Tom Brady Dishes On His New 'Appreciation' of Daddy Duty

05/27/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

When Tom Brady limped off the football field last September after sustaining an injury to his knee, his chances of immediately returning to the game looked bleak. As doctors concluded that the New England Patriots quarterback would be out the rest of the season undergoing surgery and intensive physical therapy, the 31-year-old had one goal in mind: the day he could officially rejoin the team.

Now, back at practice with the Patriots, Tom reveals in the June issue of Sports Illustrated that the unexpected turn of events taught him one of life’s biggest lessons — gratitude — a lesson that he says has bubbled over into fatherhood. Sharing custody of his 21-month-old John ‘Jack’ Edward Thomas with actress Bridget Moynahan, the proud papa explains that the arrangements have him savoring each moment with his son a bit more.

“I don’t see him every day and we play when I change his diaper: lifting his leg up, playing with his toes, biting his feet. There’s this different appreciation. If you had him every day, you’d go, ‘Let’s just get this done.’ But when you get him, say, one week a month, you’re like, ‘This is so cool!'”

The ever doting dad showed just how far he was willing to go to share a few laughs with Jack — and prove he was feeling up to par — much to the disdain of both his wife Gisele Bündchen and his doctors. Only two days after his surgery, Tom hoisted the toddler up on his shoulders and was toting him around the hospital room. “I wanted to prove I could move around and get ahead of schedule and nothing was going to stop me,” he says. The result? A hematoma in his knee accompanied by a staph infection.

“In a way it was probably good for me — it slowed me down a little bit.”

Clearly elated to return to one of his greatest loves in life, Tom admits that he sees no future for himself outside of the game. “I want to play this game I love, be with my wife and son, and enjoy life,” he says.

Source: Sports Illustrated; June Issue

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Nika on

I do understand what he means with ‘different appreciaton’ and I think it’s cute what he says about changing a diaper but I just have to say, I’m a stay-at-home-mum and I’m with my daughter 24h a day but I play with her toes everytime I change her diaper and stuff like that. She amazes me all the time and I can never stop saying how much I love her and how cute she is.
So in a way I know what he means but I do not agree, not in my case anyway.

He seems like a fun dad though!

lara on

“he sees no future for himself outside of the game”, what does this suggest, his life will stop once he’ll retire form football? what a strange conclusion to this topic.

Mimi on

lara, he’s at the peak of his career so yeah I’m sure he can’t imagine being retired. Maybe it’s even bad for an athlete to feel how shortlived their careers really are since they need to live for each game? Who knows?

Either way, he seems to really enjoy his son. I know all men should enjoy their kids but it’s still cute to hear.

Lisa on

Is he hypathetically saying one week a month or does he only see Jack once a month?? Not that it matters I was just under the impression they had 50/50 custody and all the pictures we see are normally of Tom and Gisele with Jack

Emily on

Didnt Giselle say they had him 50% of the time in another interview??? Interesting.

mslewis on

Most people who are great in their sport see no life outside of that sport. That’s what happens when you work at your sport 24/7 from the age of 5 or 6!! Someday Tom will have to retire and when he does he will find other things to love as much as he loves football. I suppose, unless you have been in his position, or have been married to someone in his position, it is difficult to understand. He didn’t mean what he said to be negative, just that that’s the way it is for him now.

Andrea_momof2 on

He said “say, one week a month” as “for example”.

Di on

Giselle said that she and Tom have John 50% of the time when they are in LA because that is where Bridget lives but Tom’s spends most of the year either on the East Coast or traveling the world with Giselle. I’m pretty sure that during the football season or at other times, Tom’s time with his son is limited. I think one week out of the month is reasonable during the pre-season and when the season starts.

I find it interesting that when Bridget was pregnant, Tom rarely talked about how happy and excited he was about being father but now that he is married he feels more comfortable talking about the situation.

Andrea_momof2 on

Di, how do you know what Tom does with his time? If we didn’t see pictures you would say that Tom never sees him. Again, this is part of your issue with blended families that happen to come up.

Chris on

I have a feeling Gisele is going to be pregnant soon!

martina on

Di, correct me if I am wrong – but I remember “friends of Tom”, quoted by NY newspapers, saying how Bridget got pregnant “on purpose”… Meaning, she was trying to trap him with an unwanted pregnancy. There were quiet a few articles out there quoting Tom’s camp, clearly designed to make her look like a horrible person. So yeah, I would say that Tom wasn’t exactly exploding with happiness at the time.

Di on

Why are you attacking me. Just like I do not know Tom Brady, you do not know me so keep your personal attacks to yourself. It really is quite juvenile on your part.

For the record, I have no problem with “blended families” but I had a problem with something Gisele said a while back which is an issue I really do not feel like discussing now why is I did not even bring up on this post because it does not even relate to the interview.

Tom is a professional athlete. Travel is a part of his job. This is a fact. Gisele is a world class super model. Her career takes her all over the world. This is a fact. Bridget is based in LA. This is a fact. I’m sure if Tom had his way, he would be seeing his son every week but if Tom can only spend 1 week out of the month with his (on ocasion) this is because he is either living or working some place else. End of discussion.

Di on

I really do not remember hearing anyone of “Tom’s friends” commenting back then. All I know is that situation for all parties involved was quite awkward. Tom and Bridget break up. Tom starts dating Gisele a few weeks later and then Bridget announces she is pregnant with his baby. There were so many rumors floating back then: Did Briget tried to trap Tom into marryig her; Did Gisele break up Bridget and Tom?

I’m glad for John that it seems like his parents were able to work things out. John has a wonderful mother and a father who strives to spend as much time with his son as he can and relishes the moments that they share together.

Lauren on

Di, I for sure remember Tom’s friends commenting that Bridge “trapped” him (or words to that effect) into having a baby. I always love such a complaint, as though a man can’t stop a pregnancy on his own. Whatever, though. Hopefully Tom is a good father.

Lorus on

My daughter is 17m old and is with me 24h and I still gobble her up at every diaper change. Babies are just so yummy!

Lara on

It’s possible for retired athletes to still be involved with their sport. My husband used to play baseball for a living and now he’s involved with scouting, statistical analysis and trying to teach our one year old to swing a toy bat! Baseball is still a huge part of his life even though he can’t play anymore.

txgal on

Jack is just so cute!!! Every time I see him I smile. I think he looks like his momma.

Jane on

Jack will have the best of all worlds to love him – Tom, Bridget and Gisele.

Jack is adorable!

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- ITA! Most men, provided they’ve at least taken High School bioloogy, know full well how babies are made and how to use protection when doing the deed if they don’t want to create one!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I forgot to add that I don’t think a woman can “trap” a man into having a baby any more than a man can “get” a woman pregnant (I can’t stand that phrase! It takes TWO to tango, people!)!

plS on

“I find it interesting that when Bridget was pregnant, Tom rarely talked about how happy and excited he was about being father but now that he is married he feels more comfortable talking about the situation.”

That’s natural. He was expecting a baby with a woman he was no longer in a relationship with. Of course he wasn’t acting too excited. Now that his son is born and he knows and loves him, of course he’s more comfortable talking about the situation.