Tiffani Thiessen Is Torn Between Work and Motherhood

05/17/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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With a TV career heating up again and a biological clock ticking, Tiffani Thiessen is debating whether she wants to have kids or stay busy working. “We’re definitely talking about [kids]. We’re just trying to figure out the whole work schedule now,” Tiffani, 35, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s USA Network and Vanity Fair Character Project party in Beverly Hills.

Tiffani married actor/artist Brady Smith in May 2005. In 2008 she told PEOPLE that plans for children were imminent, saying that the couple was “hoping to get pregnant soon.”

Since then, the actress — best-known for her work on Saved By the Bell and the original Beverly Hills 90210 has been hanging out with her husband and filming the pilot for her new USA drama White Collar.

“I took a little break for a while, which was nice, just concentrated on being a newly married girl and all that,” she said. “My schedule wasn’t too, too crazy, so I can’t complain. I’m sure it’s going to get crazier as the show goes on!” Especially if she decides to have a baby too. “I’ve never done it — it’s going to be a whole new thing,” Tiffani says of combining motherhood with a starring role on a TV show.

For now, Tiffani and her husband are looking forward to his next big project — Brady is busy putting together an art show that will showcase in Los Angeles June 20, which according to Tiffani, is “huge.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Nicholas White

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christina on

I really wish that celeb magazines would stop asking female celebs when they’re going to have children.

Teenie on

I guess if there wasn’t an obession with celebrity babies, this site wouldn’t exist. Still it gets repeative when the media obsesses over marriage and babies for celebrities who often times feel compelled to lie about their true desires. Few celebrities will admit not wanting children or marriage. Also what woman wants to discuss her infertility with the world?

On another note, it does bother me when a woman over thirty (especially 35) acts like they have all the time in the world to conceive children. Halle Berry might want more chlidren but age is a factor. Same with Nicole Kidman, I’m sure. JLo waited a long time to be able to conceive. These are healthy woman with money to spare on fertility treatments and they still struggled. No one should assume birth children are a right. That’s why I’m glad more women are open about their struggles with infertility. Maybe women will make decisions earlier (if birth children are a priority) and the media could stop hounding females who might be struggling in private? In a perfect world, I guess.

Renee on

she will be an awesome mom! cant wait for her new show and a baby, eventually.

Lauren on

christina i 100% agree with you

Liliana on

I agree, Christina. To me, it’s entirely too personal.

And Teenie, at no point in the article does Tiffani state that she has all the time in the world to bear biological children. The article just highlights her struggle with the decision as she also prepares for bigger opportunities, career wise. Also, I don’t understand your comment, “maybe women will make decisions earlier (if birth children are a priority) and the media could stop hounding females who might be struggling in private?” Why should these women alter their lives so that rude individuals can finally back off? Reporters need to learn the meaning of respect and realize that some questions simply cross the line.

I just don’t understand why, again, another woman’s fertility bothers others. The same goes for the recent stories about Charlize Theron and Eva Mendes. A female celebrity’s decisions about motherhood are HERS alone and she has every right to do what she sees is best for HER. The same goes for every other woman in the world.

Renee on

She has actually come out and said before though that she really wants kids. So I don’t think they bugged her about it.

christina on

This site would still exist if the media stopped asking childless couples when they’re going to conceive. There would still be plenty of celebrity babies and celebrity parents.

Teenie, I’m also glad that more celebrity women are open about their struggles with infertility. Though I’ve not heard JLO, Halle, or Nicole admit to using infertility treatments to conceive. JLO denied using infertility treatments in a People magazine interview shortly after her twins were born, IIRC.

aroundthewaygirl on

I don’t get why it bothers someone when a woman makes a choice or decision about motherhood. Especially when that decision has nothing to do with them. I don’t care if another women wants to have a baby in their 30s or 40s heck 50s. What business is it of mine. They have free will just like the next woman. If they think they have all the time in the world at age 35 or 45, what is the big deal? That they might influence some other woman’s decision as to when to have children? If a woman is that easily swayed by the Halles and Nicoles and Nancy Graces’ of the world, I’d have to question their readiness to be a parent and I have bridge in Brooklyn to sell them. Good luck to Tiffani. I always thought she was very very pretty.

Essi on

We had trouble conceiving and every time people asked when we were going to have babies…it was easier to say that ‘we’ve got time to think about it and that we might in the future’. It’s no one’s business until you are pregnant! It was a heartbreaking question to answer EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Chris on

I agree with aroundthewaygirl 100%. Women are most fertile from the teen years until age 25, so should every teenager run out and get pregnant? I don’t think so. Being able and being ready are two different things.

desaudia on

Gosh Teenie I see pregnant teenagers all the time and I dont think an “early ” decision to become a mother makes them smarter or more qualified. I agree with aroundthewaygirl totally. It is a personal choice whether you are 25, 35 45 or 55. It is not my business and best to Tiffani. I remember her from Teen Magazine:)

Stephany on

Aroundthewaygirl, I totally agree.

Lee on

I believe a woman should decide to have a baby when she feels the time is right, it shouldn’t matter her age because noone else but her and her partner will be involved in the process. It just makes me laugh that others are so concerned with other women’s fertility. Unless you are paying for it, crying with them through the process whether good or bad, you should just worry about yourself.

Tina on

wow if a mazagine asks them and they dont wanna answer it then they could say “no, thats to personal”. holy crap if they wanna talk about it then its there choice, if you people dont like it then keep your big traps shut, i am so sick of reading all these annoying, greater-than-thou comments.

Tina on

if someone wants to have a baby at 20 or 25 even 40 then its their choice! GAWD!

Bri on

I love Tiffani and she and Brady seem like a great match. I can’t wait for them to have a baby!

Sort of off topic here – but she and Jennie Garth used to be photographed together all the time (Tiffani was very involved in the birth of Jennie and Peter’s daughters, etc), but Jennie didn’t attend Tiffani and Brady’s wedding. Anyone know a backstory?

Mary-Helen on

Maybe they aren’t actively trying to have a child right now. After all, she mentioned wanting a child desperately and has now backed off. Maybe they had trouble. Really, it’s none of our business, but perhaps she and her husband changed their minds, or they don’t want to publically admit they had troubles.

Renee on

Bri: I’m a huge Tiffani fan so I’ll tell you what I know which isn’t much. Jennie was supposed to be in her wedding and so were her kids. It seems like something happened at that point because none of her family was spotted there. And since then they haven’t talked about each other or have had pictures with them together. So it seems like something happened in that time frame. They have both kept very quiet about it so we will probably never know what what the deal is. They used to be so close though so it is kind of sad. Hopefully they are still friends and just busy. who knows.

She very well could have had trouble and is holding off for now since shes working on a new show. I know back in December there was a rumor she was pregnant and seen coming out of a fertility clinic. I know she does really want kids though so I hope sometime in the future she does. My prediction is after she finishes filming the first round of episodes for the show.

gianna on

Bri tiffani and jennie were extremly close friends, but when peter and tiffani worked together on fastlane, rumor was jennie thought they got a little too cozy and she was not happy. All of the 90210 cast were at tiffani’s wedding execpt jennie, and one time tiffani was asked if jennie and her were friends and she said no comment. I’m a huge tiffani fan, so I knew years ago they were friends, but the last few years it’s been said they are not. I hope tiffani has a baby someday, she is gorgeous and seems like a nice person. I loved her on saved by the bell and 90210.

Kasee on

It also sucks to be someone in their mid-20’s who is not married hear women say “Maybe you should have chosen to have children sooner.” Well, I’d love to be married, but that’s not entirely in my control, so what if I don’t get married until 30 or later and then have a hard time? That’s my fault because I didn’t want to run out and marry the first guy I saw just so I could have a kid sooner?

Bri on

Thanks for the responses! What a bummer for them. That’s too bad. I really like both of them and wish them the best. I’m glad they kept it quiet and didn’t turn it into a huge deal, but my curiousity had to ask! lol