Stella McDermott: Pint-Size Poser!

06/04/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

A star in the making? Stella Doreen McDermott removes her shades and gives the waiting paparazzi — and proud papa Dean — her best look while out and about on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The pair, along with mom Tori Spelling, were arriving at Hansen’s Cakes to choose Stella’s birthday treat — baby girl will turn one on Tuesday!

Stella wears Baby Bloch Baby Duo Flats in Hot Pink & Black ($50) and Pea Soup’s Velvet Bowtie Pinch Clip in Hot Pink ($7.25).

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Tiffany on

Wow, a year already!! What a cutie, looks just like daddy.

kaitlyn on

Ha, that pic is hilarious! Tori should frame that for sure!

Angi on

That little girl is so cute!

Brooklyn on

She’s so adorable! I can’t believe she’s going to be 1 already!

Sammy-xx on

Love her pumps and cute pink heart sunglasses.
Such a gorgeous girl, cant believe her and Honner are almost 1

Michelle on

Love this picture! Like she’s little miss movie star taking off her sunglasses for her fans. 🙂 I can’t believe she’s going to be one already. That year went fast!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

What a cutie, nice pic of daddy and daughter!

Silvana on

I love her shoes!!!

Aniah on

Me being an amateur photographer, I’d say that the pap just took a photo at the right time lol.

Little Stella looks too cute!

Renee on

could they put any more pink on the poor little girl?

Meg on

Hahaha that is HILARIOUS! Obviously a starlet to be. A little diva, I love it!

Cathy on

what is that barrette attached to?

Marissa on

Stella already knows how to pose as a celebrity! Wow! She is absolutely adorable. Happy Birthday Stella!

OnyxJones on

Absolutely freaking adorable. Stella is such a little lady.

Lorelei on

What a cute daddy/daughter picture. She looks adorable! Love the shades and shoes.

Erin on

This little girl gets cuter and cuter as the time goes on!

Stephany on

Oh, my gosh! This photo is adorable! I love it!

Ashlee on

That is the cutest photo I’ve ever seen!

aroundthewaygirl on

That is a picture I call…PRICELESS!

Thrifty Sisters Coupons on

Oh my goodness just look at her!! What a precious little diva in the making. *lol*

Natalie on

She looks adorable! Renee I highly doubt anyone sees her as a poor little girl. I hate when people hate on pink. She’s a girl & looks cute in all colors.

P on


They probably did what my parents did in the 80s to me…taped a bow to her head!

kelsey on

omg she is adorable

charlie on

stella is so adorable she is the spitting iminge of dean and liam look just like tori i love this family so much and i love their show

Jennifer on

This picture is darling! I can’t believe Stella’s already going to a year old…where does time go?

Fifi on

what a little diva she is! too cute!

g!na on

aaw! what a cutie! she reminds me of me in the hair department! it took forever for my hair to grow but at 5 yrs old i had a lot of hair! lol.

ang on

i bet tori’s excited about the party lol. have read bits and pieces about how it will be. fyi,stella has strawberry blonde/light reddish hair like liam, you just can’t see it very well in the sun.too cute =)

Nika on

WOW, I love this picture! I hope Tori sees it because I’m sure she would like to frame it.
Maybe one day Stella will also be a famous actress or something like that, and then it would be so cool to show this pic. Haha, little miss Diva!

Renee, why did you have to give a comment like that? So she is a poor little girl because she is wearing much pink? That does not make sense at all…. if anything I think she will LOVE it herself!
And what is wrong with colors? I also have a 1 year old and I love to dress her from top to toe in pink but also all the other colors of the rainbow! When you’re older you have the rest of your life to dress in boring neutral colors. It can never be too much pink!

Lorus on

Dean looks a lot less creepy when he smiles.

Stella is such a little diva in this pic!

pregnancy on

cutie girl, really cool pix..

kazoo on

As annoying as I am sure the paps are, sometimes they do capture moments like this that the rest of us would never have. That is too funny!

T on

One word: D-i-v-a!🙂

U know its like Dean had Liam and Stella all by himself LOL!

Meream on

Oh look at her posing and holding her sunglasses like that! Haha so cute.

Manon on

I kind of get what Renee means: it’s like “we get it – you’ve got a girl!”.

The way people dress their offspring is so subjective, especially with girls somehow.

It’s lovely to see parents making an effort whatever the style although personally I prefer the style that Nicole dresses Harlow or Jessica Alba Honor… feminine but not quite as “overdone” and kind of almost adult somehow style of Stella. Suri Cruise always has dresses but in interesting colours and styles and even they are bit more subtle. I loved the pics of Shiloh in simple white cotton dresses and then little fun sneakers. Such a pretty contrast.

Kate on

oh pah-lease people, you’re the ones who’s complaining that Shiloh is dressed like a boy all the time and has no color! And that Suri only has dresses and no pants in her wardrobe… Very cute picture!

Shannon on

Oh so what if she wears a pink outfit? I remember recently there was a picture of her in a black dress and people said something about that too. Why do people always have to find something to complain about? If you don’t like what celebs are doing with thier kids, quit coming on here to look at them! Leave them be for crying out loud, it’s not like they’re abusing her by putting her in a pink outfit!

Stella is an adorable baby, and I think she looks great no matter what color she has on!

Manon on

Kelley and Shannon: it’s called an OPINION. Look it up in a dictionary.

I never complained about the way either Shiloh and Suri were dressed – as stated in my post I love the way they are dressed. It’s so funny that some posters just shoot down anyone with an opinion.


T on

Are those ladies serious?!?! Too much pink??v

Agree with earlier poster complian, complain, complain!

Terri on

LOL, I was thinking the same thing about the barette. What a cute picture!

Kate on

Manon, you were complaining about too much pink, on the other discussions people complained about Shiloh wearing dark and no color, read what I said. I just think that there are alot of ‘opinions’ on this site (not this picture in particular)that are so pity and judgemental.

Lily on

She wasn’t complaining, she was giving her opinion. What’s wrong with you? Aren’t people allowed to say what they think anymore? So when someone has an opinion that differs from yours does that automatically mean that person is complaining? Hearing different opinions is interesting and important so why would you want people to stop telling what they think? Can’t people have discussions anymore? Seriously, this is really really sad. Most of the messages posted on this site weren’t posted by people who were giving their opinions (or “complaining”) but by people who were telling others to stop giving their opinions which is really annoying and unnecessary. If you love pink, fine. You can tell us, you can give your opinion. If you don’t love it that’s alright as well.

Kate on

Lily, and what’s wrong with you? I was giving my opinion just the same as the all others, and my opinion is that people complain too much about everything. And I didn’t say to anybody ‘what’s wrong with you’ unlike you, I was stating what I think.

Lily on

@ Kate

I don’t think I even meant you, but one person here basically told her to stop complaining and that is just not appropriate, because she was just giving her opinion. How come you think I meant you?

Lily on

@ Kate

The person told her to stop coming here if she didn’t have anything nice to say, basically.

Kate on

Oh, now I see that comment, Lily! Sorry, no hard feelings, didn’t mean to jump your throat:)

fuschia on

Stylistically I totally agree with Manon.

And I am sure it is not the SAME PESON complaining about Shiloh being dressed too boyishly or Suri wearing too many dresses and Stella in too much pink. Its probably lots of different people who all have different opinions which is great and its nice to know that some people will like how I dress my daughter (in natural fibres of greys and blues and chocolate brown with the odd small item of pale pink) and others will love head to toe hot pink. Viva la difference! And it means there is no point trying to please everyone because its obvious you can’t so Tori and Jessica and Angelina and so on should all do what they want and ignore the fact that I think hair clips on children with no hair is ridiculous!

eternalcanadian on

lol, too funny!

Mommyof3 on

Seriously it never fails, I have not been on here in what seems like forever, but you can clearly see that it NEVER changes!! There’s always some one or a few people “picking” at each picture like it is their job! Get over it people, it’s just a colour….

Anyways I can’t believe Stella is going to be a year in just a few days. She sure looks like Daddy:)

CelebBabyLover on

fuschia- What about Dean, Cash, and Brad? Why does nobody ever mention the fathers?

gianna on

Stella is so pretty, looks so much like Dean here. I love how girly and nice tori dresses her

FC on

Too cute. I can almost see a little talk bubble hovering above her head with her thoughts being: “I’m ready for my close-up now!”

Mary on

If you see a beautiful girl like Stella and find something wrong, you have serious issues and problems people. Instead of finding one little thing you don’t like or is wrong, find something you DO like and comment on that. These babies don’t choose the spotlight and they are all beautiful!

Simona on

What a cutie. Look at those eyes…

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