Kelly Rutherford: Court Date

05/20/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Deano/Banks/Splash News Online

Expectant mom Kelly Rutherford walks tall and keeps a smile on her face Tuesday as she arrives at a Los Angeles courthouse to continue her divorce battle with estranged husband Daniel Giersch.

The Gossip Girl star is due to give birth to her second child, a girl, in three weeks. She and Daniel also have a son, Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 2 ½.

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Kayla on

I almost fell over when I saw a picture of her exhusband, He looks like he is 16. If I didn’t know how old her son was I would of guessed he was her son….

mandii on

Such a stressful thing to have to do just before having a baby. I wish her the best!

Erin on

Kayla, I thought the same thing!

I am so disapointed to read about these battles they are having, its so immature, and they are adding another child to the mix, sigh.

Lis on

Erin, I agree. People had a story on her yesterday about how she is now videotaping her ex…??? [,,20280159,00.html]
It is ridiculous. And I just cannot understand how their marraige got SO bad, SO fast?? It’s like, let’s have another baby…then a couple months later…let’s divorce. I just don’t get it. She sounds incredibly self-centered to me. There are children involved. Get your priorities straight, people!

Christa on

I agree it is very childish to be taping the ex-husband but there was a safety issue involved. The pool was uncovered and accessible while the son was present.

What I don’t understand (according to the People article) is why they are now fighting over potty training in court, either the child is ready to train or not. Not to train because it is too “stressful”?

These two need to be on the same page when it comes to the children and it appears they are just fighting to be fighting.

Laura on

You know what I don’t understand? I do not get the popularity of that Hermes Birkin bag (in the photo). It seriously looks like an old lady bag, very boxy. I sometimes think that celebs carry it just b/c it’s terribly expensive as sort of a status thing. Each to his own I guess…

Courtney on

The whole situation is strikingly sad to me. I guess I am weird in thinking that a baby shold be made with love and devotion to each other. I have a friend who is in the middle of a divorce and is pregnant. She said things were bad for a really long time…so why are you still having sex with someone you apparently can’t stand???

So sad for those kids….

Laura on

Courtney–I TOTALLY agree. I do not understand how you can be intimate with someone and then just decide it’s not working and you want out. Sadly, some couples use sex as what holds them together–when everything else might be going wrong.

Di on

I can’t believe the court is now being forced to decide whehter Hermes is ready to be potty-trained that is a decision that both parents should be able to make without the court getting involved. I feel sorry for those children because Hermes is only 2 year old which means Kelly and Daniel will be fighting over parenting for the next 16-18 years.

Mimi on

I think she wanted to get married and start a family with a man who offered financial security. She married and had that first child and realized it wasn’t going to work. Then decided she wanted more than one child, but wanted to have children by the same father. I think filing for divorce while pregnant is sad. I never read that he was abusing her or Hermes. They could have quietly welcomed the second child into the world and then separated and divorced.

This has been bad publicity for her. She has tried to mask it with her community service work, but it is bad and the preceding have been ugly.

I remember what went down with her first husband so I am inclined to believe that she isn’t some poor innocent thing. Her hubby has money and filing for divorce while pregnant may get her some sympathy and a better financial deal at the end of the day.

Amie on

I wish these two would grow up and think of their kids.

Liliana on

After reading about her hiring someone to videotape her ex and now, the courts dictating the appropriate time for Hermes to potty train, I have little respect for her.

Yes, it takes two to tango, and both Kelly and Daniel need to grow up, but it continues to seem as if Kelly is trying to sabotage any relationship Daniel may have with his children.

cherry on

I feel really sorry for their kids. I saw them on a Documentation on German TV a year or two ago and i thought this was a very happy and cute little family. Sadly i was wrong.

kris on

Unfortunately, I think this is probably the way it will go with these two. Is the pool fenced in? While, yes, a pool can be dangerous for an unattended child does everyone who owns an in ground pool have an automatic cover for it? The Father makes a statement saying “Hermes has no access to the pool area unless I take him to the pool myself.” Let’s face it, when a relationship tanks often mountains are made out of mole hills especially when it comes to the kids. It’s often hard for a parent to relinquish control of the child to a person that they pretty much hate. Which from the court stuff that went on already I would say is true of these two. They were both making accusation about tempers and throwing things at each other. Then all of a sudden they were going to get along and parent their children as a “team”. Good luck to their 2 young children.

morgan on

How did it get so bitter so fast? I mean 8-9 months ago they we still pretty close, obviously! Being 7 months along myself I cant imagine going through such a rough, angry battle with my husband while trying to grow a new life. This must be so stressful on the entire family and I hope they can resolve their differences and move on.

Anna on

They need to grow up for the sake of their children or their children will grow up being pulled between their parents in court battles. I hope the court tells them to get their act together and not waste their time on potty training! Can you imagine being a judge and having to deal with parents that can’t agree on potty training?!

Erin on

I just am hoping she does not name her daughter Chole Paddington or Linea Pelle.

babyboopie on

That is not fair on Kelly regarding some comments about her. It is very difficult to not give up on a relationship if you truly cared about your other ‘half’ and I suspect Kelly tried to make it work and put in a lot of effort, partly because they owed it to their son and to themselves. And in the process of trying to make their marriage work, she got pregnant with baby girl and then obviously, they decided their marriage was over. It’s such a shame that they had to have such a difficult divorce, especially when she is pregnant! I was in a difficult situation similar to hers myself and was very hard to break away from. I had a son by the man I thought was the love of my life and even moved to Paris because of it. Now I don’t regret that one little bit even to go through all the crap of my ex leaving my son and I because I love living in Paris, I love the quality of life here and I love my son. We are both extremely happy with our new life with Vincent, my fiance and I hope Kelly will find that sort of happiness with her 2 children one day.

Colleen on

The pool issue would be huge for me as well. I’m sure that her ex can afford an automatic hard cover to keep it safe. A fenced in pool and closed doors does not equal safety! A close friend was in the house with her son, doors shut to outside, but in another room while he played. He silently escaped out the door and fell into their soft-sided pool. He now has a traumatic brain injury and will never be the same. The utmost safety should be taken when a pool is present with a toddler in the home.
Also, I believe Kelly has sufficient funds of her own, so I do not think that money is an issue. I agree that Kelly and Daniel should be on the same page about parenting issues, and if it takes a court date to get them on the same page, it is sad, but at least they’re on the same page. Hermes may feel some of the stress, however I am sure he is unaware of most of what is going on. And yes, to the poster above, potty training should be held off is there is a stressful situation (travel, divorce, new sibling) or there may be regression.

Monica on

Kelly looks great. She has a nice casual look going on. cute!

Erin on

The pool had some kind of alarm or cover, and the pool was not accessible to the child unless the Dad brought him out there, so unless its being implied that he does not watch his child close, this just seems like something to nit pik at, and its immature.

QT on

Mimi you have no proof of your attacks. Kelly isn’t some gold digger she has her own money & didn’t get pregnant alone. Bad PR my butt! Daniel has been attacking Kelly from the start.

mmh on

I don’t really know much about Kelly, but I can’t understand how, when we see her on here looking THE MOST casual, she is going to court. I don’t know about you, but I would be putting on my best to go in front of a judge making decisions about my children. And don’t give me any “she’s 3 weeks away from delivering, she’s got nothing to wear” — we see her decked out to the nines in every other photo on here — when she’s going to an “event.”

Kaisa on

Usually I refrain from commenting but I feel that some of the people on this board and on CBB altogether take things a little too far to be called “stating one’s opinion”.
I am amazed that so many people seem to know everything about the reasons why Kelly decided to divorce from her husband. We cannot say this child was not created with love or that she simply wanted two children by the same man, and chose the first one available.
For all we know, there might’ve been cheating involved, or something else so sudden that she just didn’t see it coming. Of course, we cannot also assume that she’s the innocent one here. Sure, Kelly was the one to file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences but there might be things there we do not understand.
Yes, I agree that they are both behaving in a rather immature way, and could be having a less-publicised divorce but things don’t always work out, as sad as it is. I just wish all the best for Kelly, her children and, also, for her soon-to-be ex-husband. I hope they reach an agreement about this soon.

Di on

For the record, both Kelly and Daniel have attacked each other in various court documents. If someone would have asked Kelly before the divorce if Daniel was a good father she probably would have said “yes” but now he can’t be trusted to look after his own son. These parents need to sit down together in a room and hash out all of their differences before the new baby comes.

I think that for women liked Kelly who have been their child’s primary caregiver, relinquishing control can be a huge problem. A year ago that pool may not have been a problem but now it is a cause for concern. I can’t believe she hired a private investigator to spy on him. Why could not she have called him up on the phone and said “Look, I’m concerned about the pool, could you install a pool cover” and if he said no, then I would go to court and have a judge decide. It is possible that she did call him but it seems more likely that she did not given the nature of their relationship.

Sarah K. on

According to Daniel, the pool does have an automatic cover and Hermes doesn’t have access to it without him. So, I’m not sure what the issue really is there. And, I obviously don’t know the details but it sounds like both Kelly and Daniel are just really angry at each other and are failing to see how harmful it is to their kids. Hermes is only two and shouldn’t be that stressed about this because he has no clue what marriage is. The only reason he would be stressed is because he can feel the tension between his parents.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but they should take a page out of Charlie Sheen’s book, lol. He and Denise FINALLY realized that their kids were much happier when they stopped fighting with each other.

L on

Im sorry but I think this women is completely ridiculous…everyone parents their children differently but this is the same women that is still breastfeeding and hiring a private investigator against this man. Yes nobody knows “eveything” that has actually happened, but from what has been said…she is going way over the top.
She needs to slow it down & just focus on having a healthy child and trying to maitain some dignity during all of this.

Grace on

“I think that for women liked Kelly who have been their child’s primary caregiver, relinquishing control can be a huge problem. ”

That’s actually park of the weird, from what I can see; it looks like Hermes spent a lot of time with his dad when his parents were together and his mum was on-set. And then she went to court to bring him with her to film because she’s breast-feeding…

Ugh, I don’t know. I still get the feeling that the dad in this case is getting shafted.

Lis on

Grace, that makes me wonder if part of the reason she is still breast-feeding is so she can have “leverage” to keep Hermes with her…

I know it’s not a very nice thought, but she has done little to make me think otherwise of her.

Kate on

I think they are both being immature and need to sit down together hash out everything and move on…. I feel so sorry for their poor kids!!
On a side note I have met both of them at different events and I actually told my husband a few years ago that they wouldn’t last, they had from what I saw an odd relationship arguing about every little detail. They both seemed like control freaks, which usually never works in a relationship!

Sarah K. on

Lis, I actually kind of got that feeling too unfortunately. I hope for the kids’ sake that she wouldn’t do that.

sarah on

Well by the looks of it they were getting along nine months ago!

Terri on

Why do people seem to think they know so much about how Hermes was cared for prior to the split?