Maya Rudolph Jokes About 70 Pound Weight Gain

05/15/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
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In a humorous Tuesday appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, actress Maya Rudolph bravely admitted that during her first pregnancy — with daughter Pearl Bailey, now 3 ½, — she gained a whopping 70 pounds. “I don’t think that was smart,” she joked.

“I think just about everywhere I went, about three times a day, I got the whole ‘Whoa, you’re huge!’ Like everywhere. And then the old standby: ‘How many months are you…What are you having, twins?'”

Although she said she considers the recommended pregnancy weight gain of 25 pounds to be “crazy,” Maya, 36, nonetheless admitted that with her second child she is “trying to be more aware” of what she eats. “Last time, I was eating pancakes and ice cream every day,” she revealed.

One thing she does plan to replicate with her second pregnancy is a delivery surprise; Maya said that she and partner Paul Thomas Anderson will not find out whether they are poised to welcome a son or a daughter. She explains,

“We didn’t find out with [Pearl] which was kind of fun. Because when you’re ready to throw in the towel and you’ve got nothing positive to think about or feel, because you’re so heavy and you want to float in a pool of salt water to be buoyant, it was nice to have something to look forward to.”

Source: The Late Show with David Letterman

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Daniella on

Sounds like my mother, who gained over 65 lbs. with all four of her babies! She always told me growing up that she had carried really heavy with all of us, but I didn’t believe her until I finally saw a picture. Wow, she was huge!! Just like Maya said above, my mum definitely looked like she could have been having twins or triplets. And my mum is a very tall & naturally athletic woman who never had a problem with her weight & ate very healthy throughout her pregnancies. She just grew to the size of a whale when she was pregnant!! 🙂

Then again, she did deliver two 10+ lbs. & 9+ lbs. babies. Makes me wonder how big I’ll get with my first child since I am built almost identical to my mother. Thankfully, my mum also had no problem losing the weight either, so I probably should not be complaining.

Sammy-xx on

I always wonder how big I will get and what size babies I will have. I was almost a month early and was 8lb 8oz, my dad was 10lb 6oz. Boy Im scared.

Maya is so funny, one of my fave SNL skits is her and Shia LaBeouf. I am getting the giggles just thinking about it.

Chris on

Wow 70 pounds! I think Milla Jovovich gained about the same amount. Anyone know how much Maya’s first child weighed when she was born?

Kelly on

I got her topped, I gained 80lbs with my last baby! lol…. most of it was water, I was so swollen and bloated but doctor could never figure out why. I ended up having my son at 36wks and he was 7lbs 12ozs…nearly 8lbs!! Thats big that early. Funny thing though is I gained 40lbs with my first, 60lbs with my second, and 80lbs with my last…so I wonder If I did have another one if it would be 100lbs!! lol…Lucky for me the weight came off, but my body is so paying for it. I have neck & back problems, bladder problems, stomach problems…etc..yeah he pretty much ruined me. lol Oh and I got the twins thing A LOT, everywhere I went I heard people go “woah”. Id be 5mths along and they thought I was due anyday.

Silvermouse on

I agree with all three of you. I think as long as people take care of themselves (eating healthy, getting as much sleep as possible (like good night’s sleep), and exercise) it doesn’t matter how much one gains. What matters is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

Silvermouse on

or 4 whoops ;-D

Aya on

Kelly I was the same way ! I gained around 80 pounds also. I had hyperemesis throughout my whole pregnancy, which completely confused my husband at my appointment weigh-ins.I was barely eating as it was and when I did it most of it came back up. The doc would tell me to watch what I ate and that I was eating too much and gaining too much,I would take her seriously until I was eating less than before I was pregnant.

At one of my appointments my husband told her that there is no way that I was gaining so much from eating because I barely ate. She put me on a diet to eat every two hours something small even just a fruit and gave me pills called Diclectin and I was put on bed rest. Then I started gaining more and more weight.

It turns out most of it was preeclampsia edema. Within the first week and I half after having my baby,I had lost 30 pounds in just baby and swelling (baby was 6 pounds).

I never ever got the twins comment though and most people were very vocal. The most comments I ever got was how swollen my face looked. Most people told me that they didn’t even know I was pregnant until I turned to the side (esp when I took the bus and I was standing and they offered me a seat).

The swelling was horrible,but the come-down is horrible ! I had to go out and get special creams because my skin was so dry, esp my feet and fingers.

Caxton913 on

My doctor also put the limit at gaining no more than 25 pounds, but I am 4 months along and have lost 15 pounds b/c of morning sickness, loss of appetite, and food aversions. Almost everything looks gross, tastes gross, or gives me indigestion. I can’t eat any fruit besides bananas and raisins because of the acid in the juicier fruits. Same for most veggies – tomatoes kill me and I used to eat them all the time. Even tried to have some zucchini last night and that didn’t sit right either. Salad, which I love, is killing me with indigestion. Most meats gross me out too now. I used to love sausage and yellow rice and now I can’t look at either. I skeeve raw meats and both raw and cooked chicken. I can’t have mayo or kethup either. And I can’t take the aftertaste of anything sweet – I am almost constantly rinsing my mouth out. I havent touched chocolate in nearly 3 and 1/2 months… The morning sickness finally subsided at about 3 and 1/2 months but I still lost weight after that and before my next doctor’s appointment because of the aversions. I feel starving and then take three bites and can’t eat anything more. I feel hungry a lot but very rarely satisfied since nothing is really appetizing. I eat small things every couple of hours, which helps a little bit. It’s very frustrating.

Tracy on

I wish Maya luck in limiting her weight gain during her pregnancy. I have had two and have gained the exact same amount with both… I gained 75 pounds with the first and I thought it was because I thoroughly enjoyed “eating for two” and did not have any morning sickness.
But then I got pregnant (7 years later!) with the second, could not keep anything down (hyper-emesis!) and I was even hospitalized for being malnourished (and my baby’s health was suffering!) and I still gained the same amount of weight!!!

Very weird! I also had extreme swelling and lost 35 pounds immediately after delivery BUT I don’t (haven’t this time!) lose any weight until I am finished nursing. (I am still about 40 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight.) My doctors think that since I am normally a bit under-weight, my body holds onto the weight while nursing to insure I make “healthy milk”. (So, I do look forward to weaning my second child, if only to lose weight!!)

I wish Maya and everyone the best of luck in their pregnancies!!