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06/04/2009 at 11:30 AM ET

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kayleesmom on

Banning ice cream trucks? Seriously? Ice cream trucks were always around when I was a kid but it’s not like I bought ice cream everyday. Do 10 year olds bring money to school nowadays? I wouldn’t think so.

MZ on

Kayleesmom, lots of kids bring money to school. I was surprised by it myself, but there is always lunch $ at least, if not more. And the parents weren’t asking for ice cream trucks to be banned totally. I see both sides of the issue. I think it’s unreasonable to ban them from parks, but I can understand wanting to ban them from sitting right outside the door of the school all the kids go out of. I just finished my MPH and I have had to read a lot of research on childhood obesity, which wasn’t a problem when I or my parents were growing up. I don’t remember sodas and candy being so readily available in schools, either. From a business sense I also understand that it makes sense to go where the kids are, and that parents need to learn to tell their kids no. I can imagine it’s a difficult temptation to be exposed to every day for kids who are currently battling obesity. As a country, we need to decide how far we want to go to battle the serious illness of obesity.

As far as the c-section article goes, I really wish I’d had this info before mine! My doctors decided at 37 weeks that I would have a c-section at 39 weeks. I was really unprepared! I remember getting prepped for the surgery and the nurse went in to put in the catheter and I was shocked. I’d had surgery lots of times and never had a catheter put in while I was awake. Not fun! I also bled for 8 weeks….I had read it was only 2-3 weeks. Big surprise, lol.

Andrea_momof2 on

That’s true MZ, although I don’t think that ice cream trucks/vending machines are the “cause” of obesity either. Although kids do spend a lot of time at school, they can also get their exercise and eat their veggies at home or before/after school. Easier said than done of course, and my kids are still young so I don’t know what it will be like when they’re pre-teen age.

MZ on

Andrea, ITA. Ice cream trucks are not the cause of obesity. There are a LOT of causes of obesity, which I could go on and on and on about lol. A lot of kids, especially in urban areas like the Bronx, don’t have access to fresh fruits and veggies, or even necessarily a safe place to run around and play to get exercise. So, I tend to think that where the school/community can help out in the fight against childhood obesity, they should (within reason). 🙂

Andrea_momof2 on

Yes I know exactly what you mean. I know there are a lot of kids who live in bad areas also so it’s not easy for them to just “go out and play”.

Paul Blake MH on

It is not the trucks my dear it is what has happened to the ice cream that is the problem. Those trucks have been with us since before I was a kid 60 years ago. But look at what has happened to the ice cream and the animals that produce it in that time. The animals get steroids and antibiotics then they add Aspartame, MSG, Artificial colors, Sodium nitrite, Hydrogenated oils, High-Fructose Corn syrup, Acesulfame K, BHA, BHT, Olestra, Bromate, Sulfites, Seomyx, and I could go on and on. Good grief, what do they think we are? You and I know that this is not right, our food should not degrade into something chemically unrecognizable. Food should have food value and nourish us not turn us into an obese sickly country, you know it, I know it and they should know it. Paul