Jennifer Lopez's On Set Visitor: Emme!

05/29/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Lopez gets a special visit from her little lady, 15-month-old daughter Emme Maribel, while on the set of her upcoming flick, The Back-Up Plan, which continues to shoot in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Jennifer, 39, is also mom to Emme’s twin brother, Maximillian David.

Emme wears Genuine Kids from OshKosh Floral Lace Tunic Top ($7).

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Pacific Coast News

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Bella Mama on

looks just like the father..

Angi on

She is SO tiny! My daughter who is almost 14 months looks like moose compared to that little girl.

Alex on

Yep, definitely looks like Marc!

stedine on

She has her mother’s eyes

Leah on

Very cute! I love when I see celebrities dressing their kids in “Normal” kids clothes. Spending $7 on a child’s shirt is definitely reasonable – and we ❤ OshKosh in this house!

CTBmom on

I love the curly hair! I agree, she looks like her daddy. I love the fact that Emme is dressed in a $7 OshKosh top and not some $50 t-shirt. I mean, I guess if you got the money it’s not a big deal to spend alot on baby clothes, but kids grow so fast….it just seems like a waste of money.

N on

A-Freakin-Dorable. I love that they are spending a reasonable amount of money on their toddlers. As opposed to spending $200 on a pair of jeans for a baby. ya know?

plS on

If I were loaded, I’d buy expensive clothes for my kids. Why not? It helps out the economy.

Mariel on


Marija on

What a cutie and I love the shirt! Our good friends are actually catering this movie set and said that she is a wonderful person and has been very sweet to everyone on set!

J-Lo Fan on

Visiting mom on the set! How adorable-Marcs face with J-Lo’s eyes. Too bad she done having kids.

JMO on

Leah I thought the same thing! Finally a celeb whose baby is in something normal americans can afford and happens to be really cute!!! I love that!! Not that I’m sure Emme don’t have expensive clothes but it’s nice to know that she wears cheap one’s too!!

Emme looks like a nice combo! Love her curly hair!

brannon on

very cute. not sure why people get upset about how much kids clothing costs when they’re not your own? i get comments all the time about buying designer clothing for my son but i’ve yet to ask anyone else to pay for it…strange. that being said, emme is adorable in her oshkosh 🙂

Meream on

Look at her beaming! She looks so happy.

Lis on

Whoa! Holy Marc! I had the same reaction 😉

And J-Lo Fan, how do you know she’s done having kids? Is that common knowledge? I didn’t ever hear or know that…

Mimi on

Lis, I do believe J-Lo said in a recent interview that she’s done. She has a boy and a girl and feels blessed with them, not to mention Marc’s kids from his previous marriage. In fact, I think that interview was on CBB.

Valerie on

I may be the only one who thought this but my first reaction was she’s a mini-Jennifer!

Julie on

Regardless of your income, I think it is a fact that when it comes to infant and toddler clothes, you can get something just as cute at a discount store like Target as opposed to spending big $$$ for a designer label. I get catalogs all the time from the higher end children’s boutiques and I have to say some of the cutest clothes I have bought were reasonably priced from discount stores. The more expensive outfits aren’t kid friendly anyway in terms of comfort. I have had professional photos taken of my girls in beautiful smocked dresses that they only wore once for that photo. Now I have learned that the photos that mean the most are ones where my girls picked out their dresses and feel like princesses in them ($25 or under price tag) It’s their smiles that should be the focus, not the clothes.

aroundthewaygirl on

I hear you Brannon. There’s always the…why would anyone spend that much on x,y,z for a child? Why? Because they liked the item, can afford it, and it’s their child and not yours. What does it matter that a celebrity and a very well-off one at that, can get the same thing at Target rather than Barney’s. Once again. Not your money and not your child.

I thought Emme looked like Marc but I see some Jennifer in her. Emme’s very cute.

gianna on

she is so small for her age and skinny, she looks just like marc even skinny like him lol. She has jennifer’s eyes though

Shannon on

I love that Jennifer put her daughter in a cute top that is easily attainable to just about anyone. So many times I see such cute clothes on here, but there’s no way on earth I could justify spending a ton of money on a baby shirt that is probably going to get food or dirt on it the first time it gets worn. I know, I know, if they can afford it let it be. I just think it’s a waste, and that people could find much better things to spend their money on.

I think she looks more like JLo, personally! Love the little curls!

Sammy-xx on

I love that little Emme is in OshKosh, I’m sure she has a bigger wardrobe than me that is full of designer threads but it’s great to see a top that the rest of the world could afford.
Emme is gorgeous, I am a sucker for little girls with curls. I love the names Max and Emme too.

Brooklyn on

She looks so much like her dad! Jennifer looks gorgeous there!

eva on

I don’t like to nitpick on children’s clothes,since I buy what I can afford and do not like to criticize others but I’ll say this just once.I prefer to see celebrity kids without target or walmart clothing because they are all sweatshop products made through virtual slavery.I guess I can’t judge parents who buy from there because that’s all many families can afford but if you have extre pennies why not do the humane thing and buy responsibly? I also get a bad vibe from super expensive clothes on children with money which are made of fur or skins of endangered species. Environmentally friendly clothes are expensive and I try to buy as much from humane companies but I would love to see babies with money dressed on expensive yet humane clothing more often.Less Target and less Armani for me at least.

lina on

I also think she is all J-LO. I dont see much of her father in her.

lina on

maybe except the fact that she looks petit.

w on

I don’t see how Emme is skinny or small for her age at all. She looks like a 15-month-old to me.

JMO on

I have NEVER once ventured into a Gymboree store and ever thought, “wow those clothes are cute!” I frankly think those clothes are hideous looking and can’t believe people pay the money to put their kids in them. I know several kids that wear them and I think “ick!”….but to each their own.

I personally thing the Children’s store in the malls have nice clothing for somewhat reasonable prices, old navy does too. But most people cannot afford to spend outrageous amounts of money on clothing for their kids and do you honestly think a child looks for the little mini horse (for Polo) or a cat (for Baby Phat) on their clothes to make sure it’s name brand?? Most kids would rather walk around in a $5.00 Elmo t-shirt then have some $40.00 Ralph Lauren shirt on. And I get having your kids look nice but you can do it at affordable prices.

Of course I don’t knock those who have the money and choose to throw it away on clothes your child will outgrow in six months but at the same time I find that some of the cheaper brand clothes happen to look much better on kids. I probably think that way because I grew up wearing hand me downs and cheap clothing (while still looking very nice).

I think it’s just nice to see someone like JLO who has millions of dollars to basically buy her child any kid of outfit decide to just throw her in a shirt that mostly anybody could afford. And perhaps she didn’t even buy it or someone gave it to her and she has no clue even what brand she threw on her. It’s just nice to know that some celebs still stay down to earth.

Of course who knows maybe Emme’s shoes and pants cost over a $100.00 so we’d be defeating the purpose of our praises LOL

Marilyn on

J-Lo Fan & Mimi: She actually does want more kids. She said she might get pregnant again. “You never know” or something to that effect was said recently and she’s saving her sweat pants she wore when pregnant in case she does.

Jowanta on

How is Emme pronounced? Is is “Em” or “Emmy” like the award?

adc76 on

“Of course I don’t knock those who have the money and choose to throw it away on clothes your child will outgrow in six months”..your entire comment was about knocking down pricey childrens clothing and parents who have worked hard for their money. i dont find anything wrong with making your own money and wanting the best for your children.Cool that she put her in a cute little shirt, but so what if we see emmie in a $100 pair of pants or non organic clothing. doesnt make her any better or worse of a person. Its just what the parent prefers. If i wanted for so long to have children and finally had one, or in her case 2, i can see me buying nice clothes for my “gift from god” as long as i can reasonably afford it. You never know what they do with those clothes after they have outgrown them. they might auction them off for charity….a charity that helps find the cure cancer or diabetes. If you have the money, then i say put your children in anything your heart desires. I am sure if most of you were handed $12million dollars you probably wouldnt shop at Target on an everyday basis for your childrens clothing.

adc76 on

by the way, in that second picture of emmie, she is a great mix of both parents. She is tiny, but that is probably because she was born a little early, being a twin and all. jennifer seems so proud in that first picture!! Twins are everywhere!!

kai on

Valerie, I’m with you!

Maddie on

I was pleasantly surprised about the $7 top too. The point that I think is being made in a number of posts is that it’s just plain wasteful to regularly spend a lot of money on designer clothes for your little kids or babies. It is not about “getting the best” for your kids – little kids don’t (shouldn’t!) care. I would dare say that if you’re a regular working person spending that kind of money on designer duds for little ones, it’s mostly about your own vanity. That said, people are for sure allowed to throw their money away on what they choose – we all have our vices!

Kate on

I don’t understand why people want to relate so badly to celebrities, even by the kid’s brand of clothing they wear. Celebrities aren’t like us, they have loads of money and spend more on unecessary things (from our point of view) then on kids duds.
I just know that all of the few items from Old Navy I bought for my kids fell apart right away so I don’t bother anymore. I buy quality stuff, and I don’t care if people judge me for my $40 blanket, it lasts me through 2 kids. Whatever rocks your boat:)

eva on

I completely agree with Kate.

J on

I don’t get when people say the twins are all Marc. I think both the twins strongly resemble their mother.

Mary on

she si soo cute and if you ask me she has both her parents genes. her hair is like both parents because they both have thick hair but jennifer has naturally curly hair which her daughters seems to have inherited. she has very delicate features like her dad and eyes ike her mom but jen said that while max is a real boy always smashing into things emme is a real girly girl with attitude just like her mom.

Jennifrr MeriNa on


Noria on

no marc maybe 1% 99.99% jennifer lopez fo’ kidz now max maybe is the opposite

Marilyn on

I think Emme looks just like Marc. I really don’t see Jennifer in her at all.

Lila on

i’m not trying to start anything here..but j-lo looks pregnant. she has a little tummy that she didn’t have before. i’ve seen photos of her from a few months ago and she had a flat stomach..but in both of these photos she looks to have a baby belly. the first photo, look by Emme’s right foot, it’s right near mommy’s belly and there is a belly there. then in the 2nd photo, she has a pouch, her daughter’s foot isn’t even resting against her stomach all the way because of the bump. i’m not trying to be detailed in my descriptions but to me- it she looks prego.

commenter on

omg, i didn’t even know that it was jlo …..

Mary-Helen on

Aw…she is too cute! I love her little outfit too!

CelebBabyLover on

Lila- I think it’s just the way she’s leaning back to support Emme’s weight that’s making her look that way.

Jowanta- It’s Emmy like the award. 🙂

J-Lo Fan and Mimi- I just found the article, and you are correct. Here is what she said about having more kids: Their differences aside, Jennifer is thrilled by the boy-girl combination because it made the decision of whether or not to have more children easy. “‘One of each, all done,; she said. “No more. I got a boy and I got a girl. It was very efficient of me!'”

JMO- “…because I grew up wearing hand me downs”. Well, then, what’s to say that celebs can’t hand down their children’s expensive clothing after they outgrow it, too (and thus it can be used a lot longer than six months)?

Anyway, I love that Emme is wearing OshKosh in these pictures! My parents dressed my brother and I in OshKosh all the time when we were babies! 🙂

fuschia on

Has she peirced her EARS!!!Urrrgh…I loathe that, baby girls with earings, gives me shivers.

jenny on

She looks like a little old woman!! I wonder how much she weighs and how tall she is, because I agree shes small for a 15 month old. I would have guessed her at 10 months or so.

Sarah K. on

Fuschia, it’s probably a cultural thing. Many Latin American and Indian parents pierce their kids’ ears at a young age. Babies don’t remember the pain and most girls end up piercing their ears anyways. If Emme grows up and doesn’t like them she can take them out. It’s not really something that will harm her in the long run so I don’t see the big deal.

Jenny, I was thinking she was a little small for her age too. It looks like 15 month old Emme is no match for 10 month Honor, lol

mazzie on

jennifer is smart – kids grow so quickly at this age, you’re paying for what several months use at the absolute most before they can never wear them again – and while yes, a expensive, special gown or suit is beautiful for a child to look back on, they should be one offs.. i like katie holmes but i can’t fathom her spending so much on these gorgeous dresses for suri which she cannot get any longterm wear out of.. saying that, my daughter’s christening gown was a beautiful hand finished ralph lauren affair – still i’m hoping it will be kept for many years to come..

babyboopie on

I think the reason Emme is so small for a 15 months compared to a 11 month old Honor is because she’s a twin and because of genes, maybe.

Mia on

Aw, I love the curls. And I don’t see anything wrong with the baby having her ears pierced. It’s very common for little girls to get their ears pierced when they are babies. Most babies, boys and girls, look a lot alike when they are infants even until through the toddler years, and the only thing sets them apart is the pierced ears (only sometimes). The real male features/female features in the face and body don’t really fill out until early teens.

And its funny, when the pics of Max and Emme were first released, I thought both babies were 100% Marc and even Jennifer Lopez said when the twins were born the Dr. said “Jenny, Did you get any genes into these 2?” but I think now, both babies, espeically Max, are mostly like their mama. Max looks like all Jennifer, and Emme is definitely a mix of both parents. She has her mom’s eyes for sure, and apparently has her big attidue.

CelebBabyLover on

mazzie- How do you know that Katie isn’t saving Suri’s clothes to use as hand-me-downs if she and Tom have another girl?

mazzie on

we’ll wait and see shall we? personally, i would be surprised if baby number two gets turned out on the street in suri’s last season hand me downs… but i’m willing to be wrong

Lorena on

Jennifer’s son Max looks like Marc Anthony. He has light hair, his father’s full mouth and big ears. Little Emme has J.Lo’s naturally curly hair and resembles Jennifer’s side of the family. Emme has the long face like Jennifer’s mom and sisters. So in my opinion, the boy looks like Marc and Emme looks like the Lopez women. Here’s a link of the boy:

Lorena on

Electra on

Uhhh Eva, brand names are made in sweatshops too, don’t kid yourself. Most clothing outsourced to international warehouses are made in less than favorable conditions. These companies just made a hell of a lot more money off your purchase. It cause less than 5 dollars to make a pair of 80 dollar nikes for example.

Crystal on

From what I see, Emme looks just like Jennifer! She is such a cutie!

SH on

“”I have NEVER once ventured into a Gymboree store and ever thought, “wow those clothes are cute!” I frankly think those clothes are hideous looking and can’t believe people pay the money to put their kids in them. I know several kids that wear them and I think “ick!”….but to each their own.””

JMO, I wanted to comment…I can get clothes at Gymboree for WAAAAAY cheaper than Walmart and Target. I don’t buy anything that’s not on clearance (most of the time 60% off), then a lot of times I get gymbucks to save half off the next order. I have 4 kids, they all wear Gymboree clothes and I hand them down. They wash great and hold up great, and sometimes look like brand new when I get them back out for the next kid. Your comment really surprises me…

Still Life in South America on

I agree that the kids look just like Marc!

She is going to be a little fashion diva like her mom. I bet the kids sing or act once they get older.