Kokopax Classic Carrier: Cuckoo for Kokopax!

06/01/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

People who know me (and my obsessive babywearing ways) know that I have often turned up my nose at traditional frame carriers for babies. Now that I’ve tried a Kokopax Classic Carrier ($180), though, it looks like I have to eat my words.

A modern and stylish interpretation of a frame carrier, the Kokopax combines all the convenience of frame carriers (the baby is higher up, the carrier can stand on the ground with baby in it, it’s easy to put baby on your back) with the fashionable appearance and comfort of some of the more modern carriers (namely, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to topple backwards like other frame carriers can).

It comes in six gorgeous colorways – I have the Espresso, which, as a bonus, is very dad-friendly. And my 15-month-old daughter loves it so much we actually have to hide it when we’re not using it so she doesn’t ask to go in.

When I first tried the Kokopax, I worried that the lack of a waistband might be uncomfortable, but boy was I wrong. I love having less to fiddle with and I actually find it liberating to not have anything around my waist. The carrier, which is designed for children from 6 months to 2 years (or 35 lbs), has an adjustable lumbar support bar that rests against the wearer’s lower back and really helps support the weight of the baby.

The Kokopax Classic Carrier is amazing. The price, though it may seem high, is comparable with other frame carriers and the Kokopax has so many great features – a toy ring, a storage pocket, a cute green carry bag and more. There are even adorable tote bags and baby sun hats available in carrier-matching prints. In fact, I think the only down side to this carrier is that I didn’t get one sooner.


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Lis on

Is there a picture of someone wearing this? Seems rather clunky and I’m interested in how it actually looks while worn…and with baby…

N on

If you look on their site, it has lots of photos of the carrier being used 🙂

Max'sMom on

It looks cool but I personnally prefer the closeness that the Ergo provides. I like having my baby snuggled on me & me being able to give him little kisses.

MtMomma on

This carrier is EXACTLY the same frame style as the old Gerry brand frame carriers. I found one in a thrift store awhile back and love it for its ease of use and comfort. I agree, mostly I enjoy having the baby snuggled up close, but there is a place for simplicity (especially when baby is older and more mobile). My kids always hated the back carry on the Ergo style carrier because they couldn’t really see what I was doing (directly in front), but they seem to enjoy this one because they can get a better view of what mom is up to. If you can’t afford the expensive price tag on this carrier, I highly recommend thrift store shopping, or consignment stores for finding a dirt cheap Gerry frame style carrier!

Brenna on

I agree with the previous poster who said that this is exactly like the old Gerry carriers (only much prettier). My mom used the Gerry carriers constantly for all six of us and told me this was one baby item she could not live without. I found a cheap second-hand Gerry and it is very useful, but had I seen this one I might have been tempted by the pretty fabrics! I also find that I end up using my Beco Butterfly more often – it is less bulky and lighter than frame carriers and is easy for back carries. However, my husband much prefers the frame carriers, so both have their uses.

Erin on

I just wanted to give a heads up on the Gerry carrier. It was actually recalled 9 years ago: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml00/00151org.html

Babies can fall through the leg opening and it has resulted in skull fractures. Even though its don’t buy one at a thrift store to save money!!!

MtMomma on

Regarding Erin’s comment about the recall:

The recall for Gerry carriers was only for the TrailTech model, not a blanket recall on all Gerry carriers. The rest are well-made and safe…and a LOT cheaper. 🙂

Deirdre on

I love the Kokopax! It’s very stylish, and ergonomically designed for both parent and baby. I have a really bad back, so I did a big review of the ergonomics of baby carriers ( http://www.mindful-mama.com/blogs/adorn/archive/2009/04/19/ergonomic-babywearing.aspx ). This was one of the best ones I found.

İstanbul Bebek on

is there a picture of someone wearing this?