T-Pain Welcomes Son Kaydnz Kodah

05/29/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Hip-hop and R&B star T-Pain — real name Faheem Rasheed Najm, 23 has welcomed his third child. Wife Amber recently delivered a son the couple have named Kaydnz Kodah Najm, T-Pain revealed in a recent tweet.

No details about the birth were given, but the proud papa did share a picture of his newborn baby boy.

The pregnancy was announced in October; Kaydnz joins big siblings Lyriq, 4, and son Muziq, 1 ½, at home.

Source: Twitter

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Beverley on

Awwww. That is a really cute baby. Not a fan of the names of his kids, but cute baby. I love those cheeks.

Harley on

You know, it just makes his parents look like they failed Hooked on Phonics when you spell a name that ridiculously. Snow, it’d be pronounced Cadence

P on

I would say it’s pronounced Cadence, to go with the music theme of his other kids’ names.

Alice on

Snow, obviously he gave his children music related names, so this one would be prononced like “cadence”.
He is very cute.

samantha on

Aww..he is too cute!! If you look through the pics, you can also see a picture of his two older kids!! They are soo adorable!! Congrats to T-Pain!!

Courtney on

I actually like spelling things different…I’ve said before my daughters names are Alysabeth and Allexandrya..but this takes it too far…I do like the names tho.

Congrats to them..

Hannah on

Courtney – Why the extra L for your daughter? Just curious.

Don’t like any of T-pain’s name. I’m all for unique names but no need to get silly. Out of the three, I’d say Kaydnz is the best name.

Courtney on

Hannah…why not the extra L? Its unique and so is she..:)

KiKi on

Dang! Look at his teeth. I wouldn’t expect normal names from him. Poor kids.

judew on

Love it! It’s not one I suggested back last year or so, but it’s cool! Better than “Bandit”!!

Anna on

I hate these “creative” (=wrong) spellings. At least he went al out. Just spelling a normal name “creative” makes it look like you don’t know how to spell.

Lis on

Eww. I can’t even concentrate on anything other than those teeth. That’s gross. Is that supposed to look “cool”?

Beverley on

Those teeth are meant to show off how much money someone has. It’s only to look flashy, not classy. I agree, they look ridiculous.

katey on

Personally, as a person with a weirdly spelled version of a common name, I will admit that it is annoying when no one spells it properly. It was especially bothersome when I was a child. And you can’t really hold it against them (unless they should no better) because YOU are the one that is changing things up. However, I will not begrudge any parent the right to name their kid whatever they want.

And I love me some T-Pain, so I’ll give him a pass on this one.

Hea on

Why do people do that to their teeth? If someone mugs them, they’ll beat the living beep out of them to get that gold. Besides, it just looks unbrushed.

Cute kids though.

Jess from Ohio on

I really like the name of his first two kids. But I don’t like the new name. It’s way TOO far fetched. I had to say it quite a few times in quite a few ways to realize it was cadence. Cute child though, and congrats to them!

momof3 on

I would say that UNLESS you are a rapper it’s unwise to try this type of baby-naming at home. There’s nothing tackier than incorrectly spelled classic names. It just looks like you’re trying too hard, poorly educated or both!

Lucy on

I hate it when people use yuneek (unique) names.

It doesn’t matter if you spell it Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Alysabeth, Alliezabehth or whatever. When a teacher calls their name it’ll sounds just like the others, nothing ‘unique’ about it. It just looks like you cannot spell, unclassy and lastly, it’s never ending problems for children when they say their name and it’s constatly misspelled into the correct way.

-No, actually, J-E-H-N-Y-F-Y-R
-Oh. Sorry could you repeat that?

And official documents will be confusing as well. Why not, if you want your child to have a unique name pick an actually unique name rather than a misspelled mess? As I said, in a crowd of 20, if four of those are going to have the same sounding with albeit different spellings, they’re still going to be referred to as “Jennifer A” or “Jennifer G” according to surname.

Jaime on

i love how all 3 childrens names have to do with music… just w/ the spelling changed…

lyriq = lyric
muziq = music
kaydnz – cadence

awesome… 🙂

Renee on

The post about him getting mugged craked me up. Hurry, Hurry, call the police some one just stoled my teeth.

I think the names are nice, but I do beleive in proper spelling. There is no use giving kids names when only you know what they are. They will constantly be mis pronounced and as they grow older they might not like the fact that people cannot read their names or even spell them correctly. It does look uneducated on the parents part, or maybe on our parts because we can not even read them. Oh well cute baby anyway.

Whitney on

I love the names – all music related – spelling is strange but the names are so cool.

Alecia on

It would be nice if we all respected one another, if you don’t like one’s name/spelling choice that’s fine but to criticize another individual for a choice is ridiulous. And on that not I love all three of his kisds names, infact Lyriq is the name of my 8 month old god-daughter and Kiki who wrote “Look at his teeth. I wouldn’t expect normal names from him. Poor kids” T is wearing gold caps, how does that put his kids at a disadvatage? They’re healthy & happy children who are loved and well taken care of.

Lis on

Lucy, you hit the nail on the head with your post. My thoughts exactly. It’s a pet peeve of mine to give your child a common name with “unique” spelling. The name itself does NOT sound unique…only thing it does is create a mess of confusion…

Valerie on

I love the names! I think they are beautiful and the first two have a French sound.

J to tha Da on

I think we are all forgetting about people who have “normal” names that are spell the “right” way that still get mispronounced. And what about foreign names? Clearly people should stick with simple easy to pronounce names to avoid all confusion.

Lucy on

My future childrens’ names will all be foreign and rare for where we live but at least they will be respectable names spelt correctly. And yes, they do sound and look like respected, albeit a bit foreign/European.

I mean, would you really hire a lawyer called Lyriq? I’m sure a few people would hesistate to take advice from a doctor called Heavenleigh Rainbow.

Courtney on

“I hate it when people use yuneek (unique) names.

It doesn’t matter if you spell it Elizabeth, Elisabeth, Alysabeth, Alliezabehth or whatever. When a teacher calls their name it’ll sounds just like the others, nothing ‘unique’ about it. It just looks like you cannot spell, unclassy and lastly, it’s never ending problems for children when they say their name and it’s constatly misspelled into the correct way.”


WOW…I can honestly say I have NEVER heard such rude, ignorant comments about how someone choses to spell a chilod’s name.

Don’t like my daughters name…fine, shes not YOUR daughter. She’s mine. Alysabeth is a smart, funny, outgoing, creative child. She LOVES her name…she LOVES that there is no one else in her class with her name. I have not had one teacher that has incorrectly spelled her name…sound….it….out…not hard people. Her nickname is Aly…is that a more accepting, normal spelling for people…get a grip!

My other daughter Allexandrya goes by Lexie 99% of the time. There are 7 (SEVEN) other Lexie’s in her class…wow…real original…SO yea, there is an extra L in there, oh and we changed the I to Y…I loved the way it looked when you wrote her name out in cursive.

My name is Courtney…C-O-U-R-T-N-E-Y…Yea, nice and normal…and I have to spell it a trillion times for people…so I’m not sure how having a unique name is any different…you still have to spell it to people.

And I guess I am stupid, I just was on honor roll my entire life, graduated top of my class. Started my own company when I was 17 and am still running the same company 17 years later.

Oh…and unclassy??? Because insulting people over how they spell their childs name is so classy of someone. I’ll stay on the “unclassy” side of the fence.

SOMEDAY people will learn there is not a right or a wrong way to spell a name there are clasic spelling and different spellings. If you can’t handle the horrible burden thats comes with a unique spelled name maybe you should go sit in the corner of the world with all the John, John Jr., and John III. Because maybe after you spell the same name for generation after generation you would be secure in your ability to spell something “correctly”.

Courtney on

oh AND I have to add that I met someone not to long ago whose name was SHE-LA…SHE DASH LA was how it was pronounced….

momof3 on

Wow Courtney…if all that is true about your background and education then you should know better than to choose such silly spellings for your daughter’s names. Elizabeth and Alexandra are beautiful, classic names-no need to mess around with them.

Alecia on

momof3, just as you have your preference, Courtney had her own when selecting the names for HER children.

carolina on

Wow I can’t believe people are being so rude to Courtney. Some of us may not agree with the spelling of her daughter’s names, but that is no reason for getting so personally aggressive!

Lucy on

The ‘you’ used was a general one.

Courtney on

Well, then maybe you should have used a “general” name instead of MY daughters with HER spelling…

Beverley on

The fact is, Courtney’s girls have really common names. Spelling them differently than the “normal” way does not make them unusual names. They are pronounced the same as the regular spelling, so it is not a unique name.

Andrea_momof2 on

I’m fine with whatever people want to name their children. No, I don’t like the “weird” spellings of names but they’re not my children and therefore I don’t have to deal with it!

The whole “I wouldn’t hire a lawyer named Lyriq” thing is kinda odd. So you’re saying you wouldn’t hire “Lyriq” (for example) after he/she’s been educated for many, many years, but you would hire “John” no problem, even if he had no education, etc. I just don’t really think that’s a big issue.

Anna on

I think by posting your daughters’ names on this website where you know people give their opinion on baby names you knew you were going to get reactions on them. Why else post them? Maybe you only wanted positive reactions.

Elizabeth and Alexandria are beautiful names, no need to mess them up.

Glad someone pointed out those were gold teeth, I just thought he had really bad teeth….
He named himself T-pain, so in comparison to that his childrens’ names seem less bad.

TracyG on

Wow, momof3…who died and made you the name police? Sheesh!

I think people need to chill out on names of kids. Like it, don’t like it…doesn’t matter because it’s NOT YOUR KID! You named your kids what you wanted so why can’t anyone else? It’s nobody’s business what someone else calls their children. I’m sure you wouldn’t like someone saying most of these comments about YOUR kids.

And before you say the classic and overused “Well, it’s just my opinion” We’ve heard it before…

robin m. on

I don’t mind uncommon spellings, and it’s a nice sounding name, but to me Kaydnz is missing a vowel in order to sound like “Cadence.”

Bex on

ugh, just ugh at the name. Cute baby though.

CelebBabyLover on

Courtney- ITA!

Jo to tha da- I agree with you as well. To add to that, what about names that have more than one “normal” spelling? A few examples include Maya/Mia/Mya, Mary Anne/Mary Ann/Marianne, Lucy/Lucie, Aaron/Aron, John/Jon, Jaiden/Jayden, Hannah/Hanna, and Ann/Anne.

Lucy on

I agree with what Beverley said, obviously.

And just so you know, Elizabeth/Elisabeth and Alexandra are names I consider beautiful. That’s why I can’t understand the reason to mess around with them. I still can’t comprehend it and I think Beverley hit the nail on the head.

And Andrea_Momof2 obviously I would pick the most qualified, but if I was looking them up in the yellow pages or a list, I would be a lot more likely to pick the Alexander Young over the Lyriq Young if they both were in the same league.

Courtney on

Honestly I have never had anything other than favorable reactions to my kids names. Part of the business I run caters to people who have names that are spelled differently. I have even run into 2 other Alysabeth’s…And its pronounced differntly than Elizabeth…its more Alysa-beth….softer. Because I noticed that MANY people do not pronounce Elizabeth with an E at the beginning.

I do not mind so much if people don’t like it, but a simple..its not my style or something along those lines is nicer than calling someone uneducated, unclassy and implying that we forever have screwed our children up.

I swear it happens in nearly every thread that people personally attack others, instead of respectfully disagreeing. I apologize for the snarky remarks I have made earlier in the post. But you have to remember that there are real people on the other side of this computer and I doubt most of you would say the things you have said here to peoples faces. It’s like going up to somone and calling their baby ugly!

Chi Chi on

I don’t like “unique” names either because I have one, and no one ever spells it or says it right. But a name is what you make it. I am very intelligent and no one has ever questioned my intelligence because of the way my name is spelled.

I also noticed that someone said “I ‘beleive’ in proper spelling.” The irony in that is quite obvious. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but if you’re going to throw stones don’t live in a glass house!

Hea on

I think I’ll name my baby Anna but spell it 4NN4. The boy’s name will be Peter but spelled R2D2. It makes sense, yeah? They’ll belong to the cool crowd within seconds!

electra on

Alysabeth is an entirely different name from Elizabeth. So its not a good example of something pointlessly changing the spelling with the same sound. Allexandrya, I don’t get. What was the point of the different spelling if the sound is going to be the same. There IS a right and wrong way to spell a name thats been around for thousands of years. It’s a very silly and childish person who would think that changing the spelling would help differentiate their child in a positive way. As someone with a unique name(here in america at least) I love people with different names. However if your kids name is Jason and you’re spelling it Jaesun, its just stupid. Point blank. It is your child but a name is literally your childs calling card to the world..I’m not sure people who name their kids Mangosteen, Warlock, Uhmanda think about that.

christina on

Fine, Courtney — not my style. And maybe people just don’t want to say anything disrespectful about the spelling to your face?

Ebonee on

Wow, all this uproar over a name spelling, it’s getting so pathetic. A healthy baby was born, let’s just consentrate on that! You don’t have to be the one filling out the childs name on paper work so don’t worry about it!

Anyways, I looked at the pic of the baby, that is one ADORABLE baby! Congrats to TPain and Amber!

Elle on

Insane way to spell names for absolutely no reason. I think it is crazy to do that when those are such common words. If they were a different language or something then maybe but I think he has gone a little overboard with those. Nice theme but seriously the spelling it out of control.
That is like spelling Caitlin, Q’8lynn…lol.

nadel on

Who actually cares? Congratulations to T-Pain and his family.

Cortney on

I’m with Courtney on this one! My name is Cortney and its spelled different because I’m named after a Courtney but my parents wanted me to have my own name at the same time. Although it drives me crazy when somebody puts a U in my name it is unique because then to that person I’m remembered as Cortney not Courtney. There is a difference! In T-Pains case I was not expecting the name Cadenz but another Q name I was thinking Melodiq. Oh well maybe next time they will have a girl- that would be pretty.

Rebecca on

Who decides what’s the right spelling? My name is Rebecca and I’ve meant people who spell it Rebecca, Rebeca, Rebekah, Rebecka and Rebeckah. Which is right? You have Meghan, Megan, Meagan, and Meaghan. You have Emily, Emilie, Emmalee, Emmaleigh, and Emileigh. WHO CARES?

Sarah M. on

Well said, Rebecca. Even common names are misspelled. People forever take the ‘h’ off the end of my name. There’s a simple solution. Say ‘with an ‘h’.’ I admire people who are willing to give their children bold and different names. I wouldn’t have the guts to do it because I’ve read the comments on many different names on CBB. I wouldn’t want my child to have to endure the comments simply because they have a more uncommon name. I’d rather them be the only one in their class with that name then be one of 5 in their class. That gets rather annoying after awhile!

Aly_Goez_Rawrrrr on

@judew Hey, I love the name Bandit! But why talk about Gerard and Lindsey Way’s baby name when your on this page? And unique spellings rock.