Report: Jennifer Hudson Is Pregnant

05/31/2009 at 05:45 PM ET
Derek Storm/Splash News Online

Grammy-winning singer and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson can add mom-to-be to her resume after a weekend baby shower in her honor was held in downtown Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Felicia Fields, a longtime friend of the Jennifer, confirmed to the paper that the event happened on Saturday.

“It was a baby shower, a quiet gathering of friends and mostly family,” Fields, also a singer and actress, said of a gathering in a relative’s home. “They’re really trying to keep it kind of quiet.”

She added: “It was a nice time that we had.”

When asked if Jennifer received blue or pink gifts, Felicia said, “They don’t know [the gender]. More yellow.”

Another paper, the Chicago Sun-Times, reports Jennifer is seven months along.

Jennifer, 27, who is engaged to Harvard-educated-lawyer-turned-wrestler David Otunga, has also kept mum about her upcoming wedding date.

Source: PEOPLE

— Antoinette Y. Coulton

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Mary-Helen on

Aw, congrats to the couple! A baby is always a blessing, but especially after the horrific loss Jennifer has endured. She and her fiance seem like a nice couple and I’m sure Jennifer will make an awesome mom!

pinky on

Lawyer turned wrestler? Why?

Jen on

what wonderful news! congratulations x

aroundthewaygirl on

I saw this coming when I saw her in that dress at the DNC/Obama fundraiser. I’m so thrilled for her. And, her partner too.

Mandy on

This was actually in a magazine a few months back but it wasn’t ‘official’ or anything but I guess the magazine was right.

JMO on

Wow 7 months along? That’s surprising they kept it mum all this time. Congrats to them.

Allison on

Wow! This is the most amazing baby news I’ve heard all year! Maybe they will choose another J name to honor her family?

Caroline on

I’m so happy for her! I hope that after the hard time Jennifer had with her family murders, this baby will bring joy to her. Blessings to you my dear.

Courtney on

congrats to the happy couple Jennifer looks radiant and like pregnancy is going to suit her well

Electra on

any recent pics of her? she didnt look very pregnant last time is saw her in a mag.

MZ on

I am surprised! She was just on AI not too long ago and I didn’t notice a baby bump. Congrats to them! I’m sure the baby is going to be gorgeous!

Jess on

“They’re really trying to keep it quiet”? Well, how nice of the friend to say that after she just blabbed it all to the paper. I’m sure Jennifer is very appreciative.

Forever Moore on

What an amazing blessing for them! If she is seven months already, she must have conceived close to the time of the horrible loss of her family…I pray that this baby helps to heal her heart and bring a new joy to her life!

Xan on

Well, congrats to them but, sheesh, what a friend! She says they wanted to keep it quiet and yet blabs to a magazine? Whether Hudson was 9 mos along or whatever, it was up to her and her fiance to tell, if they wanted to, that is. But, I guess that’s one of the things celebs have to live with.

JC on

Congrats to her and her fiance! She deserves some happiness after everything she went through last year.

Crystal on

Different media outlets have been saying this for months but I ONLY believe it if I see it on CBB! Congrats Jennifer and David! Can’t wait to see the little bundle of joy. From the pics I’ve seen I’m guessing girl! ♥

Sarah M. on

I was thinking the same thing, Jess. While I LOVE hearing news like this, especially after her families murders, it should be up to the parents when an announcement is made. I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby is named after one of her family members.

I wish them all the luck!

momto3 on

congrats. I can’t remember when her family tragedy struck, but am hoping that they knew. Talk about surprise. Nobody famous ever goes 7 months without it leaking out somehow.

momof3 on

What a lovely surprise!

Courtney on

I am so happy for her, I think its wonderful she has found such happiness.:)

Brooke on

Wow!!! Seven months?? I can’t believe it!
I LOVE her! She is a wonderful singer, and I can’t wait to see this new baby! Congrats to her and her fiance.🙂

scherriea on

i was wondering when this was going to be posted..i kinda figured this out a while ago…especially with all the loose clothes and weight gain around the tummy..congrats to the soon-to-be parents

kai on

Yeah, weird to announce it and then say they want to keep it quiet. But there have been persistent rumors, so it probably was going to come out soon enough. But seven months already, wow.

Anyway, CONGRATS! What happened to her was beyond what I can imagine, so horrible. All the best!

Marija on

I knew this one was coming! It was SO obvious in the pictures that Perez posted months ago. I respect and am glad that she was able to keep this a secret as long as she has especially as she dealt with her family’s tragedy. I know that this new life will be a blessing to her and I wish all of the best! Congrats~

Chris on

Awww congrats. But her friend should not have leaked the news without Jennifer’s permission.

Anna on

What a good friend to talk about this to the press even though she knowns they want to keep it quiet……

Karen on

WOW!!! She sure didn’t look pregnant when she preformed on American Idol a little while back

Amanda on

It’s entirely possible that she gave her friend permission. Did anybody think of that? In today’s celebrity (and baby) obsessed world, maybe Jennifer thought that announcing it via a friend who was at the baby shower was a nice, low-key way to do it. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Sammy-xx on

This must be such a bitter-sweet time for her. Such a blessing to be welcoming her first child but sad she cant share this time with her mother and sister.
Congrats to her and her fiance, she is such a talented singer and actress and she has such a great personality from what I’ve seen from interviews.

kalani on

It wasnt really keep quiet they did announce it two months ago on the radio cant remember which one but congrats to her

courtney on

It was her mother, brother and her nephew who were murdered not her mother and sister
Anyways, I would assume her and her fiancee maybe wanted to start a family because of their deaths one of those “life is short” situations, more than likely her child will have some incorporation of them in its name.

martina on

Oh my, it must be such a bittersweet time for Jennifer. God bless her, she was the epitome of grace under horrible circumstances. All the best to her and her new family. Her mother is watching over them.

liza on

Congrats to Jennifer and her husband to be. to reply to #30’s coment it was her mother, brother, and sisters son that were murdered not her sister. Best of luck to them both. She deserves happiness after all her sadness.

Stacie on

Holy moly! Well, congratulations to Jennifer and her fiance!

Stacy on

Congrats to her.

HeatherR on

God bless her…..she deserves some sunshine in her life!

T on


Wow if she’s 7 months along that would mean she was pregnant around the time of the murders or soon after.

Her family was murdered Oct 24th?

Brooke on

So all of these comments about how bad of a friend she must have…. you guys dont know the whole story. Maybe Jennifer said it was ok for her to confirm it with the press.

daniela on

Congrats to Jennifer! I know a new baby can’t replace her mother and brother but at the baby will bring a new life into her family which is always a wonderful thing.

Alysse on

Blessings to Jennifer and much happiness to her on the upcoming
birth of her child.

CTBmom on

Congrats to them. I think Jennifer is beautiful and an amazing actress and singer. I wish her all the best.

mickyrich on

congrats to Jennifer Hudson

Brooklyn on

7 months! That’s crazy if she’s kept it quiet this whole time. Congrats if it’s true.

Betty on

Congrats!! Im very happy for her it is a wonderful blessing after a sad situation she suffered through with her Mom and Brother

Mina on

Congrats if it’s true! I hope the media wont hound her for bump pics. She doesnt need added pressure after all that’s happened.

Mrs. R. on

It will be fun to see when the baby is born. Regardless of speculation, it definitely is a big surprise to read about now! It’s kind of fun that they are keeping it so quiet. It will certainly be a celebrated baby when it arrives! What a lovely blessing in 2009 when she’s had such an awful year. Our first child coincided with mourning loss in our family, and it certainly helped the grieving process (although it of course hasn’t replaced the relatives lost, nor did we expect it to).

Paige on

Congratulations. I really like Jennifer. She deserves all the happiness in the world after the tragedy with her family.

Niki on

I saw her in concert with Robin Thicke 4 weeks ago and she definitely looked pregnant. She wore all black: leggings, shoes, a tiered tunic to hide the tummy but it was very obvious to me and my friend. Also, I could see her belly button protruding from under her top when she would turn to the side so I knew that it was the real deal. Congrats to her and David, this is huge blessing for them! Happy for them.🙂

Jill on

I knew it the way she rested her hands on her belly at her fiances wrestling match:) Congrats to her and I wish her all the best!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda- ITA!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Congratulations to her & her fiance. Her fiance sounds so sweet in other articles I’ve read, just so sad her mum, brother and nephew aren’t around to share it with them. Wasn’t it late Oct that they were murdered, now 7mths ago?, means she got preg around the same time I guess, or a few weeks later, if I’m doing the maths right? Something happy for them to look forward to which is great.

As a side note, I guess it would’ve been updated under the original post by CBB, but have Tobey Maguire and his wife revealed their son’s name yet?! Seems like a while ago now since he arrived and no name mentioned…

g!na on

aaw! congrats! I’m so happy for her,she deserves happiness and i’m hoping this new baby will help her heal her pain from her loss ♥

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Sorry ‘T’, just noticed that you mentioned the same thing, pregnancy-dates wise…!

Shannon on

I had been hearing rumors that she was expecting for awhile, and when I saw her on Ellen the other day, I though it must be true, but she is hiding it REALLY well. So wonderful for her to have such a blessing enter her life after such a tragic loss. Congrats to them both, and here’s hoping for a safe, healthy delivery and baby for Jennifer and David!

brannon on

wonderful news. so happy for them!

L on

What a blessed time for her after all that has happened with her family..this new little person will bring such joy to all the sadness that has surrounded her!!
God Bless Jennifer!!! CONGRATS!!!

subtlenserious on

Good for Jennifer. Love the CD.

TV on

Wow. I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t announce their marriage first. A few weeks ago in Las Vegas a friend of mine saw Jennifer and David coming out of the county courthouse section where they perform weddings. Apparently this is one secret that has so far managed to stay quiet for a so called celebrity.

scherriea on

Ashleigh on


bradleypalko on

I like how Fields states that her and the family are TRYING to keep it quiet but instead tells the press the next day. I don’t get why she has the right to tell the press if they’re trying to keep it quiet.

Vanessa on

I saw her on Ellen and new about the rumours, so if true, she didn’t seem big, though she did wear a flowy top.

Congrats anyway.

Sarah M. on

I hope she did give her friend permission. The way she phrased ‘They’re trying to keep it kind of quiet.’, sounds like she didn’t, though. At least to me. But I don’t know the whole story. None of us do!

Emaline on

This makes me a little sad, I guess b/c I just hope it won’t hinder her career, she has such promise. I’m very shocked by this! She and her boyfriend will have a beautiful baby, girl or boy!

Lucy on

SEVEN MONTHS!…she didn’t look pregnant in any recent pic I’ve seen of her. But I’m a big girl too and I think my bulging belly kinda blended in with the rest of me lol, so many people were surprised when I announced the pregnancy since they couldn’t tell!

Frances on

Congratulations to Jennifer and David on the baby and upcoming marriage. God Bless you all!

CelebBabyLover on

TV- That doesn’t mean they got married, though. Maybe they were just filing for a marriage license or something. Besides, Jennifer seems to have indicated that the wedding will be more than just a courthouse affair.

ericka on

there is no way she’s 7 months pregnant i just saw her on an interview she didn’t even look pregnant!!!

FC on

Whoa! I wasn’t expecting this news, and she’s 7 mos. along? Damn! I certainly didn’t call this one.

Well, best wishes to her, and I can’t wait to hear more on this baby!:)

AndreaG on

Congrats to them! What a terrific blessing after such a horrible tragedy!

kaitlyn on

When I saw her on AI I totally thought she looked pregnant and was wondering why there was no announcement!

angelamthomas1 on

I am so happy for her. I truly believe she really needs some joy in her life right now and a baby is such a bundle of joy. Congrats is definitely due.

CelebBabyLover on

ericka- She was probably just hiding her bump pretty well, and all women carry differently. Remember how small Nicole Kidman was for most of her pregnancy?

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