Gabriel and Nahla Aubry: Daddy-Daughter Day!

06/03/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

We’ve seen her in mom Halle Berry‘s arms as of late, but on Tuesday, 14-month-old Nahla Ariela enjoyed an afternoon alone with papa!

Model Gabriel Aubry brought his daughter along as he checked out various houses in Hollywood. Perhaps the couple is planning a move?

What else are they planning? A sibling for Nahla, Gabriel says.

“She needs a sibling. I think it’s important. I’ve never known anybody who’s had a single child [and] I’ve always been around big families … I believe in big families.”

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Christina on

Aww…love to see a man with his baby! That is a gorgeous twosome.

Lorus on

I agree! Nothing sexier than a man carrying a baby.

Kim on

He reminds me of Josh Holloway from Lost. Yummy! I agree that Nahlia needs a sibling–I also believe in big familes coming from a family of 4 children. There was never a dull moment growing up! I have 2 but wouldn’t mind having 1 more.

Amber on

How sweet are they? It looks like he’s holding her little hand.

Maybe they’ll consider adoption or surrogacy if Halle is experiencing difficulty getting oregnant again.

mamabear on

One of mt favorite celebrity babies!

NAHLA is just gorgeous 🙂

Shan on

Her eyes are so gorgeous. It seems like they stare right through you.

emma on

Nahla is so preety i love her. I have 6 girls so i like big families to.

Lindsay on

I don’t know…but he is making it sound like having an only child is not as important as having lots of children. Maybe having a big family is not in the cards for them and they need to accept it. But best of luck as they try for another child. I hope if it doesn’t happen, they will still see their family as “important”.

Melissa on

That child is absolutely adorable… Beautiful! And her Daddy… Gorgeous gorgeous, as is his wife!

L on

Gorgeous father daughter duo!

Random question/thought: I wonder if Nahla can walk, she seems to never be wearing shoes & ive never seen her walk…maybe it’s just because of all the paps..but if Angelina and her brood can manage I dont understand…!?

dee on

I luv these too. 2cute

dee on

A few weeks ago Halle took Nahla to an art show. The paps got a picture of Nahla walking.

alexia kaelyn on

Nahla is a gorgeous baby girl.

dee on

and as for Brad and Angie’s bunch…. They have six kids. Nahla is Halle and Gabe’s only baby. Of couse they are going to be over pertective.

aroundthewaygirl on

A very sweet dad and daughter duo.

What don’t you understand about a mom or dad carrying their baby? What Angelina does with her children has nothing to do with why Halle and Gabrielle carry their daughter who is a BABY. Maybe the 3 of them enjoy the carrying.

L on

Calm down it is really not that serious…I was just wondering if anyone had seen her walk..thats all…*smiiile*

Dee on

Such a nice picture. A man with his baby is really hot. I really hope he and Halle will be able to have more kids. Great to see Gabriel and Nahla hanging out.

Lis on

Hmmmm. Halle seems content with one child, yet Gabriel seems to be saying the exact opposite…it’ll be interesting to see what the future brings for this family.

Mimi on

Lindsay, I just think that for Gabriel who came from a big family and only really knows big families, having only one child seems less than ideal for him. I know more than a few women who were only children and can’t imagine having more than one themselves. They view three kids as the equivalent of the Duggers! I also know singletons that really missed having siblings and people from large families who hated it. Clearly Gabriel enjoyed his upbringing and wants Nahla to have those same opportunities. I wish them the best on expanding their family whichever route they take.

KiKi on

Halle has repeatedly said she wants more children.

Moore on

L, I see what you’re saying about wearing shoes and walking.
They probably don’t want her to stray with the paps around and they’re trying to get going but then again she might just take a while to get anywhere. Tiny legs and all. Angie’s kids are a bit bigger (and are of a large number)so its more understandable to me that it would be quicker to put shoes on them and let them walk rather than carry them.
I have never been a fan of bare footed babies in public (house hunting no less) especially of the older set.

jenny on


Elle on

Gabriel Aubry is the hottest celebrity daddy on the planet. I mean look at the guy. He is completely gorgeous and he and Halle have this amazingly beautiful baby… no surprise there. Love seeing pictures of this family, and I really admire how careful they were to keep Nahla out of the public eye when she was young. Go Aubry-Berry family!

FC on

It’s nice to see a picture of Gabriel and Nahla out and about. I’ve either seen the three of them, or Halle and Nahla. This is the first time I’ve seen one of just Dad and baby girl. 🙂

Ivey on

Does this mean Gabriel may have a single brother! Hmmmm

Amber on

He is a beautiful, beautiful man.

Rebecca on

Oh that precious baby!! She is just gorgeous. Her eyes are like the stars. They are just mesmerizing! I always see her with her Mom in all the pics, so it is so refreshing to see her with her Dad. And oh what a gorgeous looking Dad indeed! Such a lovely looking family, and with 2 beautiful parents such as Halle and Gabriel, why would their child not be good looking?

melissa on

oh my goodness she is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and daddys not bad either lol

Lorus on

Halle has always spoken openly about wanting more children but she knows how difficult it was to conceive Nahla. She’s trying to be optimistic but also knows she may not be able to carrying a child again.
I hope they have another baby as Nahla is gorgeous. Surrogacy or adoption would be great too!

Lani on


Rach on

I agree, its their first child so of course they are going to be overprotective.

Comparing them to Angelina and their brood is not fair at all. People need to grow as parents, its not BOOM : one day you know exactly what to do. You fret sometimes for the smallest reason with the first baby,and by the third you learned that a little,cough,bump,redness is not always cause to run like hell to the ER.

And it is funny that people are talking about how Halle etc should not hold their kids so much and let them walk like Angelina… some short memories here, but I do recall, when Angie just had Maddox alone their was much speculation when he was a toddler if he could even walk because she ALWAYS was carrying him.

Lila on

I was an only child and loved it! I couldn’t imagine sharing my parents with anyone. I hate when people say kids “need” siblings. Not true! I had a great network of friends and family and never felt bored or lonely. I had a wonderful upbringing and now we have a singleton senscation of our own.

If you want a lot of kids, that’s great! But do it because you want kids not because you feel like you are giving your child the “gift” of a sibling.

Dee on

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. And I love it! Kids need a partner in crime. And my brother Esnest was that for me. Everyone has a right to their opinions. But for me kids need a sibling to love and hate all in the same day and do it over again tomorrow. lol

Moore on

“And it is funny that people are talking about how Halle etc should not hold their kids so much and let them walk like Angelina… ”
Nobody said that. I took L’s comment to be about the child(ren) walking in relation to the paparazzi as was mine. That has nothing to do with the over protectiveness of some first time parents just a celeb parent in general. Angie’s would be faster on their own since they are older but Halle’s being younger and newer at walking would be slower which would make it obvious why she’s held more often then not.

Lila on

To each his own I guess. I got to love and hate my friends (all in the same day)- but then I got to go home to my peaceful, quiet house where I got to do my own thing without having to constantly entertain someone else. My friends with siblings always wanted to come to my house because we could play in peace without a sibling bothering us the whole time. I had a ton of sleepovers because of it! Oh, and my friends got to come on vacation with me instead of being stuck with a younger sibling. It was awesome!

I have nothing against having a big family, I just hate that people act like they are depriving their kids of some great life experience if they don’t have more than one. Trust me, your kid will be ok!

Andrea_momof2 on

Lila, that’s great that it worked out for you but I do believe that having siblings is great for kids too. Of course being an only child is all you’ve known, and having sisters is all I’ve known, so it’s kind of hard to say whats “better”.

Nicole on

I feel sorry for Halle if Gabriel gets stuck on the idea that their daughter “needs” a sibling. They should just be enjoying every second with that beautiful baby. In my quest to provide my son with a sibling, unsuccessfully, I have lost precious time with him focusing on what I don’t have. And, as a side note, the response you can “just” adopt if you can’t conceive again is demeaning. There is nothing easy about adoption.