Nia Vardalos: 'Stepping Away' From Infertility Opened Door for Daughter

06/01/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

When Nia Vardalos found her long battle with infertility drawing to a close almost five years ago, the actress — famous for maintaining her privacy — took a detour from the industry and gave both her mind and body a chance to mourn her loss. “I gave up being on camera and dealt with it very quietly,” she reveals to PARADE. “I had lost my own way.” Reflecting back on her decision to shield herself from the spotlight, Nia couldn’t be happier with the outcome: during her hiatus the actress was asked to write a script for Tom Hanks.

“I’m very, very happy I did it because it gave me a new perspective. So I wrote six scripts and just tried to get my ‘kefi’ (Greek for mojo) back.”

Once Nia and her husband Ian Gomez embraced the idea of adoption, following a string of failed attempts, the clouds parted and the 46-year-old says she found hope in American Foster Adopt. Now, encouraging families who are considering adding to their family to seek help from the organization, Nia gushes that welcoming her almost 4-year-old daughter — “the most amazing creature” —  was “the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Having accepted that she is living out a life plan far greater than the one she had once envisioned for herself, Nia admits she puts all her faith in God.

“I highly recommend just stepping away … I’ve just accepted that if you have a plan, God has a plan. And your plan doesn’t count.”

Nia’s new movie My Life in Ruins is in theaters June 5th.

Source: PARADE

— Anya

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Lila on

I agree. Going through infertility is extremely hard. It took us almost 4 years to have our daughter and every day I am grateful. I am glad she is getting to be a mom as it is the best thing in the world!

Lis on

LOVE her!!!! I agree with every single word that comes out of her mouth. She seems beyond wise, caring, and insightful.

meghan on

Beautifully said! I’m so happy for her. What a great lady!

Lissette on

Very inspirational! So nice of her to share her experiences. I’m very happy for her!

Erika on

I love the way she talks about her daughter, she’s so thankful! She sounds like she truly loves having a child and is probably a great mother. It’s so wonderful how she thanks God for this beautiful child, while so many take their kids for granted and don’t thank God at all! I’m just so happy for her.

megan on

“I gave up being on camera and dealt with it very quietly”

She sounds like an awesome mom. And I can understand why Nia stepped away from the spotlight. When she was going through infertility treatments, someone at a wrap party (for her movie ? one of Ian’s ?) went to the tabloids saying “Nia and Ian were snobs. They ran off to their trailor during the party, they think they’re too good for everyone else.” Nia ended up revealing she left the party so Ian could give her injections related to the fertility treatments.

Mandy on

Does anyone know her daughter’s name?

CTBmom on

She sounds like an amazing and insightful person, and I totally agree with her. I went through such a period of depression dealing with my infertility, but once I just turned it over to God and just stepped back, I felt such a sense of peace. After I adopted my son, I just felt like it was all in His plan. I was meant to be THIS child’s mother…he just came to me in a different way.

Ailyss on

Love Nia and I’m very happy she was able to deal with infertility and find her daughter

And for info, “kefi” is not “mojo” in Greek. It’s “mood”

Ailyss on

And for info, “kefi” is not “mojo” in Greek. It’s “mood” but in the positive sense of the term

Sarah K. on

Mandy, I don’t think she’s revealed her daughter’s name or a picture of her face.

Caroline on

She’s so cute! The previews for new movie look good too!

Essi on

Stepping back from the spotlight was probably the smartest way to begin coping with her fertility struggles….every other week the headlines say “baby on the way…..or is so and so pregnant?….or, is that a baby bump”?
Congrats on welcoming your little girl into your family:)

Aitch CS on

I saw her on the Today Show talking about this as well. She was very sweet and sincere and funny and honest. I loved her personality.

Tulips on

I am so happy for her that she has a wonderful daughter now, but I’m sorry she had to experience the pain. She has a wonderful perspective and is an inspiration.

DJE on

So happy for her!! My hubby and I have adopted 6 children, we where blessed to add to our family through Our kids ranged in age from newborn to age 8. They have brought use so much joy! Happy mommy hood, you deserve it!!