Kelly Rutherford Shops With Style

06/01/2009 at 11:30 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Whoa mama! Due this week with her baby girl, Kelly Rutherford stocks up on feminine finds for her newborn — and shows off her full-term belly in a pretty silk dress — at the Beverly Hills lola et moi store on Thursday.

The Gossip Girl star, 40,  is also mom to son Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 2 ½, with estranged husband Daniel Giersch.

See a second photo below!

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Momta2 on

She looks beautiful pregnant (and not pregnant!). It doesn’t appear that she’s wearing make-up…just a natural glow.

Erin on

I wonder if she is going to let Dan be there for the birth?

robinepowell on

Wow, she looks ready to pop, lol! 😛

Meream on

She’s swollen all over but she looks fashionable. Love the print of her dress.


I love the bag (the store bag) lol so cute!

yes, I am pathetic! LOL

Michelle on

She is still carrying so high! But she looks fantastic, and that is a great dress.

sara on

she looks good!! i was wondering the same thing about who is going to be in the delivery room… if hes there maybe they could quit being so bitter to each other. and i must say the store bag is very cute!

Alecia on

Baby hasn’t began to drop yet, I’d give her another week before she delivers.

michelle on

She has fantastic skin!

kai on

I assume she gets paid to promote the store? sounds like a great job.

anyway, she looks great!

Brooklyn on

She looks great! I can’t wait to hear the name of their little girl!

Alex on

I’m certain that people are going to disagree with me on this, but if I was Kelly, I would not be allowing Daniel in the delivery room. She will want and need to be under as minimal an amount of stress as possible, not to mention the fact that labour and delivery should be all about what mum wants, since she is the one doing the hard physical work! In her position, I would allow Daniel at the hospital, but just make clear that he won’t be welcomed into the actual room. I would then have a midwife take the baby out to see him as early as possible. It’s just my opinion, but given what has been said between the two of them, I just don’t see why anyone would want someone with them at their most vulnerable time unless they are totally comfortable with that person. If Daniel attends the hospital, he will still get the early hold and the early photos. He will also get to spend Kelly’s labour and delivery time with Hermes, an added bonus!

On a side note, I think Kelly looks beautiful, and pregnancy really suits her!

brannon on

I agree Alex and yes, I’m sure people will disagree but I always think who is in the delivery room should be the choice of the one giving birth.

aroundthewaygirl on

I agree Alex. I had a friend who thought having her estranged mother in labor and delivery with her would help them to resolve some serious issues and the mother was a nightmare. Texting during the actual delivery and not about the baby which is wrong and against the rules in a hospital. Telling my friend she was a drama queen because the pain was so intense for her, just plain awful. Labor and delivery is not the time to resolve difficult family issues.

Kelly looks flawless and quite stunning.

Renee on

Wow…..she seems to have been pregnant for a year!!

N on

Alex- I agree with you. I am all about making horrid hospitals as stress free as possible. I can’t imagine a bitter divorce battle being stress free. I 100% DO think that he should be one of the first to come see and hold the baby, without a doubt. Whether or not they are together, it is still his baby! 🙂

L on

Wohaaa…that belly looks almost fake!!

SH on

I agree with Alecia. She still looks really high to be close…I’d say another couple weeks yet…

Moore on

Erin, I would think the father would be near the delivery room. Maybe not in the room while she labors so she can relax a little but when the baby is close to being born because maybe those first moments are important to him too. As grown ups I would think or at least hope the two would be cordial enough for him to be in the same area and not cause a rift.

Mrs. R. on

You never know – they might be able to pull it off for the birth. They created the child together, it would be nice to think they could also bring the child into the world together. But, ultimately, I suppose it is all up to her.

MZ on

ITA Alex.

As for the bump, when the baby has dropped has little to no impact on when labor begins. My son dropped about 37 weeks and I had a c-section 2 weeks later. One of my girlfriends went to her OB in the morning, he said she hadn’t dropped at all, and had her baby that evening.

I think Kelly looks fabulous pregnant, and I love the dress!

T on

Michelle took the words out of my mouth. She is still carrying very high. Doesn’t look like that kid is coming anytime soon 🙂

Lisa on

I agree with many of you, I doubt she will want her husband around when she goes into labor to keep her calm. Does anyone know what happened in their marriage that was so bad that they split up? It would have been nice if they got some counceling before things got so bad since they must have loved each other to marry in the first place. Hopefully she will allow him to be at the hospital when she does go into labor. It’s sad that they can’t be a family once again.

Stephany on

Yeah, I’d give her another week or two before she delivers. But she looks fantastic! I hope she and Daniel can, like Mrs. R said, pull it together for the birth. I do agree that Kelly should be able to choose whether or not Daniel can be in the delivery room but he should be one of the first to see the baby (aside from mama, of course!).

FC on

Wow, she definitely looks like she’s ready to pop at any minute! It looks like the baby has nowhere else left to go but out of Mom! 😉