Cindy Crawford Poses With Her Princess

05/19/2009 at 11:30 AM ET

Is Kaia Jordan Gerber a model in the making? The 7 ½-year-old was more than happy to pose for a quick picture on the way into Nobu with mom Cindy Crawford on Saturday night. We love her confidence, but Cindy, 43, recently shared that it can sometimes come with an attitude!

“I’m sorry, I love Hannah Montana for Kaia but she learns how to be sassy from that show!” Cindy laments. “And this is a 7-year-old! I’ll say to her, ‘Look, I don’t let anyone in my life talk to me like that, I’m certainly not going to take it from a 7-year-old in my house.'”

Dad is Cindy’s husband Rande Gerber, with whom she also has son Presley Walker, 9 ½.

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isabellasmama on

is it me or is kaia wearing make-up in this picture?? she is such a naturally beautiful little girl, why do they feel the need to put make-up on her?? maybe i’m just old fashioned, but little girls are growing up way to fast these days, why rush it??!!

CTBmom on

How cow…could she look anymore like her mother?! I don’t think any of Rande’s DNA made into Kaia’s genetic makeup, lol.

Lily on

Cindy and Kaia are beautiful.

I’m just wondering, did they dye Kaia’s hair? I know it had natural blond highlights when she was little but since then it has been dark brown. Just surprised to see her with blond streaks, but maybe they were bleached by the sun? I know mine change their color a bit in the summertime.

Lis on

I don’t think Kaia has makeup or highlights. She looks perfectly natural (and drop dead gorgeous) to me!

And I love Cindy’s comment about Hannah Montana. I completely agree! Little girls are learning to be “sassy” like it’s a good thing these days! Maybe I’m a prude, but I think it’s ridiculous!

Dounia on

I don’t intend to be mean or offensive, but every time I see this picture of this girl I can’t help but feeling awkward. How come Kaia’s always dressed like an adult woman? I mean, isn’t that hat too big for her? The fashion and make up thing gives me the creeps. I know little girls can be “girlie”, but she’s too young to be that worried about her appearance!

danielle on

I think Kaia is wearing make-up…but that’s nothing new since we’ve seen her wearing it before.

I completely agree about Hannah Montana teaching kids to be sassy!!! My cousins, who are about the same age as Kaia, talk back already and it’s awful to hear. I think they learned the same thing from shows like That’s So Raven and iCarly.

brook on

Lis…there are other close-up pics…the little girl is wearing quite a bit of makeup-eye shadow, mascara, blush and possibly foundation…I am with isabellasmomma on this one-children should not where makeup! She is 7!!!!!! Why????????

Cortney on

Why would probably be because of where she seems to get everything else…Hannah Montana.

Ailyss on

Kaia has definitely inherited her mom’s model potential.

As for the hair and makeup thing, it’s been discussed so many times already. Yet I can’t help but think it’s not quite normal that a 7-year-old wears makeup unless they perform on a stage.

Whitney on

I babysit a 4.5 year old girl all the time and when she is with me she wants and I quote ,”the good make-up.” She got a kids makeup kit from her aunt and hates it…. so what if she is wearing make-up….she may have been playing dress up before lunch and didn’t want to take it off…. it’s only make-up – it’s not going to hurt anyone.

Lily on

@ Whitney

She has been wearing make up many times before, there are several pictures of her wearing make up. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with it. I wouldn’t let my daughter do it, but it’s up to Cindy, and maybe she’s always playing dress up before they go out for dinner? (the other make up pics were also taken when the family went out for dinner/lunch).

@ Lis

Hmm, I’m not exactly sure either. But if you look at other pictures (just scroll up and click “recently shared” (it’s in the text next to the photo on this page) and look at the picture from around christmas, she had much, much darker hair then (and not only at christmas time, but also in pictures that were taken earlier and in summer). Still not sure but it’s possible.

Jen DC on

@ Whitney: Yet almost always when Kaia is photographed, it appears as though she is “made up” more like an adult than a 5, 6 or 7 year old being allowed to play in Mommy’s make up. At first, I too thought along the lines of, “Oh, well, it’s probably just a special day…” but not now; it’s happening far too frequently – nearly every time Kaia is in a picture with her Mom that I’ve seen, she looks made up. And it is… strange to me.

Compounding the “she looks older” issue is the fact that she’s never really had a baby face, you know? Her cheekbones and features have always seemed rather adult rather than childlike – of course, speaking only from the pictures I’ve seen rather than the living child herself. But this outfit, the hat, the scarf, the AMOUNT of make up – she does seem like a very short adult woman.

Anna on

I don’t think Kaia looks “made up”… She is simply a beautiful girl!

kayleesmom on

Wearing make up and certain clothes is not harming Kaia. I’m sure she’s very loved and well taken care of, that’s what matters.

Courtney on

ok, I have 3 girls who are Kaia’s age (6,7 and 8)….My middle daughter is going to be 7 in a couple months and LOVES accessories and doing her hair and is REALLY into fashion….I can get her to clean the entire house just by telling her I would let her watch Project Runway…LOL. I find nothing wrong with her wearing hats, scarves and jewelry. I have a problem when young girls of 6,7 or 8 are wearing outfits FAR TOO revealing even for grown women.

I looked at my oldest daughter this last week and it looked like she was wearing makeup and had hightlights and I knew she wasn’t….but it was the light hitting her hair that made it look like highlights and her lips just looked dark…LOL

I think that really putting make up on a 7 year old is a little much. But its her family, same as Kingston, its not my business. WHat I say is ok for my family my be different than how she feels.

gianna on

Kaia is gorgeous and a total mini me, she looks just like cindy and even tall and thin like her mom. Sghe is wearing makeup, but she is in a lot of pictures I see of her. One of the most gorgeous children, just like her mom.

missy on

My daughter has hair just a bit litter the Kaia’s and in the summer my daughter goes from a light brown to bleach blonde due to the sun and being outside.
I don’t see anything wrong with her outfit or even the bit of make she has on, but people are always going to find something to complain about

JMO on

All children have natural highlights in their hair. I don’t think she dyed Kaia’s hair. I do think she has makeup on but nothing new cause we’ve seen it before. Kaia def. is a beautiful girl like her mother but looking well beyond your years at 7 isn’t always a good thing. Ever since Cindy had her pose with no bathing suit top on I’ve always thought she’s rubbed me the wrong way with her mother daughter issues. I think Hannah Montana is the least of Cindy’s worries with this young one!

aroundthewaygirl on

I don’t see any make-up on Kaia in this picture or any of the others. I think she looks very cute and way more covered up than those beauty pageant kids whose moms put them in skank outifts.

Lily on

@ missy

People weren’t complaining, they were just making observations. People are allowed to state their opinion or ask questions.

g!na on

well, Kaia is growing up fast and they tend to get sassy!

eva on

I don’t see a child in this picture.Just a very tall woman and a mini-version of her.Not watching Hannah Montana might not be enough to keep the innocence alive.

lily on

Hmmmm… My daughter and I both love to watch Hannah Monatana. The characters on that show are FAR from sassy…The people with something against Hannah Montana are probably the same people who let their kids watch Sponge Bob LOL.

ErykaWynter on

STUNNING mother and daughter!

Aniah on

Maybe we don’t watch the same Hannah Montana then Lily. Miley/Hannah are definitely SASSY! From the facial expressions to the things that she says.

brook on

two links….one natural, one made-up you guys figure out if she is wearing makeup or not…

eternalcanadian on

Even Cindy admits Hannah Montana is a bad indluence if Kaia learned how to be sassy from that show. Kaia is not the only one. So many of my friends’ kids also leaned to lip back at their parents and others from Hannah Montana. Most have now stopped letting their kids watch the show. It’s so amazing and disturbing to see how Hannah Montana has influenced a whole generation of kids to basically be rude to their parents and others.

Shannon on

Okay this shot gives me the heebie jeebies. She is a beautiful little girl, but with the makeup, hat and outfit, and her little model pose, she looks like a really short version of someone WAY older. I’d watch it if I were her mom, letting your kids grow up too fast is just an invitation for trouble.

kris on

Wow, I looked at both links. She’s wearing make up here. Looks pretty close to Mom’s. Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate (sorry but that’s a lot of make up for a child and it does not look like “playing” make up) for a child. Plus, we’ve seen it more than once so the whole “she was playing and they went out” doesn’t hold. Cindy just runs her house differently than some folks commenting here and lives the Hollywood life style. And that’s her choice but there’s nothing wrong with others saying they think it’s to young.

JMO on

I don’t think it’s just Hannah Montana. What about ICarly or Drake and Josh and all those other tween programs that little kids end up watching because they stick the on in the middle of the day why the small kids are home (which I dont get?)! Those shows are no better then Hannah Montana. And as far as I’m concerned I’ve seen Hannah Montana it’s more of a show for 12 and 13 year olds rather thne 5-6 year olds. But you can’t blame just those shows….I think parents should sometimes hold a mirror infront of themselves when they are disciplining their children. You’d be amazed how much attitude you can give to a child w/out knowing. We couldn’t figure out why when my niece was 2 she’d stick her hand on her hip and talk to you while waving her finger until it dawned on us that her own mother does that to her when she’s talking to her!! Bottom line is the apple doesn’t alway fall to far from the tree!

Jen DC on

Kids’ tv to day is very different from what we experienced! A lot more shows are showing kids being smart-mouthed, while playing up the idea that it is also “cute.” I say it depends on the adult: Some adults will think that it’s adorable for a little girl to roll her eyes and put her hand on her hip to say something back to Mom, but where I come from (Alabama, raised in the ’70s and ’80s) if you did that, you were looking for a spanking whether you were 7 OR 15. It’s just not something you do because it’s disrespectful.

On top of that, Hannah Montana is a teenaged girl whereas Kaia and the other pre-teen acolytes like her are VERY YOUNG. Behaviors that teenagers are practicing for soon-to-be-realized adulthood are different than when a 7 year old gives them a try. Their stages of development are different and their behavior should correspond to that.

If Kaia were my child, I wouldn’t allow her to wear as much make-up as often as it appears that she does. But that’s all it is – an appearance. I don’t KNOW for a fact how often these situations arise, and I don’t make any claim that it’s harming the little girl at all. It’s just disconcerting and I think gives her a semblance of maturity that is just not there. And frankly, it’s unnecessary. She is a GORGEOUS girl. She’s absolutely stunning for a 7 year old and will probably continue to be her whole life. If I were her mother, I would reinforce the natural beauty I see in her and discourage make-up until later. A little lip balm (Chapstick and the like) and nail polish now; colored lip gloss when she hits the double digits (bubblegum pink anyone?); and a little eye make up – mascara and neutral eyeshadow or something – around 13 or 14. Blush? Forget about it. Real lipstick? No joy unless it’s a special occasion or you’re 16 or 17. And even then, no red! Call me old fashioned…

Courtney on

I agree with the Hannah Montana thing…OMG the way that girls talks to her dad on that show is appaling. None of my kids were allowed to watch it and I went out of town one weekend my inlaws let them watch it and it was all downhill from there. That show makes my skin crawl…as does spongebob…thats not a kids show either!

Mommyof3 on

Wow, she is so beautiful!!! She looks so much like Mom it is insane!!!

Bugs on

They’re both gorgeous. As for the makeup talk, we’ve seen this before. In this pic, Kaia is wearing lipgloss

Jennifer on

Kaia looks so much like Cindy – she’s a gorgeous girl! 🙂

Silvermouse on

Courtney, I agree with you. Spongebob for me is a disgrace and wrecked Nickeloden for me.
I grew up watching Sesame Street, Mr. Rodger’s, Wishbone, Magic School Bus, Doug, Flipper, and other shows and miss those days badly.

Silvermouse on

I would allow my children if they were that young to wear chapstick or lip gloss. But that would be the limit.

g!na on

Cindy Crawford has been raising her daughter to be older than she is in my opinion. I doubt her sassiness comes just from Hannah Montana! Her daughter always since she was was littler wear makeup & more teenage type clothing! Has anyone ever seen the french cut bikini her daughter wore at a fashion shoot with her mom when she was like 4 yrs old? very inappropiate! That’s right Cindy keep blaming others for your daughters diva attitude! She gets it form you! In my opinion!~

g!na on

oops! sorry for the typing errors, i was writing too fast!

Natalie S. on

Really those who are nit picking, I understand you have your opinions but c’mon get over it. Kaia is a gorgeous little girl, what’s the difference with what clothes she maybe wearing, (trust me i’ve seen worse on little girls, Kaia is actually fully clothed or did some of you actually miss that part?) or she “May” even wear a little make up, let’s keep in mind, it’s Cindy’s child and not ours. Kaia is stunning just like her mom!

Lisa on

Before I even read this post I looked at the picture and thought “oh look, Cindy Crawford is Hannah Montana’s mom”. Funny.

Lily on

@ Natalie

People were really just giving opinions. There’s nothing wrong with that. They weren’t attacking Cindy or being rude at all. Discussion should be allowed and not finding everything great should be as well. I find it rather alarming that you are criticizing people for writing down what they think.

lightbulb on

And lets not forget the controversy about 2yrs back, when Kaia modelled children’s bikini’s in a runway show to help launch one of Cindy’s friends swimsuit company.