Heather Locklear's Idol Date: Ava!

05/21/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
F.Micelotta/American Idol 2009/Getty

After catching a Lakers game with dad Richie Sambora last week, Ava Elizabeth accompanied mom to Heather Locklear to another prime-time nailbiter — the season finale of American Idol, where Kris Allen upset Adam Lambert to take the title.

Ava, 11 ½, is the only child for Heather and Richie, who split in 2006.

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Viv on

Beautiful girl just her mama!

Michelle on

Ava’s such a pretty girl and definately a combo of her parents.

Amanda on

They are too cute! My how Ava has grown!!!

Amandamay on

I think Ava looks like Richie – Very pretty 🙂

Andrea_momof2 on

She’s a beautiful girl!

kaitlyn on

I think Ava is a cute mix of both her parents!

gianna on

I think she looks mostly like heather. Reminds me of how heather looked, back when she was on dynasty. Ava is cute, and I saw in other pics, was wearing high heels.

Kayla on

Normally I think Ava looks just like Heather, but in this pic she is the spitting image of Richie

Alex on

If the previous photos didn’t confirm it, this one does, this kid is definitely a Sambora! I see Locklear in her too, but more Sambora lately.

lily madeline on

Ava is a beautiful little girl.

Rachael on

Very sweet picture of the two! I think she’s a perfect combination of her parents!

Karen on

I think she actually looks a lot like a young Britney Speirs and her kid sister, no?

JMO on

She looks just like Richie but she’s very cute!

Stephany on

Ava is a beauty!

CTBmom on

Ava is beautiful. I think she has Heather’s eyes and smile, but her dad’s nose and chin.

michele on

Could this kid be any more gorgeous! Wow!

adc76 on

wow she looks so much like her mother…eye shape, face shape and FOR SURE heathers old nose from the 80’s:) Definitely not her dads nose…his is a lot longer at the tip as hers is wider. Though she does have his gorgeous smile! she is beautiful. Kind of reminds me of hannah montana in a way. She is going to be tall! Heather is an average 5’5(knowing she is probably wearing heels too) and Ava is already to her eyebrow. beautiful family.

Bex on

She is adorable! She looks like both her Mom and Dad.

Tracy on

She looks a lot like Heather, pre-plastic surgery. She has Heather’s original nose. I hope she’ll never get a nose job. She looks beautiful as she is.

Livy on

Aaaagh! The American Idol final hasn’t been shown in the UK yet – it’s on tonight!

Ava is gorgeous – a great mix of her parents.

Laura on

Beautiful girls

kim on

Last week the little girl was with her dad and she looked like her mom. Today’s picture next to her mom, I think she looks just like dad!

Jane on

Heather and Ava are both absolutely adorable!

Meream on

Ava is beautiful. She will be a heartbreaker.

Stella Bella on

Ava has the most beautiful eyes!

Crystal on

Ava looks JUST like her dad!! Cute kid!!

FC on

Whoa, the matching smiles. That is definitely something she inherited from Heather: her smile. The shape of her eyes, too, but the color of them is all Richie. 🙂

Kai on

Ava certainly is beautiful. It must be terribly hard being the child of someone who has had plastic surgery to alter a facial feature which you then inherit. I wonder how Heather will deal with this issue if it comes up with her daughter as she gets older?

LaKesha on

She does look a lot like the Spears sisters.

BeckyPeabody on

Heather is still very beautiful. She’s more ethereal now and that inner beauty shines through. And her daughter has blossomed quite nicely.

Glass Mermaid on

Heather looks beautiful! Those arms… what I wouldn’t do! Ava is so darling. They look like they are having a nice special mother/daughter evening. I am so glad Heather and Richie don’t trot Ava out for every publicity opportunity. Calling the photographers to get snaps of them, like other celebs.