Nicole Richie and Harlow: Errand Run!

06/04/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Joining hippie-chic mama Nicole Richie for a few errands, Harlow Winter Kate smiled for the paparazzi on Tuesday in West Hollywood.

After the pair were finished running around town, they met up with friends for lunch at Sunset Plaza.

Harlow appeared with Nicole and grandfather Lionel Richie on Larry King Live last week, with Nicole joking that the 16-month-old is a very spoiled little girl!

“That’s been the most difficult challenge with both my parents. [My mom] is the best grandmother in the world. [But] it frustrates me, because I’ll say, ‘She needs a pair of shoes,’ and my mom will come back with 20 pairs of shoes…Spoils is an understatement.”

Speaking of shoes, Harlow is wearing Sue London’s Infant Slipper in Van ($102).

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Lis on

That child melts my heart! I could just eat her up; she is so cute! I love the little smirk on her face 😉

Jane on

That’s one of the roles of an adoring grandparent – to get 20 shoes when just 1 is requested! I believe that children know the difference between a grandparent who “spoils” them and a parent! It is wonderful for a child to have that presence of a doting grandparent in their lives. I think when a parent spoils a child it is one thing, but different for a grandparent. As long as she doesn’t spoil her daughter, she should be just fine!

greta on

i love love love this little girl … she is soooo cute !!!!

nicole has really turned out to be a great mom !!! after her rough times with drugs and all – i am so happy for her and joel …

brannon on

how could you not spoil her! (my mom always says its ok to be spoiled, just not a spoiled brat 🙂 she is way too cute

Sarah on

Nicole is lucky not to have drop-in grandparents to her child. She has no idea.

ez peze on

im LOL at sarah…i feel your pain sista!.

Lexi on

Nicole is stunning and Harlow is too cute for words!

I love that Harlow and her sibling are going to be so close in age. My sister and I are 15 months apart and have a bond like no other. Hopefully Harlow and her sibling can be like that.

kim on

Has anyone else noticed that Harlow is a camera lover! In most pics she is looking at the camera person as if she is seeking them out! I think this is adorable, as she is such a happy girl and I love to see her smile everyday.

L on

Harlow is a natural omg look at her!!!
I love her little curly bangs btw…shes just as cute as she wants to be!

Bumbles on

My mum spoils my niece with sooo many clothes and pairs of shoes and she gets everything I ever wanted as a child but was told ‘it was too expensive’ she has a sibling on the way now though so will have to learn to share! Bless them, having no grandparents myself I can now see that they really are the best!

Shannon on

I LOVE them! Look at her little ponytail, it’s too cute!

Tiffany on

She is so cute!! And that’s what grandparents are for…to do the spoiling. I wonder if there is any truth (heard it in gossip mags) that this next little one is a boy?

Georgia41 on

Other than my own daughters, I have never seen such a beautiful little girl!!!!! (lol)

Shaunie on

Always thought Harlow was REALLY REALLY cute…

but the cuteness meter has been shooting through the roof with those ponytails & pigtails she has been wearing lately! I love it!!!

Daniella on

Wow, she’s so adorable. I just know my mum will do the spoiling once I have kids. Never really happened to me though. Then again, I am one of over 50 grandchildren, 32 on my mum’s side & 25 on my dad’s side. Spoiling the grandchildren just wasn’t realistic for my grandparents 🙂

Jill on

I wonder if grandma bought her the $102 ballet slippers!!! Holy cow those are some expensive slippers:):)

I love this family and can’t wait to see if the new baby is as cute as Harlow.

scherriea on


Kristen on

$100 for baby slippers? My goodness. I know they have the money, but that just seems outrageous.

She looks just like her Daddy and she always seems so happy!

shan on

This child is so adorable, but $102 for a little pair of plastic, wow
All kids are spoiled these days, if I could go back in time I would not have spoiled my kids so much, we are raising a society of children who think that when we break things mum will buy another one and just dont understand how much things cost.

JMO on

I don’t think I own shoes over $50.00 let alone $104.00! Can someone tell me the material these shoes are made out of to make them cost so much? LOL

Momta2 on

Hey , I betcha grandma bought those shoes for her!

Christina on

The shoes are leather, not plastic. But still $102 is way too much for baby shoes. But like a previous poster said these were probably part of the 20 pairs Grandma bought. lol

Renee on

She does seem to LOVE the camera. She is TOOOOO cute!!!

mazzie on

harlows a doll and those shoes are just gorgeous.. but hideously expensive!! i bought some similar ones for my niece at cheeky little soles, and i thought they were expensive, but i can see how much of a steal $35 is compared to these!!

JMO on

So great not even two and Harlow is sporting leather *smh* Not a very friendly choice of shoes for a baby!

cas on

so cute!!!

Shirelle on

Harlow is so cute! I think Nicole will have a boy!

TeamZoie on

I knew Lionel and Brenda were spoiling that baby rotten!

CelebBabyLover on

Tiffany- Nicole said on Larry King that they are having a delivery surprise, just as they did with Harlow. The tabs still have a 50 percent chance of being right, though. 🙂

ang on

lordy,is there real gold in those shoes???cute girl tho-she is always happy-wait til her sibling comes along!

mia on

no one even knows if she paid for those shoes…which would mean for her, they aren’t overpriced.

Debbie on

I would be ashamed to put my DD in a $102 pair of shoes.


This lil girl is so darn cute!!!!

louynne on

forget the shoes.. I want to know where the dress is from.. so cute… Any ideas??