. on

ZBP – It does say that Kelley’s was an emergency c-section. I doubt they would have planned having him 5 weeks early if there weren’t complications. I’m not surprised either, though, by the announcement. We’ve only seen her older 2 a handful of times. Good for them for being able to shield the boys. A picture would be good every now and again, though!

Portia on

I am so excited for Holly Marie! That’s too bad that she had a high risk pregnancy but it’s all in the past now. Three boys, what a blessing!

Niko on

Huh? Holly was pregnant? Wow, I had no clue. Congrats to her and her family

Laura on

Oh that is so cool that they were all born on the 26th! I remember realizing that when it was just the two boys, but can’t believe it worked out for the third as well ๐Ÿ˜€ So cool!

ZBP on

Sarah M. – You’re right. The word emergency must of went right past me. Oops. Honestly, i figured they did that because i have known of people who have done it before. Planned their childrens’ b-days with different months same day. lol

Lexie on

I am a little disappointed about the baby being another boy…a little girl would have been so cute:-( otherwise congrats to Holly and her husband for their new baby

laia on

OMG!! I’m so happy for one of my favorite actress and for who is my favorite charmed ones!!! The third boy! congratulations holly!!! Your sons are so cute, I’m sure that kelley will be too!

Robbyn on

Congratulations to Holly & her family on the birth of Kelley!

I miss the show Charmed & it was a nice surprise to visit this site & get some Charmed cast news!

Courtney on

Lexie…what an odd comment..you have no reason to be disappointed about it being “another boy”, its not your child…and really its rude. I had 3 daughters and I wouldnt have had it any other way. They are the best of friends, share clothes, do each others hair, make up and it would be a different dynamic any other way. I long for the days when poeple are not sad for others because they have a 2nd or 3rd child of the same sex. A baby is a blessing, no matter what parts a diaper hides. Sounds like the new baby is obviously loved and cared about.

Congrats to Holly Marie, to her husband and to 2 big brothers!

erin on

Congrats to her and great name!

Kelley was a boy’s name before it was ever a girl’s name. I think the same goes for Riley. Not sure about Finley. I personally like it better for a boy (though I do like it for a girl as well). I also like “Kellan,” a name still mostly used for boys – but I bet people start using it for girls soon enough!

Michelle on

Totally shocked to read the news, but I’m so glad mommy and baby are doing well. 3 boys ages 5 and under! I’m sure she’ll have her hands full (but delightfully so!) Congrats to the whole family!

Jazz on

I’m a big fan of Holly’s and I’m glad everything turned out okay. I love all her boy’s names too. Kelley is a male name that got taken over by females.

Christine on

WOW! I didn’t even know she was pregnant again!!! How did I miss that?
Congrats to her and her family – glad everyone is home and healthy!!

And Lexie – I agree, that was ignorant comment.

sage on

Congrats to the Donoho family!!!I love Holly she was my favorite charmed one on the show. I am so happy that everyone is healthy and at home. I know she said that she always wanted boys so I know she is thrilled. I love the name choices especially “Kelley” because that is my nephew’s name.

Giovanni on

WOW I was so suprised when I heard of this
I’m like Holly was pregnant and didn’t tell me!LMFAO!
But I’m so happy for her god bless her three sons hope everything is going great for her andd hope to see her in maybe another hit tv series or some really great movies cause Holly being the wonderful actress that she is surely deserves it her amazing talent shouldn’t be wasted BUT rightt now she should probably be focusing on her family andd her newborn baby boy!
Good Luckk with everything Holly!
Your fans love you dearly!

Kelly A. on

Congrats Holly & family…I’m so glad everyone is doing fine. Kelley is a great name ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope we can see pics soon! Congrats again, you were my fave “charmed one” and I really, really miss the show…I watch the reruns on tnt everyday….sometimes twice a day (am & pm) if my baby wakes me up early enough…lol

eva on

I didn’t like her show but I read her interviews on this site and she seems like a nice person.Her children’s names might make me think of triplets =)I’m sure they make a lovely trio.

Kaley on

Wow I had no idea that she was pregnant again! Congrats to Holly and her family! I love her…she was my favorite actress on Charmed and it’s nice to get some news about her. I’m not crazy about the name, but I’m glad that both mom and baby are healthy. I always hoped that she would have a girl, but three boys are great too!

steph on

Loved her on Picket Fences- did anyone else watch that show?
I have 3 boy too- its a scene but a very love filled one- congratulations to her!

Stรฉph on

I wonder what they would have called a little girl. Probably another ”ley” name, right?

I really love this tradition that they have to name their kids. I might do that also. Finley is one of my favorite names.

brannon on

Congratulations! (I am so, so happy to have only noticed 2 posts mentioning gender – definite improvement!!) Finley and Riley always appeal more to me as feminine, but I like Kelley for a boy. Think its great that she’s “taking back” boys names. Hope the trend continues.

eternalcanadian on

well hello, this is surprising news. didn’t even know holly was pregnant again. sounds like it was a difficult pregnancy if she wasn’t talking about it, eh? good to read things seem good now. very nice name, kelley. if anything the kid can demand people call him james, ya know? poor david, his name doesn’t “fit” in with the “y” people (holly, finley, kelley, riley), but i’m sure he’ll get over it fast.

Lexie’s comment perplexed me. would Lexie have been disappointed if holly had a third daughter? just wondering.

Piper3 on

Congrats to Holly and David! Awe but her poor hubbyโ€ฆhe is the only one without a name that fits. Holly, Riley, Finley, Kelley and Davidโ€ฆlol.

MaddKiwi on

Holly is my favourite actress in the world but i kinda new she was pregnant, someone got into her mother’s facebook recently and stole some recent pics of Holly pregnant i think one was with Finley and Riley so it were recent but for some reason this person decided to invade and steal. They were cute pics though. But i always thought they may be photoshopped or something so i did squeal when i read this, as a Kelly myself i as a fan am very happy at the choice of name ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad everyone is ok ๐Ÿ˜›

Kat on

I love the name Kelly for a boy! It’s an old Irish Gaelic name that means “Warrior”. It’s one of those names that used to be traditionally for a boy (like Ashley), until people started using it for a girl so much that now everyone thinks it’s feminine. Kelly is now a more common Irish surname, but I’m glad it’s making a return as a first name for boys. It’s nice to know that she kept with the Gaelic names and that they fit well together. I wonder what she would name a girl if she ever has another? Although it might not be wise to try again if she’s had so many complications. Congrats to the entire family!

GW on

Erin said:

Kelley was a boyโ€™s name before it was ever a girlโ€™s name. I think the same goes for Riley. Not sure about Finley. I personally like it better for a boy (though I do like it for a girl as well).

Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn have three daughters – Finley Faith, Avery Grace and Emery Hope. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Holly and Angie got together with their children and swapped stories about their kids’ births and their names?

Liane on

Congratulations Holly&David! What a lovely surprise!

Rory on

So much love & congratulations to Holly & her new addition. I’m glad everything went great & that you & David have been blessed with a new baby boy. May he be a great blessing to you both & your two other little boys. Hope to see some great pics soon!

ella on

Kelley is originally a boy’s name. It’s only in the past half century or so that it has gained popularity as a girl’s name. It’s like when there was the trend of naming baby girls “Bradley” or “Courtney.” Strong, healthy Irish name!

sharon on

Congratulations! Don’t blame Holly & David for keeping the pregnancy under wraps, but so happy for them and the baby is here and healthy!

CelebBabyLover on

eternalcanadian- I think lexie just meant that she’d have loved to see what a little girl of theres would have looked like (since Holly has had fairly complicated pregnancies, according to a past interview, she probably won’t be having anymore children). ๐Ÿ™‚

Tabby on

NOOOO She’s stolen my name!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kelly James is my picked boys name….just waiting on the baby!!!

Congrats though!

Tiffany on

Congrats Holly and Daivd on your 3rd boy. I love the name Kelley. It is such a cute name for a baby boy. I love watching her on Charmed. You are such a great mom Holly.

Jane Summers on

I just found out and I am completely shocked about the news. Wow I am soooooo happy for you Holly!!!! Congrats and I am very thrilled that you and your son are healthy. Oh my I am very happy for you. =]

gianna on

Congrats to her I know she wanted a 3rd child, but had difficult pregnancies in the past. All the boys names are very irish and flow well together, but kelley is a bit too girl sounding IMO

Saskia on

I’m very happy for David and Holly!
Having three beautiful boys! I’m glad she’s doing fine, i guess she needs the rest now with all boys in the house!

roy on

Congrats with the little one!!!!!

Monique7 on

I am so happy for her and her husband. Congrats to Holly Marie, David, Finley, and Riley on the arrival of baby boy Kelley James. I was so shocked when I read this article. I heard nothing and completely understand her need for privacy at that delicate time. She is definitely one of my favorite actresses and wishing her and all of her boys(husband included) blessings ๐Ÿ™‚

Brigid on

That is so great….what a beautiful lady…and family!!
How come I have a feeling she could handle a houseful of boys!!
You rock…but I miss you on TV….

My very best and I am glad everything went well.


dawn on

congrat on the new arrival

Sara Kelley on

Congrats to Holly! What a surprise! Glad everyone is okay! Kelley James is a good name-my brother’s name is James Kelley so I might be bias haha

Ingrid14 on

congratulations! much happiness !

Amy D on

Concrats to Holly, fab name Kelley goes very well with Riley & Finley. I was such a huge Charmed fan and as my husband wouldnt let me name our daughter Piper,I took Holly’s middle name Marie and added it to my daughter who is now Isabelle Marie…Congrtas to both Holly & David again…enjoy your 3 beautiful sons. xx

Adriana y Matt on

WOW!! Congrats to you Holly! My wife and I are big fans of Charmed and we just had a little guy (Jake) ourselves! We wish you and your family all the best and hope to see you in the near future!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

TV on

Skipsie – The name Kelley originally started out as a boy’s name just like the names Tracy, Stacy, Shannon and Leslie. I’m fairly sure there are many more names that started out as boys names but over time have become more known as a girl name. There are at least two guys I know of who are named Kelly with one being a professional hockey player.

Congratulations to Holly, David, Riley and Finley. Was not too surprised about the announcement since I kind of figured that she may have been pregnant. There was an interview not too long ago that had Holly talking about how she almost died after giving birth to her second son. I believe it was something about how her thyroid was overproducing some hormone which kept her constantly tired and feeling almost like she was anemic.

Sarah M. on

TV – I also know 2 male Kelly’s. How funny. Until I had met them, I didn’t realize that it was originally a male name.

Ren on

OMG!!!! This is such a surprise…I had NO idea whatso ever that she was even pregnant all this time!!!! Congrats Holly & family!!!

jasmine on

i am so glad that mom and baby are ok and i am pleased to say that i am a big fan of charmed and have watched every episode of it. i love the name kelley and think that he is a very lucky boy to have a mom like holly marie

#deborah Ashton on

Congratulations to Holly and David on the safe arrival of baby number three. What a surprise. I am a fan of hers and think that she is a terrific actress. Some photos would be nice in the future.I myself had two C Sections 03 and 08. Didnt realise that Holly had too.

Martin_Skopje on

way to go Holly…So happy that both her and her baby are doing well. Hoping to be as cute as his mum and the two older brothers.

Amber on

OMG i’m a HUGE holly marie combs fan! Completely obsessed lol. but i’m so happy to know that she welcomed her third son! He’s adorable if you havnt seen pictures! She’s my idol and i’m so happy that she’s got her family! She should have a little girl that looks JUST like her ๐Ÿ™‚

annakaye martin on


Holly on

Holly is such a doll! Ya can’t help but love her. She is just so sweet & she makes such beautiful babies!! Congrats on the baby!! Wish you & David all the happiness life brings! All the military wives out here just love ya! Your such a good mom!!!