Christie Brinkley Raves About Her Very Famous Babysitter

06/02/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Peter Kramer/AP

During her messy split with ex-husband Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley says she was outraged by suggestions by the media that she aired her grievances for public sympathy at the expense of the couple’s two children Jack Paris, 14, and Sailor Lee, 10 ½. “Maybe I can try again to clear this up,” the 55-year-old former supermodel tells the July issue of Ladies Home Journal. “Divorce courts in New York are always open to the public. I didn’t want special treatment.”

If there was a bright spot in the ordeal, it was the support that came from her second husband Billy Joel.

“Billy’s great. He’s godfather to Jack and Sailor, and you know there have been times when I have had to spend time with lawyers or whatever and he’s babysat. He lives nearby, so he’s like, ‘Send ’em over here!'”

With the divorce now behind her, Christie is looking towards the future with her children. Daughter Alexa, 23 and her only child with Billy, is pursuing a career in music and it looks as though her younger brother will follow suit. Nodding towards a heap of musical instruments in her living room, Christie observes, “Jack is our rocker.” While the music they make no doubt brings a smile to her face, Christie says that what makes her most happy is something far more straightforward:

“The sound of my children’s footsteps.”

Source: Ladies Home Journal

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Angel on

That is so very noble of Christie to not want special treatment in divorce court, especially since she knew it would be all over the news. I wonder if she always wishes to be treated like an average Joe and passes up special treatment or if that rule is forgotten when her kids are standing in line at Disney World with everyone else on a hot summer day or when she is offered many of the special perks that she gets because of her “celebrityhood”. My guess is that that she remembers that rule when it is to her benefit.

Denise on

Love her down to earth attitude. She’s a great mom and it’s nice to see her and Billy getting along and Billy being there for her and the kids even if they’re not his.

robinepowell on

So I take it Peter Cook is ex-husband #3? I have to say, I didn’t realize she’d married and divorced three times.

Di on

I can’t believe Christine Brinkley. While it may be true the most divorce cases are open to the public, the public generally is not interested in the average joe’s divorce unlike Christie’s divorce case. In my opinion, closing the divorce trial to the public was not about receiving special treatment but about protecting the children’s privacy. According to a report that I read, the children’s court appointed attorney and Peter Cook wanted to keep the media out and Christie opposed the motion.

Keeping the media inside the courtroom was clearly a tactic Christie used to gain an advantage. Since Christie brought the case, she had the opportunity to present her side of the story first. I guess the plan was if they put out enough negative information about Cook in court it would motivate him to agree to a settlement on Christie’s terms in order to stop the flow of private information and the plan worked. Christie got full custody and Cook has visitation.

Some people may think I’m being cynical but I truly believe that was Christie’s agenda. Also, during the trial, I saw Christie smiling, chatting with the press and giving impromptu press conferences. The whole trial was a media circus.

Di on

For the record, Peter Cook was Christie’s fourth husband. She was married to someone briefly before she married Billy Joel and her third marriage to Jack’s biological father only lasted a few months.

FC on

Wow, talk about great relationships between exes. I don’t think I’ve read a story where the ex is friends and also godfather to his former wife’s children. But it’s a great thing to see them get along so well and still an integral part of each other’s new families. 🙂

bungalowbliss on

I’ll admit, this was not the baby-sitter I thought she was referring to when I saw the post title. I always thought she and Billy made a great couple–so glad to hear that they have remained close all these years after their split.

meghan on

I have to agree with you Di.

Shannon on

My ex and I are like that. He took care of our kids when I was work, and he kept my baby girl from a different relationship for me also, and loves her just as much as our kids. It is possible for exes to not only get along, but to remain really good friends!

I do think that Christie used the media to get more sympathy from the public, but I think it’s great that she and Billy get along so well still.

Marilyn on

She had another fiance in there somewhere, but he died in asome kind of sporting accident. I always liked her, but I agree with Di.

Blane on

Di sure has some special bitterness, too bad. Anyway, Christie is a fabulous, loving, trusting soul who made some mistakes. The last one was unspeakably horrible and no one could have possibly imagined what a terrible person he turned out to be. Christie stood up for women and their daughters and I am so impressed by her strength and courage! Her glow says it all – congrats Christie!!!

Erica on

Errr why is Di bitter for stating facts? No matter what any of us thinks about her personally (obviously feelings vary) doesn’t change the number of times Christie Brinkley has been married and divorced.

It is sweet that Billy is a father of sorts to all of Christie’s kids.

Erica on

P.S. I’m only referring to Di’s second post. Even though I agree with the first one too (lol), I do realize a lot of it is speculation, but I still don’t think her opinions make her bitter (not really seeing how that would be possible actually…)

P. Nolan on

Billy Joel had it right when he said that parents have to show their children that they are adults. His father left him when he was a little boy and I guess he never got over it. He’s a good man.

Laura on

It’s so nice to see her and Billy getting along so well.

Jeannette on

I think it’s great that Billy and Christie get along very well after their divorce- I respect them for that. I always like hearing divorced parents getting along, not just for the sake of the kids but for being there for one another too (Lisa Marie Presley and her first husband Danny Keough is another good example).

Lorus on

It’s great that she and Billy Joel are still friends after their divorce. That is really hard to come by! It’s always best for the kids if the parents can get along.

Considering Peter Cook cheated, lied, was addicted to pr0n, I can understand why Christie was wanting the court proceedings to be open. There is so much gossip about closed court procedures and she wanted to prove she had nothing to hide. She held true to her vows and he didn’t. End of story!

Ashlee on

I agree, Lorus. Peter was the one who lied and cheated on Christie with a teenager, so I see nothing wrong with how she went through with the divorce proceedings. He shouldn’t be entitled to ANY of her money.

Regardless, she seems like a great mom who adores her kids.

CelebBabyLover on

Erica- I’m pretty sure Blane was referring to Di’s first post. 🙂

Ann deLourdes on

I agree with Di. Also, I remember bad blood between Christie and Billy over Alexa’s safety. It must be very confusing for the two younger kids. I think kids would trade security and stability for money and fame.

Di on

Ann deLourdes brings up a good point. It is intersting that Christie and Billy Joel have such a good relationship now considering that Billy had a serious alcohol problem a few years back which led him to crash maybe 1 or 2 cars into a tree.

I remember that Christie was concerned for Alexa’s safety but now Christie thinks that Billy is a such great babysitter. It was not too long ago that Christie was raving about Peter Cook and what a wonderful father he was. In fact, she allowed him to adopt her son from her third marriage and then decided to have a child with him.

Hall on

Christy and Billy should have stayed together. You can’t tell me he doesn’t have a soft spot to be so kind to her. And kudos to the current wife for allowing this relationship, I don’t know if I could do the same. Christy and Billy evolved and could have done so within a marriage and I wonder if they realize that in their souls. I don’t blame Christy for the public divorce. Peter used the kids after he did an awful thing. The consequences are his to bear. She was savvy politically and went through all of that embarrassing stuff to keep her kids. Peter is pretty low to try to take that son in particular because she HAD him and trusted him to adopt him. Live and learn from that. I wish Billy and Christy had stayed together. I have always thought she was a decent mom and wish her many good wishes.

Sarah K. on

“Peter is pretty low to try to take that son in particular because she HAD him and trusted him to adopt him.”

I’m sorry but this comment flies in the face of everything adoption stands for. You’re essentially arguing that his relationship with Jack isn’t as real as his relationship with Sailor. Peter’s adoption of Jack means that he is his dad in every way that counts no matter what happens between Peter and Christie. It’s not like he is only the dad until Christie decides he shouldn’t be anymore- it’s forever. That’s why legal documents are signed. Divorce can’t change that. Jack is Peter’s child just as much as Sailor is. I would have been utterly shocked and horrified if he had only gone after custody of Sailor and not Jack. Christie trusted Peter to think of Jack as his son, and clearly he does just that.

CelebBabyLover on

Hail- Current wife? Did Billy re-marry?