Kate Winslet Weighs In on Parenting: 'I'm an Excellent Mother'

05/26/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
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For anyone who ever had doubts, Kate Winslet is setting the record straight when it comes to motherhood. “I’m an excellent mother,” she tells Movies.ie. Defending her role as mother-of-two, the actress admits she was “really, really upset” after reading a recent interview she conducted with Vanity Fair, which quoted her as saying she had spent five months away from her children while filming The Reader. “It was a misquote,” she reveals.

“Who the hell is going to go and leave their children for five months? Obviously not me.”

In fact, Kate says, the entire filming sequence lasted a total of nine weeks and in order to ease the pain of separation, the 33-year-old relied heavily on the producers. “I’m very lucky to be in the position where I can turn to the producers and say, ‘Listen guys, I’ve never been away from my kids before. How are you going to help me?'” she explains.

In the end, Kate was on location for two weeks by herself before being joined by husband Sam Mendes and her two kids Mia Honey, 8 ½, and Joe Alfie, 5; Once the entire crew went on hiatus, the foursome headed home and later returned as a family to wrap up the filming.

Reiterating that she would never leave her kids for an extended period of time — the two week stretch was a family first — Kate laughs that her children can expect their mama to always be around!

“I would never leave my children for five months, no matter whether they’re 5, 15, or 55.”

Mia is Kate’s daughter with ex-husband Jim Threapleton.

Source: Movies.ie

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CTBmom on

She obviously loves her children and adores being a mother. I do have to say, it must be nice to have so much confidence in your parenting abilities to be able to say that you are “an excellent mother”. I on the other hand, while I LOVE my son more than anything and think I am a “good” mother, feel like I make alot of mistakes and just do the best I can. I am always try to improve on myself as a parent, but I swear some days I feel like I should be wearing a “sucky mom” hat, lol.

Chelsea on

CTBmom, I totally get why you feel the way you do about Kate’s use of the word “excellent”, and maybe I’m stretching here, but many of the British people that I know tend to use words like “excellent” more than ones like “good”…I don’t think Kate was trying to toot her own horn. 🙂

MZ on

CTBMom, I feel the same as you!!! Good for Kate to be able to say she’s excellent, but I vacillate between good and cruddy, lol.

jazzie on

How could anyone report that she was away from her kids for five (5) months? That is incredibly bad reporting to mix-up 2 weeks versus 5 months!

Like Kate, I am an EXCELLENT mother, NOT PERFECT, but yes EXCELLENT! I make mistakes too, but I think I would rate myself Excellent also! It is great that she’s confident in her parenting abilities enough to say, I’m an excellent mother. Being a good mother is a hard job, but face it, Mothers are really terrific and the credit belongs to us…take it!

Cheryl on

How modest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill on

Don’t you feel like Vanity Fair has had a lot of celebrity misquotes lately? Their reputation as a publication seems to be slipping….

Emily Jones on

I love Kate!

I know how she feels…the most I have ever been away from my kids was and it was 5 days for a convention, and I was miserable!

I understand what she’s saying about being an excellent mother…while some might think of it as tooting her own horn, I have to say I feel the same way.
I define an excellent mother as someone who keeps her children safe at all cost, always provides, and lets her children know she loves them. Sure we all make mistakes sometimes, sure we could all do better…but I feel confident in saying I have great kids who know I love them and that makes me feel like I’m doing a great job!

Diane on

While I have no doubt that Kate’s kids were in Germany with her during the summer shoot: it was reported at the time that they were seen. Sam was not for the most part. During the summer section (end of May to July), he was away filming his own film. I’m sorry to say it, but Kate is sometimes a fibber. No one ever thought she would leave her children for that long, and indeed she didn’t but it wasn’t quite as she is saying now either.

As for never living her kids for 5 months even when their 55. Well I’m in my twenties and I have gone that long without seeing my mother: lived in another country.

Diane on

Just watched the interview, and she only mentions that the kids were with her in the summer, not Sam: sorry kate. She also states that excellant mother in an ironic way. In reply to the question that is asked.

semi subba on

i totally believe that kate is really an excellent mom.

kai on

didn’t Cate Blanchett once said she’s so good as a mother her kids kneel down before her bed every night? lol.

maggie on

dont want to be mean but….i dislike people who brag about themselves. kate…..