Carnie Wilson: Luciana Is Due Soon!

05/18/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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She has the name picked out and an eager older daughter. Now, Carnie Wilson is ready to have her second baby, who is due in early June.

“I’m tired and my tummy is so tight!” Carnie, 41, told PEOPLE at Saturday’s GSN Game Show Awards in Beverly Hills. “She’s healthy. She’s three weeks away, 2 ½ weeks away. I’m feeling great.”

Joined at the event by her musician-husband Ron Bonfiglio, mother Marilyn, and aunt, Carnie said, “I didn’t know what it would be like at nine months pregnant. But I really wanted to be here, and I’m honored. I got into hair and makeup, and I’m rolling down the carpet!”

The baby’s name will be Luciana, Carnie first announced in January. Balancing motherhood — daughter Lola Sofia is 4 — and a career — hosting a revival of the classic Newlywed Game on GSN — is one of Carnie’s bigger life challenges.

“Let me tell you, it’s not easy, it’s not easy,” Carnie says. “It’s really, really challenging. But my time with my daughter is so precious. I make sure every night, every morning, if I’m not working, I’m taking her to school, I’m reading her books, I’m making her dinner, I’m loving her. It’s everything.”

Lucy can expect to live in a house filled with books, as Carnie has already taught Lola to be a voracious reader. “If you knew how many books this child has,” said Carnie, who also does not anticipate any sibling rivalry.

“Oh my God, Lola is over the moon about this,” Carnie says. “She says, ‘I love you, Luci,’ and kisses my tummy. I’m going to wrap a doll and have it at the hospital and give it to Lola from Luci. We’re ecstatic.”

On camera, Carnie has hosted The Newlywed Game since April 6, marking the show’s return to the air for the first time in 10 years. To put her own touch on the revived favorite, “I try to be fearless and not overanalyze,” she says. “That’s the way I am.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Nicholas White

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Niki on

She looks really good there!

katy on

She looks beautiful….and unsurprisingly very pregnant!

Jas on

Carnie looks so pretty…I love that hair color on her.

morgan on

She looks beautiful, Love her hair cut!

Emily on

She does look wonderful!! I hope people see that she really ISN’T that big in that last picture CBB posted. She looks beautiful and HAPPY!

Debbie on

She looks great!!
Hope she has a fast delivery..

collette on

wow at last positive comments about her, i think she looks amazing and is healthy, it never seems to amaze me when a woman who isnt a size zero to begin with gets slated even if they are beautiful and look healthy, here is a woman who epitomises that. Good luck to her and her family.

Jae on

Carnie looks like she is glowing!! she looks beautiful!!
Love the cut & color on her!!

Brooklyn on

Carnie looks great in that picture! Her hair especially!

bren on

I never read comments on the last photo but why would people be so harsh about her weight? She is a bigger women and is aware that she gains weight easier then most. I am sure she is taking care of herself.
On another note I love her babys name. I love the nickname Lucy! I have always been a fan of I love lucy and would use that name but my fiance doesn’t like it lol

meghan on

She looks like a million bucks!

martina on

She looks beautiful. For all the horrible comments about her weight gain (and yes, they were horrible), she just looks like a very pregnant woman. I gained 27 lb during my pregnancy, and still looked huge. People were so rude. I got the “twins” comments, the “you look ready to pop” comments… it was very uncomfortable.

Chris on

Wow she looks great! Fabulous!

J on

Is it safe for her to be yoyoing some thin to heavier after having that stomach surgery? I’m not being mean, I’m just wondering how safe it is to keep fluctuating weight after a surgery like that.

Tearra on

Hot mama! Carnie looks very good in this pic. Very sexy…

Tearra on

Wow I can’t believe her daughter is already 4!

Christie on

I think she looks great!! I also love the name for their newest addition. If I had been having another girl (baby #2 is on the way and a boy) we were going to name her Lucy!! Love it!

Sarah on

Carnie is positively glowing! She’s due in a few weeks now and hope she’s resting comfortably in the L.A. heat.

Congrats and good luck to her, Ron, and big sis Lola!

Marci on

She looks wonderful. I had gastric bypass (because of Carnie – she was my inspiration!) in 2000 and have since had 2 children. My pregnancies were both normal and I gained a good amount of weight with both children. Just like before, she will have to work at losing the weight, but she is growing a human being and looks beautiful!

Kelly on

Carnie looks wonderful and happy! I can’t wait to see pics of little Lucy 🙂

Sam & Freya's Mum on

hope all goes well with baby No. 2, have to say I prefer full version of the name though, Luciana, don’t mind Lucy but not a great fan of that name, bit older to me, like Lola though. Very pretty and Carnie is glowing.

Cammie on

she looks so beautiful!

Shelli on

What a handsome couple! Carnie is a class act!

just saying on

she looks very nice here!!

Natasha on

she does look beautiful but she is in for a rude awakening if she thinks there will be no sibling rivalry. i don’t care how excited Lola is about the baby; she’s still a little girl that has had mom and dad to herself all these years.

Courtney on

She looks BEAUTIFUL!! SO happy! I think she looks like a normal lady who was a little overweight when she got pregnant. I think people forget that sometimes if you are bigger when you get pg it takes longer for you to look pg and not just more fat, trust me I was well over 300 when I had each of my 4 children. I actually lost weight while pg and it still looked like I gained 100 at the end. People are different. Its just plain stupid to think that every person is going to look/gain/lose the same way.

Love you Carnie!

Guen on

I will laugh if it comes out a boy

Jen on

I’ve always thought Carnie was beautiful–especially with redder hair!
She looks GREAT pregnant. Her daughters are going to be very happy with such a great Mommy!

Sarah M. on

Glad to see positive comments! She looks beautiful!! I will also laugh, though, if the baby comes out a boy. I have heard too many stories about how they found out it was a girl or a boy, the nursery is decked out entirely in pink or blue, and it came out the opposite gender. Didn’t we hear for quite awhile that Brangelina’s twins were both girls? I think it’s funny.

Good luck to the whole family! They are all beautiful.

Nikka on

Whats teh link to the previous article about her weight? i cannot find it

babyboopie on

Carnie does look better at this angle in the picture- but still hopes she is managing her weight carefully! Bet Luciana will be over 8lbs! If it is indeed a boy, she could always call him Luca?! And as for the sibling rivalry, don’t scare me!!

Sarah M. on

Nikka – if you go to the search box and type in Carnie’s name, it will pull up a list of all of the articles done by CBB about her. You should be able to tell by the dates which one it was. It was in April, maybe late March. I can’t remember exactly.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah M- Yes, but those were all tab rumors. In fact, Angie mentioned in the PEOPLE interview accompanying the twins’ first photos that they prepped the other kids for the twins’ arrival by showing them a Dora the Explorer video in which Dora’s mom has twins: a boy and a girl.

Therefore, it sounds like they did indeed know the correct genders before birth. 🙂

Marilyn on

I read she had a planned C-section for today, 6/13. If true, she would have had the baby by now.