Sound Off! How Did You Pass the Time During Labor?

06/02/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Neill J. Schutzer/Ramey

Contractions, pain, chaos — these are a few words that may describe labor. But for some women, regardless of what they’re going through, it’s a time to get stuff done!

Kimora Lee Simmons recently made headlines for “Tweeting” her way through her new son’s birth, while Jaimee Foxworth texted her publicist from the delivery room to keep her posted on progress. While both may be extreme cases, we’re sure they’re not the first moms to keep busy during labor!

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us how you passed the time while you were in labor.


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charliesmum on

i had my first baby in january this year, was induced and had a 20 hour labour. was texting my mum and sister at first when i had mild contractions but once they were too strong my boyfriend kept texting people updates! i did manage to put my contact lenses in just as i was starting pushing because i wanted to be able to see the baby when he came out! lol! i understand not being able to focus on doing anything if its a short quick labour but when you’re at it a while you kind of adjust to the pain i think and do things like texting. dont think id have the patience to go on the internet or anything! also think it depends on pain relief, after i had pethadine at the beginnin of ma labour i slept for like 3 hours! x

Judith on

I concentrated on doing the La Maze method of breathing during childbirth. With my first child, I hadn’t learned how to push. Very important to learn before labor!!

Momta2 on

When my first son was born 7 years ago, I did the “traditional” labor move…water broke as I stood up from the toilet, hubby rushed me to the hospital, and I lay on the bed sucking down ice chips and being miserable.

Fast-forward 3 years ago for my second son’s birth…totally different. We went to a birth center. So, I ate, walked around, chatted with friends and family, took a bath in a hot tub, then walked across the street to the Whole Foods for a while. Of course when things got hectic, we lit incense, listened to “nature sounds” and I screamed and cried like a banshee! on

My husband and I brought a laptop and DVDs with a TV series on them to watch when I was in labor. I was so distracted from laughing at Carpoolers and Flight of the Conchords to notice I was having contractions at all!

Jo on

I had my first baby in November last year. It was a very short labour, about 6 hours from the first contraction to my daughter being born and only the last hour was painful so I passed the time by having two baths and watching tv. I got to the hospital 20 minutes before she was born so didn’t do anything there except push lol

KT on

I watched DVDs from 3am til 9am, getting up every 5 then 3 mins to bounce on the fitball during a contraction. Then I just used the ball and staring out into my garden and the TENS machine from 9am til 1pm. Then they said to get to hospital so I faffed around trying to remember what I had forgotten for my bag and shaved my legs between contractions (?!? Crazy hormones and tiredness. And I did a terrible job and missed bits. Like I cared in the end. Hah!) then arrived at hospital at 3 pm, TENS machine attached and wires sticking out of my dress!-did the trick for contractions in the elevator though:) watched more DVDs for an hour, paying really no attention at all. Water broke at 5, epidural at 6:30pm, slept til 9:30, delivered my little gal at 10:30pm! What a cool, crazy day and a half!!

Marilyn on

During the labor of my second child, I watched a football game between the Cleveland Browns & Denver Broncos (this was in Sept. 1989). I was obsessed with football in the 80’s/90’s and the Browns were my team and I couldn’t take my eyes off the tv in the hospital.

Holly on

Well with my third, labor was 35 minutes from start to finish so there was no time to pass:)

Laura on

I watched Arrested Development on DVD and chatted with my husband. I had an epidural and NO pain, so it was relatively rather nice.

momto3 on

I was excited that it was finally time to meet my baby. In the early stages I watched tv, but that didn’t last long. I had short labors, in fact, one doctor said I wasn’t in labor and sent me home. My baby crowned in the car and I barely made it to the couch in the house before he came.

Alex on

I slept for a couple of hours early on, watched a whole boxset of Two and a Half Men, stared out the window at people having a parking row and obsessed over the thought of whether I had left a fresh bowl of water for my dog (don’t worry, I had, and a relative was coming in to feed her later in the day!). I was essentially just a manic version of my usual self!

Leni on

A friend of mine was born during the soccer world cup 1986 and on the day of her birth the national soccer team had an important game, and since they did not have a TV in the delivery room, both the father and the doctor kept sneaking out to see how the game was progressing. So I guess her mom spent her labour being exasperated with these two gentlemen.

Mom of Ella, Max, and Hayes on

My daughter was born in December 2006, so with her labor it was 21 hours. I was exhausted! I slept for 2 hours and just tried to ignore the contractions. My son was born in January 2008, but he was 11 days late so I was scheduled for a c-section and he came out at 10lbs. 4oz. My 2nd son was born in April 2009 and I got to the hospital at 8cm dilated so it went very fast!

Sheila on

With my first, I colored!! LOL I colored until they broke my water then I didn’t have time to do anything–I had Brooke within in 3.5 hours. With my second I didn’t have to pass the time–I got to the hospital at 9:15pm with regular, strong contractions and I had Emily at 11:54pm…I got lucky with both of my girls I suppose!

Gingi on

With my first pregnancy I watched the Miss America pageant. It was a fairly quick delivery and the pageant helped me relax before it was time to push (don’t ask). My second pregnancy (twins)was an induction. This time we watched a lot of TV. I remember Law & Order SVU as I was getting epidural and then the 2008 Olympic gymnastics all-around finals because I was joking with the nurses about all the blue eye shadow being worn by the Chinese girls. I also updated my blog to tell people I was in labor.

Meghan on

I texted, Watched Jerry McGuire, talked to my girlfriends, Cried a lot… Tried to sleep but I couldn’t…

It was a very short 10 hours.

Jerrica on

I labored on my mother’s couch watching Lifetime until my contractions were about 10 minutes apart. Once I got to the hospital, I continued to watch Lifetime while I called my friends and family to update them on the progress.

Lisa on

Ha! I was at work – I didn’t believe I was in labor, I was convinced the contractions weren’t doing anything because they weren’t that bad, so I just stayed at work. Baby was born about 5 hours after I got home, things really picked up as soon as I got home and then I wasn’t able to do anything but concentrate on contractions and relax in between.

TwiMom on

Nothing really. My first son was three hours from start to birth, my second son came out with my water and my five-year-old twins were born twenty minutes apart and I drove myself to the hospital!!

fnhdl on

My labor was three hours from start to finish, so I didn’t really have time to do anything except realize I was in labor, get to the hospital, check in, get prepped and push her out 🙂

Kristen on

I labored during labor. There was no time for playing cards, “tweeting” or watching TV. I walked during early labor, and by the time we arrived at the birthing center I was ready to push her out. Heck, I didn’t even take time to eat, dangit!! 😉

Kristyn on

I had a homebirth for my first 2 kids (both girls) and I was on the computer until I was fully dilated.. then i just had another baby girl Ava Sophie Ariana and she was born May 30th at 1:23 a.m. and she was born when I was 26 weeks pregnant.

DivaStar on

It was the afternoon of xmas eve, I was at the mall shopping 4th person in line when my water broke. I stayed finished my shopping, went home, wrapped gifts, took a shower, ironed my clothes, packed my bag and the babys bag, went and delivered my presents before going to the hospital and giving birth to my daughter on x-mas day.

Cutest thing, they brought her to me inside a stocking.

Shannon on

My water broke as soon as I woke up. I had a shower, shaved my legs, did my makeup. Once we got to the hospital, I slept a little, watched some TV, and played WAR with various family members. Just hung out and talked, I had a big group in there until it was time to push! We even joked around about bringing our D&D things to the hospital so we could play while we waited! LOL!

Kristin on

with my first i woke up, realized i was in labor and then went back to sleep until morning. then i sat around and watched my husband play video games, then took a shower, and by the time i was out of the shower the contractions were getting pretty tough so we headed to the hospital. i did NOT handle the contractions well so i pretty much just laid there and prayed for mercy till my son was born.

second baby- labor was only 3 hours, so not much time to pass, but i just laid in my triage bed practicing the bradley method breathing and enjoyed the quiet.

third baby was a home birth, so i put a plastic sheet on my bed, filled my birth tub, updated my blog and then just relaxed in the tub in the quiet. it was lovely.

Guaili on

i cleaned my house in between contractions, vacuumed… ate pizza and chinese, watched episodes of the office, took 3 or 4 showers, and hung out during my 24 hour labor. i had a wonderful birth at home!

angelika05 on

I spent my early labor begging for an epidural. 😉

Beyond that I spent it trying to nap as I had been up for 36 hours by the time he was born!

Megan on

We call my first, my son, our little surprise turkey. He took us by suprise by arriving 3 weeks early, right as the family was about to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. My husband watched football in between calling our anxious family members, who luckily were all in one spot. I enjoyed a very nice turkey dinner at the hospital.

We were much more prepared for my daughter. She was induced 3 weeks after her due date, just ten days after her brother’s 2nd birthday. Her birth went by much faster, I never even had the chance for an epidural!

Alexis on

I watched Casino and Goodfellas.

Adee on

Well, i woke up to my water breaking. Then i was rushed to hospital only to find that I only dilated a few centimetres. My labour lasted 15 hours. The first 5hours or so i felt all the pains…gosh, then opted for an epidural – from there on, as i wasnt mobile, i spent the next few hours watching TV, texting friends & watching my parnter take naps (as i wasnt feeling the pain anymore) … and at 18:09am on Saturday 30th August 2008 – little Dylan Kaitlyn Julies was born.

Eloise on

My husband is an australian rules football player (AFL) so i spent my early hours watching him play on the hospital tv and then when he finaly got to the hospital i was prety much ready to give birth so i didnt have much time for games :P.

*AJ* on

With my second daughter I ate popsicles and rocked on a peanut shapped ball lol. And I played cards with my two very dear friends, while my Mother In-Law laughed and took pictures. Very memorable. My husband was deployed at the time and it was very calming to have the three of them there with me when I delivered her. I will never forget what they had all done for me and my family.

Robyn on

I had a c-section so I don’t have much to contribute, but my husband tweeted the whole thing from being admitted to recovery to our PP room. This was just 2 months ago so I remember being kind of annoyed, lol.

jjones on

I was induced so I had to sit in a hospital for hours hearing the women around me screaming throughout the floor. After the procedure though, I remember watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Which episode? I have no clue.. I was in tears, bawling the whole time..

Jennifer on

I spent my time during labor, walking. I did a lot of walking and going up and down stairs.

Dall on

When I was in early labour, I just did the housework during the early morning, then when my six-year old son woke, we (I’m a single parent, so it was just he and I) had breakfast, stopped at the supermarket to get some last minute stuff (yes, I drove.. LOL) and then went to my parents’ house. Had coffee with them (they were amazed I wasn’t in much pain, despite the contractions being regular), then my mother finally said “Right, we need to go. I don’t care if you’re not in pain! We gotta go” so we left in her car. Got to the hospital 10am, gave birth to my daughter at 11.19am after only five pushes. Never mind the fact that I kept active during the labour (keeping mobile AND doing housework sure helped), it was also the fact that it was completely painfree – no drugs either. It’s nice to be able to stay home and do what you want, for as long as you can, rather than staying in hospital – which increases risk of medical intervention – and I think that helped me a lot, in comparison to my first birth. It’s nice and normal. :o)

Kim on

My midwife told me that as soon as labour started, I could jump into the bath with a nice big glass of wine (I’d been looking forward to it for MONTHS). Anyway, at 1am one morning, I felt one little labour pain and was in the bath within 5 minutes. But the labour didn’t really start till a day and a half later. I spent the time doing a puzzle with my husband, fiddling with my TENS machine, cleaning what I could, and checking and re-checking my hospital bag (I brought a “birthing” nightie and enough clothes for a week’s stay, but I had Elliotte naked and left the hospital 13 hours later…). When the really painful stuff started and I had to go to the hospital, I spent my time in the jacuzzi tub, getting sprayed down like a dolphin at Marine Land.

mochababe73 on

I have an 11 yr. old and a 5 year old. They were both born during basketball season so my husband and I watched basketball games. As a matter of fact, I think that we were watching the Lakers in the playoffs just like today (w/the 5 yr. old). With my 11 y/o I watched 90210, Melrose Place, and basketball. Also, when I was in labor with the 5 y/o, I walked the Galleria for about 2 hours before going to the hospital.
By the way, natural childbirth with both boys. The thought of having an epidural scared the life out of me.

Pauline on

I was induced and in labour for 48 hours until a emaergancy c-section. There was a lot of time to pass! I facebooked and watched ( as much as you can with contractions!) the Brittany Spears doc.