Tori Spelling Raves About Making Own Baby Food

05/31/2009 at 07:00 AM ET
Santiago Baez/Ramey

Tori Spelling may have grown up in a famed 123-room mansion with servants at the ready, but she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty in the kitchen. The 36-year-old actress delights in preparing homemade baby food for daughter Stella Doreen, 11 months. “People are probably like, ‘Tori Spelling doesn’t do that. She probably has someone that cooks for her,'” she says in a new video posted to MySpace. “No, actually I don’t…And I actually make my own baby food!”

When son Liam Aaron, 2, was first introduced to solids Tori fed him only jarred organic baby food. She charted a similar course with Stella before turning to the food processor, and says that the difference was immediately apparent.

“She’s an eater. Like, she loves her bottle. She would take the [jarred] food and she was fine with it. But once I made my own baby food…I literally gave it to her that first day, it was a spoonful, and her face lit up. She had this huge smile.”

Stella’s reaction was so positive, in fact, it left Tori longing for the camera crew that normally follows her family for Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. This is an infomercial of why you should make your own baby food,'” she recalls. “It’s happening right here in my backyard and no one is here to see it.” Noting that jarred food contains preservatives and is often bland, Tori says that Stella is now hooked on her fresh fruits and veggies, and there will be no going back — for mother or daughter.

“It was so amazing. Ever since then, I’m like, I’m telling you: Make your own baby food. Because it’s such a huge difference for them.”

Stella and Liam are Tori’s children with husband Dean McDermott, who also has son Jack Montgomery, 10, from a previous marriage.

Source: MySpace Videos

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jacky on

i didn’t want my son to eat jarred food, so i made all his baby food too. he loved it and i really got into making it. yes it does take time, but it is fun in a weird way. plus you get to control the texture of the food your child is eating and you can mix different fruits/veggies/meats that you can’t get in jar form…my son’s favorite was avocado…but that isn’t available in a jar.

i think it is great that tori makes her own baby food and is enjoying it so much…good for her!

TracyG on

She is an awesome mother! I gave my son jarred food from six to eight months and then started with ‘real’ foods. The difference was incredible! Just like Stella, his face lit up with a “what is all this FLAVOUR???” smile. He devoured the fruits and veggies I made him and we never used jarred again.

Say what you want about her, but Tori really loves her kids. It’s evident in every picture and interview she gives.🙂

carrie on

I only ever gave my kids homemade baby food. It is cheaper, and I have to make dinner anyway, so no biggie to prepare food for baby too.I found it to be less messy because it is thicker, not watered down so much! I did keep a few bottles in my pantry for “emergencies” such as unexpected outings.
Good for Tori.

Megan on

I made my son’s baby food too. Once I started he didn’t want the jar stuff anymore. It’s a huge difference and so much cheaper.

Mrs. R. on

She is right. It DOES make a difference to the child. It seems completely unreasonable to expect a child who has only ever had jars of baby food to understand and enjoy the taste and texture of real vegetables.

If a child only knows the taste and texture of real vegetables, then navigating the pickier stages of toddlerhood are so much easier because there’s already been a palate developed.

Why serve your child jars of junk (even the organic, all natural brands taste awful) when you could in 5 minutes make your child REAL food?!

Good for Tori!

Angi on

My daughter skipped the jarred baby food as well. She just had avocado last night and LOVED it. Excellent message Tori!

Anita on

I never thought about making baby food, that is an awesome idea. That would be a great way to use all my excess veggies in my garden to. My husband won’t eat veggies, not even corn on the cob! I blame his mother LOL When we have children I really want them to taste different foods and enjoy healthy ones instead of just fried gunk.

Noob question, but are there any veggies and fruits children aren’t supposed to have when they are young?

meghan on

My mom made my baby food with veggies from our garden. I’m in my twenties now and I always thought she was so awesome for doing that, among all the other awesome things she has done over the years.

jacky on

Anita- I frequently used for inspiration on what fruits and veggies to use…it also tells you when is agoodage to introduce them, gave my son some stuff earlier than recommended, but the pediatrician says it was fine. when in doubt talk to your child’s doctor

Colleen on

Making your own baby food is the best! I had a very picky daughter who was also underweight. As soon as I switched to making my own food, she loved it! Not only was she eating fresh food, I was able to add my own seasonings and flavors in for her. Homemade applesauce lets you control the added sugars, and you can add cinnamon which is great for baby’s brain development. As my husband is Indian, we actually added curry to some things. DD also liked tuna fish patties and meat balls!

Angel on

My baby was opposite…she was pickier when she was introduced to my homemade food, then loved jarred food. However, once she got used to food, she now loves my food again!

Angie on

It’s kind of sad how she has such a strong need to remind everyone that she’s Tori Spelling. She constantly jumps to conclusions that everyone is assuming she does or doesn’t do certain things because “She’s Tori Spelling.” When in reality I doubt there are that many people who are thinking that. I was thinking the exact opposite, I was thinking “So she makes her own baby food, lots of people do that.” I’m not impressed when I hear celebrities brag about the stuff they do for their kids – in fact I think it’s kind of sad that they think they deserve so much credit for doing normal Mom things.

“Say what you want about her, but Tori really loves her kids. It’s evident in every picture and interview she gives.”

I’m sure she loves them, but I actually think that every interview she does reinforces how she never misses a chance to use her kids to make money or to try to make herself look better. It’s kind of evident in this interview too where she seems to be patting herself on the back for doing what she should be doing anyway. I don’t understand why celebrities think they should get so much credit for doing things that parents all over the country are already doing.

Angie on

“Noob question, but are there any veggies and fruits children aren’t supposed to have when they are young?”

As far as fruit and vegetables go I think that strawberries are the only one to be careful about. There are other foods to avoid as well that aren’t fruit/vegetables: dairy, eggs, honey, peanut butter, and seafood.

Beverley on

I loved making my own baby food. It cost a lot less, I controlled what went into it, and I felt great that my kids loved it.

As for not giving something to a baby, the only thing I ever remember was no peanut products till 2 or 3 years, and introduce each new fruit or vegetable one per week. That way you can identify any food allergies they have based on when they had a reaction to an item.

Amanda on

Another thing I read about giving veggies/fruits to your baby is that it’s a good idea to start with the “bitter” (dark) veggies first (like green beans) so that the baby learns to like the “blander” taste of those vegetables first instead of getting hooked on carrots or apples and then having a major palate shock when green beans show up on the spoon.

I, personally, have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, and I cannot stand the taste of most vegetables. I made sure that my daughter started out on green beans and slowly introduced her to the sweeter stuff like carrots and fruits.

Now at 2 she still agreeably eats the more bitter tasting vegetables and does not have much of a sweet tooth — she likes sweeter vegetables and fruits (and a cupcake treat now and then!), but she is not defiant about eating her “bitter” vegetables.

Mary-Helen on

I find Tori very self absorbed, always reaffirming how famous she is and such. “I LOVE my kids! I make baby food! This proves it!” No, it proves that you can prepare food. Lots of terrible mothers prepare food for their kids too.

I am sure she is a wonderful mother but for some reason it irks me when celeb moms like Tori act like providing their kids the basic neccessities proves they love them. Like I think it’s great that she chose to make her own food, my kids had a mix of jarred and homemade because I didn’t have time to exclusively make food with my work schedule, but I did want her to try some stuff that she otherwise wouldn’t get, like avocado and such. I think alot of times celebs can sound so spoiled by citing making dinner as a loving gesture instead of just what it is, cooking dinner.

Nikki on

I’m going to agree with the comments pointing out how self absorbed she seems.
Oh you make your own baby food Tori? Well done! Have a medal! No other mother on this Earth has done THAT before!

I think Angie stole the words right out of my mouth, it makes me said to read that the latest news headline is a celebrity making their own baby food, or other things anyone else does.

MZ on

Anita, we’re getting read to navigate this process ourselves. I heard to introduce fruit later so that kids don’t automatically prefer that over vegetables.

I also found these websites:

Erika on

Amanda- What a great idea! I hate vegetables and its so bad, because I never had a balanced diet. I don’t have kids yet (and won’t for a while), but I think that’s really smart and hopefully I’ll remember that when I do have kids.

On another note, I’m sure her homemade baby food is much better than jarred since it is fresher and not at all processed. My mom did that for me but I also ate jarred, and she said I prefered the homemade to the jarred.

Debra on

Nikki, I agree. She acts like this is the first thing she has ever cooked in her life and is over praising herself like she does everything organically. I used to watch her reality show and she hardly cooked Dean did all the cooking and she tried to help. I could tell she had no experience in food preparation. I don’t think she has the time to work as much as she does and cook as much as she says she does. Dean is probably doing all of the cooking just like he did in the earlier reality episodes.

sadie on

I have always made my own food, and I introduced lots of flavour – ie herbs, garlic, ginger, onion etc – into my son’s food from an early age. My son is a great eater now. He’s 17 months and his favourite food is sashimi! He also loves curries, risottos, roasts etc.
So good on Tori for making the extra effort, it’s well worth the labor IMO.

Rach on

I always knew I wanted to make homemade baby food.Especially since I saw this study that was conducted showed that all baby foods even organic ones, contained traces of pesticides etc in them. I knew that I wouldn’t shun the bottle food all together,but I would try to give my baby as much homemade stuff that I could. We started my son on the beginner food, which he was fine with from the jar.When we started him on homemade food is when we ran into problems. I guess the homemade food (even though there are no spices etc) is much tastier than the jar stuff and my baby’s taste buds developed quite quickly. Problem is, that he started refusing to take his formula. We now try to give him his 24 oz a day by sneaking it into his baby food, but I am still trying to figure out ways to make him take his bottle. The DR says to keep doing what we are doing,but I can’t add his formula to most of his veges and stuff. All the information I have found online has been usless to me basically saying that if I had chosen to bf longer this wouldn’t have happened,basically a whole lot of “shoulda,coulda,woulda but didn’t”…

HeatherR on

Tori seems to rub people the wrong way. I think most of her comments stem from insecurity. She just strikes me as a really insecure mother. She seems to TRY so hard to not be like her own mother yet she still seems unnatural. It’s like she wants to be this instantly perfect mother creating the perfect routines and the perfect traditions/memories. I think we all want that, but it doesn’t happen overnight Tori!

Anita on

Thanks for all the info everyone🙂

Amy on

I think it’s incredibly interesting that Tori makes her own organic food (which is awesome, and I applaud her for that) and yet proclaimed on the view that breastfeeding past a certain point– I believe it was two weeks– offered no benefit whatsoever and that formula feeding was just as healthy after that point. Now, I realize that she’s a spokeswoman for a formula company, but I find the whole thing rather disingenuous. But… It’s great that Stella is reaping the benefits of organic veggies, especially since she didn’t receive the benefits of nursing past two weeks.

marie on

Hi Amy, I received the “benefits” of nursing for one full year, still had chronic ear-infections as a baby and ended up needing surgery for it. It’s not all that. My sister who was on formula after 2 months has never had an earinfection all her life. I agree with some of the others that jarred baby-food, even organic ones taste absolutely awful. I’ll be making my own, for better taste if nothing else.

Anne on

Lighten up people. Tori is human and yet you judge her every move. She is her OWN person, so stop comparing her to her mother-she is not insecure. She is making it on her own with Dean, Liam, and Stella with no financial help from her mother. What a bunch of cynical know it alls. She is happily married and doing the best she can, so let her be and look within yourselves before you judge others.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- But cooking dinner CAN be a loving gesture! In my family, my dad has always been the main cook (he loves to cook, my mom does not), and his meals, as weird as this may sound, are always cooked with love!🙂

Anyway, I ate mostly jarred baby food as a baby, but my parents also had a baby-food grinder and made some of their own baby food as well (for example, squash from our garden). That said, I don’t understand what people are thinking when they say canned baby food doesn’t taste good! When I was a kid, my mother always made the most delicious muffins with, among other ingriedents, canned peach baby food. Not only were the muffins delicious, but the smell of the baby food was incredible! To this day, it’s one of the best smells I’ve ever smelled!

Also, my mom has said that, when she was a teenager, she always hoped her baby-sitting charges wouldn’t finish their baby food, because then SHE could finish it…and she loved it!🙂

brannon on

Tori puts every move out there to be judged. That is part of the problem. A My Space video to tell people you make your own baby food? I do that every day as well but its hardly newsworthy. And as far as ‘making it on her own’ — really?

Angi on

Whatever reasons Tori put the video up for, it is still a great message to put out there. That is the point.

Brandi on

Tori didn’t post the video, it’s part of Myspace Video’s TV Channel

People are so quick to jump!

I made my own food for three months, then my boys just started eating what we ate around 9 months old.

stevie on

I love hearing about so many people making homemade baby food!I gave my first child jarred foods and for my second I made my own and my second child who is now almost 4 eats better than any kid I know! he hates junk and happy meals and pop but loves fresh fish and veggies and fruit. He doesn’t even like sweets! I’ve been told it’s because I trained his tastebuds. We start feeding our 6 month old soild shortly and I’ll be making my own again, it’s so cheap and easy!

babyboopie on

Regardless of how much Tori loves her children it’s very clear she is insecure. She is always somehow putting her kids out there in the spotlight directly and indirectly!

ang on

the reality is people DO have ridiculous misconceptions about tori and celebs in mommywood she says liam’s swim teacher suggested someone else packed the diaper bag for her. as for cooking food,this is a woman who grew up with neither of her parents cooking for her,so yeah,she probably sees it as an act of love.

Kate on

“She is her OWN person, so stop comparing her to her mother-she is not insecure”

I don’t see anyone on here comparing her to her mother. The other poster said she seems to be trying so hard to prove she’s not her mother. And I think that’s a valid assessment considering she has spent 3 seasons of her reality show, and two books writing about how she isn’t going to be the kind of mother her own mother was. Tori is the one doing the comparing, not us.

Liz on

Preparing your own baby food is great! My son is now 2 and he eats the majority of food we feed him, from salad greens, spinach and swiss chard to cooked onions. As a baby we introduced more complex flavors of veggies and fruits, often mixing with breastmilk initially. People are often amazed that my son eats basically what my husband and I eat. He is not a picky eater but an adventurous eater and I think that is because he was introduced to fresh full flavored food as a baby and I ate many types of food while breastfeeding.

jenny on

to those who think she is just self indulged or whatever: Tori is probably tring to prove to non respecting people like you that she does normal things for her and her kids life. She has been in the spotlight all her life, so dont say that no-one was thinking just because shes Tori that she doesn’t do normal household duties, Im sorry I bet you were thinking it. many parents are too lazy to prepare baby food, so if she feels proud of that choice than by golly she should be able to share it with us. Come on people get off her back already. Oh ya and why would she need her kids to make her famous and money when she’s done that for years?????

HeatherR on

We are all entitled to our opinions and I stick by my earlier post that Tori is an insecure mother. I don’t dislike her and I do occassionally watch her show. She seems like a fun person but I still feel that she is trying to be something that she is not. You have to “evolve” into motherhood. I believe that it is a learning process. You are not instantly a picture-perfect mother and that is what Tori seems to be trying so hard to portray.

Anna Folden on

Making baby food is a family affair in our house. I started making baby food because we have twin boys that like to eat and it is a whole lot more cost effective then jarred food and healthier. But then I got my husband in the kitchen and he had fun making baby food with me. Of course our 3 1/2 year old daughter joined because she thinks she is a chef. I was so happy to hear the other day when when my husband said “What are we going to make next for the boys, what can we try?” I am actually going to start making food for another mom because when you are already making enough for twins one more is no big deal. So the savings will be even more because we can buy produce in bulk. And yes our sons favorite food right now is also avocado. We are going to try avocado with bananas this week. Have fun out there with all the possibilities for your kids to try.

Rachel on

Does anyone know what kind of formula does Tori use?

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