Celebrity Moms Share Their Personal Pics!

05/14/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

To help kick-off BabyCenter’s Portraits of Motherhood contest, Brooke Burke, Denise Richards, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Nancy O’Dell shared some personal photos — and BabyCenter’s allowing us to show CBB readers too!

Upload your own photos for a chance to win a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T900 or a Sony HDR-CX 100 High-Definition HandyCam Camcorder. The contest closes Friday, so add your images soon!

Below, Brooke poses with daughter Heaven Rain, 2. Of motherhood, Brooke notes, “We are all learning along the way. I take parenting moment by moment and make the best of each day. Whatever I am going through, there is another mother out there going through the same thing.”

Courtesy Brooke Burke/BabyCenter

See Denise, Garcelle and Nancy’s photos below!

Denise smiles with daughters Sam, 5, and Lola Rose, 3 ½. “They are constantly making me laugh or smile,” Denise says of her girls. “We are always making silly faces at each other — we are at our best when we are goofing around.”

Courtesy Denise Richards/BabyCenter

Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas, 19 months, investigate the inner workings of the dishwasher! “One day while doing the dishes, [they] climbed in,” laughs Garcelle. “Hopefully this phase will pass before they get any bigger!”

Courtesy Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon/BabyCenter

Nancy poses for a family portrait with husband Keith Zubchevich, daughter Ashby Grace, 23 months, and stepsons Carson, 9, and Tyler, 13. The Access Hollywood host says Ashby makes her needs known when mom comes home from work! “If I don’t [put my Blackberry away] right away, she grabs it out of my hand and puts it on the counter away from me,” Nancy shares. “And she is right — nothing is more important than your family!”

Courtesy Nancy O’Dell/BabyCenter

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Alice on

They are all cute but wow, I cannot get over that first pic! Rain is absolutely stunning, and they both look so happy!

Tiffany on

*Heaven Rain is a beauty like her mom although she does not look two. (The child has full grown teeth the size of a five year old)

*Something about Sam and Lola’s picture look’s fake.

*The pic of Jax and Jaid is just adorable. Investing a dishwasher is so something that toddlers would do.

* I like the way Nancy has a picture of all her husband’s children.

Brianna on

Sam and Lola are so cute when they smile! I love it!

HeatherR on

Oh gosh, I know I’m going to catch some flack for this, but I hate to see little girl’s not wearing a shirt. I’m old fashioned, I guess.

Rain is absolutely stunning!!! Must be the genes…..

Natasha on

Very cute pictures! I love little Jaid & Jax, they’re too adorable!

M on

who is brooke burke? i have never heard of her except on CBB.

Andrea_momof2 on

HeatherR, yes you probably will but I don’t really like kids semi-nude or nude in photoshoots either. I just don’t see the purpose of going shirtless, at least my kids aren’t when I get their photos taken. To each their own, what other people do with their kids is not my business 😉

brannon on

Why wouldn’t Nancy and her husband have all of their children in the photo? Jax and jaid are so adorable! Very ‘real’ photo!

Ana on

Rain is beautiful…she has been blessed with great genes!! i agree she does look older than two years!

lola on

sam is so beautiful when she smiles and lola is a cutie

Lulu on

The picture of Rain is stunning. Ashby looks so like her brothers, she’s adorable.

Jasmine on

In the first picture, with the Mom and daughter outside on the grass, are we to believe those teeth are actually the two-year-old’s baby teeth? They look like adult teeth and don’t fit. Does anyone else find that picture very odd because of the teeth?

Laura on

HeatherR I’m basically the same way. I don’t mind bath pics of kids when they are really young cuz those can sometimes be adorable. But otherwise I don’t see the need to take pics of kids when they are not dressed/fully dressed. Especially if the photo shoot is outside. I understand Heaven is only 2 so it’s not like she is a lot older but still… I’d prefer if it she had a shirt on and I don’t think it’d take anything away from the pic.

Shea on

While the child is beautiful, I am so not a fan of topless pictures of toddler girls…I work in social services and innocent pictures like these fall in the hands of pedophiles daily, especially those that have their Internet usage monitored. What looks like nothing but a sweet innocent photo of a beautiful toddler believe it or not can turn on and excite a sick and twisted pervert and give him pleasure material if you know what I mean. Please because even when you have snapshots of your children developed and there are innocent bathtub or wading pool shots of babies and toddlers….you never know who is working at the local photomat or one-hour Wal-Mart and making a second copy of the pictures for their own use and also when you put pictures of your children on your personal blogs, make sure you protect them so no one can copy or download them. You don’t want your baby’s pictures ending up in the wrong hands.

Y on

Oh please, what is sexual about a freaking 2 year old without a shirt on? It’s not like she has boobs..it is a very natural photo..You people really need to get over your hangups.

noam on

brooke burke has two older daughters. perhaps the child in the photo was misidentified as her two year old? nevertheless, the pictures are all gorgeous.

lala2 on

Y…… I totally agree with you. I know this is a blog, but some people just NAG! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH…. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion…. But gimme a break!

lina on

I also dont understant those who criticize because people who are pervert can be excited with about anything, even with a doorstep. Is not the fact that a kid would be dressed that would prevent their act and their sickness, In my opinion.

JMO on

The first thing I thought when I saw the photo of Rain is omg her teeth look like adult teeth!! They’re so big for a baby! And I do agree I’m not one for shirtless little girls in any manner but she still is so little so it’s not like your seeing anything.

And little Ashby is a spitting image of her mommy! And her step sons are really cute too!

April on

Wow, I’m so glad I don’t have these hang-ups or care what everyone else thinks of me and my kids. Why does everything on this site have to get twisted? It’s pathetic. The photo of Brooke and Rain is beautiful and natural – I would love to have a snapshot like that of me and my daughter. And that is definitely Rain – she looks just like David! She is almost 2 1/2 so I don’t see what the issue is with the teeth. My son got his very early, the first one at four months, and had a full set like that except for back molars at Rain’s age. Just because it didn’t happen that way for your kid doesn’t mean something is wrong or someone is lying.

Megan on

Tiffany, I think the problem with Sam and Lola’s picture is just the angle. It does make Denise’s arms look photoshopped on or like someone is putting their arms out from behind Denise lol

Doreen on

I agree with like everyone’s comment about Heaven being shirtless. I know it may seem innocent but these pictures can just get into the wrong hands of the WRONG person/people lets say. Also, Heaven’s teeth do not look real for a 2 year old…come on! 🙂

notuptight:P on

Why are so many people talking about Heaven’s teeth? I mean look at her mom’s teeth…they’re kinda big lol I think they fit both of them great! And I think the picture of the two of them is beautiful. A completely natural, innocent picture of mother and daughter. Call me a hippy but I see nothing wrong with them or the pic at all

Jazz on

I love the picture of Jax and Jaid. That’s so cute.

momto3 on

Brooke and Rain are absolutely stunning. People, stop picking on innocent children. How would you like it if everybody picked at every detail of your child? If Brooke didn’t like the picture, she wouldn’t have agreed to post it. All children are beautiful – the topic is motherhood – not ‘let’s see what child we can pick on’. It’s an innocent picture, get over it.

Mia on

All the pictures are adorable. I don’t know what the hang up is, I mean all of the moms/celebrities sent the pictures in themselves, so the pic is probably just from the family having fun in the summertime. She’s a baby, babies never wear clothes-no big deal..

Mommy Duty on

I, too, was a little upset at the (yes natural and yes beautiful) photo of Rain. Something that is cute for your home photo album may not be appropriate with monsters on the Internet.

Christine on

are people implying that brooke had crowns put on her 2 year old??? lol…. seriously though, the lighting in the pic is so bright its hard to tell, but you can see Rain has a pretty gummy smile, its not all teeth!!! both my kids looked like that at 2. I’m not a fan of topless child photos too but in this case, she’s only 2… 4 or 5 then I’d have a real problem

Bieta on

If a pervert is going to be turned on by a little child it doesn’t matter if she has a shirt on or not. Gabrielle’s sons are gorgeous, I love how natural and real their photo is.

Zappa on

I think people need to learn how the mind of a pedophile works…. Seriously guys, stop seeing negativity in everything. Shirt or not, a pervert will be attracted to her. Kind of like a rape case – whether a woman is dressed head to toe (like a burka) or in a bikini, a rapist will still rape her. Its all about control, not what she is wearing. I remember reading that in texas a family got their kids taken away from them because the people who developed their photos saw the mother breastfeeding her infant in the presence of her 2 or 3 other young children, GASP OH MY GOD A BOOB! Quick lets all get offended and take the kids away….. Shirt or not, the kid is cute…. stop ruining every comment section with morality, and crying about issues such as WRONG HANDS, or WRONG COMMENTS or whatever else people need to complain about. SHEESH, it is this kind of thinking that is runing all the fun of being a child, I suppose you people also think parks are dangerous and therefore kids should not ride swings, heaven forbid they fall, or that everyone is out to kidnap your child so heaven forbid they get out of the house…… Let it go people, the world is a lot less scarier then what the media will have you believe

Katie on

If you look at some of the other photos, two of her kids (Rain and Shaya) don’t have any clothes on.


Jennifer on

Rain is a beautiful little girl.

Sam and Lola are cuties.

Jax and Jaid in the dishwasher is precious.

And Ashby is simply adorable.

Sammy-xx on

I love these photos. My fave is Jax and Jaid, that would have been something I would have done if we had a dishwasher. I was forever climbing on and in everything and anything, still cant resist getting into a big box.

Mia on

That US pic is just Rain pictured. I think that other pic in US weekly is a bit more than the one here on CBB. I think the one that is posted here is fine, but I don’t know about the other one being public. I’m sure she will hate that pic floating around when she’s a bit older lol. On another note, Rain looks so much like David, especially when she’s smiling! Their daddy has some strong genes.

nosoupforyou on

I am a social worker for over 20 years. Pedophiles will get off on a child in a snow suit. Period.

Andrea_momof2 on

Zappa, you have some interesting points but in your park example, I disagree. I think it is very important that parents watch their children at public parks. It’s very easy to lose a child and/or have them kidnapped. YOU don’t have to, but I see it as immature to mock the parents that do.

HeatherR on

In regards to my post above, I do not think there is anything sexual in nature about the ‘topless’ photo of Rain. I am just an old fashioned fuddy duddy prude. I think Brooke has an adorable family and seems like a great mom. I certainly meant no harm. I just don’t like to see half-naked children.

Jaimi on

Some of you are ridiculous. You find any and everything to nit pick about. My 2 year old nephew has a full set of BEAUTIFUL PERFECT baby teeth. Get over it!

Patricia on

I love all these pictures! Happy babies, and happy mommas, happy families:)

there’s nothing in the world that’s better then that!

lilly on

well it doesnt matter if the pic is innocent or not, because face it there is sick twisted pervs out there that can use the pic for there own sick minds and i would never post a pic like that and for that reason.

Shea on

You all can say what you want about hang ups, but we had 3 recent arrests of pedophiles in the area I live in, and along with kiddie porn on their pc’s they also found files of photos of small children, in various stages of half dress,(such as tub and beach pictures) that were lifted off of various myspace, facebooks, etc. that their parents had not made secure that the police have no idea how to I.D. because there were so many IP addresses in the computers it was impossible to track down and match the pictures to the sites, so these people have no idea that these perverts had their children’s pictures.
Yes, a pedophile is attracted to children, but why entice them by presenting them with pictures of what they like in what *THEY* consider erotic form? While we, as normal people, and as mothers, see an adorable, baby, with nothing sexual at all, they see a bare chested 2 yr old in the same why a normal male sees a picture out of Playboy…. it excites them. Not to be too graphic, but think about what some men do when they are alone while looking at Playboy, do you want to think about a pedophile looking at a picture of a shirtless toddler and doing they same thing? I’m sorry to break it to all of you that like to think that the world isn’t such a bad place, but they do. And some do much worse, and sadly I’ve had to go to the hospital to do investigations on the circumstances involving small children that had to find this out first hand. Pray you never have to see the face of an 18 month old that has been used as a pleasure toy for her mother’s pedophile boyfriend while her mother filmed it for him, or a 6 yr old that can probably teach some hardened street walkers a thing or two because she has been a victim for so long that she thinks it’s what she is supposed to do and thinks she’s in love with her uncle because he has her so warped. This stuff doesn’t just happen in bad Lifetime movies, it’s part of real life. You may think that some of us are paranoid, maybe we just have lived unsheltered lives and know what’s really out there and what to keep you and your kids safe.

jessicad on

I went topless all the time when I was little. I remember crying the day my mother told me I had to start wearing shirts because it was inappropriate haha. I love the pic, I’m definitely going to be copying that one this summer with my daughter.


This blog turned into a debate about toddler’s teeth and perverts. WOW!! Kinda ridiculous to always bring up the negative, but we’re all entitled to our own opinions and mine happens to be that these photos are beautiful showing these celeb moms and their kids looking absolutely stunning and happy 🙂

SH on

I’m really not a prude…but I wouldn’t want those pictures of my babies on the internet for ANYONE to see. Those are more personal photos that should be kept private for family and friends. I’m talking about Brooke’s photos.

Tee on

HeatherR, I agree with you. I have pictures of my nieces without shirts on, but those are family pictures. I don’t think that was the best choice of a photo of Rain and Brooke. (given the fact that it was to be on the internet) Folks, I know that this website’s comments have gotten out of hand lately. I am annoyed by it the same way most of you guys are. However, I don’t think anybody was nitpicking. The comments that I read were written respectfully and simply stated an opinion. I’m beginning to think that some people come and read the comments simply to accuse somebody of complaining or nitpicking. That’s the pot calling the kettle black, ain’t so? That having been said, all of the pictures are lovely and I agree with all of you. Rain is stunning! She looks so much like her Mom. M, Brooke Burke is most well known for winning Dancing With The Stars last season. She is a model and I think she’s done some acting.

Joanne on

I love the picture of Denise with the girls. They look so happy with their mother.

Amber on

Pedophiles like little girls (or boys) whether they are clothed or not. We cannot possibly make a child “unappealing” to a pedophile. Showing a toddler with her shirt off isn’t going to entice one more than a little girl in a sundress.

BWiley on

I believe Brooke Burke became popular while she was on Wild On! It ran from 99-02 and it was a travel show on the E! network. I remember seeing it when I was in high school.

Michelle on

Bottom line: there is no enticing pedophiles. They do what they do in the absence of children “luring” them. Like the actual professional said upthread, pedophiles get off on a kid in a snow suit.

WE sexualize an image of a child and make it dirty. There’s nothing womanly or adult about children at that age that suggests the need for modesty. To think this way is to throw concepts like childhood, innocence and physical out the window.

gianna on

Rain does look older than 2, and I agree so much teeth. She is the only one of brooke’s 4 children, that I don’t see a resemblance to either parent or sibling. As for kids being shirtless, if your doing a photoshoot I don’t get why a 2 yr old little girl can’t have a shirt on, kinda tacky in my opinion and what’s the purpose of her being shirtless? 8I used to have a neighbor that always had her 3yr old daughter running around in panties and no shirt, it was so tacky to me. Jax and jaid on beautiful little boys, both favor their dad a lot. Sam and lola are beautiful too, and favor denise a lot the older they get. Ashby is so cute, and looks like her daddy and brothers a lot.

Sarah M. on

Katie #31- Thanks for the link to the rest of the photos. The one with Brooke and Rain is disturbing. If she wants to let her kids run around naked at home when noone else is there, that’s her perogative. But to pose with Rain outside, while Rain is naked save for a necklace, that’s another thing entirely. ESPECIALLY when that photo is going into a magazine that sells who knows how many copies per issue. No, you can’t see her private parts, but that still doesn’t make it right. She doesn’t even have undies or a diaper on!

All of the children are BEAUTIFUL!

Cindy on

Shea, although I respect what you do as a social worker I think that CBB is not the place for what you are describing in your last post. I am a mother myself and am not being naive or sheltered, these pictures were meant to be innocent in nature and you really crossed the line in my opinion with what you described above about babies being abused. None of that is going on in the pictures of Rain, so why are you describing such horrible things? They are not relevant. That is why I am not a social worker..I can’t deal with nor do I want to read about children being abused. I guess I thought CBB was a “safe” place from these types or gruesome stories..guess not after reading your posts.

Ashlee on

Haven’t any of you ever seen the ad for Coppertone Water Babies? Its really not uncommon for little girls to run around without a top on…as illustrated in a product that has been around for YEARS. Hasn’t anyone ever been to the beach and seen kids running around like this? Maybe those who don’t live near a beach can’t relate?


g!na on

Rain’s teeth look just like Brooke’s!

Sophy on

The picture of Rain and Brooke posted on CBB is fine to me (shirtless kids at home are relatively more common in warm climates I think!). Seeing as boys and girls are anatomically the same up top at that age, there doesn’t seem like any logical reason to require girls to wear shirts, but boys not (here I’m thinking swim suits and so on).

However, the second picture that someone posted a link to does kind of bother me, I must admit! Nude is lovely and natural but once a photo is out there it’s available forever, especially on the web, and one day she’s going to grow up. You’d want to think about who else would be seeing the picture apart from your family. My brother is always torturing me with embarrassing photos of myself as a nude toddler, so I can’t imagine how embarrassing it might be having the whole world see nude pictures of yourself as a little kid!

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, am I the only one who thinks it’s absolutly adorable that the family dogs are included in the photo of Denise and her girls? One appears to be a yorkie and the other a German shepard. 🙂

Lorus on

That picture of Brooke and Rain is simply beautiful. So natural and genuine. I don’t see anything wrong with her being topless in the picture.

lennie on

Sorry if this sounds bad but I’m sooo glad that I don’t live in the US where people are scared of nakedness and bare skin. In Europe most kinds run around either naked or with only bottoms on when by the pool or beach. A naked baby or toddler is not seen as something sexual and not every man is seen as a paedophile. We also see our share of boobs in tv and nobody has a heart attack and sues the tv chanel (Janet Jackson at the super bowl was seen as something funny not shockingly horrific). I think the people in the USA have gone too far with their prudity and it’s just getting out of hand. A friend of mine who move to the States was told off by some mothers because she changed her 1-year-olds pants while at a barbeque in a privat garden with friends. I mean ???? Oh yeah sorry, one of the husbands must be a paedophile or get turned on by it. Ahhhhhhh.
I apologize to all the Americans but we just have a different culture and so I can’t understand your views.
I think all the pics are cute and you can’t see anything which is disturbing. But I admit that I wouldn’t post the pic of Rain on her mother’s back on the internet either.

kyotoyoshi on

Um wow, I’m guessing the majority of people freaked out by the photo are from the US? Because that’s usually the case.

Hilary on

If you look at a lot of other pictures of Rain you will see that, yes, she has a full set of teeth but they look like “normal” two year old teeth and not at all unusual looking. I think that her teeth look bigger in this picture because of the lighting. It’s hard to see, but the way the light is reflected off her gums makes it look like her teeth are a lot bigger. As far as the topless issue goes, I would prefer to see a little girl clothed but I don’t think it is as big of a deal for her to be topless as some other commenters have made it out to be. I agree that the choice of pictures maybe wasn’t the best, but I really don’t see the need to be so critical. These pictures weren’t from a photoshoot, nor were they taken in public. We really don’t know the context in which these pictures were taken except that it was stated that they were playing in their backyard. Maybe Rain is in the process of being potty trained? Maybe they were playing with water? Maybe Brooke has a hard time keeping her children from stripping down? In my opinion, the picture of Brooke and her daughter is beautiful because of the obvious joy displayed on both of their faces…and I believe THAT’S why the picture was chosen. Based on recent comments on CBB, I really believe that many of us are becoming overly critical of celebrities and their children. We put them on a pedestal and expect them to be perfect and then we are outraged when they make a mistake that any one of us could have very easily have made. We only see glimpses into the lives of celebrities and I believe that we assume so much from the little that we see. Most celebrities are famous for something other than being a parent, and for us to nitpick over every parenting mistake they make isn’t really fair. After all, I doubt any of us could rightly claim that we are a perfect parent ourselves. The comments describing pedophile stories were uncalled for and I can’t believe that they were even allow to be posted. There is a way to make a point without going into graphic detail, and I believe a line was crossed. In my opinion, I think that parent’s definitely should use discretion when deciding which pictures of their children to post on the internet. However, I don’t think that not posting this pictures would inhibit a pedophile. Pedophiles actively search for pictures so if it’s not one of these pictures, it will be others on a different website. Okay, I’m going to step down off my soap box now and stop ranting, haha.

iluvallbabies on

Too far Shea. That post is not appropriate for this site. Sorry you have seen such awful things, but you shouldnt share something so horrific. We know it happens, but was it really nessecary to go into that much detail?

Not meaning to offend.

Lilly on

I can’t believe the big stink that some people are making over an innocent picture. She’s still a baby, at that age, you can’t even tell if they are little boys or girls anyway. Pedophiles are going to find anything to pervert, that doesn’t mean you have to live your life accommodating for them. As for her teeth, it’s the sun making them look bigger because it’s shinning on her gums.

PJ on

It’s nice to know some people like Shea worry about kids photos. God forbid the squeamish mothers out there like one above complaining to her have to think about or deal with the idea of pedophiles…

Emma on

Having seen the full pictures (via the link at #31) I am feeling quite disturbed to be honest. Yes, it’s a sad world when we have to think like this but, to let your little girl be photographed absolutely naked out in the open just can’t be right. Just my opinion but not something I could ever do.

Ali on

Ashlee here in Europe children go to the beach without their top on and it isn’t a big deal at all. Like some one said above WE adults with our issues make it a big deal. The pictures are all beautiful!

Tee on

I want to add something to my earlier post. This is my earlier post:

HeatherR, I agree with you. I have pictures of my nieces without shirts on, but those are family pictures. I don’t think that was the best choice of a photo of Rain and Brooke. (given the fact that it was to be on the internet) Folks, I know that this website’s comments have gotten out of hand lately. I am annoyed by it the same way most of you guys are. However, I don’t think anybody was nitpicking. The comments that I read were written respectfully and simply stated an opinion. I’m beginning to think that some people come and read the comments simply to accuse somebody of complaining or nitpicking. That’s the pot calling the kettle black, ain’t so? That having been said, all of the pictures are lovely and I agree with all of you. Rain is stunning! She looks so much like her Mom. M, Brooke Burke is most well known for winning Dancing With The Stars last season. She is a model and I think she’s done some acting.

I want to add that, for me, it doesn’t matter if the child in question is a girl or boy. I don’t think that photos of a little boy without a shirt on are the best photos to have in a magazine. At home, yes, they are just toddlars and there will be occasions where they are shirtless. However, there is something to be said for modesty and I think that it should start a young age. Before people jump on me and critize me for saying that, please take into account the fact that I’m an old order Mennonite. (similar to the Amish)

Stephany on

I think all of these babies are absolutely gorgeous (and I confess that Jax and Jaid are my favorites!). The first thing I noticed about Heaven Rain’s picture were her teeth! It’s not the fact that she has them all, they look like adult-sized teeth, not baby-teeth at all! Comparing it to Lola’s teeth (granted, not as close up), who is a year older than her, Rain’s teeth are definitely larger. It must be a family trait.

And I thought they could have chosen a better picture of the two of them. I’m not saying that it is a pedophile-friendly photo but I’m just not a big fan of topless toddler photos. It’s not my thing when there are so, so many cute outfits one can put on their child! Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.

Anyway, cute pictures!

Emmie on

I think it’s so sad when people comment about a little toddler without a top on – I guess it’s a sad sign of our times and P.C. going so over the top! She’s so young, and probably her mum knows she loves the sense of freedom without restrictive clothing. (She’s not a developing teenager!) I see no harm at all.

kris on

Cut pics. I love Jax and Jaid in the dishwasher. My boys used to do the same thing when they were babies.

Rain has Daddy’s face but Mommy’s teeth (lucky girl). Their smiles are beautiful.

I looked at the US link. The silly face pics of Sam and Lola are too funny.

Shannon on

Shea, too far. I understand the need to be cautious, and am very careful about what I put out on the internet for all to see. I have a couple of social workers in my family, and they are very, very respectful of the fact that no one wants to hear the stories of what these children have to go through. I know you were trying to open us all up to reality, but that was way over the top. I am pretty sure most of the people who read and comment on here are mothers, and I think I can say for most of us, that was too much. I can take a lot, and am definitely not what you would consider a prude. But as a mother, I don’t need to know the graphic details.

kris on

CelebBabyLover – I agree re: Denise and the dogs. She’s a big animal person and I think has a number of pets.

Sophy on

Just wanted to add, I think that Rain and her siblings were playing outdoors in that picture, which is why she had her shirt off. It wasn’t a “photoshoot” per se, as someone suggested above. Just seems like they took a few snaps in the middle of play time. The only reason I think that is in some of the other pictures, you can see the little boy (not sure of his name, I’m sorry!) is only wearing a nappy and has wet hair, as though he’s been running through the sprinkler or playing with the hose.

Mommyof3 on

I think Brooks daughter is a beautiful little girl who obviously got some great genes from Mommy!!!
Side note I wish alot of people on here were NOT so darn critical about everything and anything!!!! Your always picking poor innocent children apart..how would you feel if the child were your own? Her teeth suit her and I agree..perverts WILL get off on a snowsuit!!!

Teenie on

If Brooke is ok with some men looking at her daughter’s pictures and finding them sexy, it’s her right to show them to the world. If she was worried about it, she could have submitted photos with Rain clothed. It’s like the Europeans on here have said, in some cultures naked children are normal and they don’t worry about what weirdos do with those images or feelings. I wouldn’t expose my own child that way, but clearly Brooke doesn’t care if these images are out for everyone to enjoy so why should we? Rain is her problem, not ours.

I do think it’s good that so many different opinions are voiced on here. On one hand, there are people who think their children could be raped no matter what they do so they figure they ought to let the children enjoy their childhood and hope for the best. On the other hand, there are people with “hangups” about nudity in children who find these images inappropriate, not to mention embarrassing to an older Rain. Some of it comes down to cultural differences, some of it’s life experiences (like with the social worker) but diversity in viewpoints is what makes this site, and humans in general, interesting. What bothers me are those people on here who try to shut down discussion because they find it inappropriate or decide other views have no merit. If you don’t like what’s written, don’t read it. I tend to skip the comments from some users because I know they’re boring but I would never expect those people to stop commenting because I don’t agree with them.

Jen DC on

On Rain and Brooke: At the end of the day, regardless of how you dress your child, etc., pedophiles are attracted to CHILDREN period, point blank, full stop. While I agree that parents should exercise discretion in what they choose to post on the internet, you cannot control the any other person’s thoughts about it. I’m sure Brooke – as a CELEBRITY mother, who is most known for running around in skimpy outfits (I’ve only ever seen her in a bikini or a cut-out ballgown) – she is well-aware of how her child may be perceived by the weirdos out there and has chosen to IGNORE THEM and preserve the innocence of her children and their nudity. Shea… we are ALL aware of the horrors out there and I thank you for your general comment that you couldn’t endorse the behavior, however that was really sufficient.

Jax and Jaid: Double trouble! I wonder how often they have a meeting of the minds and decide to do naughty things together?

Ashby: I like that she’s the only one NOT smiling and looks about to point to the cameraman!

Sam and Lola: Sam always looks slightly nervous to me. Maybe it’s her low arch eyebrows? Anyway, they are adorable little girls and I’m glad to see that it appears that their parents are now getting along better…

jessie on

the twin boys are so cute!

Shannon on

I was reading CBB the other day and saw a picture of Julia Roberts carrying Hazel on the beach with no shirt on. I don’t remember reading so many comments about her being topless. I have a 2 year old and she would rather be naked than anything else in the world. I have to chace her to get her clothes back on…ALL of them. She strips down to her skin, does not matter where we are. Maybe Rain does that too.

We don’t think whatever Julia photo is being referred to was seen on CBB – we haven’t posted photos of her children since last August, since she asked PEOPLE not to.

– CBB Staff

lina on

Actually I am kind of shocked with this discussion. I imagine if she was a naturist family she should move continent. Sorry, but I am really shocked that we might have this discussion here. If she was older, I could see a point. But for a 2/3 years old baby.. for me is shocking people could even find it reasonable to have this discussion

Sorry to be honest and if my opinion offends anyone.

Colleen on

Agree with 78-Lina. I can’t believe this is even a conversation.

All the photos are gorgeous! I love seeing Sam & Lola smile.

Sofie on

Here in Norway most little children under the age of 3/4 go NAKED in the summertime (on the beaches). It is wonderful for them after a long winter with lots of clothes. If there are weirdos out there with sexual thoughts, then so be it, no skin of my nose….my child is still having a great time at the beach NAKED. Thank god I’m not a mindreader!

Kat on

Wow…since when is voicing an opinion such a crime?? I have read every comment on here and there is nothing wrong with any of the comments that were made in which the poster said they felt the pictures were inappropriate. While I don’t care one way or another (do not find anything wrong with the picture of Rain but would not personally put a photo on the web of my topless child), those that find it uncomfortable should be able to say so. You folks that are jumping on them saying they have “hang ups” or telling them they “need to get over it” are simply out of line. Not one person who voiced the opinion that they found the photo inappropriate have jumped on those of you who disagree. How would any of you feel if you were called out as a pervert because you found nothing wrong with the picures?? I thought comment sections on these forums were for comments and personal opinions. Why can’t we just voice those opinions and move on, rather than voice our opinions and then proceed to tell others that their opinions are wrong?!

Olivia on

when I was 3 and under I was never in clothes. I only stayed dressed in public places. I would walk around my house, around my backyard with the neighbour kids in there and at my family members houses. I have many pictures and film of my wearing no clothes. As I got older I wore clothes.

Therefore, I see no problem with this picture

Denise on

I’m 45 and female and there were times in the summer that I went without a shirt until I was 5. Even to stores. There is nothing wrong with that picture. I have three of my own daughters who are 11, 14, and 17. Of course they wear shirts now but when they were little, they went topless too.

Call me old fashioned…go back to the days when life was simpler and we didn’t get overly sensitive to everything.

These kids are all cute.

Aidan on

Wow, so some of you guys must really hate Sally Mann.

I think swimtops are far more sexualising on small girls than no top at all, but that’s just my opinion.

beautiful pictures!

kayleesmom on

The first poster replied and said it had nothing to do with sexuality, which I agree with. It’s not sexual but it’s uncomfortable.

JMO on

Now that I saw the other pics on the US website I can clearly see Rain has a beautiful set of pearly white baby teeth! The photo above must just be on a wrong angle with the wrong lighting. And boy is Shaya going to be a hearthrob.

I still don’t see anything excessively wrong with the no shirt on Rain photo that CBB posted but the one where Rain is completely naked layin on top of Brooke is the one that I think should be more of a private family photo rather then one out there for the public. I know nothing is showng but it’s just one of those like bathtub pictures you take of your baby naked in the tub. This photo should be for mommy and daddy not for public display JMO

plS on

“As for kids being shirtless, if your doing a photoshoot I don’t get why a 2 yr old little girl can’t have a shirt on, kinda tacky in my opinion and what’s the purpose of her being shirtless?”

It wasn’t a photoshoot. It was a candid picture they took around their house.

Jane on

I agree with Shea –
How would people feel if this picture got into the hands of a sexual predator? Since the picture is on the web- available to the whole world, this is unfortunately a possibility since there are many predators lurking around. To those of you who respond to this by saying- “oh, you all just have hang-ups or you are overreacting because the picture is innocent”– of course it is innocent, but it may get into the hands of someone who is not innocent. We have to be overprotective and overly cautious when it comes to these things in the world we live in… not doing so can put our children at risk. I would never release a photo like this on the web- it is irresponsible, or naïve anyway.
Smarten up and wake up!

plS on

“I was reading CBB the other day and saw a picture of Julia Roberts carrying Hazel on the beach with no shirt on. I don’t remember reading so many comments about her being topless.”

Because that was a picture the papparazzi took without Julia’s consent. Brooke’s picture is one of her personal pictures that she purposefully submitted to CBB.

plS on

“You folks that are jumping on them saying they have “hang ups” or telling them they “need to get over it” are simply out of line.”

They’re not out of line. They’re just voicing their opinion, which is what the comments section is for.

*AJ* on

Pleaseee people the child is 2 not 12 if a pedofile is going to take this picture and use it for perverse actions it won’t matter what she is wearing t-shirt or not. For a child this young to be used for things like that they don’t need them topless to picture them the way they want. I know all too well the minds of pedofilers, I happen to be a victim from one. And believe me they don’t need them topless to be sick, or think of them in a sick way like that.
My husband used to be against my daughters wearing bikinis for the same reasons, we later comprimised to let them wear them under a certain age because of the same reason listed above. If a pedofile is sick enough to look at a little girl that young then it won’t matter what she has on. They will still think the same things.

Jacquie on

This is probably why more celebrities don’t release personal pictures of their children because they get ripped apart. They are CHILDREN regardless of who their parents are. I think parents take pictures of their children naked sometimes because it tells a story of that child’s personality. Some children hate to wear and won’t wear clothing until they get older. That is a story about the child’s past. Yes, it could fall into the wrong hands but in my opinion that is creepy person who views it that way not the innocent child or their parent that is trying to capture a story. Of course, those pictures should be tasteful which I think this is. It is a little girl enjoying her mommy. That is a story worth preserving…

SH on

I don ‘t really think the issue is that she’s taking pictures of herself with her naked toddler…We probably ALL have pictures of our toddlers naked…the point is that she released them for the WORLD to see. Kinda wierd IMO.

bails on

“You folks that are jumping on them saying they have “hang ups” or telling them they “need to get over it” are simply out of line.”

“They’re not out of line. They’re just voicing their opinion, which is what the comments section is for.”

So…if I said that those of you who think it’s totally fine for these pictures to be floating around the web are only a little creepy, you would consider that as me simply voicing my opinion? Probably not. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But you can easily voice your opinion and disagree with someone without having to belittle their feelings on the article.

By the way – I agree with the posters that say that these photos of Rain are simply adorable but would better suited to a family photo album rather than on the Internet.

lala2 on

I think the problem is that a lot people don’t like Brooke, or maybe they are just jealous of her. This site should just close the comment sections. No matter what the topic/photo is, some people look for the smallest thing to nag about. YES, IT’S A BLOG….However, the comments have become “nit-picky”. I can accept opinions, but nagging makes me SICK!!!!!

Amanda on

My friend has a daughter and when she was 1 1/2 she had a full set of teeth, could talk perfectly, walk, do everything like she was 5 so I believe that Rain could be advanced just like she was. I think it’s a beautiful picture – they all are!~

Heather on

I agree all pics are beautiful but the little girl needs a shirt..

Joanne on

CelebBabyLover, I agree.

Patti on

My 3 year old son has teeth identical to Rain’s. She looks 2 years old to me. Yes,….she is a beautiful baby! Alot of people have told me that my son looks older than his age, too. Sam and Lola are cuties. Jax and Jaid are so adorable,..I want to hug them! Nancy is blessed with a gorgeous family! ‘So nice of these stars to share these pictures with us!:)

Anna on

I think the photos are cute and not at all uncomfortable or sexy or anything like that. It might be that I’m from Europe and we are not as scared of nudity as Americans are. We don’t sue TV stations when a breast comes on, The American fascination with nudity is just weird to me.

I do think it’s strange that al of these photos plus more of Jaid and Jax and Brooke’s family have been up at other websites for a while and now finally CBB posts them.

Sarah M. on

I agree that it is a cultural thing more than anything else. Not that either way is good or bad, just different. Which also means that everyone should be allowed to have their opinions. While I personally think that the photos of Brooke and Rain are fine for a family album and not for millions to see, others may disagree. They don’t have to come off as rude in their opinion, though. There is a way to state your opinion with coming off as rude, arrogant and belittling to others. (I do not intend to offend anyone by this, just saying that other comments that I’ve read come off as such to me.)

actualsize on

“I think the problem is that a lot people don’t like Brooke, or maybe they are just jealous of her.”

I wouldn’t assume so. I actually have no idea who she is, whether she’s an actress or singer or reality star, I don’t have a clue. Probably the same goes for many of the other posters who are outside the US. Just responding to the pictures, that’s all.

Discussions on this site usually end up evolving from what the original article was about, which is fine. It means other people can join in talking about an issue, rather than the celebrity. So here we’re now talking about appropriate dress for toddlers rather than about Brooke herself. In other threads I’ve seen it go from a topic about Madonna to a discussion about adoption, from Leni Klum’s trip to the park to biracial hair care, or from a child’s visit to Disneyland into issues of privacy and social boundaries. Every time someone has an opinion about these kind of hot button topics, it doesn’t mean that they’re standing in judgement of that particular celebrity or their parenting, they’re just expressing their own view and how they apply that to their own life. It is possible to have an opinion and believe in living and letting live.

Jessica on

I think that she should have had a shirt on in the picture, as well, because it’s a free-for-all on the internet. I’m also not a big fan of naked children outside because, even with sunblock, the sun is still damaging to their skin and can later cause serious health problems for them.

plS on

“So…if I said that those of you who think it’s totally fine for these pictures to be floating around the web are only a little creepy, you would consider that as me simply voicing my opinion? Probably not.”

Sorry, but I don’t see how that is relevant. I have seen very little name calling on this thread.

gargoylegurl on

I respect the differing opinions on this sensitive subject. However, I personally don’t find the photo of Rain to be inappropriate. It’s a partial photo of a 2-year-old’s chest. I do understand the concern regarding pedophiles, but this is a candid shot of an innocent and loving mother/daughter moment. It’s a shame it can’t be enjoyed for what it is, which is why Brooke chose to share it.

FC on

Beautiful photos.

Nancy has a lovely family. Jax and Jaid, well, I just want to run off with those cuties. And I can’t get over how big Heaven Rain has gotten!

Malcolm Boura on

If children, or photographs of children, are treated as if they are inherently sexual then you sexualise children and it makes the problem of paedophiles worse.

There is also the effect of bodyshame on young people. Compare the teenage abortion, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection rates for a prudish country such as the USA with those for countries like Denmark or The Netherlands. Then think long and hard about the attitudes which have those consequences.

I will save you the trouble of looking for the figures: Several times more likely to have an abortion, nearly ten times more likely to become pregnant, over seventy times more likely to catch gonorrhea. That pattern repeats time and again across the western world. More prudish countries have worse outcomes. Prudery is little better than child abuse, its just less obvious that it causes so much harm.

mitchell on

I see nothing wrong with this photo. The child is 2 years old so to say a pedophile is going to come snatch up every child they see that is shirtless is a little paranoid. For one as a parent I would never allow my 2 year old child far enough away from me to allow someone to come kidnap them. Although I know there are parents out there that allow their children to run free regardless of their ages. I wonder if this picture had been of a 2 year old boy would everyone have a problem with it. I never see complaints about boys running around without a shirt on but its a huge problem when a parent allows a 2 year old girl do it.

Some people need to learn to relax and quit being so paranoid all the time. If you are in a constant state of worry over what someone may be doing while looking at a photograph then you are going to have a very stressful life. Live outside of the little box people create for themselves out of worry, dont become imprisoned in it.

Concerned on

People think that the media is all about truth…think again. all the media does is hype up the public into a frenzy to think that everyone who looks at a naked child is a pervert. Also the media would have you believe that if a person has a nude picture of a child that he/she must be a child molester. Well if that is true than every mother or father that ever took a picture of their child naked in the bath tub is damned to be judged a child molester or a pedeophile.
This type of sh– has got to stop. WAKE UP and don’t let the media dictate what is right or wrong. Use your head and common scense.