Lola Sheen Celebrates Her Fourth Birthday at Disneyland!

06/03/2009 at 02:00 PM ET

Happy 4th Birthday Lola Rose! Denise Richards spent Monday at Disneyland, celebrating her youngest daughter’s birthday with Lola, Sam, 5, and her father. The group met Cinderella and Snow White (Lola was a bit more excited than Sam!), rode rides and sat down to a princess birthday cake. Later that night, dad Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke came over for birthday cake, Denise shared via Twitter.

Albert Michael/Startraks

Lola wears a Ladybugs and Lullabies Phoebe Bow ($6.50).

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Check out two more photos below!

Albert Michael/Startraks
Albert Michael/Startraks

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Anna on

What adorable girls! They’re both so pretty.

alexia kaelyn on

Happy fourth birthday Lola. Every picture I see of Lola and Sam the girls are always miserable. I haven’t seen Sam smile.

Lis on

They are too cute. I bet Denise just loves hanging out with her little ladies πŸ˜‰

sandy on

Always looks so deep in thought. I would love to be able to know what is going on through Sam’s head.

definitely beautiful girls.

Brandi on

I love denise’s dad he is my favorite part of her show!

alexis here is a smiling picture

momto3 on

wow, for celebrating at Disneyland, wouldn’t you think that Denise could wear some nicer jeans? and the older daughter, doesn’t look too happy at all. Apparently Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth.


Those girls are adorable!! Children dont always smile, now that doesn’t mean they are not happy! She might not be having a nice day, or is afraid of the princesses (my niece is)

I think Denise is dressed fine! IMO – Disneyland IS the happiest place on earth.

Brianna on

Happy birthday Lola! That first picture of Lola is cuter than cute – it’s nice to see her smiling. Why do she and Sam never smile?

Momta2 on

I remember when I was a little girl, people would ALWAYS say “you’re such a pretty girl, why don’t you smile?” It REALLY annoyed me. To this day people say this and I’m 37.

Unsmiling doesn’t always mean Unhappy. Although the very 1st pic looks like she may be just “over it”.

eva on

Sam might be intimidated by the princess,many children are afraid of costumed strangers.They are both very sweet looking and seem to be having a nice time.

Cortney on

Thank goodness Denise, Charlie and Brooke are all finally getting along for the childrens sake if nothing else. Happy Birthday Lola!

mona on

Poor Sam Sheen is never smiling in any pictures, not just these.

Jane on

The Celebrity Baby Blog have a lot of pictures of Sam smiling and still have people who insist that don’t have pics of she smiling. Leave Denise alone!
By the way, I love the idea of celebrating kids birthday at Disneyland. I do this with my daughters and they loved it! Lola looks so happy with her party.

Katrina on

Sam is looking warily at the princesses so I would presume she is a little nervous around them. She is a very pretty little girl though and I am sure she probably does smile a lot – maybe she doesn’t look having her photo taken all that much (I didn’t as a kid and still don’t).

Michelle on

I don’t see why people make such a big deal that Sam isn’t smiling. She’s a little girl – sometimes kids don’t want to smile for the camera. Plus,the paps probably surround them constantly – who can blame her for not wanting to smile when she sees a camera.

I also don’t see the big deal about Denise being jeans. It’s Disneyland, not Buckingham Palace.

That being said – LOVE the first picture of Lola – she looks so stinkin’ cute. Happy Birthday to her!

plS on

Momta2, I agree! It’s really rude when people say that.

nona on

Although their lives ultimately aren’t my business (I realize that saying that is contradictory when I’m sitting here looking at their photos and writing about them), I am still glad to know that Charlie and Denise have turned the corner in their relations, for the sake of their children. It isn’t fair for anyone to have to suffer because of other people’s issues.

As far as facial expressions, I will never expect anybody to smile for paparazzi! Not only that, but I HATED being photographed as a kid, and the camera only came out a few times a year for a picture or 3. I’m crying in lots of family portraits. Maybe Sam feels similarly, and yet she has to put up with it times 1,000,000.

In the years I’ve read the cbb, it seems like each individual kid has been pretty consistent in their expressions in photos (think Violet Affleck with a big grin, Sasha Schreiber looking serious, etc.) They are all little people with their own personalities, and their own ways of looking at the world around them. When kids like Sam and Suri Cruise already appear leery about the paps, I’m thinking they’re pretty intuitive to pick up on the disturbance. They don’t even know any different!

(whew, long comment!)

J on

Momto3, that was too! I was thinking that too. Maybe younger sis getting the birthday annoyed Sam a little or something.

Michelle, Momto3 hardly insulted anyone, she was probably commenting on the ripped up the thigh pant leg, relax.

SH on

Sam just looks like the typical jealous 5 year old to me. As the mother of a 5 year old and an almost 4 year old…along with 2 other younger kids….they get jealous on birthdays at that age!!

Ashley on

The girls are getting so big!! I can’t believe they are already 5 and 4 I still remember them as babies!! lol They are big girls now, and Sami’s hair is so long! What sweeties and Happy Belated Birthday to LoLa!

Mrs. R. on

I rarely see a picture of Sam smiling too, but with all the paparazzi, I’m not surprised. It’s starting to wear on Violet Afflect too – I’ve noticed several pictures of her not smiling either lately… I think having her name shouted at her and all the light bulbs popping is probably disturbing to a little girl, especially if the girl’s nature isn’t to be super gregarious (which who knows if Sam’s is or not, I am just thinking about my first graders, and their personalities, and how some of them might feel)

gianna on

Denise is dressed fine for disneyland, casual and comfortable, not overdressed like victoria beckham. Denise is beautiful, and so are her daughters. Sam and Lola have the same pretty blonde hair and blue eyes as denise. I love how close denise is to her dad, he seems like a great dad and grandpa.

martina on

It is beyond rude to say that “children always look miserable”. They are babies. They have good days and bad days. They get tired. They get cranky. Strange things make them nervous. And the list goes on. Just because kids don’t have huge smiles in the photographs, doesn’t mean they are not happy.

72872 on

i saw denise several times at disneyland on monday. she was walking around with her two daughters, father and camera man–and some other dude. not sure what his purpose was. she only smiled for photo ops with her CAMERA MAN. the only person who smiled during the trip (other than when smiling for cameras) was her father. all these photos we see on these sites are rarely CANDID. they are posed. she seems really sad–or just not happy. i felt bad for her.

72872 on

and nothings wrong with the jeans she was wearing. they were the rainbow true religions.

Anna on

Maybe Sam is jealous of her sister’s attention… I always was when I was her age! πŸ˜‰

Lorus on

Maybe Sam is just a serious kid? Just because she doesn’t smile for the paps doesn’t mean she’s unhappy all the time.

CelebBabyLover on

Lorus- I agree! Anyway, I wonder if Charlie and Brooke brought Bob and Max with them when they came to visit?

Amy on

I thought nobody cared about what people wear to Disney. It’s Disney, you go there to have fun…not to get noticed.

And my kids are not smiling all the time, and trust me, they are very happy.

Stephany on

Two equally adorable kids. Lola looked like she had so much fun! I think Sam might be experiencing a little jealousy and she is probably just a serious kid, much like Sasha Schrieber. Nothing wrong with that!

Also, so glad to hear Denise and Charlie were able to celebrate their daughters birthday together!!

Bri on

Who cares that the girls aren’t smiling in each and every photo – they probably had thousands taken that day, seeing that Denise had a photographer with her. I’m sure there are a few with Sam looking perfectly happy.

She looks “jealous” in these photos? Please. You don’t know her at all, you see a few photos here and there and deem her a typical jealous child? You have kids…act like it! I’m sure if your precious little ones were put out there for the world to see you wouldn’t appreciate snide comments from a bunch of strangers claiming to be “moms” themselves. Give it a rest, they are kids. Judge the parents if you want, but children/babies should be off limits.

JMO on

momto2 – I always get the same thing, “why don’ you smile” I just have one of those faces that look like I’m not happy but most of the time I’m fine. But people always assume I’m mad or unhappy (as a kid and an adult)!

Sam perhaps is having the whole, “all the attention is on my sister because it’s her birthday” look. I remember being little and my mom having to buy me something small for me on my brother’s bday because I’d get mad at him for having presents! – perhaps maybe I was an angry, unhappy, spoiled child πŸ˜‰ LOL

SH on

Bri, my comment wasn’t mean to be snide or judgemental, it was actually meant to be light hearted. That’s actually how kids behave on birthdays – they get jealous! I’ve got a million pictures of kids smiling on birthdays with the others pouting. Believe me, I have 4 of them ages 5 and under – I KNOW. I’m not ACTING to be a parent. That’s how most kids that age are. It IS very typical, and you know what? It’s MY OPINION. I didn’t claim to know Sam, I was saying that in response to the people who are saying that Sam looks miserable. Get a grip.

Brittany on

Very cute!!
Momto3, the jeans are probably made that way. That style is very popular..

Bri on

LOL @ telling me to get a grip. Calm down, take a deep breath – it really isn’t that serious. Guess what? I’ve got an opinion too and I certainly don’t use it to judge CHILDREN that I don’t even know. I have a child myself and that doesn’t make me the foremost authority kids that I have never even met. She looks that way in most photographs – do you suppose she just walks around jealous all day/week/month long, anticipating her younger sister’s birthday party? She may just be a little bit intimated by the whole situation and surroundings. The fact is, none of us here really know. She why bother going the negative route? She’s a kid, with many emotions that happen to be photographed by strangers for the most part. Cut her some slack. And good for you for touting your resume! Why, for someone with lots of little kids herself, you must really know it all! Go you!

SouthernBelle on

If you’ve ever watched a single episode (I watched ALMOST one episodes and could NOT handle another) of Denise’s TV show It’s Complicated, you will see, first hand, why those little girls don’t smile. The cursing, anger, screaming, etc. that comes from Denise makes me cringe. And that’s when the camera’s are rolling, so I can’t even imagine what it’s like for them behind closed doors. Before anyone says that the little girls aren’t present when Denise acts like that, in the part of the episode I watched, you could clearly see the girls in the same camera shot as Denise when she was going off, using curse/vulgar words like crazy. You could also see the girls’ faces…SO sad. Sam looks positively shell-shocked and the anger and sadness are very apparent. I’ve seen the same looks on the faces of children from what social services considers a “bad home.” Lola isn’t quite to the same place as Sam…yet. I feel so badly for them it makes me want to cry. They are beautiful little girls who deserve a safe, stable, loving life and a little bit of happiness.

Terri on

I love the family life that they’ve seem to built – Denise, her dad, and the two girls. It’s very sweet.

Mary-Helen on

Maybe she was just tired. I have seen plenty of pictures of Sam Sheen smiling. The girls are very close in age, so maybe there was a twinge of jealousy, which is normal or she just is a more serious child, which is again normal. Or maybe these candid photos didn’t catch Sam smiling or laughing. Remember 3 or 4 photos do not reflect one’s opinion on an entire day.

Peter on

Bri get a grip, calm down and take a deep breath…