Meet Emery Hope Sehorn!

05/15/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Andrew MacPherson for PEOPLE for use on CBB

It’s 5-month-old Emery Hope Sehorn! Angie Harmon introduces her third daughter with Jason Sehorn in PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful issue.

Here’s an exclusive outtake for CBB readers to enjoy — see the photo that ran in the magazine in the extended post.

Joining big sisters Avery Grace, 3 ½, and Finley Faith, 5 ½, Emery has been a happy girl right from the start.

“She literally has been smiling since day one and no one believes me but, [she has],” Angie says. “Now that everyone knows her personality they are like, ‘She is smiling!'”

Another photo after the jump!

Andrew MacPherson for PEOPLE for use on CBB

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aubrey mackenzie on

precious baby emery (lovely name )

Liz on

adorable baby and beautiful names!!!

Alexandra on

She looks just like her sisters. And I *love* her name!

Emily Jones on

OMG! She looks EXACTLY like Finley!

She is adorable!

Elle on

Oh gosh she is just so pretty! Angie has such beautiful children. I love all of their middle names.

Melissa on

She is adorable!

Morg on

She is so cute and love her name.

Mrs. R. on

SO adorable! She has her mother’s eyes, which are my favorite feature of Angie! So expressive and joyous looking always!

nosoupforyou on

She looks like Jason!

Courtney on


Brooklyn on

Emery is too cute! Angie looks gorgeous as well!

Nixx on

It’s fitting that Emery would be introduced in the Most Beautiful issue…she’s gorgeous!

Mia on

She looks just like her daddy, so cute. I think the oldest looks more like her, and the middle/youngest look like their dad.

B.J. on

That is one adorable baby!! Emery sounds to me like someone mispronouncing Emily, though.

Joanne on

Cute! She looks just like her sisters.

martina on

Awwww, gorgeous!!! Love the name, too.

Kristen on

Mommy and baby are almost too beautiful to look at! Stunning!

Jen DC on

Wasn’t this a difficult pregnancy for her? If so, maybe Emery’s sunny nature is to make up for it!

Jane on

I think Emery looks a lot like her sisters at that age.

jashmom on

Gorgeous baby!!! I agree with a previous poster, it’s fitting Emery is introduced in the Most Beautiful issue.

lilly on

omg can i just say that baby is beautiful, and she has the most beautiful names for her kids.

Jennifer on

She’s absolutely precious! And she looks so much like her sisters, especially Finley.

Still Life in South America on

Aren’t they breathtaking? I love that baby’s smile–radiant.

I hope my baby-to-be (still in the pondering stage) is as smiley as Emery. I don’t want a serious baby.

Tee on

Oh my goodness, those are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Baby Emery is breathtaking with a smile to die for and Mom is glowing!

M on

those kids got some eyebrows!

CelebBabyLover on

When I opened this issue of PEOPLE (I subscribe) and read through the Most Beautiful section, I had to do a double-take when I saw the picture of Angie and Emery! I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s the new baby!”

FC on

I thought she was beautiful when I saw her a few weeks ago in People’s Most Beautiful issue. And she still is, and so is Mama! I do think she looks a lot like her sister, Finley. 🙂

nimbusi on

finally there’s a really cute baby 🙂 she looks a little like little levi mcconaughey

Keedee on


gianna on

What a cute baby and she looks just like her 2 sisters. Angie is pretty too.

lennie on

The name reminds me of MRI which is pronounced like Emery in German….so it’s not my favorite choice. But the kid is too cute.

Rebecka on

Aww so cute 😀

merry on

I love the pattern in these girls’ names. And Emery is adorable.

Stephany on

What a cute baby! Angie looks beautiful and I love all of the names of their girls. Adorable.

Sue on

Adorable like her sisters, what a gorgeous smile!!! God Bless them all. Lovely family.

Jen on

Cute! And what an adorable name. Congrats to the Sehorn family!

Christina Bledsoe on

Angie Harmon is beautiful and so is her little girl.

Crystal on

I’m not a big fan of Angie Harmon but she looks BEAUTIFUL and Emery is a cutie! CONGRATULATIONS on completing your “Charlie’s Angels!” The family is just GORGEOUS!! ♥

babyboopie on

Aww Emery’s such a smiley baby, like Zuma and Harlow! Melts my heart!

Amanda on

What a cutie pie! Mom sure does look happy!

Mommy Duty on

I am lovin that dress Angie is wearing. Any idea where I can get it?

Whitney on

She was my least favorite of all the ADA’s on Law and Order and I am not a fan of hers… her baby looks like a baby – nothing really stunning about her – for example Mila Jovovich’s baby Ever is just gorgeous – but I do like her first name choices – not a fan of the names Faith, Hope, and Grace especially – my grandma ans I always use he name name Grace when referring to someone forgetting something or being clumsy….

Monique7 on

Mommy and baby are both beautiful! She looks like a very happy baby full of smiles. Gorgeous 🙂

Bex on

I wonder if they’d give a son a female name since all of their daughters have male names. Anyway, cute baby.

Kasee on

Yeesh Whitney, it’s fine that you’re not a fan of Angie’s but there’s no need to pick on the baby for it. It’s amazing that people say stuff on here that they would never, ever say to someone’s face. Well, at least I hope you wouldn’t directly tell someone that their baby was not especially stunning…

Ashlee on

Bex, have you ever heard of unisex names? All three of her daughters’ names can be used for girls or boys.

Lara on

There are very few truly unisex names. What usually happens is that parents start using a boys’ name for girls. If that happens often enough it becomes “cruel” to use that name for a boy. Thus it becomes a girls’ name. It’s happened with Ashley, Hilary, Meredith, Alexis, Tracy, Carol, Shirley and many others. Which would you rather have: a daughter named James or a son named Shirley?

Finley, eventually spelled Finleigh, will probably become primarily a girls’ name, thus horrifying all the parents who chose it for their sons. On the other hand, if Madison, for instance, were ever to be seen as primarily male again, parents who’d chosen it for their daughters would be delighted.

Anna on

“Yeesh Whitney, it’s fine that you’re not a fan of Angie’s but there’s no need to pick on the baby for it.”

What did she say that was so horrible? She didn’t say the child was unattractive. I notice that no matter what a baby looks like if it’s the child of a celebrity people will gush over it in a way that I don’t think they would if it was just a child they passed on the street. I’ve seen it time and time again, people gushing about how “that’s the most gorgeous child I’ve ever seen in my life” when it just looks like any other baby.

Angel on

Little Emery is adorable, such a smiley baby. Why would anyone bother to post something like “she’s just a baby”? If you don’t have something nice to say….

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I agree with you Annie. Wouldn’t say she’s the cutest baby, however I said a similar thing about Liam McDermott and got slammed for it, saying I thought his sis was cuter so may regret this post but am also entitled to opinion and wasn’t being nasty, do agree shouldn’t be cruel about innoncent child and all that, but still think if people are being honest. People all have perceptions, human nature and all, and not all babies are the cutest and most attractive, not saying ugly however!, just some are cuter than others. It’s subjective – such as Sasha Shrieber, who in my opinion is a real cutie for a boy, ‘prettier’ for a boy, as opposed to Liam or Lindsay Davenport’s son Jagger, but only IMO! That said, Emery looks happy & contented here with her mum, who looks proud of her new addition. Am not a fan of the name, think of an Emery board, but like name Finley.

niman on

she is just as pretty as her mommy

Jennifer on

she’s absolutely beautiful!!

Kasee on

Anna and Sam, what I’m trying to say is, when was the last time you passed by someone on the street who had a baby and said out loud to them, “Hm, just looks like a baby to me, nothing special”. I’m not saying you called her horrendous looking or anything, and you are certainly not obliged to call her beautiful. I just feel like when people can hide behind their computers they say things that are just not really socially acceptable anywhere else.

momoftwo on

How precious! Love Angie…I think it’s wonderful that she speaks up for what she belives in even if it’s not popular to do so.

Deirdre on

She is such a beautiful baby. I love the names that Angie and her husband gave their children!

mel on

she looks like angie…how cute

Alisha on

I love Angie Harmon, and her daughter is too cute. My daughter’s name is Emery Grace, so of course I love it. 🙂 My husband and I had the name picked out for years before we had a daughter, then Angie Harmon had her daughter 4 months before we did and I almost died, thinking people would think we took the name from a celebrity (which I hate when people do that!).

Cynthia on

awwww what a pretty baby!

Chris on

She is adorable. Though I would LOVE too look like Angie Harmon does when my baby is 5 months old.

Amy on

I named my daughter Emery Carolanne in September 2008. Needless to say, I was surprised when someone told me that Angie Harmon had named her baby Emery. I may not be quite as glamorous as Angie, but I think my Emery is just as cute as her Emery!

Shanna on

We named our baby Emery Hope on July 17, 2008…we were so surprised to see someone use that combination…It just fits her perfectly