Mel Gibson, Girlfriend Expecting a Baby

05/25/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
Gary Lewis/Retna

Six weeks after his wife Robyn filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage, Mel Gibson has some news of his own: his Russian musician girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, 39, is pregnant, the actor’s rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

“He couldn’t be happier,” says a Gibson friend. “He loves being a father.”

Grigorieva, who is signed to Gibson’s record label, Icon Records, is in her second trimester and due in the late fall. Mel will discuss the pregnancy this evening on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

For those eager to point to Grigorieva’s pregnancy as a catalyst for Gibson’s divorce, they’ll be wrong, says the close source: “This has nothing to do with the divorce. Mel didn’t even know Oksana was pregnant when they filed.”

Gibson’s wife Robyn, who cited “irreconcilable differences” in her April 13 divorce petition, has remained mum on his relationship with Grigorieva and the pregnancy rumors. According to Gibson’s own divorce response, filed on the same day as Robyn’s, he and his wife separated almost three years ago.

Gibson, 53, who has seven children with Robyn, including their youngest, 10-year-old son Thomas, and Oksana, who has a son, Alexander, with her former boyfriend, actor Timothy Dalton, stepped out for the first time at an industry screening for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in L.A. on April 29.

Grigorieva’s son and the Gibson kids have met and vacationed together and, says a source, get along well.

Source: PEOPLE

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Erika on

Oh WOW!! I’ll just say congratulations to them, and I’m not gonna start the controversy that is sure to surround them in their time of happiness :-\

brannon on


laura on

All babies should be welcomed into this world regardless of their conception/parents. Congrats to them

Bren on

Not the reason for the divorce? Probably not but him cheating might have been. So sad.

Natasha on

Keep reading and it says they’ve been separated for 3 years! LOL I just figured some people might skip that and write nasty comments here 🙂

At first I was so shocked that he’d go out in public with someone he cheated with, but I really don’t think he did if they’ve been apart for 3 years.

Stella Bella on

Holy cow.

kelly on

Is this supposed to be a big shock? I am not a mean spirited person, and I wish the baby all the health and happiness in the world, but I think that this was an inevitable announcement. JMHO.

Mary-Helen on

Wow, congrats to them.

However, the timing couldn’t be worse. His marriage isn’t even over and he’s already starting a family with his new girlfriend. I know he’s been seperated for a long time, but alot of people are going to view this lady as a gold-digger and such.

robinepowell on

Aha! Now the real reason for the Gibson divorce comes out.

Rye on

That’s quite shocking news although I saw it posted on another site a week or so ago as speculation. Well, congrats to them despite the akward circumstances. I hope it’s a girl since Mel already has 6 boys and Oksana has one son! 🙂

daniela on

I’m speechless…yet somehow I’m not surprised in the least….

Keri on

Real Catholic of him…..

isabelle on

She dated him for two weeks become pregnant with his child broke up a 28 year old marriage. I feel sorry for robin and her 7 children. Oksana and Mel should be really ashamed of themselves.

Ava on

He and his wife just annnounced their split, If I were Oksana I certainly wouldn’t be anouncing to the world I was in my second trimester with a married man’s baby…

Kimberley on

wow, congrats!

I wonder what the other kids will think..

Crystal on

I have to admit when I first heard this news I was OUTRAGED! I mean the ink isn’t even dry on his divorce papers and he’s having a baby with his new girlfriend. However, I went back and read Mel Gibson’s biography and it states that he and his wife have been separated for the past three years and she just recently filed for divorce after they discussed it and stuff like that. That being said, I don’t find this particularly joyous news just kind of disrespectful! I feel like the fact that they even had to mention that she did not break up his marriage is suspect. I don’t like it. It doesn’t feel right.

Courtney on

WOW….Congrats to them, a baby is a blessing.

I am shocked that if she is in her 2nd tri that he didnt know a month ago she was pg…

Andrea E. on

Guess he’s not as ” devout ” a Catholic as he claims to be

jessica on

I definately put this down to a rumour and didn’t think it would be announced! Oh well, there’s always more to a story that we don’t know-

Shelly on

robinepowell, Mel and his wife have been seperated for 3 years so how can this be the reason for the divorce? I don’t get it. Anyway, congrats to them.

Diane on

What happened to his devout catholicism?

Ava on

oopps, Just read they have been seperated for 3 years, although he is teechnically still married…

bungalowbliss on

(Trying to think of something nice to say…but my initial reaction was total agreement with Keri.)

martina on

I find it difficult to have any respect for Mr. Gibson after his anti-Semitic rant. I hope these are not the values he passes on to the new baby. The baby is an innocent soul that doesn’t deserve any blame for anything; I hope that little angel is raised the right way…

Mia on

Although they are still together “by law” they haven’t been together for 3 years, so I think both parties are free to do whatever they want. I’m not surprised, but I don’t like him personally. Either way, hope the baby is happy and healthy.

Terri on

wow…wow, wow, wow. And my respect has now ended for yet another Hollywood actor.

Lilybett on

If they weren’t open about it then people would be hounding them until they admitted it. I don’t imagine either of them timed it this way on purpose. The fact is people fall in and out of love and sometimes the circumstances aren’t great but you just have to deal with it.

Mallory on

People Magazine came out with an article online a few days ago from Oksana’s mom and when asked if Oksana was pregnant, the mom said “wait for the statement from them.” Obviously, then I figured out she had to be pregnant. (Otherwise, she could’ve easily just said “No”) So this isn’t exactly a shock.

And whether or not Mel and his wife have been separated for a few years, I believe you shouldn’t be sleeping with another woman till after you’re divorced.

Oh, and I don’t believe for a second that this is a woman he started dating after the separation. I wouldn’t put cheating beneath any man who’s going to come out with pregnancy news this soon after announcing his separation, especially when it took him 3 years to announce that. Just my opinion. But hey, everyone has their own way of doing things. Not my family, not really my problem.

Silvermouse on

I agree with Natasha. Good for him, even though I’m not a huge Mel Gibson fan 😉

Natasha on

Mallory, in this situation maybe getting divorced would be simple but in reality, divorces cost a LOT of money. My aunt separated from her ex 4 years ago but hasn’t been able to come up with the time, money or patience to actually get divorced. Does that mean she shouldn’t be happy with a new person in her life?

bungalowbliss on

…and after reading the article on his Leno appearance, my opinion of him sinks even lower.

gargoylegurl on

We don’t know the circumstances surrounding the breakdown of his marriage, so I’m trying to withhold judgment. That said, I’ve never bought into the image of him as a deeply religious family man. We all know he’s had issues with alcoholism, DUI, and his anti-Semitic remarks. There’s even a section in Motley Crue’s biography where they talk about Mel partying hard with them back in the 80’s. Maybe his wife had just had enough of his bad behavior?

Here’s hoping he’s turning over a new leaf for the sake of the new baby.

Aitch on

WWJ say?

Joanna on

Congratulations to both of them! I hope that they will find happiness with each other. Life is to short to not be happy.

April on

How wonderful! I’m happy he’s moving and expecting another child.

J on

post 34, he’d say congrats and may your baby be happy and healthy.

Jane on

Congrats to them! They must be thrilled.

Michelle Z. on

Stay classy, Mel. Stay classy.

Devon on

Congrats to Mel & Oksana. Babies are blessings!

If they’ve been separated for over 3 years, then she’s hardly broken up a marriage. If she had been around 3 years ago, there would have been at least some sort of rumours about it. The definition of a separation, is just that – you are separate. Legally yes, they are still together, but emotionally and spiritually they aren’t. My parents separated in 1997, never divorcing, until my dad’s death in 2007. My uncle separated from his wife over 20 years ago, never divorcing. Divorce sometimes doesn’t suit anyone. Perhaps Mel and Robin were fine with being separated due to their beliefs. Then when his girlfriend got pregnant, she decided that she wanted the divorce. We don’t know what the situation was, so we can’t judge. The only problem I have with the situation is regarding the rumours about Oksana…but again those are rumours and we don’t know so we can’t judge.

robinepowell on

Shelly Says You don’t think it is a coinidence that the divorce is being filed right around the time Mel’s girlfriend announced her pregnancy? Mel “claims” he didn’t know, but what about his wife who’s not saying anything?

noam on

one of mel’s sons is actually a friend of a friend of mine, and i’ve met him a few times at dinners and stuff, and he was always pretty open about the fact his parents were separated. he would mention going to his mom’s house, or going to his dad’s. he said something about doing something with his stepbrother…i just assumed his parents were already divorced…my point is, this doesn’t seem to be a case of a “homewrecker” or anything, and so congratulations to the couple!

MZ on

Call me old fashioned, but I personally don’t think it’s right to be sleeping with someone else when you’re still married. I doubt this lady broke up the marriage and I don’t think it’s fair for her to get flack for that (Mel and Robyn have been separated for 3 yrs, after all), but I think the whole announcing it and everything is perhaps poor taste. I hope his kids are OK with things…I think one of them is still pretty young. Hope Oksana has a healthy, easy pregnancy!

shalay on

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with married people being involved in intimate relationships with others, separated or not. If you’re ready to have sex with people other than your spouse, you should be ready to sign divorce papers. I don’t care how much money it’s going to cost.

I like Mel Gibson as an actor, but my respect for him ends there. As for the baby, I wish them all the best and hope they surround him or her with lots of love.

Kaylie on

He should have ended their marriage before he went and got some woman pregnant.

gianna on

Sad for his wife and seven kids, but can’t say i’m surprised because there’s always been rumors he is a big time cheat. Anyway congrats to them, and good luck.

Linda on

I wish I could say I was happy for him but I am not. I feel sorry for that baby in fact. I really hope he has changed. He should have divorced his wife before getting someone else pregnant. Esp since he himself always pretended to be a devote catholic. Plus I don’t understand his need to have more kids. He’s 50 something and already has a whole bunch.

CelebBabyLover on

J- Right on! 🙂

Sadie on

Do you know what bugs me so much about this? The HYPOCRISY of this man! Mel is supposed to be a devout Catholic, and yet he’s been an alcoholic and womaniser for years, there was that awful anti-semitic rant and now this. Anyone who thinks this baby wasn’t linked to Robyn filing for divorce is looking at the situation with rose tinted glasses. They may have been living separately for three years, but if he wanted to move on he should have ended his first marriage respectfully, he was married to Robyn for over 25 years and they have 7 kids together. If that marriage was completely dead and done, why wouldn’t have they finalised their divorce earlier? Anyway, sorry to rant, I know it is not the child’s fault, but the whole situation just bugs me. I know Mel’s trying to put the best PR spin on it that he can but he doesn’t fool me.

helen on

Congrats Octo-Mel! You are the only one who truly knows what’s going on in your life – no one has right to judge…

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as for the whole situation with the divorce and all…I’ll admitt that I really don’t approve of sleeping with someone other than your partner while you’re still married, let alone having a child with that person (I absolutly hate the phrase “getting/got someone pregnant”, because men don’t get women pregnant! It takes two to tango, so it’s BOTH partners that cause the pregnancy!) seperated or not. I understand the angle that Natasha brought up with, at least for us people in the “real world” possibly not having the money and such to get divorced (especially in this economy!) and that that shouldn’t mean you can’t move on and be happy with someone else once it’s been a couple of years.

However, it is possible to be happy and even romantically involved with someone without sleeping with them! I mean, obviously it can be done, as there are people out there out there who saved/are saving themselves for marriage…myself included! I personally believe that sex is a special, sacred (apologies if I just offended anyone. I just couldn’t think of any other term to use to describe how I feel about it) thing that should only be shared by two people: a husband and a wife.

That’s not to say that I criticize people who don’t agree with that view and don’t save themselves for marriage, because I don’t. For example, I have a family member who chose not save themselves for marriage. While I personally have chosen to follow in my parents’ footsteps (and am happy that they both saved themselves for marriage as well. How do I know such an intimate detail? Well, let’s just say I’m the daughter of a minister, so I’ve heard plenty about the importance of saving yourself for marriage!)I also respect the fact that that same choice was not the right one for my family member, and I don’t look down on them or judge them because of it.

Anyway, my point is that it IS possible to be romantically involved with someone without actually sleeping with them!

All of that said, while I don’t personally agree with Mel and Oksana’s choices, I’m not going to judge them for it, and I wish them the best of luck with their baby! 🙂

Oh, and I think LilyBett summed it up perfectly! 🙂

victoria on

I have a big problem with this,it’s just really wrong. I really liked him before, I fell really bad for his wife

KiKi on

…honestly I think a woman should demand clarity and finality and total commitment before getting pregnant. If you are too catholic to use contraceptives not allowed by church, then use the one allowed…. abstinence.

Only the best for the baby, though, because a baby is a baby and what’s not good about a baby?

deedee on

As he is still married and will be until the day the divorce decree is read, he should not even be dating yet, much less having a baby with another woman. I don’t care if he has been separated for 3 days, 3 years or 30 years, HE IS STILL MARRIED! No more respect for him.

Lauren on

Mel says he and his wife have been separated for three years. What he says and what the truth is have been at odds over the past several years. To me, that makes him the ultimate hypocrite. If you’re that devout, devout enough to insist the Mass must be ricited in Latin, devout enough to say your Protestant wife is by definition going to hell, devout enough to call gays the cruelist of insults… Well, he should have worn a condom. That’s the bottom line. Fine, he’s having a baby. That isn’t a difficult thing to do. Raising them with class, integrity and honesty is. I feel for Robyn and her children.

Megan on

I am sure the baby will be loved and healthy, and i never wish them anythign less. However lest not forget the hurt this news will undoubtly cause his wife (or ex-wife) and his children!! I dont think this is joyous news that needs to be splashed in the faces of his ex-wife and children.

Ella Ray on

I dont believe for a second they were completely seperated for 3 years. I read on another site Mel and Robin had been trying to work things out in their relationship as early as last November (Mel even renewed his vow to Robin at that time). I feel so sorry for his wife and kids if this is, in fact true.

QT on

I dont buy they were seperated 3 years ago. Mel said that, not his wife. The whole thing is shady & Mel is trying to hard to play innocent.

Anna on

So much for him being some extreme Catholic. Divorce, sex before marriage, child out of wedlock! I don’t mind any of those things but I thought he was pretty big on them.

Aya on

Wow,most of these comments are so disgusting.

If you look at any faith,I am sure you will find many that fall astray or have problems…That is why you look to God and not people.Get off your soapbox of piety and remember that “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I am not even a catholic and your comments disgust me. I guess those of you who chose to not like him now are angry at him having a child,and you were fine with him spouting all that stuff about Jews ?

As for Oksana breaking up his marriage ? It was common knowledge that Mel and his wife had been seperated for years.

It is atrocious that without knowing any of the facts, everyone jumps on this bandwagon of criticizing them. It’s none of our business what goes on in their private lives like that.

I know many people who are seperated.My parents have been seperated for years ever since dad started sleeping in the guest room. Do they date other people ? No, but it would be nice if they did instead of doing this “staying together for the kids thing” and staying in a loveless marriage.

Divorce is not easy or cheap,muchless when you are in the public eye. One of my husband’s friends has been seperated from his wife for years. They stayed married because they didn’t have the money to do it and to be honest I think he was still holding out thinking their was a chance for them. She has since moved on and had kids with her current partner etc. Most people who live in this kind of seperation don’t want to deal with all the legal jargon and who gets what issues until it becomes an issue (ex. one of them wanting to move on and get married)

As soon as I heard that they had been seperated for years (originally I heard this after his DUI and his wife had said this when the papz asked her what she thought), it made me think, we don’t know everything For all we know he probably wanted to save his marriage,but she didn’t. It would certainly explain all his lashing out and the actions in this downward spiral he has been on for years now.

But hey, lets all hate Mel and go back to loving Brad and Angie.. I think some people are ready to start sainting them now..

Beverley on

Does anyone else remember him being interviewed in late Nov/early Dec of 2008 talking about how he and Robin renewed their vows in front of all the kids? I guess that didn’t mean squat.

Georgia41 on

Amazing how perfect (and judgemental) some of you are!!!!

Princess Pea on

I’m bothered by the anti-Catholic nature of many of the comments. Do you think because someone has faith, they are therefore perfect? I guess you don’t know much about Christianity. Mel is flawed. We all are. I’d be offended if he said he WAS perfect. I understand people wanting to take the wife’s side on this and I can’t imagine it being easy to be married to an alcoholic for so many years, but all the bigotry towards the faith is unnecessary.

liz on

You know, I am Catholic and I never claimed to be perfect, but this is just awful. I mean he still has a 10 year old and I am assuming her son is young. They clearly were not putting their children first in this situation, which is what I thought you were supposed to do when you are separating/divorcing.

Anyways, a baby is a blessing. I just hope that it doesn’t feel any repercussions for its parents mistakes. God bless them.

kris on

Um..Rod Stewart’s youngest was born in 2005 and his divorce from Rachel Hunter was finalized in 2006. They separated in 1999. Mel and Robin are not the first couple to live their lives this way.

Ween on

What a good Catholic! But like any other Catholic who has “indiscretions, going to confession should wipe his slate clean, until the next time…

Yes, people are judgemental on this thread – why not? Hasn’t this “man” thrown a few rants about his religion, built a church to satisfy his traditionalist Catholic views (pre vatican II), etc..

If you’re going to walk the walk…

And I am also a practicing Catholic.

Millie on

I’m not a big fan of Mel recently but I see nothing wrong with going on with one’s life after such a long separation. True that the timing of the announcement is poor but it seems that the pregnancy was the catalyst for the final step to be taken. Separately, I read that, though Mel is a cheat and a drunk, his wife is a very cold, demanding person — who knows what really caused the breakup of their marriage. I think it’s been a long time coming. hope they have a girl for a change!

Donna on

I don’t think the comments are necessarily anti-Catholic. I think they are anti-Mel. The criticism is to him directly and all the mouthing off he did about his devoutness, building his own church, trying to project this image of him as the ultimate family man, and then living his life in completely contradiction to what he “preached”.
I’ve been a Catholic my entire life, and I wasn’t offended by any of the comments because I am reading them anti-Mel, not anti-Catholicism.

Denise on

Actually, I think it is HIS rep that says they have been separated for three years, his wife hasn’t commented (as least not that I remember reading)on how long ago they separated. He’s still married and IMO this is adultery.

Cara on

The worst kept secret in celebrity-land !!!

There have been lots of rumours of him cheating on his wife over the years and if he and his wife separated 3 years ago then his new girlfriend and the pregnancy have nothing to do with the divorce.

Marilyn on

Some people get legally separated before they divorce, and they live their life as if they are single. Maybe that’s what they did.

Bugs on

I know some of you are angry with the bashing comments, but c’mon, Mel has been known as a full-hardcore-blooded Catholic. If they’ve been separated for 3 years, why didn’t they divorce back then? What he’s doing is adultery whether you like it or not. It’s not that we’re throwing stones at him. He brought those to himself by being so open about his strong religious feelings/life and them come up with this.

Now that lady is pregnant, and he’s barely filing for divorce?! Gimme a break. I mean, congratulations on the baby and all, but this is ridiculous if you don’t want people to talk, after the way he’s conducted himself publicly.

Yasmin Murphy on

I agree Bugs well said!

Sarah K. on

Mel brought this criticism upon himself. None of these comments were anti-Catholic, just anti-Mel (as someone already said). People wouldn’t care as much if he hadn’t paraded his religion and passed some very cruel and harsh judgments on people. Of course no one is perfect, but his actions go against everything he preaches. He’s a hypocrite. He won’t use contraceptives but he’ll commit adultery? He thinks Protestants (including his wife) are going to hell, but he’s having an out-of-wedlock child? He pretended to be a very devout and religious man, but actions speak louder than words.

Sarah K. on

Oh, and one more thing. I don’t think the reason Mel didn’t file for divorce is because it’s soooo expensive. He’s Mel Gibson. And, they have lawyers who handle these things. So, one or both of them was resisting a divorce for some reason.

Hea on

I don’t give a flying saucer what kind of religion people practise but I feel for his ex-wife. Although I’m sure, right now, she’s better off without him. To be with someone for 28 years, seven kids and battling alcoholism and life together… and now this? Man, I would be insanely pissed off and hurt.

Anyways, good luck to Mel and the girlfriend.

Michelle on

One word. Hypocrite.

Marie Snyard on

If you ever went through a CATHOLIC DIVORCE you would know that
you have to wait 3 years to get one.. First comes separation for
3 years.. and than the divorce can happen. MEL DID SAY THAT ROBIN

Brad did not wait until he was divorced from Jen.. Tom did not wait
until his divorce from Nicole what does that mean that they should be in the same category too.. And no I am not being negative ..but other people are on the comment page..

kai on

I lost a lot of respect or admiration for this man years ago (which makes me sad, used to love him), the situation is not all that shocking.

But WHY the appearance on jay leno?

Marilyn on

Maybe Robyn is dating, too. Maybe she has been for a while since they’ve been separated for three years. We don’t know everything that has been going on.

Tearra on

A new baby is always happy news but I am still sad for their marriage. Its like the end of a great era…

28 years in this day and age is nothing to sneeze at. I wish they’d been able to work things out. But congrats on the baby none the less.

Juanita on

I am sorry but they are still legally married. I am well aware that it is becoming common practice in the world…ie, relationships with others while still married, but that does not make it morally right. It is common decency to end one relationship before starting another and I am sorry but I have never understood the thinking of people who get themselves into relationships with married people, separated or not, they are still married.

JMO on

hmm I heard about this a few weeks ago, guess it’s official. Doesn’t surprise me though. Mel Gibson rubs me the wrong way and always has since his little rant…but uh, congrats anyways?!

Lis on

Ugh. I don’t know why I’m so shocked, as it seems that EVERYONE has lost all morals and values these days, but nonetheless… I cannot believe this. I cannot even imagine what his WIFE (yes, he is STILL married) thinks of this…

I have lost complete and total respect for Mel Gibson.

Lis on

Oh, and I’m Catholic – I wanted to add that… I guess that’s why it fires me up so much. He is well aware of how morally wrong his actions are.

Donna on

I need to respectfully disagree. First, there is no such thing as a “Catholic” divorce. I’m divorced and remarried. I divorced my first husband legally and then filed for an annullment through the church. Those are not easy to get and it wouldn’t matter one iota if we’d separated for 3 years or not. You can only get an annullment through the church if you can prove fraud. LUCKILY, I was able to do so, having only been married four months and having no children. My stepdad couldn’t get an annullment. He was married 25 to 30 years before he divorced and had 5 children with his ex-wife. He and my Mom were married outside the Catholic Church and couldn’t receive communion. I don’t agree with that, but whatever, that’s the rule. Anyway, there is no such thing as a Catholic divorce and I wouldn’t want anyone to think there was, or that’s why Mel and his wife may or may not have been separated for 3 years.

m-dot on

28 yrs down the drain…that’s messed up Mel. I don’t know how a woman could feel comfortable getting pregnant by someone’s husband…or even having a relationship with someone’s husband-separated or not! He would have had to have settled all of that mess prior to even getting my phone number. Women need to start having more love and respect for each other…

hcecilia on

the same people who are anti-mel are probably pro-angelina and brad. and you call him a hypocrit? i’m not saying what he did is right, but seriously people.

aimy on

I hope Mels kids will be OK, my dad and mum seperated and 1 week after me and my dad moved, he already had a girlfriend! I was hurt. Congrats to their baby.

Juanita on

I feel the same way about ALL people, celebrities or not, Angelina and Brad or Joe Schmo and Mary Poppins. Married is married. Finish one relationship before going into another and for goodness sakes, dont bring a child into such a situation.

Sarah K. on

hcecilia, I can safely say that I thought what Brad and Angelina did was wrong. But also, this is a bit different because not only did Mel have 7 children with his wife (Brad and Jen had none), but Brad never ran around preaching to people and judging their religious beliefs as Mel has done time and time again. He spent years judging people and guess now it’s his turn to be on the receiving end.

Donna, thank you for clarifying. I was kinda confused by Marie Snyard’s post because I have never heard of a “Catholic divorce.”

kate on

The divorce is probably taking long because of all the money involved. I bet the marriage was over long ago, not that it makes his current situation ‘right’

Ivey on

I think the controversy is that he comes across as a fundamentalist christian and then doesn’t follow through. You can’t stay married because of religious reasons, but then start a relationship up with someone else, let alone knocking someone up– it just doesn’t make sense. I too have heard rumours about Mel’s infidelity over his long marriage to Robyn, well I hope she gets half his money, thats all I can say.

Kerri on

I’d have absolutely zero problem with this if not for the way Mel has hypocritically pushed his beliefs on others.

MiHay on

Well said Sadie and Bugs.

CelebBabyLover on

hecelia- I personally don’t think people are being hypocritical that way, as there is a big difference between the two situations. With Angie and Brad, Brad and JA had no children, and Angie and Brad didn’t get pregnant while Brad was still married (if you do the Math, Shiloh was most likely concieved in late August. A judge signed off on Brad and JA’s divorce in early or mid-August. The October “announcement” was basically just a formalitly, due to the California “waiting period” of two months. I take that to mean that it takes two months in California for a divorce to be offically recognized after a judge has signed off on it. Anyway, Brad was techincally divorced when Shi was concieved).

Also, all three involved in that situation (yes, including Jen!) have said that there was no cheating involved (even Jen’s best friend, Courtney Cox, spoke out and said that she didn’t believe Brad physically cheated on Jen while they were still married). I’ll believe the people actually involved over the tabs any day!

In Mel’s case, however, he obviously DID cheat on his wife.

Aya- ITA! I know Catholics who did not *gasp* wait until marriage before doing the deed. Does that mean that I, being a devout Christian (though not Catholic) myself, look down on them, judge them, or think ill of them? Absolutly not! None of us are without flaws, and God knows that. That’s why He forgives our sins.

That’s not to say that having sex outside of marriage is right, but I also don’t think it’s right to bash people who make that choice, regardless of their religion. At the end of the day, God loves each and every one of us, flaws and all! 🙂

Kirsten on

stating your beliefs does not mean you are pushing them on others, give me a break. Meet my MIL and then you will see someone pushing their beliefs and their own agenda!

mrsogletree on

It’s fine to date someone when you’re divorced and as long as there is an agreement between him and his wife about dating before their divorce was final, that’s fine too.

The problem I have is that he calls himself a Christian and is very open about a lifestyle that isn’t supported by Christian/Catholic values.

Why can’t Hollywood just clean it up a little and finally be GOOD examples to our youth instead of teaching them to live lifestyles with no regard for commitment and family values?

CelebBabyLover on

kirsten- ITA! 🙂

Mariel on

all babies are God angels and are welcome to this world!!!!!!

NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

bessy on

I like mel and he did many good movies,so congrats to them(no matter what other people say)

bessy on

Oh yeah,its his life and people shouldnt criticize,no matter how poor of a decision they think it is!!!!!!!!!

bessy on

Juanita, i love angelina jolie!

CelebBabyLover on

Mariel and bessy- I agree with you both! 🙂