Giada De Laurentiis Guaranteed Two Thumbs Up From Jade

05/25/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Redbook

When her brother passed away from skin cancer at the age of 29, Giada De Laurentiis completely closed herself off to the idea of starting a family with husband Todd Thompson. “My brother’s passing made me afraid, I think because I was afraid that we could have a child and lose him or her too,” she reveals in the June issue of Redbook magazine. “I thought, ‘I don’t want to have any more relationships. I don’t want to have anybody that close to me.'”

As time passed, the devastation of losing her brother forced Giada to reflect on her choices in life. Realizing that his dream of having a family had been cut short, the 38-year-old eventually found her thoughts turning to her own future.

“But a few years later, I thought, ‘If I never have a child, that might be the saddest thing for me.'”

Now juggling her growing career with life as a new mom to daughter Jade Marie, Giada jokes that the whole experience has “definitely changed my workload!” All kidding aside, the host of Everyday Italian admits that her once selfish attitude toward life has since evolved into a softer, more “compassionate” personality. “I stopped thinking of just my own mortality; I started thinking of the life we’re leaving for someone else,” she shares of the reason she has joined Oxfam, a charity that focuses on improving the lives of children around the world.

It hasn’t taken long for Jade to learn the way to her mother’s heart: food! Fortunately for Giada, her little girl is developing quite the palate, willingly open to trying a variety of foods. “She loves grilled lamb chops and eats quinoa,” the proud mama boasts. A mainstay in the kitchen while Giada cooks — initially crawling, but now vying for a spot at the counter — the 13-month-old has become the household taste-tester and is happy to offer up the compliments to the head chef. “I give her little tastes of the food and she’s like, ‘Mmm!'” laughs Giada.

“Sometimes there’s nothing on the spoon and she still goes, ‘Mmm!'”

Although she has included Jade — who “smiles on cue” in front of the camera — in several of her onscreen appearances, Giada often contemplates her career and the future of the family threesome. Her visions of what’s to come, she says, may very well be a move across the pond. “I’d also love to live abroad with Jade,” she muses. “Todd and I have talked about Paris or Rome.”

Source: Redbook; June issue

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Mrs. R. on

Awesome! A mom who feeds her kid REAL FOOD!
I always liked Giada, despite the boob shirts on her show (so unnecessary), and her recipes were always good ones in my kitchen.

I wish she would blog her baby recipes! I made all my daughter’s food when she was a baby but rarely made combinations of things beyond mixing a little of this and a little of that. She’s an excellent eater now, but still prefers simpler things or things separate instead of combined (like all her salad veggies separate on the plate with dressing for dip instead of a bowl of salad). I would love to know what I can make that would be more complex for the new little guy arriving late summer in our family.

rebecca on

I love Giada and, as someone who is currently struggling with whether or not to have kids, am glad to hear her open up about her own worries.

I wish we had more opportunities to see her and Jade. She did recently have Jade on the Today Show with her, and she’s simply adorable.

Lisa on

I love seeing her daughter on the show – she looks so adorable.

Kate on

I think Giada dresses very tastefully. She’s a beautiful woman. She shouldn’t have to hide that. My idea of unnecessary is the way Paris Hilton or Britney Spears dress.

alexa madison on

jade is adorable.

CC on

I with Mrs R with the boob shirts. Seriously, who bends over a super hot oil filled pan with their boobs sticking out?!

What she said about not wanting to have a child because she lost her brother broke my heart 😦 so sad.

plS on

“I with Mrs R with the boob shirts. Seriously, who bends over a super hot oil filled pan with their boobs sticking out?!”

Should she have long sleeves and gloves on too?

Mrs. R. on

My post was meant to be rather tongue in cheek about the boob shirts – it’s something she’s famous for in foodie circles. Of COURSE she’s beautiful, and was one of the first TV female chefs to also be sexy.

Really, she is clearly a substantially talented chef and a great TV personality. I was just being silly. I forget how these things come out in email. mea culpa.

anonymous on

I was hoping the boob shirt comment was a joke… lol. Giada is a beautiful woman, and I agree with the previous poster that she shouldn’t have to hide that. I’ve never seen her dress inappropriately, and I quite like her style actually.

allison on

Mrs.R I agree! Although she is not as bad with boob shirts as Sandra Lee!

mmh on

She really hit the nail on the head, at least for me — I lost a sibling too, but at a younger age, and when my son was born I was absolutely paralyzed by the thought of losing him. I refused to let myself become close to him. It took about a year before we really bonded. I am ashamed to say that, but it was true — now we are best buddies, but it was a tough, tough road! Thanks to Giada for talking about this…

Marie Snyard on

I saw her daughter on The Today Show and she is so cute.. flirting
with Matt.. As he was feeding her waffles..And of course Todd was
there too and he was smiling at her and they were all have a great
time making Mother’s day breakfast.. Giada is very family friendly
with her family .. They are always on the her show.. showing their
own recipes and recipes from her childhood with her Aunt who she
is very fond of..

Lori on

I am a Giada fan. She is an incredibly talented chef that has inspired me to cook lighter and healthier dishes for my family. I am grateful for that inspiration. Giada is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman that possesses a charming personality and has a classy, sexy fashion sense. Let’s face it, she looks amazing!

Terri on

LOL, it is a joke in foodie circles and so true. I knew exactly what you were referring to Mrs. R! 🙂

noelle on

Why cover yourself up?! She isn’t wearing half shirts! So she has a little cleavage! Leave her alone, she’s beautiful and I don’t agree with wearing turtlenecks just to please you modest and easily offended people out there. Stop being so uptight! If you got it, flaunt it!

kordelia on

I feel for her because she lost a sibling and she looks very healthy and fit. However, she does show her cleavage much too often. She has a cooking show, NOT reality TV. What example does that set for females as well as for her own daughter? Well, as a female even though I am highly educated and have my own cooking show, I have to still show my breasts?!

JC on

My little boy says she turns her hands into claws when she talks.