Suri Cruise's Sweet Face

06/02/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Owen Beiny/Agent 47/WENN

Look who’s caught chocolate-handed!

After shopping with mom Katie Holmes at The Grove in Los Angeles, the afternoon gets even sweeter for 3-year-old Suri, who enjoyed a chocolate croissant at the outdoor mall on Saturday.

Dad is Tom Cruise.

Suri wears babyGap’s Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress in Orange ($24.50).

Click here for yesterday’s cutie.

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Gigi on

Please Katie …… buy this poor child a comb instead of a chocolate croissant. Such a pretty child, but such a mess!

Lis on

Suri is just too adorable for words. Seriously, there is something really special about that little girl…

And I just LOVE that dress! I only wish they would “tame” her hair a bit…she needs a cute little orange barette to match 😉

Ashley on

Suri looks like a normal 3 year old girl. Too busy running around and being a child to stand still long enough for mom to brush her hair. She looks happy so what if her hair is a little messy!

Megan on

If she is as strong willed as my 2.5 year old…she probably won’t keep a barette in her hair:)

Jane on

So adorable!!

I’m not a fan of the dress though. Don’t like that style as a children’s dress.

Blackrose on

Lis i have to agree with u there is something very special about Suri… shes beautiful!

carrie on

I love that dress. I want to get it for my daughter.
How sad and lame when grown adults are making ignorant comments concerning the appearance of a three year old!
She may like her hair down, so be it.

Silvana on

My daughter hates clips and headbands, so I understand Katie…and even though I comb her hair, it gets messy as soon as we leave the house :S
Suri is a beautiful little girl…

MissMissy on

I just love the way Katie is looking at her little girl in this photo. It’s amazing how children–in the most unexpected, small moments–can charm and amuse you. 🙂

Mel on

beautiful picutre in every sense on the word.

Angel on

What a baby doll!

Michelle on

what an adorable picture of both of them!

daze on

missmissy, i was going to say the same thing!

Anita on

Why should she be all polished? She is a CHILD and should have the joy of running around playing and having fun and that includes getting messy hair. Geez you would think people would encourage children to enjoy childhood as much as possible since once you are an adult the fun stops 🙂

Lanna on

She looks so much like Katie in that picture! Adorable!

Amandamay on

Kids get messy when they run around. Even a day of shopping ends with a bath at our house 🙂 So what if her hair is a bit “messy”? I didn’t even notice it. Looks normal to me – Unless you are grooming your child every 5 minutes. Kids should be kids… Having fun, carefree. Not worrying about looking perfect with barrettes and coiffed hair at all times. She seems well loved and like she’s having fun.

Gorgeous little girl!

scherriea on

Suri is such a beautiful little girl..that look is so…too cute!

Leah123 on

Can’t believe people make a big deal about her hair! Anyone with a little girl knows that they are not all barette fans and that long hair gets messy when you play.


So funny how children can be so different…my daughter LOVES to have her hair done, ponytails, half up, braids, pig tails she LOVES bows, headbands, etc. She will stay still and likes to try different ‘hair styles’…lol My niece on the other hands HATES anything on her hair and her hair is usually never even comb…lol Her hair is more like

My daughter and my niece are the same age and they are both very happy and active children, they just prefer different things…and as long as the child is happy, who cares what her hair looks like?

BTW Suri is gorgeous!

Momta2 on

She’s 3 for goodness sakes! I would imagine her mom combed her hair before they left the house/hotel or whatever and during the course of the day it got messy. SO WHAT?

What is Katie supposed to do, follow behind her brushing everytime the wind blows? (of course she probably could afford to hire someone to 😉

Bianca on

Can’t agree more with the lot of you. My daughter has about the same hair length, and no matter how often you brush through, one ride on her Laufrad (German term for a small bike, just without the pedals) for five minutes or one short chase after a cat, and it’s all messed up again. Who cares?
The look on both faces is priceless, Katie – total adoration – and Suri like: “I know my face is totally smudgy, but I just love this croissant.” Don’t they all? One more thing, good to see, they obviously buy dresses at reasonable prices as well, not just that designer apparel, that Joe Blow could never afford.

kmf on

MissMissy- exactly! Great comment.

What a gorgeous picture.. as much as celebs may hate the papparazzi, moments like this wouldn’t get captured without them… I hope whoever took this will send Katie a copy!

Mich on

I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that Suri looks like every other 3 year old. At least the 3 year olds I know. I love how she gets messy and doesnt want her hair out of her face. She is adorable and I cant get over how cute she gets everytime we get to see her. Let her be a kid for goodness sake. You are only a kid for a little bit. Leave her be.

CTBmom on

Personally, if I had a daughter I would probably be one of these obsessive moms who would be chasing her around with a hairbrush and rubberband, but that is just me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Katie not stressing out and just letting Suri’s hair be. I don’t see that it has anything to do with what kind of parent a person is. Making sure a child is fed, warm, safe and loved….that’s what is important.

Kat on

That cute dirty face!!! I hope Katie got a big chocolate smooch! 🙂 Suri is adorable!!

L on

Suri seems like a little handful…she is very cute i just wish I could see her face!!

Kristen on

I love it how people comment on Suri always wearing dresses, never pants and tops to be more casual. But then they’ll complain about her hair not being combed. Never happy, are we?

Suri is adorable, and I love the way her Mom looks at her. Such a mysterious looking child….

Soffie on

Dear MissMissy, in this photo, Katie is NOT looking at Suri. Katie is looking upwards at the person who is standing behind Suri. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Lisa on

i totally see Katie in Suri in this pic!!! Or joey potter i should say ! lol About her hair…she is just adorable, who cares if her hair is all in here face! my 7yr old girl has long curly hair so it get crazy messy by the end of the day…even with clips and ponytails!

Amy on

I bet those that are talking about how her hair is so messy don’t even have children. Even less a 3 year old.

Kim on

I am curious to know how CBB knows exactly what clothes the children are wearing in the pictures they post. I doubt Kati told the paparazzi wear she bought Suri’s dress. Or maybe they just have “people” that look up these types of things.

The company’s publicists often tell us, site staff recognize items, and CBB readers let us know via the tips box or in the comments.

-CBB Staff

mama2be on

Why don’t I ever see any celebs at The Grove???

MZ on

Gorgeous photo. Probably a windy day…her hair doesn’t seem messy to me. Nice, casual dress too!

Mariel on

AND Gigi, with a such ADORABLE baby girl like Suri Cruise, i would not even think about a little messy either. So relax, like mommies we should enjoy this lovely little moments and things that our kids brings to our lives!!!!

J on

Oh for Pete’s sake Gigi… That had to be the first comment?

momto3 on

peopl: If Suri were prim and proper you guys would be saying, ‘let her get messy and be a kid.’ And now that she is eating like a normal 3 year old and has the wild hair to go with it, you complain about that too. It’s a cute picture plain and simple. A 3 year old doesn’t asked to be critiqued, so stop it! Let the mom/daughter have a fun moment.

brook on

It is so nice to see Katie looking like a 30 yr old again.. yr old, as opposed to a 50 yr old!! She is a very pretty woman..cute kid too! I still go along with the thought that they try to cover up her birthmark on her forehead with her hair..

Laura on

Personally I think if a child won’t let you brush their hair then you should keep it at a length where it doesn’t need to be brushed/held up with barettes, etc. To me if Suri doesn’t want her hair brushed then her bangs and her hair should be cut. The cut she had a few months back looked very cute on her and looked easy to maintain.

kris on

How cute! I think Suri has inherited Mom’s sweet tooth.

Ria on

The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was how cute does Suri look and what a lovely expression on Katie’s face….and what is the first comment? “comb the child’s hair!” Suri’s hair isn’t even messy – she has fine hair, it’s flyaway…what’s the big deal. As a fellow brunette with thin flyaway hair I know how hard it is to keep my hair looking perfect….god knows what people must think of me.

kris on

Oh and I wanted to add that after being out and about (especially when it is windy) my hair looks pretty uncombed too. I just live with it because I can not be bothered with constantly brushing it and many hair accessories both my head.

Shannon on

I don’t know, Soffie, to me it looks exactly like she is looking at Suri.

She is such a beautiful little girl. I love her hair all messy and long like that!

Wendy on

How natural and beautiful just a happy mom and daughter enjoying life 🙂

Anon on

this is too cute. Her hair is fine.

Jasmine C. on

Enough aboout the hair already!!! Geez!! I have to agreee with Momto3..and with some of the others posters…that Suri is indeed a special little girl…Love the dress!!! 😉

Bb on

I actually noticed Katie first in this photo! She looks lovely, so young and fresh-faced.
Suri is a cutie, i love the longer hair on her, i don’t think it looks particularly messy.

Angi on

Katie looks so young. I meant her and she has flawless skin.

Marie Snyard on

It is nice to see that Suri is wearing inexpensive dresses now.. instead of the satin dresses and the more expensive lines..
Can some one tell me what the Groove is.. ?? Suri is a great toddler who loves her snacks cupcakes cookies and now Croissant..

Meg on

Wow Soffie it was definitely not necessary to say that to MissMissy that way. So what if she’s not looking at Suri? Let it GO.

Personally I just had to comment because I adore Suri’s face in this picture… she looks so innocent but that chocolate all over her face proves otherwise! Yummm now I want a croissant, lol.

JMO on

I love Suri’s dress. Do they make that in a juniors size 3 🙂 LOL

What a cute chocolate face! Def. one for the scrapbooks!

jo on

She has a tiny little face and lots of hair. My daughter is the same her hair hides her face when it’s down. What’s wrong with you people. Leave the child alone. If she’s prim looking it’s let her be casual and vice versa. Gee – you must have nothing better to do than criticise a 3 year old. Lighten up.

Manon on

Mother and daughter both beautiful and very sweet little dress.

Her hair is fine! It bothered me when in her eyes (well, a bit! not the end of the world…) but now it looks pretty and like any 3 year olds.

She is a very beautiful little girl (and mummy is lovely too). They look so happy together. Funny although she is very much like her mum, I see so much of T. Cruise in her too.

C on

she’s just gorgeous!

Erin on

Marie (#48), the Grove is an outdoor shopping mall in LA. It’s kind of the go-to spot for you-can-find-anything-there shopping. 🙂

Stella Bella on

So they put her in a cheaper dress and she’s enjoying life like a child, and STILL people bitch and complain. Some women are never happy.

Lorelei on

What a cute little girl and adoring mother! She looks like she’s really enjoying her treat. I also think if her hair is a little messy it’s because she’s a typical 3 year old and not a doll.

jlm on

I think it’s really funny when people make comments about a child’s hair. If her hair was pristine, we would say, “Doesn’t she ever let that child play?!” there’s always going to be something to nit pick. Different people like different things, and children are the most different of all. I work with a bunch of 3-6 year olds. All day. It’s funny because we have some who come in the morning, looking pristine, and 5 minutes later, they’re messy. We have others who come in wearing their hair up, and an hour later, their hair is down and the elastic is lost. We have others who come in looking pristine and leave looking pristine. We have ones who can wear white shirts and not get them dirty, and others who can’t keep any colour of shirt clean. We have the ones who spill stuff all over their faces, and we have ones who don’t get anything on their faces. They’re different, every last one of them and that’s what makes them so great! Instead of JUDGING these adorable little beings, why not just accept them??? Her hair in her eyes might have nothing to do with her parents and EVERYTHING to do with her!

jacquiej on

I think it is great that a mom like Katie who makes a living on her looks doesn’t care that her 3 yo looks perfect but looks like a normal 3 yo. When I see a child who is perfectly cleaned and groomed with not a hair out of place I feel sad for the child because obviously they are not allowed to be a normal child and get messy. Of course, there are moments where you want them to look nice (pictures, etc.) but out playing is not one of them. Of course, as a celeb you are constantly having pics taken so it’s a no win situation!

Des on

So cute! Now I am craving chocolate. LOL

I have a 3 y/o daughter too, her hair is always a mess and I think its cute!

Anytime I see a kid all completely perfect I think of Mommie Dearest! No thanks!

Stef on

She’s such a pretty little girl. And she’s really starting to lose that “baby look” and take on a more mature appearance. It’s amazing how fast children grow up!

Sabrina on

She is always so messy looking!

Mommy Duty on

I just love that – very candid, a typical 3 year old

christina on

great picture! so natural and happy!

g!na on

I love Suri! however, she looks so thin in this pic! I love to see her eat yummy cake! lol

Michelle on

I love seeing pictures of Suri and all the different dresses she wears. What I think is great is that they don’t always put her is $100 dresses and shoes. We all want to be able to realte to them by buying similar clothes. I never would have thought the dress was from the Gap! Messy face and hair so what! Who walks around with a 3 year old camera ready 24/7?

Sarah M. on

Everyone’s different. I don’t usually wear my hair down because I don’t like my hair in my eyes and I get too hot. I know some people that I’ve known for years and have never seen their hair up. I think for kids, it partly depends on who got them ready. I nannied for a little girl and her mom/dad almost always put her in dresses with a bow in her hair. I usually put her in shorts/jeans/capris, a t-shirt and with pigtails/ponytail (she has a LOT of hair). Her mom said that she could never get her to hold still long enough to do her hair more than she did. I never had a problem with her letting me do her hair. You could usually tell who got her dressed that morning, though, just by what she was wearing!

She looks a lot like Katie here, but I can definetly see Tom! Especially in the eyes.

gggg on

Gigi. Are you serious! Please go back in your dark hole and stay there. You are one bitter and rude person. How can you insult a child. She is enjoying herself.

CelebBabyLover on

Momto3- I agree! In fact, I remember people saying things like “Does she ever get dirty?” or “Do they actually let her play?” on posts of her looking picture-perfect. Anyway, I love the picture! 🙂

Catherine on

This kid is always eating something junky. Chocolate croissants, cupcakes etc. How about a freaking banana?

sunninghillspar on

that sweet

jenny on


Kasee on

If she was ALWAYS eating something junky, I’m sure she’d weigh more than she currently does (she seems to be a little slip of a girl). Geez, you are not with her every hour of every day, you don’t know the dates of the pics they could be weeks apart! Do you only give your kid a treat once a month? Some of you are really harsh…

Zen on

It seems in every picture of late, Suri’s eating something sugary/processed. Anyone else notice?

Kim on

What a cutie! But I don’t think that’s the same dress. Suri’s dress has yellow stripes at the waist and the Gap photo has yellow, blue and green. Also, you can kinda see the shoulder of Suri’s dress and it matches the other side, it’s not asymmetrical. JMO


It’s the same – we checked the high-res shots of the full set of photos before posting. Here is another small image:

– CBB Staff

Bri on

*sirens* The hair police are out in full force once again!

Please. She’s three. She could very well leave the house with her hair clipped and pulls it out. My daughter (almost two) does the same thing. Her hair is growing out in her face/eyes and I try my best to keep it clipped back, but hey, she’s a toddler and pulls it out whenever she sees fit.

This poor kid can’t catch a break with the average CBBer. Since the day she was born she has been judged in a way that is absolutely terrible. Ohh, she’s not Tom’s biological child! She’s a spoiled brat! Eww, she’s dirty! Fix her hair! Katie looks tired, must be because she has married that horrible man! Tom sucked the life out of Katie and Suri’s a princess that gets what she wants! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!

Sue on

I think she is a cute little girl..but she always seems to be a mess. Never see her hair pulled back and put up, please do something about that hair!!

Amanda on

Ponytail Katie, ponytail. Suri is a gorgeous little girl, but her scraggly hair does not suit her well.

Brittany on

Suri looks very cute. Who cares how her hair looks, she is a 3 year old.

Emaline on

My gosh Suri looks just like her mama! It’s her little me ❤
Definitely the most beautiful and adorable celeb baby ever!!

Sarah K. on

Not so long ago that everyone was complaining that Suri was always too dressed up/ Everyone accused Tom and Katie of parading Suri around, treating her like a doll, and not letting her run around/play like a kid. Now all of a sudden she’s too messy? Could it just be that Suri is a normal child who is sometimes dressed up and sometimes not? Make up your minds people.

christinesoundclash on

Face-wise, Suri looks exactly like the little boy in the Dennis the Menace movie!

Charlie on

Oh, wow! She looks older, although there’s chocolate all over her face you can see in her eyes and face that she’s growing up! Suri’s so gorgeous!!
And yeah, who cares what her hair’s like at three? Maybe when she’s thirteen, but she’s just a kid and a celebrity kid at that. Let her act like a normal child and don’t pick apart Katie’s every wrong, please.
This pic is one of the best I’ve seen of her!

plS on

“Not so long ago that everyone was complaining that Suri was always too dressed up”

Tom has said that Suri insists on dressing up and that they have tried to dress her in more casual outfits, like jeans, and she complains.

CelebBabyLover on

pIS- Exactly! Maybe she also doesn’t like pigtails and pulls them out!

CelebBabyLover on

And as for her eating something sweet…She’s three years old! Let her enjoy being a kid! Since we’re only seeing snippets of her day, it’s very possible that she normally eats very healthily!

PJ on

To be fair Catherine, we don’t see EVERYTHING she eats. You’re basing this on paparazzi photos and how many times can you honestly say you’ve seen her chowing down on junk food in photos. For all we know, she just had a good lunch earlier and was told she’d get a treat or something later.

What is it about this family that makes some people think they are superparents and can judge and make such harsh comments. What did the Cruises do to anyone?

Lola on

She is so adorable!!! I just want to take her home with me.

ps on

Suri looks like a normal ,well adjusted beautiful little girl.Tom and Katie are surely doing good parenting.This photo is priceless!

victoria on

she is such a beautiful child. She looks gorgeous no matter what she is wearing or how her hair looks. If she was your daughter you would care is someone makes a poor comment about her so you shouldn’t talke down to a three year old. That’s just very immature. Suri, you’re very beautiful. 🙂

Ava on

It’s so strange but this girl always seems so sad to me. She hardly smiles, and when she does it never goes to her eyes. She just looks like a lost child. It’s probably all the attention she gets from papparazzi and strangers, but it looks like it goes deeper than that.

thulasi on

her hair is normal for her age! my daughter Mercy Uluru aged 3 as well manages to look pristine just before we open the front door nd then when we leave the house all her barettes and slides have fallen out and she looks like her hair hasnt been combed! its how they are! suri is beuatiful! and shes got a wise meaniful look to her! just cause she doesnt smile at strangers doesnt mean shes not happy!!