Brooke Burke Brushes Off On Daughter Heaven Rain

06/01/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Brooke Burke/BabyCenter

In an appearance on the Today show to promote her line of Tauts, Brooke Burke admits her rise to the top of Dancing With the Stars — eventually scoring the coveted disco ball trophy — only a few short months after welcoming her fourth child certainly took a toll on her body. “I probably lost too much weight,” she says. As the 37-year-old doesn’t own a scale, her exact weightloss is unknown, but according to Brooke she managed to drop “a few sizes” as a result of the grueling rehearsals.

That said, not only did the show provide Brooke with the perfect opportunity to regain her figure, but also inspired a new found love of dancing in her daughter, 2-year-old Heaven Rain. “[She] is a dancing queen now,” shares the proud mama.

“She’ll come down the stairs and say, ‘Dancing the cha-cha Heaven Rain!'”

With four kids each sporting names that fit well into the Hollywood scene, the former host of Wild On! jokes that she is simply following the trend. “You know us celebrities, we gotta do all the weird names!” she laughs. Careful not to take all the credit, Brooke adds that her fiancé David Charvet was mainly responsible for naming Rain, while “Shaya [Braven] means god’s gift, Neriah means god’s light, and Sierra [Sky] is sort of the mountain top,” she explains.

“Fred wasn’t going to work for our posse.”

As for any future plans to tie the knot with David, the mother of four declares that the two have already done so in an unconventional sense. “We built a house, two babies … we’re all working … we’re so married!” she laughs.

Neriah, 9, and Sierra, 7, are Brooke’s daughters with ex-husband Garth Fisher.

Source: Today

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gianna on

she has big teeth for a 2yr old. I think she looks just like brooke, just lighter skin and hair.

Andrea_momof2 on

I like her kids names, aside from the fact that Neriah, Shaya and Sierra are all so similar sounding. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Why get engaged if you don’t intend to get married? I understand and respect couples choosing not get married. However, what I don’t understand is when a couple has no intentions of getting married, but gets engaged. Why not just stay boyfriend and girlfriend in that case, or simply consider yourself married (like Johnny Depp and his girlfriend do. Johnny and Vanessa have both said that they considered themselves married and refer to each other as husband and wife) if you feel that you don’t need the piece of paper?

Sadie on

It’s sounds odd to hear someone refer to herself as “us celebrities”! I know she was joking, but it still sounds a bit silly… especially considering she’s not exactly an A-lister.

Ana on

definatley agree..she does look like brooke! soo cute but i would have guessed she was older than she is!

Astrid24 on

She’ll never marry David Charvet. As long as she doesn’t, she’ll continue to receive alimony from Dr. Fischer, who I would imagine earns more than David does.

Lis on

I’m sure there’s a lot of truth to what Astrid24 said.

So sad…all about money, instead of what is right…

Yep, “those celebrities” – they are wacky…

Ann on

Astrid24 – That is exactly my thought!

michelle on

She gets child support from Garth, but I don’t think she gets alimony from him.

Lauren on

“It’s sounds odd to hear someone refer to herself as “us celebrities”! I know she was joking, but it still sounds a bit silly… especially considering she’s not exactly an A-lister.”

Honestly? I don’t think she was joking for a second. Something tells me Brooke Burke is highly enamored with Brooke Burke.

And no, Brooke, you’re actually not “so married.” Nice try, though.

Stella Bella on

Her answer to the marriage question was lame, but it’s a really intrusive question to ask someone to begin with.

gianna on

Astrid there was an article how much money last year from alimony and child support she gets from her very rich ex husband who is a plastic surgeon lol. So yea I also don’t think david and her will ever marry

Shannon on

“We’re so married”- nice try Brooke!

Georgia41 on

Quite a few us had the same thought about alimony!!! lol

I’m not a big fan of her son’s name……doesn’t sound like a boy’s name at well, but to each their own.

She’s full of herself….always has been.

molly on

She is quite….well full of herself! Didn’t she make a point in another interview to tell the readers exactly what kind of car she drove (Escalade). She always does interviews by coming off extra nice and sweet while still sharing information that most other celebrities do not share. So far, we know that she has a big house, drives an expensive car, is the sand box hero, fits in with the celebrity baby name club and also “gasp” lost a few sizes from an already tiny size. She reminds me of those girls in high school who know they are popular but have low self esteem so they constantly need to be reasuured of their social standing. It’s just weird!

Leah123 on

I read her blog and twitter, mostly for food advice because nobody can deny she looks amazing! However, i too am noticing more and more that she comes off a little smug in interviews, that even the “negatives and tough times” she shares about herself are not very sincere and sort of made to make her come off more relatable.

ashley on

total ditto molly!

i never realized that her daughter’s and son’s names rhyme: neriah and shaya (assuming they pronounce it like shia lebeouf… SHY-uh).

Erica on

Being married is like being dead–you either are or you aren’t. 🙂 No matter how much she tries to equivocate the situation, Brooke and David are not.

Really, the only thing that bugs me is what a few of you have already mentioned. I remember reading one of Brooke’s old interviews and she claimed the main reason her and David haven’t married is because they don’t have the time to plan a wedding. Which would be a pretty good excuse if they didn’t live in the same country, state, city and house and somehow already found the time to have two kids together to boot! Although it would never happen I’d respect her more if she just admitted that it’s her alimony checks which is really keeping them from getting married.

I love all of Brooke’s kids’ names (especially her boy’s), but Shaya, Neriah, and Sierra do sound awfully alike.

sadie on

LOL Lauren… OK, I was trying to sound as least bitchy as possible! But you’re right, she does sound totally full of herself referring to herself as “us celebrities”. Celebrity? What has she done, exactly, except hook up with the dude from Baywatch? Not exactly in the Brad and Angelina league.

plS on

Just because she’s not A+ list like Brad and Angelina doesn’t mean she’s not a celebrity. If she’s on CBB, she’s a celebrity. If you get hounded by the papparazzi, you’re a celebrity.

Sadie on

Sure, pIS, but the point is it’s kind of arrogant to refer to yourself that way – especially when you’re a bit of a Z-lister.
I’ve never heard any A-list celeb refer to him/her self like that before. Most try and stress that they are just normal people behind the glitz and glam.

danigirl on

This is Celebrity Baby Blog. I can’t believe some commenters are actually shocked at the different lifestyles they can afford. How dare she be thin, a celebrity, and have a car over 30 thousand dollars! Besides the obvious reasons, I thought this site was for mother’s to find common ground, not gripe about what others do or don’t have.

angelbaby33 on

I agree with the previous posts and don’t think that anyone is shocked or offended ot upset that she has a nice lifestyle, just that she seems to brag about it when she does interviews. You never hear Reese Witherspoon bragging about her 5 million dollar paycheck or Heidi Klum talking about dropping sizes from a size 6 to a size 0 or something! Most celebrities do not refer to themselves as celebrities. Can you imagine Jessica Alba giving an interview stating how many square feet her house was or how much money her new car was? No way! I know that celebrities have pretty nice, financially secure lifestyles, but to hear them flaunt it to their fans just leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

CelebBabyLover on

Erica- I think Brooke just meant that she and David, while not married legally, are married in all other senses of the word. My brother is not legally married to his long-time girlfriend, but, in my family’s eyes, they’re basically married in all other senses of the world. We affectionately refer to them (albeit not to their faces, although I doubt they’d mind!) as “married but not”.

In fact, even some of our friends see them as basically married. One friend, for example, has referred to my brother’s gf as my parents’ “daughter-in-law”. 🙂

plS on

“Sure, pIS, but the point is it’s kind of arrogant to refer to yourself that way – especially when you’re a bit of a Z-lister.
I’ve never heard any A-list celeb refer to him/her self like that before. Most try and stress that they are just normal people behind the glitz and glam.”

She’s a celebrity. It’s a fact, whether she’s A list or Z list. There’s nothing arrogant about calling yourself a celebrity. And she’s being honest. She ISN’T the average normal person.