Valentina Pinault: Jewelry Junkie!

05/21/2009 at 10:30 AM ET

How many of mom’s bracelets can she get? Valentina Paloma Pinault, 20 months, collects Salma Hayek‘s jewelry off her wrists — and places them on her own! — during a break from filming in Southern Berkshire, Mass. on Tuesday.

Salma, 42, is currently working on Grown Ups in the northeastern state. Pregnant co-star Maya Rudolph was recently spotted as well! The movie will be out in 2010 and also stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade.

A second photo is below!


Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!

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aroundthewaygirl on

That is the cutest little face! This is a paparazzi photo worth keeping. What a doll.

J to tha Da on

She is just TOO cute.

gianna on

valentina is beautiful, and I saw a picture of salma as a baby recently, valentina favors her a lot.

Amanda on

What a cutie!

emma on

wow kids grow up so quick don’t they. Valentina is so pretty and has such a sweet face. I can’t believe how big she looks and she is walking propley now to!!!

L on

Valentina is soo cuuute…looks JUST like her father!!

Brandi on

She looks like such a toddler now instead of a baby!!! My little girl used to love to take my jewelry too.

Kayla on

This child is beautiful..Is it me or does she resemble Suri?

mazzie on

i think there is a slight resemblance here:

aside from their colouring of course..

Diane on

I actually think she looks like Hugh Jackman’s daughter Ava.

sam on

she looks a lot like levi mcconaughey!

kmf on

Wow, she’s just adorable!

Natalie on

She looks like Dora.

suze on

cutest celeb kid….ever!!!

Lis on

Natalie! You are so right on! She really does look like Dora, LOL!

I think little Valentina is one of the cutest little babies I have ever seen – her expressions in those pics are too cute for words 😀

Nat on

These pictures are priceless!! The expression on her face as she carry on a conversation with her mom is just adorable. She is so cute and growing so fast.

Torre on

Little Valentina is sooo cute! She looks like an exact mix of both her parents.

Manon on

These photos are priceless.

What a an adorable, animated little girl. To the poster who says she looks like Suri: while I don’t think she resembles her that much I can see what you mean in the way they are both so expressive!

She looks a lot like her father to me but of course that may change in time and have not seen pictures of Salma when she was small.

Manon on

It was Kayla who said she looked like Suri…

Meg on

Valentina is adorable! I love her expressive face, what a cutie pie!

Blackrose on

shes a beautiful little girl!!

Allison on

I love the way Valentina’s shirt says ‘Mexico City’. Since she’s half Mexican and half French, the shirt’s cute.

Dahlia on

She’s actually only 1/4 mexican. Salma was born in mexico, but she’s actually half Mexican and half Lebanese.

Emma on

OMG! This is such a precious, sweet photo!! What a cutie pie!!

Stephanie on

Ah! That’s the cutest pic! She really is adorable.

Doreen on

Now she’s one CUTE child!!! 🙂 Precious. She could play Dora in a Dora movie or something…..eventually….LOL!!

Stephany on

She is such a cute, cute little girl! She keeps getting bigger and bigger. And, Natalie, totally agree: she looks like Dora!

Mrs. R. on

SO adorable! She was such a beautiful baby, and look how darling she is as a toddler! From Salma’s quotes about her daughter’s personality, I bet she’s a lot of fun. What a doll!


She’s so cute!! She looks like such a fun and animated child. I think she’s a nice mix of both of her parents.

Lilly on

Salma’s Mexican. Her father is Mexican of Lebanese descent. Her mother is Mexican of Spanish descent.

I don’t know about Mr. Pinault’s background other that he is French.

Now, what % or fraction Mexican that makes Valentina, I don’t know.

plS on

Actually, Salma is 1/4 Lebanese and 3/4 Mexican. So her daughter would be 3/8 Mexican, 1/8 Lebanese, and 1/2 French.

Niko on

Definitely looks like her father, no resemblance to Salma at all. She’s cute!

keplay on

she looks like baby Levi McConaughey

Amie on

what a cutie!!

Jane on

She is adorable!

FC on

Ha, seems Valentina is full of devilment, stealing Mommy’s jewelry. But she cracks me up with that look on her face, like, “Yep, I knew the bracelets would look just as good on me! Check me out, Mom!”

She’s adorable!

Mia on

Does anyone have a link to what Salma looked like as a baby? I remember it was featured on Inside The Actors Studio when Salma Hayek was a guest.

Lorena on

Salma’s father is Mexican of Lebanese descent. Salma’s Lebanese grandfather immigrated to Mexico and had Salma’s father who was born in Mexico. He then married Salma’s Mexican mother. They still carry the Lebanese last name from that grandfather (Hayek), but they’ve pretty much diluted the Lebanese blood. Salma is 1/4 Lebanese, therefore it would make her daughter even less. I saw Salma’s father in an interview on Spanish t.v. once and he spoke perfect Spanish like a native. I’d consider Valentina pretty much French and Mexican.

Lauren on

Much as I love seeing photos of celebrity kids dressed to the nines, there’s something warmly refreshing about seeing such an incredibly wealthy toddler whose dad owns a multi-billion dollar couture empire in a little “Mexico City” tee and faded jeans. Very cute.

Sarah on

I love the 1st photo–Valentina looks like she’s saying (Mama lookie what I got!) It’s precious. 🙂

neptune on

Who cares what percentage of what Valentina is? Is she healthy, happy and well taken care of? Looks like it too me, so let’s check her off as human female, with a sweetface and a bracelet wearing hobby.

Jas on

Thank you, Neptune. Valentina is an adorable little girl. Its funny to read people break down what percentage someone is.

Ali on

Valentina is my favourite celebrity baby! She’s so cute!

L.J. on

Salma is clearly proud of her Mexican heritage 🙂