Jeffrey Tambor, Wife Expecting Twin Boys

06/04/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Kiley Bishop/London Ent/Splash News Online

More babies are on the way for Jeffrey Tambor and wife Kasia! The former Arrested Development star, 64, broke the news that Kasia is pregnant with twin boys on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, airing last evening.

Due in October, Kasia, 41, is experiencing all the normal aches and pains that comes with pregnancy — and her husband is as well. “I’m developing all the symptoms my wife has. She gets a headache, I get a headache. She gets gas, I get gas,” Jeffrey joked.

The new baby boys will join siblings Eve Julia, 2 ½, and Gabriel Kasper, 3 ½, as well as Jeffrey’s adult daughter from a previous relationship.

Jeffrey’s new movie, The Hangover, is in theaters Friday.

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momto3 on

wow, 4 under four! good luck with that!

Lis on

Wow…64 and he’s going to have 4 kids, 4 years old and younger… Well I’ll be darned…

Shauna on

OMG, Unbelievable! At that age having these young kids. I don’t think it is fair to the children. He will be gone when the kids are so still young. People should think about these things you know that?

Guen on

Must be nice that men can keep on having children into their 90’s but women start having trouble in their late 30’s. Men really bug me sometimes 🙂

daniela on

Guen – I agree!!! It’s just not fair! Altho I’m not sure I’d want to be having babies in my 60s….but it shouldn’t be so hard for women to get pregnant in their late 30s when a man 30 yrs older can easily have kids! 🙂

babyboopie on

Hope his ticker will last for a while yet!

Mimi on

A woman in her 60’s just had a baby (babies) in Europe recently. Medical science is working to allow women the same choices that men have regarding childbearing later in life and many women are jumping at the opprotunity. Do those women bug you too, Guen? Or do you just not like men?

Alex on

I think he’s too old to be having this many young children. Its not fair to the kids.

bill morlock on

Hey now!

The Laughing Stork on

How sweet. When the baby sees Jeffrey, his first word will be “Grandpa?”

Tia on

For all we know Jeffrey will live another 30, healthy happy years with his kids and 30-year-old “Joe Down the Street” will die tomorrow leaving his kids while they’re still young.
By and by, I think there are a lot of things all parents do to their kids that are ‘unfair,’ so I guess it’s a good thing we all get to make our own choices!

Sofie on

64 and 4 kids under age of 4….Poor wife, she gonna be spending most of the rest of her life alone (w/ the kids). So many things they’re going to miss out on. Sad really.

Marilyn on

I wonder if they used some type of artificial insemination to intentionally have more children (since they are twins) or if it was done the old-fashioned way. Michael Douglas is slightly younger than Jeffrey and he quit having kids six years ago because of his age. Anyway, congratulations to them.

Beverley on

Anyone remember Tony Randall? He had young kids when he was an old man and look what happened. He died and left fatherless children.

The law of averages says that a man will probably die sometime around 75. It is totally irresponsible for anyone, man or woman, to have children at such advanced age. There is no guarantee that he will live longer, but on average, he won’t. Yes, there are exceptions, like the 30 year old who suddenly dies, but these children will probably grow up without much of a father.

Jeffrey and his wife are just being selfish.

Tia on

Wow, anyone who is sick or ever has been (cancer, etc.) shouldn’t have children then? I mean, their likelihood of a recurrence is higher than average and they may die before their children are grown so that would just be selfish, right?

Guen on

Mimi, get over it. In case you happened to miss the smiley face at the end of my sentence, I was JOKING! But I do think it is unfair that men can have children that long and women have problems (and daniela, I agree, I wouldn’t want to be pregnant in my 60’s).

My point, Mimi, is that the woman you are talking about being pregant only got pregant by science. I was commenting on the fact that men and women have different NATURAL times they can get pregnant and I don’t think its quite fair and that is my opinion!

paula on

More twins in Hollywood…big surprise.
Well, best wishes.

Liv on

I really like the names of both their children. As for the age, I wouldn’t do it that late, but I am happy that they decided to. You don’t know how long your going to live at any age. I woould think he probably has a good family history,since he is deciding to still have kids.

electra on

if his wife wants a big family she should get it. she knows how old he is and he could be 30 and inactive.

Amanda on

How funny that this should come up. My very good friend recently buried her father. He was 78 and died of cancer. My friend and I are both 21 so that would make my friend’s father 57 when his daughter was born.

Personally, I don’t care if you’re 20 or 60 when you have children. It’s a personal decision. What you do with the time you have with your children is the most important thing. Be it 10, 20 or 60 years, fill it with love, happiness and laughter. I’m sure that is what Jeffrey and his wife will do and I send them nothing but my congratulations and best wishes.

Erin on

Michael Douglas or Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, etc. Older dads we never talk about. So Jeffrey wont be able to do some things, he’ll be able to do others. If we’re going to talk age, I think a younger parent (anyone who is a teenager, or even a twentysomething who maybe hasn’t established a stable life financially, etc.) is significantly more of a risk as a parent than an older one. P.S. – I used to love him on “Three’s Company” and “The Ropers”. Am I aging myself?! LOL

Mrs. R. on

I have to be defensive a little here…

My uncle and aunt have 3 under 4. My uncle is 62, and my aunt is 50. They adopted all three, and all three are biological siblings.

My uncle is an elementary school teacher, runs every day, has a BMI lower than the average of a 30 year old, and his wife is also in picture perfect health.

Don’t ASSUME that because Jeffrey is 64 he is decrepit or that he’s going to die before the children are 20! He might not be the MOST spritely dad at the high school graduation, but he will probably BE there, and will probably be very active in his children’s lives! Most older dads I know are because they feel like it was such a gift for them to even GET to be dads at that point!

And male fertility is affected by age, just not as drastically as women, so it’s a little 1980’s to say that men can conceive until they are 90. Sperm count diminishes GREATLY after age 45, just as women’s egg count. It’s not a parallel downgrade, but it’s still there.

ditzy on

Can those of you who are able to predict with certainty how old Geoffrey will be when he dies and leaves his kids fatherless give me a call please.

I’d like to know how to get the powers you all seem to have in prediciting the future.

If you drive a car regulalry, don’t have kids. You can die.
If you eat red meat, don’t have kids. You can die.
If you live in a bad neighbourhood, don’t have kids. You can die.

sarah on

Little selfish dont ya think, at some point we all have to do with out our parents, but why bring children into this world if your life is half over, his status should br grandpa at this time in his life.

Sarah K. on

Mrs. R, I think you’re family’s situation is a little different than this. You aunt and uncle did not decide to bring children into this world, but instead chose to provide a loving home to three kids who already existed (which i commend). Those kids would have still existed somewhere if your family hadn’t adopted them. Jeffrey’s kids wouldn’t have existed were it not for a conscious decision to create them.

I think people are more skeptical when someone in his 60’s chooses to create more kids. He and his wife already had kids, not to mention his adult children. And, chances are that he will not live to see these kids graduate high school. Of course something could always happen to all of us, but that can’t really be predicted. Older people KNOW that they do not have much longer. I do have to question whether that is really fair to his kids.

maggie on

“Little selfish dont ya think, at some point we all have to do with out our parents, but why bring children into this world if your life is half over, his status should br grandpa at this time in his life.”

That is not necessarily true and how is that selfish? They want a big family. Maybe there were circumstances that didn’t allow them to have one early. Parents are parents, no matter what age. If he is healthy (which he seems) he will probably see all four get married. He will see them graduate. He will be there for their first dates. I understand you have an opinion of your own, but they obviously don’t have the same opinion. She is still fairly young. They have the right to have a big, happy family no matter what his age is. It is a choice.

Like Mrs. R, I have to be defensive a little here too… I am 22, my dad is now 76. He had me when he was 54. Yes, Jeffrey Tambor is older and I don’t agree with having kids at that age, but if he is in good shape, then he will probably be like any other dad. My dad is very active. He is in very good health. He rough-housed, traveled, took big camping trips… He now has 7 grandchildren and one on the way and is just as active as he was 20-30 years ago. He plays, he chases, he rides bikes and plays ball. Yeah, he probably won’t be here when I am 40, but that’s life.

His wife will still probably be around. My parents are 18 years apart. If having two more children makes them happy, then good for them! Congrats. It’s not like their other children are that much older (2.5 , 3.5 , and 34). They are obviously fine. It is great having older siblings. Mine are 26, 40, 42, and 43.

maggie on

“64 and 4 kids under age of 4….Poor wife, she gonna be spending most of the rest of her life alone (w/ the kids). So many things they’re going to miss out on. Sad really.”

Sad really… that you you feel he is going to die so soon. He may live until he is 95…97…100, for all you know. If he is healthy, he has the same chance of dying tomorrow as any other healthy man. Poor wife? She made the choice to have kids too. And since when was being a single mother such a bad thing? Who says they are going to miss out on things? Do you know what kind of life he has? How healthy he is? They will probably see plenty more than many kids in the US would dream! A father at 64 is just as good as a father of 30. Being a child of a older father, I would never trade him for a younger one. I have traveled abroad with him multiple times, roughing it in Brazil is not for the weak. My dad (76) is a lot more active than many young American men. At the moment, he is on his own in Colorado; climbing Pikes Peak (over 14,000 feet), kayaking, rock climbing, and camping… at 76.

cécile on

Funny how some celebs can do nothing wrong and how some others will stir anger. Clint Eastwood was 63 when his daughter with Frances Fisher was born,66 when he had his daughter with his current wife.
We heard nothing but congrats and praises for the “big Clint”.I guess when you’re a Hollywood icon and legend,you’ll get a pass and people won’t find you selfish.If you’re less high profile, then the very same thing will bug people.

Beverley on

If this website was around and part of my daily life when Clint Eastwood had his two kids, I certainly would have voiced my opinion about that too.

Silvermouse on

I agree with Mrs. R, Maggie, and ditzy (that’s all I can see or feel like reading who I agree with)
Anyone can die at any time so assuming that someone’s going to die and leave their spouse alone with young children as an older man is rather ignorant.
Guen, that’s funny. However, last week since I was on my (.), I desired early metapause (haha). Sadly, I’m only 20 :-).

Silvermouse on

Go Tia! I don’t get it either. I don’t think it’s selfish to have kids at an older age. In fact my mother had my sisters and I at 38,40,and 41 which was ancient in ’89-91. Even though she was relatively older, she still was and still is a great mom. In my opinion age shouldn’t matter. There could be a bunch of reasons why parents decide to have children late. For example, my mother divorced once before she married my dad at 37. (she was nearly 39 when she had me) I think the only thing that’s stressful about having children at an older age is that they have to become both money-conscious and independent sooner so they can take care of their parents.
But of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

haywoods-mummy on

I agree with you “Guen” – the parents should think about the effect his age will have on their lives, not to mention dealing with four teenagers when you’re on life support, its just wrong… i really feel for those kids… i really do. 😦

eternalcanadian on

Wow, 4 kids in 4 years. He’s sure busy for someone that’s almost 65 and about to get his Old Age Security Pension (that’s what it is called in Canada)!

plannbb on

This conversation of “Is he too old?” is ridiculous.

Shannon on

I’m not even going to say anything but good luck to them. They’re gonna need it!

Sofie on

You are kidding yourself maggie….but, ok if you really believe that, fine with me.

Alicia on

Like my dad told a friend of the family years ago when him and his wife were expecting their first child….and yes he was older than the wife…(This friend is now in his late 80’s, his wife is in her late 50’s early 60’s) You should be having grandkids.
Same goes for Jeffrey Tambor and his young wife…Stop already, what are you trying to prove. Yeah it still works…I wonder if its with the help of a “little blue pill” ???

Rosanne R on

As long as I dont have to take care of them i.e., government assistance, they can have as many kids as they wish. congrats.

Kate on

Little old huh?

sarah in the UK on

It is a bit different for women having children older as medical complications become an issue as well as the health of the baby. I can’t say I agree with anyone having babies at this age for lots of different reasons.

But what age is too old??

One wonders Maggie if your father announced “as he was so fit and active he was having another child” would you comments be as enthusiastic? This isn’t a dig by the way but just curious?

Lilly on

Wow, this age debate is ridiculous. His age has nothing to do with it. The man is in his 60’s for goodness sake – not his 90s!! Plenty of people live far past their 60s.
If he wants to continue to have children more power to him.

Congrats to him & his wife!

CelebBabyLover on

haywoods-mommy- How do you know he’ll be on life support when the kids are teenagers?

Alicia- He’s in his 60s, not his 80s, so chances are that particular part of his body works just fine without a “little blue pill”!

tonya on

Wow, I’m a little disturbed by all the negativity being directed at this family! If it’s right for them, then it’s really nobody else’s business. For all the people so “concerned” about it being unfair to the kids- how do you think they’ll feel if they read these posts when they’re older, knowing that so many people didn’t think it was the “fair” decision to allow them to be born? Who knows, maybe one of these kids will cure cancer or something…Stop judging other families and worry about yourselves. These kids are lucky to have loving parents who want them, and will be just fine.

Jenifer on

Why do you think there is such a boom in twins lately?

CelebBabyLover on

Jenifer- I think it’s due to several different thing. I have read that doctors have been reported an increased number of twins being concieved naturally. Also, more women are waiting until they are older to become parents. Being over 35 in and of itself increases the chances of twins, and it’s also more likely that women over 35 will need fertility treatments, which also increases the chance of twins.

Lanie27 on

I just wanted to say congrats to the family. I personally could care less about the age as long as the kids are showered with love and attention.

Trixie on

Can I just point out what unbelievably well-named kids he has. Jeffrey and his wife are going to have a hard time topping the ultra-gorgeous sibset of Gabriel and Eve. I’ll be hanging out to hear what they come up with!!

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

That’s great! Finally expecting news announced on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson! Yay! That’s great! I haven’t seen any pics of any of his kids, he does a good job of keeping them hidden from the paps!

Ann68 on

He is 64 and she is 41 and no one blicks an eye but if she was 64 and he was 41 what a difference it would be!!! Wish them the best. Just not fair that it is so excepted for the man to be older with a wife young enough to be his granddaughter and not a woman to be in the same situation.

Jean on

Isn’t he a lot too old to keep fathering babies. Why do men do this and why do younger women marry these old men ?