Michelle Williams and Matilda Share a Smile

05/26/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

On a break from scootering in Brooklyn on Saturday, Matilda Rose Ledger holds hands with Michelle Williams as they stroll to get smoothies at their local juice joint.

While each topped off their look with different accessories — a helmet for Matilda and a fedora for Michelle — the pair stayed in sync in floral frocks.

Matilda, 3 ½, is Michelle’s only child with the late Heath Ledger.

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L on

SOO cute i love little matilda…her name suits her perfectly!

kai on

I just saw more pictures from that day, SO CUTE. especially the one where matilda can’t see:)

carrie on

I have never been a big fan of Michelles style, but I think she looks great here. Adorable girls.

Kelly on

This child always brightens my day. She’s such a cutie.

meglet on

I just want to point out that Matilda isn’t wearing her helmut properly (which I also noticed in photos posted on Perez Hilton). It shouldn’t be positioned so far back on her head, and the neck strap looks loose. I think it is great that Michelle wanted her to wear a helmut while riding her scooter, but it should be fit properly or else it won’t do its job.

If you have a child and are unsure about how their helmut is supposed to fit, I urge you to go to your local bicycle shop and ask them to take a look at how it fits your child’s head!

JMO on

Well in Michelle’s defense Matilda was only on a mini scooter. She can trip and fall while walking and still end up hurting her head!

She’s so Heath!

missemiramis on

the beautiful little girl is just WALKING, people … perhaps this photo was taken seconds before she took off her helmet … it’s really wondrous to me how people immediately start to critisize this, point out that, when they should just be happy that matilda is such a nice and lovely child

Leyla on

It is quite possible that she loosened the helmet after she got off her scooter. She was only walking in this picture. I’m pretty sure Michelle is considerate when it comes to her daughter’s safety. Anyways, I just adore Matilda. She’s growing up so fast!

kmb on

this picture makes me smile. beautiful girls!

Lorus on

Looks like Matilda wanted a hat to match Mom’s when they went for a walk (or was her scooter there but just not pictured?)! If so I think that’s so awesome. I love these two and think their style is great.
I agree about proper helmet usage though. They need to be fitted in order to work properly.

JMO on

Actually Matilda was riding on the scooter at one point (in other photos) but if you see the scooter it’s very small and I think four wheels (pretty sturdy) – anyways not that I don’t agree with proper helmet use I think it would be a lot different if she was up higher on a bike. She was on a small scooter on a side walk with her mother beside her. Like I said she could be running down the street, trip and fall, and bang her head. I don’t think we are going to start putting helmet on are kids when they’re running, jumping or playing on playground equipment. So I wouldn’t get so up in arms over it. She’s not on something where she can fall from a high distance and she’s not going into heavy traffic I think she’s okay!! 😉

LucyMaye on

meglet, if you’re going to be so vocal about child safety, maybe you should look at more than one photo. Michelle did the helmet up perfectly when Matilda got on the scooter. Matilda pushed it back because she didn’t like how it was positioned. Because thats what children do. By the way, its called a “helmet.”

Laura on

The other pictures showed Michelle was fixing the helmet and Matilda kept pushing it back.

I rode my bike for years without a helmet and I somehow came out alive. I think Matilda will be ok riding her three wheel scooter on a sidewalk.

Bancie1031 on

Matilda is such a beautiful little girl …. she used to be a spitting image of her daddy (mini-Heath) … but now she’s starting to look a little bit like Michelle …. Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely no doubt that she’s her daddy ….. but now your actually starting to see some of Michelle in her.